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    Whether you call them Champions 🤩, Advocates 🌟, or Superusers 🏆, every community contains an elite group of members that carries 🏋 the community. They don't just drink the kool-aid 💧. They mix, chug, and swim 🏊‍♀️in the community kool-aid. Learn 🔢 four community management concepts about Superusers in less than 🕓 four minutes. 1. 90-9-1 Rule (aka "1% rule"): The 90-9-1 principle refers to the lopsided inequality of user engagement that 90% of users are lurkers 🙈, 9% of members contribute from time to time 🙉, and 1% of users 😸 account for almost all contributions. Superusers are the 1%. 2. Intrinsic Motivator: Motivation that comes from internal motivation💖, rather than any external rewards. This could be a sense of satisfaction 😃, pride 😤, ownership, loyalty, friendship 🤗, or other emotional and internal motivator. Long-term superusers 🏃 are wired to intrinsic motivation. Tapping into intrinsic motivation is key to providing new motivation for superusers. 3. Spiral of Silence: Be careful ⚠️, however, that your superusers don't overwhelm 🛑 the conversation which can lead to the Spiral of Silence: a theory that as the vocal minority becomes louder 📢, other members adopt the same views or fail to share opposing views. You'll need to privately manage this vocal minority, especially if they're negative 💢. 4. Work Out Loud 💬: An engagement practice for superusers to visibly share 🗣 their work online in your community. It offers opportunities for superusers and members to openly share 👯 their knowledge, generosity, purposeful discovery, and growth ✨. Usually entire point ✴️ of communities of practice.
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    So what you're saying is that the ticket system in Commerce isn't suitable for you? Why not improve on that, and fix whatever needs fixing, instead of switching to a different platform? I'm fairly certain your needs aren't unique, and changes in that product will benefit others.
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    Quick request if you have 2 minutes...

    Hi all, I have a request that will only take a few minutes of your time, and will give you something in return. We're finally getting around to creating books and guides to help new customers get comfortable on the Invision Community platform. I'm looking for a few positive quotes and 'soundbites' we can use on a few pages around the site, on social media and in these guides. Hopefully you've got nice things to say. @LaCollision gave us a very nice quote a while back. So things like: That sort of thing. If you have a specific use for Invision Community, then we'd love to hear from you. If you are happy to leave a comment, please also leave your name and URL to your site. If the site is safe for work, then we'll link back to it when using any quotes on our site and on social media. We get a fairly health bit of traffic so I'm sure you'll get a good number of click throughs too. If we get 20 useable quotes, I'll post an exclusive picture of Charles and Lindy holding a hotdog from 2008. I did not seek their permission before making this promise. Thanks for reading!
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    Profile Songs

    Version 1.0.3


    This application will allow your members to upload music tracks to play on their profiles with a nice tidy custom audio player Features Adds a custom java-script / j-query / ajax music players added to users profiles ( if they have uploaded tracks that is ) Allow your members to upload multiple music tracks to their profiles Adds a playlist with all their uploaded music allowing to switch tracks easy Easily edit the track names by clicking and holding the track name in the playlist without having to reload the page Easily re-position the tracks by dragging them and dropping them into your chosen positions Audio player has 5 buttons Repeat ( this will repeat the playing track ) Next ( skip to the next track ) Previous ( go to the last track ) Volume ( Toggles volume bar ) This will show and volume bar what you can drag with 2 more buttons allowing you to turn it up or down Play / Pause ( Does what it says on the tin ) Easily delete each track without having to reload the page ( this will show a pop up asking to confirm the deletion ) Members can customise their audio players button / volume / progress bar from a choice of 8 colours what are either solid or with a shadow Set auto play function so members tracks will auto play when the page loads Allow members to add other members tracks to their playlists This will not duplicate or copy any audio files it will just add the ability for the track to be played on other members playlists Tracks added to playlists via sharing will not count towards the users uploads count as they are not actually uploading a new track Members can toggle the ability for other members to add their tracks to their playlists easily via the audio player When a member grants permission for their tracks to be shared a new add to my playlist icon will appear next to their track names If a member adds another members track to their playlist and the uploader decides to delete their track, the tracks will also be removed from all playlists it has been added to Admin Member Group Settings ( These are set per group ) Can upload audio tracks Select the maximum upload size per track Select the maximum upload limit per batch of uploads Select the amount of total tracks the member can upload altogether Extensions Members Shop Add's a item to the members shop allowing you to charge points for members to upload tracks This will override all group permissions set except the total uploads per batch so if you only want to allow users to add tracks via shop items then you need to remove their permissions to use it and the item will be the only way they can add tracks What's to come Lot's and lot's come and gimme some of your ideas on the support topic 😂


