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IPS Job Opening: Piracy Dept.

** We have enough applications to fill this position. Thank you for your interest! **

Piracy is something that all software companies face and IPS is no exception. Our losses due to credit card fraud and software piracy are significant and to minimize passing along costs to customers, we are seeking to expand our piracy department and take a harder stance against piracy and pursue those who engage in it.

The position entails:

- Identifying customers, using internal tools, that have inactive licenses and are using later versions of the software than their license allows and report to customer service for license termination.
- Identifying customers, using internal tools, that have shared IPS products or marketplace purchases with illegal download sites and report to customer service for license termination.
- Following up on usage piracy complaints.
- Vigorously pursuing distribution hubs.
- Working with web hosts, ISPs and law enforcement.

To qualify you MUST:

- Be at least 18 years old (for legal reasons, no exceptions to this policy can be made.)
- Have excellent written communication skills. English is a must.
- Be familiar with identifying the owner and host of a website (i.e.: Using WHOIS and other similar tools.)
- Be familiar with the DMCA and associated procedures.
- Reside in the United States.

** We have enough applications to fill this position. Thank you for your interest! **

Thank you for your interest!

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Recommended Comments

Residing in the United States is the biggest disappointment to this position and unfortunately would be the reason why I would never be able to apply.


I worked as a hotel front manager and head of the IT department. the owner of the hotel i worked at, also owned several properties around the world. He had me once pull up the tax records for the previous seven years, and i got a good look at them as they were printing out and i was binding them (some how IT meant secretary too...). His US holdings, with the US employ tax records were fairly simple, but when i got to his hong kong property, my eyes went crosseyed. there were also tax forms relating to workers that live in the US, but worked at the hong kong property, the paper work for 1 engineer was a half inch thick, and that was for 3 weeks abroad. so i could understand with IPS being a US based company, not wanting to deal with the hassle of non-US tax forms (i could be wrong as to the why), as there are other reasons they could want a US citizen to fill the position. 

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It's going to take me a few days to sort through all of the e-mails. I received over 100 thus far. 





There are MANY sites we've had shut down 10+ times; they just keep jumping from one puke offshore host to the next. It takes a lot of time to actually find them when they hide beyond services geared specifically toward harboring illegal activity. They will slip up, we'll get their identity and pursue action on a personal level.


Not everything is as simple as moaning and complaining on a forum. :smile:



This x1,000! Unfortunately there is countries who do not reconize our laws either. Only soo much IPS can do. Atleast they are working on it. I wish our own country would deal with it better via totally cutting off countries that allow this stuff and other issues. If those countries do not wanna follow/enforce the rules ( be it this, hacking etc ) then they should be totally cut off with zero access to websites outside their country. JMO

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The apniworld.com owner had hacked my partners website apniisp.com/forum which was licensed and has used his database and transferred it to his domain apniworld.com/apniisp and all the data has been gone, the hacker has also bulk email everything to the registered members that the site has been shifted.
Please check the null software they are using at apniworld.com and sue them.
I myself own an Invision Power Board license. Please help us avoid such hackers and scammers, We are in real need of your help. You can check our hacked database at www.apniworld.com/apniisp

Please Help us At Your Earliest.
Your Kind Co Operation will be highly solicited.

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