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Introducing IP.Shoutbox

In our efforts to improve the services offered to you through IPS Resources, we will soon be releasing another community-driven project, IP.Shoutbox. Much like IP.Tracker, this will be an IPS-sponsored project written by you, the community.

We have approached two people who we feel will do a great job on IP.Shoutbox, these two are currently working very hard to produce a beta of the modification. The developers we have chosen are vadim88, and Shawn Dean. These two will keep you up-to-date regarding the status of this project via the IP.Shoutbox forum. IP.Shoutbox is based on Deans modification 'D22-Shoutbox', and he will be working very closely with us on this component.

IP.Shoutbox has been written with IPB3 in mind, for example, the javascript uses the prototype library to allow the move to IPB3 be all that much easier, the code will be commented throughout so people looking to get involved will know what function is doing what, please remember, even though we have two developers who will start this project off, this is a community-driven project, if and when you find bugs, and you know how to fix them, please provide the fix as it makes it all that much easier for the developers! If you have code contributions, please feel free to submit them in the IP.Shoutbox forum, we welcome your input!

As with all community projects, IP.Shoutbox will be offered for free via IPS Resources for current license holders. We will be posting more updates about this project and the updates coming to IPS Resources shortly.


Recommended Comments

You are correct on worst and best specially on the other 2.
For me I go by if my webhost has an issue with it.
Both shoutout and inferno shoutbox have not upset a shared webhosting provider.
The one that dean makes or made many shared web hosts providers would ask you to remove it or get dedicated (This actually upset a lot of my customers and even lost customers over the cpu issue as I am a webmaster and my clients expect me to fix the cpu issue but when they insist on using dean's shoutbox and will not change there is little I can do.), with the other 2 that was not an issue at all. I saw this cpu issue a lot with dean's and thats how I judge best to worst.
I do agree dean is a good guy and a good coder. I am just letting you know what I have seen from personal experience with all 3. There is a 4th one being made by some one else but I have not tried that one so can not say much about it.
Although I did like dean's original shoutbox the one that generated posts for each shout and would love to see that feature again.
Not only that but some thing else I would love to see in this version is some thing the other 2 have and its the /me command.

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I don't think many people realise, Deans modification is a base, we wouldn't release it if it has loads of CPU issues, trust us, we will reduce those issues, we're going to revamp most of us.

Have faith in us and it will be fine :)

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