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    Follow user by content type

    I wish there were a follow feature for the members by content type. E. g. only notifications on new articles of the member. The reason is that our power users write articles AND post in forum AND create blog entries AND upload images and all this daily and a lot. If I follow them I am overwhelmed with notifications that I am not interested in. But I am still interested in notifications for their articles.
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    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    Updated to 2.3.0 Bug Fix Fixed the bug when replying to notes
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    That's because you're a morning person. Real picture of @Charles at 5:00 AM watching the world wake up
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    Beautiful. Thank you.
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    Staff Applications System

    Perfect solution!!! Thanks.
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    Joel R

    Auto Welcome Support

    By the way @Mike John, I need this suggestion like ... yesterday. No pressure or anything. But totally lots of pressure. I am onboarding the biggest expansion my website has ever seen over the weekend - and they're all clubs. I'm getting 100+ new registrations every day and launched 4 new clubs in the past 24 hours, ever since Yahoo announced the limitation of Yahoo Groups.
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    This is the support topic for Download Coupons
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    Adriano Faria

    Auto Follow Content

    What's New in Version 1.2.4: New Feature: Added ability to follow club and its features Due to not require membership, only Public and ReadOnly clubs will be allowed to be automatically followed by new members Fix: Fix a typo on a language bit
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    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    I didn't know only self hosted could do it, send IPS a support request and ask them to run this query against your database DELETE FROM membersshop_points WHERE member_id IS NULL;
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    Is there an estimated release date with SES support @stoo2000 ?
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    Custom Notifications - Supporttopic

    As a note - am on 4.4.6, the one version kurosaki did not specify, and it works
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    Joel R

    Bookmarks - Support Topic

    Thanks I've updated and installed new version 1.6.1 BTW you still have prior version uploaded.
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    Sticky Notes (support topic)

    major bug would make it not work, you can remove the ability for the replies so it does not stop the app from working yes I understand that but I am human and I have a lot of stuff to do and sometimes I forget, and if you don't think it's thats great feel free to leave a review or send a report to get it removed from sale, Yeah this is a paid app but it's got no renewals nothing when IPS 5 comes out I will make it available for that too with no charge to you or anyone else and all these requests I added from a silly little plugin what sends 3 notes maximum to a massive application to send unlimited was all done for FREE as well to anyone who purchased it, So I think maybe 1 mistake on my part should be allowed
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    Mike John

    Birthday Greeter Support

    New update to the Birthday Greeter application with these changes.
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    New Arcade Plugin for Invision 4.x

    Yeah but it also won't be purchased. So not sure if that's a win.
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    New Arcade Plugin for Invision 4.x

    How about a free lite version with just some basic features? Would be great.
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    They will certainly not remove, don't worry. It just can get less attention (Support module I mean).
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    That link looks pretty dead. If you want to display your Discord server on your website like a shoutbox or on an own site, you can embed it with widgetbot too https://docs.widgetbot.io/embed/ Looks pretty much like this https://disweb.dashflo.net/channels/299881420891881473/355719584830980096/ But to chat the users still have to go to the Discord website or open their app. I liked Jaxel's integration on XF, it had a feature who can use the chat as the bot. Anyway, bought this one just today and really like it. The Magic Invite is cool and the setup and configuration is MUCH easier than on XF :) Only a few more widgets would be nice, for example a list of channels or who is online. Until then I guess I'll just use the official Discord widget or try to make my own.
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    Version 1.0.1

    1 download

    Sort a forums topics by the most reactions it has received. Select which forums or member groups support reaction counts. Features Set which forums support sorting. Set which members groups can sort by reactions. Display reaction counts next to each topic row. Count reactions from the first post or all posts within a topic. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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    Pete T

    Classic Blue

    Version 1.0.0


    This is new version of Classic Blue using simple style make your site look different and stand out from the rest this has dropdown menu's that hover over and clean lines this uses all css and very little template changes.


