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    4.5: ACP Dark Mode

    A short while ago we revealed the new look Admin CP for Invision Community 4.5. The focus was on increasing the workspace, brightening and modernising the look. However, for some this new look was perhaps a little too bright, especially when setting your OS to use dark mode. Rather than cause an increase in sales for sunglasses, we went ahead and implemented a dark mode for the Admin CP. You can set it to work inline with your OS preference, or you can choose to enforce light or dark mode. I'm sure the next question you're about to ask is "Hey Ehren that looks amazing and now working at 3 am won't wake up the neighbours when I log into the AdminCP but can you do the same for the front-end?" The short answer to that is "no". The theme system isn't currently designed to support both light and dark colour schemes, however our marketplace has a great selection of dark themes to enhance your community. I hope that you like this new feature and I just wanted to say thanks for your feedback; we do listen!
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    Hey @Lindy, The first part Yes Sheryll is doing great. I keep pushing and driving her nuts to motivate her in her PT to waste no time to get strong enough to kick my ass. I will give her the chance... ONCE. I have a few appointments coming up where It will be in my best interest to keep. So I guess its a coin toss. Not sure what the big deal is with the cardiologist.... I have 2 ex-wives and a few old girlfriends that all agree.... I am heartless... Hmmmmm.....
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    In the end, I think nothing is going to convince some people here. They're too short-sighted and have too big of an ego to understand the complexity of the matter at hand. No matter how much we tell them the reason there's been a drastic decrease in the number of new cases in places like China is because of the extreme measures they have taken, they'll continue to think they're right and that the virus is no big deal. Once this is all over, they're going to look back and convince themselves that they were right and that literally all major governments and health organizations were the ones who were wrong to "overreact," because that's just how some people are. The only good news is that they are mostly a minority and their opinions don't really matter at this point. Everyone else is taking this seriously, as they should.
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    You realize that the Olympics is the culmination of a huge amount of training and lead up events, right? Nations just don’t roll into the Olympics with a team of people being like “sweet, seems like we’ll give this a go”. Having the Olympics this summer means athletes would need to be in full training right now, exposing themselves and their coaches to this illness as in a significant number of cases you can’t train alone with sufficient social distancing. For the most part, this is now impossible, as is having athletes ready to go for the Olympics this summer. No one in authority is “assuming” how bad it will be and shaming people to practice social distancing and isolation and self quarantine. These are the recommendations of expert scientists who can model what happens if we don’t. Hint: lots of people die, unnecessarily. As for the messaging, there’s a lot of dense people out there who still aren’t taking this seriously. I support any and all efforts to try to be specific with people on what they are permitted to do, otherwise you’ve got these idiots who still think “I’m young, this doesn’t effect me, this is a hoax, this is a conspiracy, this is stupid, overreaction, F old people they will die anyway”.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This resource will add a Frequently Asked Questions feature to the Downloads files, thus help to reduce support requests. File submitter and moderators (with proper permission) can manage questions & answers. Settings: Questions per page in file view Categories where this feature will work Requeriment: Downloads app.


