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    Discord is killing our forum

    Yes. I firmly believe that our strong categorisation and organisation of content does make us more permanent than Twitter. Twitter like most “feed” style apps are very much in the now. Conversations come and go. Subjects trend and then fade. is it trivial to reply to a twitter thread from 2 weeks ago? Not without a lot of scrolling or using the search tools. There is no organisation or segmentation of conversation. I don’t think it’s fair to position us as the “Model T” as you assume we are stuck in our ways and refuse to change the format blindly. (I’m replying to you on our mobile app) We we have launched many high end communities for global brands and they come to us because they don’t want a chat style community. So, I’m not telling you to do anything. I’m just saying that if you want a chat style community then this isn’t the product that suits your needs.
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    +1 I inadvertently just made a post referring to this issue:
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    Member Map

    Already fixed in latest release by the developer.
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    if you want a "subsidiary" community different than the main community it needs to have it's own recirculation that doesn't show up in the activity feed (unless selected by the user) and the topic / posts boxes in the sidebar (unless the user is a member of that group) Currently as long as the club is "open" then those club posts will automatically recirculate the entire site ..... (if you set to "Closed" then no guest traffic from google searches will see any posts thereby limiting club growth / income) (We need an "open" club to google searches and guests views that recirculates on it owns posts and not on the entire main community) So you have to limit the sidebar Topics / Posts boxes to only show a forum topic from the main forum.... which then means a club can't grow like the main forum (community) Once this is fixed the sites should allow for growth of individual communities and the overall site.
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    Extremely excited about both 4.5 and a mobile app with push notification functionality that is free for owners with an active license. Pulled right out of my dreams for my community on IPS
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    I'm excited to reveal that we are making Invision Community native apps for iOS and Android! For the past few months, our staff has been using an internal test build right here on our community. Now we are ready to widen testing to a larger pool of customers. Information on how to become a tester is at the end of this post. But first, let's take a look at the app itself. Technology Preview We have a lot of exciting plans for the Invision Community app. We wanted to take full advantage of a clean slate and build a brand new experience that embraces a native app's interfaces. While the app is unmistakably Invision Community, it features new ways of interacting with your content. We want the app to help shape the future of Invision Community, and we're asking for you to help. What we are opening up for testing today is a technology preview. This slim app covers the essentials with a view to much more expansion later. The technology preview is locked to our community. The app we will release will be a 'multi-community' app; a directory of communities users can browse and save. We’ve taken this approach because the app stores have clamped down on ‘template’ apps, and the cost involved in building and maintaining a separate app per-community won’t be an option for many of our customers. A multi-community app is a great approach for most: simple setup, minimal cost, still fully-featured, and a great way for new users to find your community too. What The App Does For the initial phase of this technology preview, discussions are the main focus which is the foundation of every Invision Community. Also available are profiles, streams, search and notifications - including (at last!) push notifications. Any areas that the app does not currently support will open seamlessly in a web view within the app. As we build new functionality into the app over time, users will encounter fewer of these hybrid views. Your feedback will allow us to target the highest priority areas during the technology preview phase. RPReplay_Final1568062287_1.mp4 Pricing Note: The information below outlines our current intentions, but may change as we finalize the app's release to app stores. The good news is we intend for the app to be free to both our customers with active licenses and their end-users. In time, we will offer a premium option to communities. This funding will secure the app's long-term future. The premium option could enhance their listing in the directory, or provide special functionality when users use that community in the app. Availability We intend to release the app alongside the next significant point release of Invision Community, expected to be 4.5. Communities will need to upgrade to this version to allow their users to use the app. Questions? Why not a PWA (progressive web app)? Invision Community 4.4 already supports several PWA features. However, until iOS supports Push Notifications (and other features) in PWAs, we don't feel they are a fully-rounded solution to using communities on a phone. Building native apps allow us to experiment with new interfaces and approaches. As PWA support improves in the years to come, we'll feed what we learn back into the main product for the benefit of all users. Why now? Those with a long memory will recall that we've had a few attempts at providing an app in the past that weren't successful. We are great at building apps with web technologies but creating native apps ourselves wasn't sustainable. Enter React Native. React Native is an open-source technology for building native apps. React Native allows teams to build native apps using web technologies, but crucially, React Native doesn't build hybrid apps. They are compiled into real native apps - not browser wrappers, but native buttons, text, dialogs, animations and more. A year or so ago, we started experimenting with React Native to see if it might be a viable approach for us. And it was. Finally, there was a technology that enabled web engineers to build delightful cross-platform native apps. As we can build native mobile apps using the technology we are familiar with allows us to incorporate mobile app development into our existing processes. Why just forums? Invision Community is a large, fully-featured platform, and building the entire platform in a native app from the get-go didn't seem to be the best approach. Instead, we've focused on the most active area of most communities - forums - with other areas still supported in the app via webviews. Over time, additional features and tools will be built into the app so that it eventually reaches feature-parity with the web version. We'll take feedback from our customers to determine which areas to support next. How will I add my community to the app? The next significant point release of Invision Community (expected to be 4.5) will have app support built-in. Including your app in the directory will be as simple as enabling the feature in your AdminCP and configuring a few options. Is the app ad-supported? There are no ads of any kind in the app right now. We may include ads or allow communities to run their own ads as a premium option in future. Can I get a white-label version for my community? We aim to offer a white-label option in the future. Will my plugins work in the app? Probably not. We're intentionally building the app to work with standard Invision Community features and apps right now. If your plugins add new UI elements or change the functions that users interact with it's likely they will not work with the app. What about themes? Themes won't work in the app because the app doesn't use HTML. However, some branding/customization will be available via the AdminCP, and we may expand upon this in future. Have other questions? Let us know in the comments, and we'll answer them! Sign Up For Testing For the next stage of our testing process, we will be inviting several customers to try the app and provide feedback/bug reports. As part of the sign-up process, we'll ask for some information about your own community. We'll use this to select further testers once we begin testing of the 'multi-community' version of the app later. The answers you provide will not affect your chance of testing the app on our community. Interested in joining the testing group? Click here to sign up. RPReplay_Final1568062287_1.mp4
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    Just take my money already!! Glad to see IPS was listening. I won't complain about the slowness. I know this stuff gets complicated. I think this is a big step in the right direction although I would have chosen PWA's personally. Just remember, the more you help us stay in business publishing WITH ADS..... the more chance you have to keep your publishers paying, Partner.
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    Great news looks really nice however I’m only interested in a white label IPB app I’m sticking with tapatalk for time being..
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    Gamozilla Theme

