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Welcome to Invision Community 4.5

We've been on a little journey together since we announced the first Invision Community 4.5 feature way back in November 2019.

The first feature we announced was a revamped Admin Control Panel interface which created more visual space and brightened it up. Actually, we made it so bright that the first feature request was to add a dark mode (which we did).

In the space of three short months, we had spoken about Club improvements, invites and referrals, RSS feed improvements, blog categories, the simple stock photo picker, search insights, security enhancements, user interface updates, new statistic views, and notification improvements.

Most will agree that March and April seemed to last months, thanks to a global pandemic. We used these extra days to talk about marking posts as a solution, topic view summary, Zapier integration, forum view updates, post-installation onboarding, private staff notes, page builder widgets, theme designer improvements, a new default theme, language system updates and everything else we missed.

We have also revamped the front end user interface to modernise the look and feel but also to introduce new CSS frameworks, variables and other time-saving features our design team have been eager to implement.


On the subject of modernisation, we've deprecated some legacy functionality. We've given up trying to make anything look good with IE11 which last saw an update in 2013. We've also deprecated older caching engines like Memcache, APC and Wincache and recommend using Redis instead. The web hosting and domain management features of Commerce are also deprecated as is BBCode. BBCode has its roots in the earliest bulletin-board systems long before rich text editors were common use. It's 2020; we should no longer be asked to type in special codes in square brackets to format text. BBCode is still functional in Invision Community 4.5, but it is likely to be removed in a future version.

Now that primary development has finished, we move onto the beta testing stage. This is where you get to try it out and evaluate the new features before scheduling your own upgrades.

As always, we do recommend that you only test early betas on staging sites or simple test sites. Many a weekend has been ruined by over-enthusiastic upgrading of live sites; so we don't recommend that.

You'll also notice that we're running Invision Community 4.5 on our own site. If you do spot an issue, please let us know in the bug tracker.

I've been creating and releasing products for close to twenty years now, and I still get a real buzz out of hitting the release button. It's always a pleasure to see the result of hundreds of hours of coding, dozens of meetings and numerous passionate exchanges among the team.

You can access the beta in your client area.

We hope you enjoy Invision Community 4.5!


Recommended Comments

Maybe I'm just a crusty old dinosaur, but I don't get this war against BBCode being waged everywhere. Just because something is old doesn't mean it doesn't work, and BBCode "just works". It's especially useful in posting prewritten text to include formatting. It's a much larger pain in the backside to use the post editor to do that.

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12 hours ago, Arthmoor said:

 I don't get this war against BBCode being waged everywhere. 

There is no war. It’s just being phased out slowly. It was once created as a work-around for plain-text-only content, which is not used anymore. So no one hates it or fights it. It just isn’t necessary anymore and the number of “old-school users” who still regularly use it gets so small, that it doesn’t make enough sense anymore to maintain it just for them. It’s your classic “legacy feature”, which just hangs around in systems that exist long enough to have gotten it when it was new. But there isn’t any demand otherwise. No one asks to create Facebook posts, YouTube comments or WhatApps messages with BB code, because the whole concept doesn’t make any sense anymore in today’s communication environments. The problems it solved 20 years ago hardly exist anymore. 


and BBCode "just works".

Unfortunately, that’s not true. Ever since IPS switched to full HTML posts, BB code continued to cause problems, especially when it got more complicated, e.g. through nesting. That continues to costs IPS money for support tickets, bug fixes and so on. It needs maintenance and it would need to continue to need maintenance, e.g. when the editor software is being updated or even switched and things like that. It does not simply just work.

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I'm not sure what other people are doing that makes it so broken, but in the circles I roam in, BBCode works pretty flawlessly, and so far it hasn't caused any issues at all when used in the IPB sites I frequent. I think it's pretty disingenuous to say that it's broken because IPS switched to storing posts as HTML and therefore it's always been broken. No, that just indicates to me that the implementation in IPB is broken. This sort of thing reeks of the classic "we're deprecating this feature nobody uses it anymore after we gimped it badly to make people stop using it."

Whether you want to call it a war or not, it's being actively shoved aside for no good reason. Often replaced with even worse garbage like Markdown tags. Or in the case of CKEditor (which IPB outsources editing to) forcing the use of a clunky WISYWIG editor that causes way more problems than BBCode ever did.

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More than that, there are some things that don't have a functional equivalent in any WYSIWYG editor.

The comparison I would point out here is WordPress... that great bastion of using WYSIWYG, until they introduced 'shortcodes' to do things that can't conveniently be done in a WYSIWYG editor.

And if you look, it's functionally identical to bbcode, it's just not called bbcode, but lets you embed things inside posts.

While I wouldn't necessarily argue that they're needed in forum posts, the forum is not the only part of IPB that uses the same editor... where you really might want to support doing things beyond 'what you can do in a WYSIWYG editor'.


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On 7/22/2020 at 12:44 PM, Dominyka said:

When is this available? 😄 I reaaaaaly need the subscription trial period feature haha

Wondering the same.  This post was made two months ago and there's still no release.  😞

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14 minutes ago, Steph40 said:

It is in beta and you can download it from client area.

I know it's in beta, but it is not released yet.  The current released version is still 4.4.10.

You shouldn't be using beta versions on your live website.

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16 minutes ago, Steph40 said:

I am just saying they are working on it. Like it or not it will be done when it is done,

Like it or not, no one said they weren’t working on it or asked you to comment about beta versions. If being told you shouldn’t use them on live sites gets you this crabby, find a new hobby. 

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