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    Reviewing this topic in a years time will be interesting. The fun thing is that I hope every single day that it’s media hype, no worse than the flu and will vanish quickly.
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    yep, and surprised that Flat Earth hasn't yet been mentioned in this topic.
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    Fluent Design Theme Edition is a combination of Fluent Design styles Microsoft, iOS Design, Android Design and Google Design. We have also introduced many interesting features that are unique in standard themes. 🔥 👉 === Demo === 👈 🔥 (Change the theme in the footer to "Fluent Design Theme Edition") 😱 === Release Notes - [Theme] Fluent Design Theme Edition === 😱 Comaptibly: (The applications listed below mean specially adapted to the theme or adding support for notification icons) Forums, Calendar, Pages, Blogs, Downloads, Gallery, Commerce, (BIM) Chatbox FREE, Trophies and Medals, Post Notes, (aXen) Secondary Groups Indicator, (aXen) Yours chat entries from Chatbox, (BIM) Hide Link And Code, (GS) Chatbox/Chatbox+ Plus Enhancements, (BIM) GIPHY, Quizzes, (SD) Company Directory, (SD) Course Box, (SD) Game Keys Store, (SD) Image Host, (SD) Live Streams, (SD) My Places, (SD) Newsletter, (SD) Sales Portal Pro, (BIM) Chatbox+, Sticky Notes, (BIM) Quick Search, * NEW in 2.3.1 * Release Notes in Pages Built-in modifications: (aXen) Record Result Line, (aXen) Group formatting in mention, (aXen) Font Awesome 5 in IPS The theme is available in light and dark version Are you sitting tonight and it's too bright? It's not a problem with our motive! Just switch to a dark theme. Or maybe you prefer a bright theme? Switch theme without reloading page! Font Awesome 5 The theme has built-in icons with Font Awesome 5 and is also fully compatible with Font Awesome 4. Display clubs clubs in the topic Now users can show in topics what club they belong to. Let them brag about everything! Featured author of the topic You can now enable the badge specifically for the topic author. This makes the author more easily visible. Unique footer The footer has many settings, but not only! Works with different language versions thanks to language keys! 👉 (aXen) Article System in Pages for free! 👈 We also attach a system of articles to the purchase of the theme, which is also fully supported by the author. More widget settings Thanks to our modification you can add trophies to widgets, change the appearance of the latest themes, add icons to them and more! Widgets have received a new feature such as (Who's Online), (Topic Feed), (Post Feed). Trophies at widget "Popular Contributors" Highlight your most active users and add them trophies! As a reward :P Slider Smoother animations, keyboard control, choice of who to display the slide, multilingualism, loops and more! You can easily adjust its place and display (Max 10 slots). New look for posts in the topic Topic author, user recognition, new setting buttons, adding icons and a new user panel in topic view! Profile highlight The ability to highlight a profile has been introduced. This option also works on child groups! Notification icons Icons have been introduced for all notifications. Supported above applications also got support. The new look of the mobile version Icons for the menu, avatar of the currently logged in user and his name have been added. In addition, a few new settings have been introduced to make the site more enjoyable. New look of topic titles! The topic title has been highlighted, social media sharing options and easier access to topic assessment have been added. Possibility to block reputation withdrawal Do you want to block reputational withdrawal? This is not a problem with our motive! One option is enough. Change theme colors Change your forum completely using color swap! Let every user feel at home. Happy Birthday! Each of us likes to feel special. Let every user feel that you remember his birthday! The new look of the "Latest Status" widget We have connected the user highlighting function to the widget. Now the statues are highlighted! Shape change Too round? It's not a problem! Now you can set whether you want to have rounded or quartet blocks. You decide what is the default! Users can also change shapes if you allow them! Header / Background change You can now enable header changes for users or the background, if you prefer. The graphics are downloaded from the profile background, so each user can create their own themes! Warning about overfilled inbox Users don't know when the inbox is full? Now you can enable the message about the inbox overflowing, which will be displayed on each page until the user frees up space. The new look of the forums The new look lets you customize the icons of unread and unread messages. It can also highlight forums that have not been read. Change subforums columns in any resolution (up to 4K). Icons have been added to the category in the new version. New user profile in topics In version 2.2.0 we introduced a new profile appearance in the topic, which is the default appearance. Be unique among others!


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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    https://www.nytimes.com/video/nyregion/100000007052136/coronavirus-elmhurst-hospital-queens.html everyone should watch this.
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    Adriano Faria

    IPS Rules Application

    You, me or even IPS can’t take ownership of other people's work. IPS is doing the only thing they can do: forbid the download and new purchases to try to minimize the damage for others. If this dev (or any other) wants to share in Github or wherever he wants, he will. But it’s only their call. No one else.
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    No I think it’s quite apparent your normal views place your own needs and desires squarely on top, so I’m not surprised you don’t mind economic socialism when it might directly benefit you.
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    Some experts had to tell people it's not true that blowing hot air up your nose with a hairdryer will kill the virus and can be dangerous..... because people were seriously doing that.
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    Fix "share by email" feature