    Awesome, as usual. Lovely design and easy to customize. My go-to creator for all my gaming needs.
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    When ips submit the app, I suggest use a name different than Invisionpower, example, will be cool it the app name if "My Community".
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    Looks good and am excited for a white label option.
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    Agreed. We make the BULK of revenue off of ads on the forums. Without a net positive on monitization I would NEVER adopt this. We also have many features outside of the forums. Since this is not PWA the experience between an app and non app parts of the site will be bad. I'll pass and wait for PWA support. To note, I DO appreciate the effort for mobile. I just think this won't work for our community. Also to note, I'm not sure Google allows a single app (common app) to host Soo many different AdSense account ads. Is it not one account per app? It's also unclear if you would support header bidding (big deal for larger sites).
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    Great start! but with out ads, difficult to go with it, since 80% of the adsrevenue is from mobile ads. Then pay-to-use-app feature sould be avaliable in the Commerce for the users ) or per-group allowance to use the app
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    Very good but needs to be compatible with ads
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    Version 2.5.1 - 4.3 / 4.4+


    Theme Borx based on modern trends of design and focused on community games theme. A large number of settings are available for full customization of the style. Selected fonts and colors are perfect for gaming forums, beautifully displaying all the content on your site. View demo 🔗 Login and Pass: test View demo - veilon.net Settings. Click for full size 4.4 version. If you have the problem with topic view, follow these instructions. The display in the screenshot may differ from the final version. Probably incorrect display of third-party plugins. At your request, we will fix it. If You need to install style on Your forum, but You can't do that, write me in personal messages If you want to remove the copyright in the product, you need to purchase this plugin >>> If You like the style, then check out my other work


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    Martin A.

    Member Map

    🙂 https://www.paypal.me/MartinAronsen The members are imported in a daily task. So it may take up to 24 hours before members start showing up. This will process 50 members per time, so don't expect to see everyone on the map immediately.
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    Joel R

    Feedback on Clubs

    Club Activity: shows every album image in the stream. This really needs to be fixed, because an upload of an album floods the stream. Please give us configurable options over the club activity stream.
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