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    Contact Us Captcha

    a straight forward install though needed to switch it off for non-guests looks like an install and forget a must add to every site that has had spam emails via the 'contact us'
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    Mike John

    Auto Welcome

    Version 2.5.6


    To put it simply, it welcomes newly registered members. It will welcome them with an optional personal message, email or topic alert. From there you can further customize each pm, email or topic message, the subject / title and so on. It also has the ability to welcome members that are added manually through the Admin CP. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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    Mike John

    Donate Sidebar

    Version 2.2.1


    Simple to configure plugin that adds a Paypal donation form to your sidebar. With the option to enter your own custom html donate code. Also includes group permissions as well as a percentage status bar of your donations based on an entered goal amount. For more features and the ability to track donations, you can find the Donations app here. More information on copyright removal here. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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    When your customers buy or use your products, they will have many questions. They may have issues using the product, or they may have requests for future versions based on their needs. Managing and responding to those questions and requests quickly increases conversion, satisfaction and the likelihood or purchasing again. The statistics back this up. There is no doubt that unless you have a support community for your brand, you are not delivering the best experience for your customers and risk losing them to competitors that do. Building a support community around your product or service will positively drive your business across all departments from product development through sales and into customer support. Let's break it down and look at the key benefits for each department. Customer Service Encouraging your customers to visit your support community is the simplest way to reduce the cost of supporting your product or service. Creating a self-help culture allows other more experienced customers to offer assistance and troubleshoot any problems they have. 73% of customers fall in love with a brand because of friendly customer service representatives.** Quite often, new customers encounter the same issues that would flood customer support if they were all channelled to your support desk. For example, consider a company that produces an internet-enabled smart device. Less technically savvy customers will likely contact support to troubleshoot initial connectivity issues which can quickly be resolved by peers in the support community. These questions and answers form a crowdsourced knowledge base that will allow customers to help themselves without any intervention from your team. Furthermore, these questions will feature in external search results, driving more traffic to your site. Sales The primary purpose of your community may have initially been to help support your customers, but it quickly becomes a valuable resource to help drive sales. Your support community will be a relaxed place where customers talk to each other honestly and openly. They will be less inhibited than they would if they were talking to your sales agents. Customers might be discussing a need for more functionality that you have in another product or service. Your sales team can move these conversations from the community to your CRM to curate new sales leads. 72% of customers will tell 6 people or more if they have a satisfying experience. - Esteban Kolsky Customers that have had positive interactions with their peers and members of your support team will become advocates for your brand. They will help sell your product over social media and among their friend circles. Given than 90% of customers are influenced by a positive review when buying a product*, having brand advocates is critical to your growth. Marketing There are several costly routes to learning about your customers and their wants and needs. You can conduct external surveys, or pay for research groups to look at your products and offer feedback. 56% of customers don't mind sharing their personal information in exchange for better service.** The most effective method is to look at your community. Your customers will be posting their thoughts daily. They'll tell you exactly how they use your products, offering you valuable insight into the problems they are solving with your product. This information should be used as the basis of new marketing campaigns. Project Development Your support community is a direct line to your customers. You no longer need to use external tools and services to determine which features you should add next. You'll be told directly! 55% of customers are willing to spend more money with a company that guarantees them a satisfying experience.** You'll find that some feature requests bubble up regularly. These are the ones you will want to move to your product roadmap. Invision Community allows you to segment your community into private areas for beta testing. Your developers can interact with this group to work directly with your customers to shape new functionality. Harnessing analytical data will inform development decisions. Invision Community can track keywords in user-generated content. If you have released a new feature, you can track how often it is mentioned in conversations to monitor its uptake. 52% of customers believe that companies need to take action on their feedback.* Setting up your Invision Community Now we've looked at the compelling reasons you should create a support community around your products, let's take a look at how to set up your Invision Community. Support Desk Invision Community has a fully-featured built in support desk functionality. Commerce has all the features you need, including multiple support desk categories, reply by email, pre-written reply templates and private notes. However, if you already use another support desk such as Zendesk then our API tools mean that Invision Community can integrate with your existing support flow seamlessly. Keyword Tracking Invision Community allows you to track how often specific words or phrases. This is useful to monitor which of your products are trending or monitoring uptake on new features. To set this up, visit the Statistics section of the Admin CP. Question and Answers To formalize a support or ideation area within your support community, Invision Community offers a Question and Answer forum type. Question and Answer forum types allow your members to post questions and enable other members to upvote the questions and replies. Your support team can also flag specific responses as the "best answer" which turns historical questions into a crowdsourced knowledge base. Showcasing Great Content Invision Community has several tools to highlight great customer-created content. You can pin topics, and feature specific replies within those topics. You can also convert posts into new articles within a formal knowledge base or blog to further help your customers find the right answers to their questions. Extensibility Invision Community has OAuth and a REST API out of the box. This means it's trivial to extend Invision Community to work within your existing flows. Integrate Invision Community to your SalesForce CRM and Zendesk support systems seamlessly. Create a federated search to integrate your external knowledge base with client-generated knowledge. The options are limitless, and we can take care of any custom integrations for you. If you have any questions, please let me know below, or contact us to see how we can help you harness the power of community for your business. * https://www.customerthermometer.com/customer-service/customer-service-and-satisfaction-statistics-for-2019/ ** https://www.qminder.com/customer-service-statistics/
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    Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will eemove Extension from Image Caption when you add/edit images. Requirement: Gallery


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    Version 1.5.2


    Darkness Theme Lite Here is a demo Test user: Login: Demo Password: demo Simple and beautiful dark design without features, it's just simple and for low budget. The price of this theme is the cost of coffee. Maybe you want to buy coffee for me? ?