    Two of my forums were abused by this security hole. Since Tuesday (March 17th) a spammer has sent out about 1.4 million spam mails (1,400,000) which results in a direct loss of about 800$ and counting (payment to Sendgrid) and a damaged sender reputation for my forum Now I realize that you are aware of this problem for weeks you have a patch ready since Tuesday and you didn't tell your paying customers a word We need to talk. I am not amused. Andreas
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    Some baffling responses here. 🙂 I think some of the responses here simply derive from a concerning pattern in society: shortsightedness. We have a nasty habit of focusing on the NOW without regard for the later. You have some that cite the very success of containment and "flattening the curve" as purported proof that there was nothing to worry about to begin with. Not "awesome, it's working!" It's "this is ridiculous, hardly anything is happening." Truly, truly bizarre. "Influenza kills more people!" There are a couple of things to note about this often misused comparison: 1. There are precautions in place AND vaccines AND preparations - look at the death toll that occurs in spite of this. 2. Imagine what an unchecked, "just a cold" virus could do without any containment or proactive measures. A virus significantly more transmissible than influenza. China's rates are dropping seemingly for no other reason than they have taken draconian measures to contain it and minimize the spread. Facial recognition, tracking, fines, imprisonment. Conversely, other areas who were trying different approaches other than trying to contain it have not seen that kind of success as of yet. There is no place on earth that is not quarantining and not experiencing an uptick in cases. If it's not there yet, it WILL be if left unchecked. To the less informed among us, yes, it does look like a case of "only X deaths." To the actual experts on the front line at the WHO, CDC and virtually every infectious disease center in the world - the models these folks work with show where we started, what's working, what isn't (and it's a daily-evolving process, it seems), etc. It's rather scary how many people look at "X people died from Y, so this isn't bad at all." If you look at ALL of the numbers that go into those nerdy algorithm models that I won't pretend to fully understand, you would see the important numbers are all of the risk factors. Those numbers are seemingly made up of age groups, concentrations of people and subsequent contractions within, transmissibility, development of immunity or cross immunity to future mutations, etc. Those overall risk factors for covd-19, put together, are significantly (10x+ last I read) higher than influenza, meaning, if we let it run its course unchecked or even just "wash your hands and go about your day", it could become another Spanish flu. Most don't give much thought to Ebola, because the professionals went to (and STILL are) exhausting, painful lengths to keep it as contained as possible (with still devastating effects.) Unfortunately, covd-19 was just not contained soon enough - let's leave politics and conspiracy theories out of it, the fact is, travel restrictions and so forth should have occurred weeks and weeks ago, but there was both simply a lack of data and a lack of willingness to accept that there was going to be a problem. While we've learned our lesson from previous pandemic responses, to be sure, we lagged behind and spent too much time denying the severity of the virus. Even now, there are clearly still people who deny the severity, while riding the coattails of those taking it a bit more seriously, to the other side of this - not unlike those opposed to vaccines enjoying the benefits of herd immunity while simultaneously denouncing the effectiveness of the vaccines that provided that very immunity. "I feel fine!" Now we have to take unfortunate measures with long-lasting economic consequences for many, to keep this slowing down. It's quite frustrating and disappointing to all. Bottom line: there are A LOT of unanswered questions with new developments occurring hourly, but a medical degree (or social media university degree) knows a virus can't spread without opportunities for transmission and assuming the experts are correct on the shelf-life for the virus, we could be through this really quickly if more would stop "going to the store daily" and "living their life as normal because I have no symptoms." and recognize this is bigger than you or I. It's not about whether you show symptoms; it's about slowing the spread to allow our infrastructure to catch up. It's about protecting the most vulnerable. The "stay away from locations known to have it" is frankly, quite a concerning statement. NO location has it.... until they do. The virus doesn't take its own Uber to ACME Market and transmit itself. Likewise, "if you're not showing symptoms, you're fine" is just as concerning. It's believed the highest transmission of the virus is occurring amongst those who don't show any symptoms - especially younger people. I don't think we can sustain lockdowns for weeks and weeks. I know I'm almost tapped out after 3 days with my kids home! The good news seems to be, we won't have to if those who don't see the big picture can still be convinced they hold the key to getting us through this as quickly as possible. It's a time for humanity to shine and unite over a common goal, irrespective of politics and personal beliefs. I would like to extend my thoughts and well wishes to those impacted by this. Parents who can't work because their kids are home from school. Workers of businesses that are shuttered. Small business owners who are watching their dreams hang in the balance. What's happening is happening - there is no point in denying, looking the other way, or adopting self-centered practices. Please trust in science, support one another, look after the most vulnerable and do your part to minimize spreading -- whether you choose to believe in the severity or not. Take care, everyone.
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    Version 2019-08-23 - 4.4


