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IP.Board 3.0 Development Introduction

We are moving rapidly on IP.Board 3.0 development along with its related IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, and IP.Downloads updates. As we approach being able to post these updates for a preview and an eventual release we think we are getting close enough that we can start talking about some of the new features we have planned.

I will be purposely vague in this first blog entry about IP.Board 3.0's development and let our development staff get into detail in future blog entries. While not promising a set schedule, you can expect an update from a developer almost weekly going into detail about a specific change or new feature.

Our full new feature list is very long but here is a sampling for everyone. Our development team will go into detail about each one in the coming weeks and also introduce all the other additions not mentioned in this introduction.

There will be a great focus on usability and streamlining functions. The introduction of a new template engine which allows for multiple default template sets, easier skin editing, and a brand new default skin is something we are very excited about. Search engine friendly URLs will not only make your community more interesting to search engine spiders but allow for more human-friendly linking.

The overhauled BB Code manager along with moving all default BB Codes to the system so you can edit them will allow forum administrators greater control over how their users interact with the community. We are implementing greater configuration options including being able to turn off features you do not use and finer controls on current features. Finer tuning your user signatures, turning specific options off, or even removing entire sections such as the calendar will allow you to gain finer control of how you want your community to be presented.

There will be quite a few new features but, for now, we will save those for our upcoming blog posts to reveal what's new. A quick sampling: user reputation system, more permission configuration options, moderator enhancements, and ... lots more.

We want you to integrate your community with the rest of your web site with minimal effort. To make this easier for you, we will be putting great focus on creating a new hooks system for developers, more advanced APIs, content syndication, login methods, and more. Our applications (IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, and IP.Downloads) more tightly integrated with each other and with IP.Board itself.

There will be a lot of low-level code improvements which will make working with our codebase much easier for our community of developers. Everything we do will be with an eye toward resource usage improvements to make our software lighter on servers.

Server Requirements
To take advantage of many new capabilities, we will be officially dropping support for PHP 4.x series and requiring a minimum of PHP 5.x for our software. The software will work on the MySQL 4.x database series but we will highly suggest using the MySQL 5.x version.

Oracle Database
Due to slowing demand over the past few years, we have decided to discontinue supporting Oracle database system. We will continue to support MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

Subscriptions Manager
Again, due to slowing demand, we have decided to stop updating the subscriptions manager in IP.Board. We will be fixing all current known bugs to make the system compatible with IP.Board 3.0 so those currently using the subscriptions manager will still be able to upgrade. Anyone currently using the subscriptions manager will still be able to upgrade and everything will work normally for you. From there, we will be looking for community developers to keep it up to date. We will be posting a blog entry when ready to ask for assistance in keeping the subscriptions manager up to date. Anyone wishing to use our new IP.Nexus commerce system when it's available will be able to migrate as well.

Of course this is just the short version. Keep an eye on our blog for more detailed updates and new feature reveals in the coming weeks. And finally, when will it be released? Right now we are thinking the fourth quarter of 2008 (IP.Board, IP.Blog, IP.Gallery, and IP.Downloads will all receive a new version at the same time) but of course that's subject to change... it could very well be sooner...



Recommended Comments

i really really hope you think of us developers in this version, we need good tools to export to xml which can be reimported easily. We need a GOOD hooks system that should be able to handle all our needs on a whim. We need good API's allowing us to integrate with anything we wish, you've promised most of these but we also really need a proper installer, something along the lines of the UMI mod but with a bit more control and functionality.

Also no mention was made about the modules and components system, i do hope these aren't being left out in the cold.

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I hope that link spamming will end with 3.0!

having admin control over who can post links and who can have a signature would be icing on the cake :)

keep up the good work.

cheers :)

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I personally love you, I actually hate the reputation system we made and I have wanted to abandon it for some time, and thanks to you guys I actually have a reason :)

And by the way, I am not being sarcastic, I can't stand the thing. Thanks :lol:

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I hope IP.B 3.0 / the upcoming whole Community Suite will rock WoltLab, vBulletin & co =)
Valid XHTML 1.1 (like WoltLab Burning Board) and valid CSS would be great.
Perhaps some more ajax and a png based skin instead of gif images.

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I will need to buy another license or two before long, and as it stands now (judging by this blog entry) I may just wait for IPB 3.0. I hear in the IPB feedback forum that one of my most wanted features will be in the new version, so that will be a BIG help. :D That, plus the other stuff ... yum oh yum. :)

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We will be striving for 100% valid XHTML and CSS, yes. And unlike in 2.3 (where it is valid out of the box, but can become invalid quickly) as we work on the bbcode parsing we're going to work at ensuring that xhtml validity won't be abandoned as content is posted.

An example is our emoticons - when you post one, it has an emoid attribute which isn't valid. We'll be working in ways to ensure things like this won't take down validity.

@Jaggi - I think you'll be delighted once you hear some of our developer features that will go along with this release. Too early for any details, however.

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Sounds great :) I hope the "member object" will be similar to the one in IPB 2.x.x if not then I have to do a lot of work on one of my projects that uses the IPB session to validate users :P

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I would love if for subscriptions, and possibly in IP Nexus as well to add Google Checkout. A great system that is constantly under development and they provide all the tools that you would need to implement into your products. Just a suggestion, hope you take it into consideration.


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Hope you could incorporate how the permalinks of wordpress works (SEO)

- with proper 301 redirects from the old URL to the new URL

- and removing index.php?act=idx from the URL when your in the home page


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@EliteKiller: i don't think of ip.board as only board software with the (gallery, blog and the download ) it's Community Solution
and the IP.Nexus for business Solution also i don't like the way it integrate with my
board i will use the email address to login and all my member don't like that
so it will be easy if there is an CMS module for ip.board or an advanced portal
if they don't like the CMS because the current portal is need develop to be much better

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It would be nice to have the ability to turn off some (or most features) features in profile view/update profile. or whatever you like.

A prime example would be the messenger links.

This would be great if you had a list of components added to the tools menu in ACP. Turn On/Turn OFF.

This would save me a ton of modding headaches, especially when new upgrades are applied. :rolleyes:

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Looking good.. the one thing that IPB lacks.. is the finer control that vBulletin gives over permissions.
Example: On IPB, you set permissions (view, read, reply etc) for each permission mask on a per-forum basis, groups inherit one or more permission masks, and that controls forum access.
On vB, you set a range of permissions for each group, and you can fine-tune these again on a per-forum basis, overriding the group permissions. I would love to see vB-style permissions come into play.. expand the permissions options available for the groups to fine-tune permission and access.. and bring in per-user overrides. E.G. You could allow a specific user access to a forum, normally only visible to a certain group, say temporary access to staff forums.

As for the Reputation System... I can't stand them, but, if you impliment it like vBulletin.. I can live with it... of course I will be turning it off :)

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