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    Display Files From Subcategories

    Not sure if it's supposed to act like this but it shows files in subcategories. But, when going into a subcategory that has it's own subcategories it doesn't show those. This is working Browsing main category (shows) - Subcategory (Shows) - - Subcategory (Shows) This does not Main Category - Browsing subcategory (Shows) - - Subcatewgory (Does not show)
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    Application Forms - Supporttopic

    https://www.32ndinfantry.com/applications/ won’t work because it’s a directory within your IPS installation!
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    Christian Anderl

    Trophies and Medals

    Simply perfect application and great support 😉
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    Version 4.4.4


    This script will check if you are ready to use IPS Community Suite 4.x Please note that if you are on IPS Hosting you do not need to worry about this, it will be taken care of for you! Simply upload the script either to the directory where your current IP.Board 3.x. installation is (if you want to test if you're ready to upgrade) or anywhere else on your server (if you want to test if you can perform a fresh install) and run it in your web browser. The script will check your PHP and MySQL versions against what is required and what we recommend. It's important to note that the recommendations are just recommendations for optimum performance for IPS 4. If you're still running IP.Board 3.x then we recommend that you stay on the PHP and MySQL versions you have currently.


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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    This is a fantastic application! I recommend to everyone!
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    I love this feature and hope it brings back many members, thanks again!
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    Rashed Ahmed

    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Very great chatbox, but I am getting an error when I go to settings This wasn't showing before and I haven't touched anything. Please help!
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Hi @onlyME thx for this app, it's possible with diffrent rooms ? This is for use with private rooms for each club.
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Just uploaded on site today. Runs smooth and I am very happy with it. Thank you!
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Excellent app, works great, and its up-kept. ___/ Obligatory Feature Requesting ~ A toggle switch in the menu which allows all links to be opened in new tabs. ~ Add "word-wrap: break-word;" to the css, so posts like "aaaaaaahhhhh!" will word wrap. ~ Allow default height to be set to 100%, so opening the full page Chatbox page (added to nav bar) can actually fill the entire screen. For those who don't want to use it in widget mode.
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    It would be nice to have visual notification of incoming chat messages, like a badge notification for example.
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Hi - excellent work - many thanks to onlyME! Is there any trick (even complex ) so that the shoutbox apperars on top of every page (e.g. when viewing the forums or in any section of IPS?).
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Great App! Love it! But how do I make it appear on the front page with the forums. (Browse Page) so it can appear with the forums.
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    After converting our community from SMF to IPB, we were having an issue with users being logged out on the home page. We worked with our host and IPB to fix that--but the fix wound up making the chatbox not work. The developer visited our site and pointed out the issue, which enabled us to know what was going on and get things actually fixed. I'm very grateful for the support, and especially for a FREE chatbox.
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Overall, the app is great! It does what it says on the tin, is easy to install and has some great features, like posting photos inside the chat and being easy to read and use on mobile devices. One suggestion: I'd love to see a setting for guests to chat, even if it's just with a temporary username like "Guest". In an ideal world, they could enter a name that would just be text rather than a link to a profile, as members are. This is one feature my users are really missing on this app versus our old Shoutbox. Again, this would be a toggleable setting, because I know not all communities want a guest-friendly chat. But overall, I really appreciate the app; it's definitely one of the most useful add-ons to my site.
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    The only thing this needs is a box on the side that shows who's in the chat! We've got complaints about IP.Chat being better because it had the list of people in the chat room. Unfortunately IP.Chat is no longer a thing. So for now this works great! If it had that feature, it would be 5 stars all day!!
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    What is the difference between this chatbox and the expensive Babble Chat? They both seem to do the same. Thanks.
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    I'm afraid a custom SMTP server is not currently supported.
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    @Square Wheels, the app is beta and as beta it is just for this community. When it is ready to be released then all IPS communities can be used with it.
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    We have moved to a new support desk platform to manage client support. If you need any information from an older ticket, let me, or the support team know and we can look it up for you.
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