    Traducción al Español de España para IPS Community Suite 4.4 Aplicaciones traducidas: ACP (No es una prioridad, aunque se va traduciendo) System Forums Calendar Clubs Para que al importar la traducción la cree con el nombre personalizado, puedes cambiar el nombre al archivo por uno de estos: Español (España).xml Spanish (Spain).xml Demo: Para ver lo que está traducido y como es la traducción. Se puede visitar el siguiente enlace Extras: algunas de las versiones de la traducción puede contener la traducción para algunos complementos y/o aplicaciones que tengo instalados en mi comunidad. P.D: ninguna de las aplicaciones tiene una traducción completa, se irá actualizando con una frecuencia mensual (aproximadamente). Historial de versiones: se conservarán las versiones antiguas (la última lanzada) como legado. Las versiones antiguas no avanzaran, ni se corregiran errores. English =================================================================================================== Translation to Spanish of Spain for IPS Community Suite 4.4 Applications ACP (It is not a priority, although it is translated) System Forums Calendar Clubs Suggestions to name the file: Español (España).xml Spanish (Spain).xml Demo: link for example Extras: some of the translation versions may contain the translation for some add-ons and/or applications that I have installed in my community. P.D: none of the applications has a full translation will be updated each month (approximately). Version history: old (last released) versions will be retained as legacies. Older versions will not advance, nor will errors be corrected.


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    Support for Amazon AWS SES

    I used Sendgrid based on the recommendation of the IPS staff and because support is built into IPS. Unfortunately the price of Sendgrid is 10x that of Amazon's SES simple email service. I just switched over to Amazon SES and am stuck using the SMTP route rather than via the API because there isn't native support via IPS like there is for Sendgrid. I'd like to ask for or vote for IPS adding support for Amazon SES, just like it supports Sendgrid.
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    Improved Clubs Enhancements

    Read this
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    Dark Theme

    Version 1.0.1


    I'm not a theme designer, just a customer that created a dark theme for my own site and was never intended to be released to the public, but due to interest within the community I have uploaded this theme on to the marketplace....for free. The theme contains zero template edits, only CSS changes which can be found in the custom.css file. Fully compatible with all IPS apps!


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    Version 1.0.2

    1 download

    Improve your SEO Tags. Clubs, Forums, Downloads, etc of your forums, create and edit titles easily, just adding a simple code on the plugin and see your website be better indexed on the search mechanisms. Example: To get a better experience go to your main Language, search for the key "search_blurb_tag" change "Showing results for tags %s" for just "%s" like image bellow If you want to add more "Affected URLs" add how many you want but always put "/tags/" on the bottom, like the image bellow See now how it works, i search on my forum for IPS (https://example.com/tags/ips), and it will show this: Special credits for @A Zayed for create this custom plug-in to our forum and allow us to sell it.


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    Adding adds to themes..??

