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CCS Pricing

We have been posting blog entries and information about our soon to be released Community Content System for some time now. For those of you who have not already read about CCS, check out these posts:

The CCS system is currently in internal testing and has reached Release Candidate phase. We are just finishing up incorporating feedback from our testers and will soon be able to make version 1.0.0 available. We are not going to set a specific release date as certain capabilities of CCS do require updates that are included in IP.Board 3.0.2 so that update must first be released. However, we do expect a 1.0.0 release of CCS to be available for purchase soon after IP.Board 3.0.2 is released.

As CCS is a new product and will require time to mature into the fully-featured content system we know all of our customers expect, we are introducing the product at a greatly reduced price. We have many great ideas to enhance CCS as we continue to develop the system. We made a decision for this 1.0.0 release to not go overboard with features but focus on creating a stable "core" product to work with. Just wait for version 1.1.0 where we have all sorts of fun additions planned. No. No details yet on those features. Don't ask. Really. ;)

The introductory price for those of you wanting to start using CCS as soon as it is available will be just $35 with a yearly renewal of $30 for support/services/upgrades.

Not only does this reduced price give those of you who decide to buy early a great discount but it also allows us to phase in some of the product enhancements over time without having pricing pressures at the very start. As for the final price... we have not yet set it so take advantage of this low price if you are interested in CCS.

Look for the announcement for the release of CCS soon after IP.Board 3.0.2's release!


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[quote name='Kotonoha' date='06 August 2009 - 08:56 PM']
Kind of disappointed that it will be $30 per year for support and upgrades, I was really hoping it would only be $20 a year like blog and downloads are.


He did say that is greatly discounted rate so that would be the regular rate anyway for it even it came out at basic price $65.00.

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[quote name='jlgreer1' date='07 August 2009 - 02:06 AM']
I just started a new project. I have set up the basic structure with vBulletin and vBadvanced. I hoped to have an integrated system. I am excited that IPS is doing such progressive development. I also see a lot more customer service here. I have decided to give this a try. I can't wait to get started.


I had vBulletin and vBadvanced, I like the way they interface but I didn't like the way there was little to no help from the makers of said product. Also there were many options. Maybe to many (IMHO) that if you where a starting user and didn't know much about it it would over shot you. So I check out IPS and say that an update which was IP 3.0.0 came out there it had many new and up to date features that it was well worth getting and better looking on backend and frontend so that you can understand it all. So I give you a A+ for trying it out! :D Good luck!

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I have to agree Kuroo, vBadvanced has little useful documentation. The only way to figure things out is by trial and error. vBadvance Dynamics is much worse than CMS, it doesn't have any documentation. Jeff

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I'm anxious to get this CCS. I already e-mailed them with a few pre sale questions about the newly released v1.0.2. Has anyone purchased it and designed a 'Homepage' with it yet? If so, mind sharing your board's link to have a quick look? ;)

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