    So there is already a footer location @Edjazoli it's just above the copyright. As for the others there is a guide for that:
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    Well Here we have a plus side. My wife came home from a Knee surgery. Due to the extent of her cancer the replacement started just below her hip to approximately 8 inches below the knee... The plus side to this is that due to today's covid-19 all her hospital PT has ended. The therapist is now coming to the house for the time being. When she gets up and walks around I run the sound bytes from the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman Unfortunately there is no such luck for me at the moment due to this thing called close to non existent immunity level, but I will say at the present time it was my call to temporarily postpone all cardiology and oncology appointments for the time being these appointments are kept via phone as much as possible. I guess as long as I can answer questions they have proof I am still alive. So @Lindy I am not going anytime soon and I have no thoughts of letting you off the hook that easy..... 👹 BTW Pass the Butter
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    The presentation and narration of this video is obviously again a political NY Times liberal hit piece as usual but let's put that to the side. The President or federal Gov't is not responsible for the shortage of ventilators. That falls right on the state and medical facility. Whether it be any state in the US, NO STATE was prepared fully as they should of been. In today's world, companies and hospitals don't make purchases in those quantities for a "could happen" scenario, the line of keeping costs down is a major factor in this. It's unfortunate that states like NY do not take into factor the population and density of their city and prepare before hand, but that's hindsight now. I believe 2000 ventilators was released to NY yesterday according to the head of the med branch in NY. So we can hope those get there in proper expedited time. If we say the state of NY should of been more prepared by a mass purchase of ventilators I would hate to of seen the cost of that and who really pays for that in the end. It's a faulting decision made by bad economic practices, pure and simple. The refrigerated trailer is for a reason, sure there's bodies and more than the hospital can hold in it's morgue however, the bodies need to be contained until they can be properly processed for funeral homes and the proper authorities to sample from. There's reasons why they haven't been released, public safety is a major reason. they fail to mention this in the article, instead they want to show you there's blame to place at someones doorstep, a political doorstep. The narrator states the 5 machines not in use will probably be in use in a couple of days. That means at the time they do have what they need in regards to ventilators. A couple of days make a difference, 2000 additional machines were released to the state of NY yesterday. Again, hopefully they are distributed in time. I found it interesting the narrator states if they had cpap machines, ventilators wouldn't be needed for most cases. Cpap machines would be much less costly and can be made at a higher rate. Cpap would also be less intrusive and hard on the body plus they'd lower costs of care. Quote right from the video.. "Hospital and state officials say dwindling supplies will soon become a major problem, but hospitals are keeping up for now" What this shows is they have been able to keep up so far, the future possibly not or possibly so? Time will tell here. You can't however blame federal Gov't here or this current President like this narrator exploits to do in a segment of this video. States need to take some responsibility and the people who lead them densely populated states like the governor. It sad that states like NY have failed to meet their populations needs but again, so far they have kept up it states right in that video. Again, no one wants to see others die, that's a far reach to think. That was no one intentions from either side of the isle however, this is a lesson for the future. Maybe states can put aside in the future the penchant for pork projects and put money where it really needs to go, to the people.
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    @Paul E. Yea either would accomplish what I was hoping for. @AlexWebsites I pass the RSS to IFTTT which then outs it to Facebook and Twitter. I used to use it for Google+ before it shut down. For Discord I use Discordrss bot. Hope this helps. One major pain tho is that Cloudflare messes up your RSS feed. So ever since I started using Cloudflare I've been unable to automate my social media presence, which sucks. If anyone knows how to work around that, a solution would be greatly appreciated, albeit a little off topic.
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    I work from home myself and get most things delivered by default, so, not a huge impact for me personally. I'm used to living most of my life indoors, haha. Only thing is I can't go out and see movies and such, just really small stuff like that. I can still work and keep busy otherwise. I picked up Half-Life Alyx yesterday actually, which is an amazing VR game if you happen to have a VR headset to play it with!
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    People who call the virus covid 19 are annoying af . This is affecting me greatly right now .
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    Paul E.

    IPS Rules Application

    Completely understand. You're a busy person and you can't easily sell this extension. It causes support headaches for the folks that misconfigure something for IPS. It's not worth the time or hassle--who wouldn't understand that? However, it seems that some communities rely on it and want to continue iterating on your good work. It seems that this would be a good candidate to open up as open source project that others, who have an interest in maintaining this project, can fork or contribute to. We don't use this, yet I think it's important to encourage an ecosystem where in those infrequent circumstances that an extension gets to this place, there's a mechanism to move forward with non-core items for those for whom continued development and support do make sense.
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    I have a friend in the UK who works as a nurse and is dealing with this first hand and is almost dying from the stress alone, so go and shove your nonsense. Just because this hasn't spread to the point of overwhelming smaller cities/towns yet doesn't mean it's not going to happen if we're not careful. They're going to be even less prepared than major metropolitan areas are. I'm done talking with you now. Feel free to live in your own ignorant bubble, as I've stated before your opinions don't really matter anyways. The rest of the world will continue to take this seriously, whether you want to or not is your own perogative.
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    Might be a nice (configuration option?) to have <author>communityemail@example.com (Display Name)</author> Or, even better, extend it with a namespace declaration that allows for something like a Contributor field that doesn't include an e-mail address, only display name.
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    The 'author' element in RSS2 is an email address. For obvious privacy reasons we cannot include an email address of who created a post. https://validator.w3.org/feed/docs/rss2.html#ltauthorgtSubelementOfLtitemgt
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    I agree, but one thing about some countries, maybe Italy and Spain, is that they have a higher antibiotic resistence in their population than we have in other countries. It might be the mix of Korona, and antibiotic resistence that makes it difficult to treat pasients in some countries. It is troubling times for everybody. Into second week with school at home for my kids, and strangely enough it is become routine and they are used to it and self diciplined on their Ipads. Nobody has the virus here in this area yet, and a lot of people have been tested without any virus, so that is good so far.
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    Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    It would be good to see parsing usernames on the sidebr in the next version.
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    Fix "share by email" feature

    I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, confusion and poor handling of this issue. Although this functionality has existed for quite some time, this was not identified as a widespread / abused issue until recently. When the growing concern was brought to management attention, we acted as quickly as possible. A red warning banner should display for anyone impacted; I apologize if it didn't for some of you initially. We have corrected the issue - pushing remote notifications to AdminCPs is not a system we use very often, so there was a kink. Once again, my sincerest apologies for the ball being dropped on this; it is, as you know, not typical of and we will do our best to ensure it doesn't happen again.
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    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    hey mate sorry missed this, it don't need one no more mate just install and play
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    Version 2.1.0


    English: The plugin allows you to display child groups. Plugin works with Group Color on User Link, of the IPS 4.4 version it is not needed. Polski: Wtyczka pozwala na wyświetlanie grup podrzędnych. Wtyczka współpracuje z Group Color on User Link, od wersji IPS 4.4 nie jest ona potrzebna.


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    4.4.5 release, and mobile speed up?

    All this reports for PSI, is solved with elemental optimization - the exception is only unused css.🙂
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    Fast Lane!

    4.4.5 release, and mobile speed up?

    Do we know when 4.4.5 will be released? I've been tracking many comments by IPB staff that mention upgrades to improve mobile page speed. At least for me, my mobile performance is abismal compared to desktop. Too many uneeded JavaScript and stylesheets being loaded. Also just a DOM heavy pageload. Small things like the notification sound Js/audio loading when it doesn't need to.
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    4.5: Notification Improvements

    Notifications are a crucial feature in enticing members back to your community to read updates and post their replies. It makes sense that there should be as little friction as possible when setting up notifications. We want to encourage members to enable notifications relevant to them. The current notifications form in Invision Community is functional but overwhelming and confusing for new members. Thankfully, we have simplified it to make it clear what notifications are available and which you have enabled currently. This new settings page also includes support for our new mobile app and links to remove all email notifications. Notification Emails Notification emails are essential to re-engage a member. However, we found that when the email contained all of the post content return visits were not as frequent because the email provided all the information the member needed. In Invision Community 4.5, we've added an option to truncate the content of the email to encourage curious return visits and to reduce the chance that a confused member will attempt to post a reply via the email! What does the rest say?! Download's Notifications To receive notifications of new file updates it was previously necessary to follow files. This meant that you would also be notified of reviews and comments even if they were of no interest to you. From 4.5 we have added a separate button (send me version updates) so you have more control over the notifications you receive. Send me version updates We've plenty of new features yet to announce for Invision Community 4.5, but improvements to common features make our lives a little easier and are just as welcome! Are you looking forward to finally making sense of notification choices? Let us know below!
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    Version 1.0.5


    Multi Purpose IPS Theme that has various options and settings to make this theme very customizable, It is great for a nice clean website and projects you are looking to setup thats different from the rest with a few tweaks of the settings. The choice is totally upto you Demo: View Demo Our core website uses an edited master xml and on theme selector we have the outter dark red. Support: Bug Tracker Feature Requests Support Forum Remove Copyright: Costs $35 USD if you wish to remove the copyright in the footer (Designed By: Storm Developers) Click Here Theme Basics: Fully Responsive Included Master XMLs ( Blue ) & Outter Dark Red Included Multipur Dark (Since Release 1.0.2) Theme options of this theme has a range of features, Listed below these are the additional options that extends the core IPS standard colors and settings. Header: Add Favicon Logo Max Height ( So fits well with your design and is not going to be too large) Enable Full Width Logo Use of a background image if you do not wish to use a standard color Gradient Options and angle degree if you dont want standard color or background image Footer: Choice to use original IPS footer or use our called “Mega Menu” Options to edit mega menu background, font color, link color, link hover color Footer Gradient Color Options and angle degree Use of background image Edit links and menu layout from the footer tab Enable a top border with choice of color Menu: Main Nav – background options also gradient, angle degree options Main Nav Active / Hover State – background options also gradient, angle degree options Sub Menu – background and font color options also gradient, angle degree options Enable a Drop shadow and color of choice modify default menu you can add margin and rounded corners use of custom css if you wish to change the menu that fits your needs Sections (forum and sitewide section headers): Standard background color Option to enable gradient color with angle degree to change the color of choice Option to enable a border at bottom of these headers with a choice of color Widgets (sidebar / other) Standard background color choice Font color of choice Option to enable gradient with angle degree to change the color of choice Option to enable a border at bottom of these headers with a choice of color Extras: Theme Selector in Member Menu Instead of Footer Sections and Widgets Borders enable or disable Sections and Widgets Borders color of choice Enable site body background image if you wish to not use standard color Body background gradient color options with angle degree if enabled Enable Author Panel background (APB) APB – Color of choice APB – Gradient colors and angle degree of choice APB use image instead ( If you prefer to use a background image) Global Messages: Displays at top of site (sitewide) if you need to make an important announcement Title Background Gradient Colors and angle degree of choice Fully color editable on the header and content with font color of choice too. Border bottom on or off with the options to choose a color Integrations: Addthis bar on website (Needs addthis registration and publisher id) Additional: Button as you scroll down that pushes site page pack to top Plus more to come as we work on it further.


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    Version 2.0.8


    With this plugin you will be able to detect AdBlock & AdBlock+ browser plugin that blocks your website ads. It will display a block message that will disable all website if the user didn't disable his AdBlocker.... This plugin comes with these features and options: Select user groups that will be blocked if they enabled AdBlocker. Allow user to dismiss the message or not. Option to remember user selection (To be less aggressive), and this option is retested once admin edit plugin options. Choose if you need to disable the vertical navigation scroll bar. Enable/Disable the black overlay background (Totally hide the content). Adjust blocking message size (Small/Medium/Full Screen) Message Header Text. Message Body Text (Full CKE). Customized Buttons Texts. Support for different adBlockers (AdBlock Plus, AdGuard, uBlock, Ghostery....). This plugin is tested by many customers and assured to improve your ads income. I'm up for any suggestions and recommendations, feel free to PM or email me directly.


  42. 1 point

    Version 1.0.11


    This plugin generates fake visitor and member sessions to recreate the environment of an active community. Sponsored by: wmarcy Warning Note: This item cannot be used on IPS Hosting. If you are on shared hosting try not to set to a high amount of members.


  43. 1 point

    Generic Moderator for Warnings

    I find this to be an essential feature on my forums, and this addon seems to function perfectly so far. On my previous vBulletin forum, moderators who issued warnings were often targeted and got harassed by problem users. While we didn't allow this to continue, it's always better to prevent it from happening in the first place. When we made our warnings anonymous, it turned around morale. Members didn't know who to blame and their biases became transparent when they blamed the wrong moderator for abuse, and my moderators were happier when they weren't dealing with members trying to intimidate them. Glad to see this won't change now that I'm coming to IPS.
  44. 1 point

    [AdonisMale] Tags & Tag Administration

    I also would like clicking on a tag to provide the option to delve more into the tags (as in: search for items that contain multiple tags defined in search) So let's say I click on the tag "cars". On the result page it would then present me with something like: «These tags were used in combination with the tag "cars": Toyota (50+), BMW (21), Nissan (11), show more...» The content inside the parenthesis could indicate how many results it would be reduced down to (if possible) and clicking "show more" would expand the list by ajax. Clicking on "Toyota" would then return the results that contained both tags ("cars" and "Toyota" This idea is maybe what you meant with "Clicking on a tag finds variant or similar tags", but I wanted to expand on it at least. As for your suggestions, @adonismale; I very much agree on being able to follow a tag and for moderators to be able to deny tags individually on content items. Another thing I want is for the community being able to add tags. So let's say each member could add up to X amount of tags to each individual content item, even though they didn't start it. This would also tie in with moderators being able to deny tags that were added. There would of course need to be some history on who added a tag and when.
  45. 1 point

    Collective translation of IPS 4.0

    I think, it's better then nothing. For example, now you can upload existing translations of 3.4.6 (they are complete, but full of mistakes). I can give you mine. Collective correcting of mistakes is much easier then making translation from scratch. Moreover if you can't pay to translators, you can use another motivation like free 6 month subscription for the best contributors, e.t.c. So now after the release of IPS 4.0, everybody will be for himself. Translation of such a big project is very hard for one man. So I'm afraid, the first (for example, Russian) translation will appear one year later after the release of IPS 4.0, like it was with the IPS 3. :( It's a very serious problem.
  46. 1 point

    How very exciting

    After literally years of paperwork and waiting on the government's United States Patent and Trademark Office to do its thing we have, at long last, a registered trademark. While our logo and name were always a trademark in the ™ sense they are now a registered trademark in the full on always fun
  47. 1 point
    As most of the world now knows, we have released IP.Board 2.2.0 along with all its components (IP.Gallery, IP.Blog, IP.Downloads). The latest rounds of releases took a bit longer than the previous round as we took extra time in beta testing and being sure all of our proverbial avians were in an ordered queue. We think taking this extra time has paid off. In one day we did all this: Released IP.Board 2.2.0Released IP.Gallery 2.1.0Released IP.Blog 1.3.0Released IP.Converge 1.0.0 PB 1Launched our brand new web siteUpdated our IP.Nexus-powered client areaReleased the new IP.Board documentationManaged to keep our sanity during the processWe decided this time to release the products "silently" the night before the official release day so those people who frequent our site and forums would get a jump-start. Of course it took all of 30 seconds for everyone to notice it was out. And people wonder why we do not publish release dates :). So far probably our smoothest release especially considering all that happened in one day. Good work to all the IPS staff involved. It's our goal to keep this company blog up to date between official announcements so everyone knows what is going on. We will also publish sneak peaks of upcoming software and services. Thank you for your business and interest!
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    I already have cabin fever from having everyone in my house home all day every day. BF is working from home. Schools are closed. I'm still looking for a job (which now seems impossible at this point because companies are firing, not hiring. Hell I'm almost out of toilet paper because I didn't get to the stores before everyone bought them all out in their hysterical craze.
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    Default dark theme

    I believe IPS has stated before that they won't maintain two themes (a light and a dark) but just in case you're looking for a base theme to do a default dark thing with:
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