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    Video: 4.2 So Far

    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release I made a quick video to demo things we have already announced for 4.2 so far. Enjoy
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    New: Delayed Deletes

    This entry is about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release. I am sure we have all accidentally clicked delete on a post in your community and then realized you needed it. Luckily we now have Delayed Deletes to easily restore deleted content. Settings in AdminCP You can delete just as you normally do as you moderate and your posts will be removed just like now. The main difference is that you can now view recently deleted content and restore as needed in the Moderator Control Panel. Easily view what is pending delete All you have to do is click the deleted item and you will be taken to that item in context of where it used to be. This makes is much easier to understand why it was deleted and decide if you should restore. Restore and view deleted content in context Delayed Deletes is a feature that could be a life saver for your community and we cannot wait to get it out to you.
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    So long 2017!

    As we make our final commits, merge in the last of our branches and wait for Charles to move more tasks to the development list, we pause to reflect on our year together as a company. Pour some egg nog, grab some snacks and lets take a look at our journey this year. Our year in numbers In 2017 we made 72 Invision Community releases, 6584 code commits, read 157,203 customer replies and made an average of 177 staff replies to tickets per day. Our year in dates We were certainly busy this year. We launched Invision Community 4.2, started work on Invision Community 4.3, started two new blog series and a newsletter. Lets take a look at the key dates. March 10th We started talking about our upcoming release, Invision Community 4.2 which saw us drop "Invision Power Services" in favour of the sleeker and less awkward "Invision Community". March 28 - 30th During our series of blogs on 4.2, we launch a triple whammy of blog entries outlining reactions, clubs and social media promotions. Three new tent-pole features that drove 4.2 to be our most successful release. July 19th We release Invision Community 4.2 to deafening applause (most of it was our own, but it still counts). We give the development team a 15 minute break and then drop the 4.3 task list internally. September 15th We start a new blog series "Team Talk". The idea is to show that we're not a bunch of code writing robots, but we're real people with personalities, hopes and dreams. So far, it's proved that we're mostly a bunch of code writing robots without personalities. The irony. October 18th Not content to just talk about silly things in Team Talk, we launched our new long form blog series "Community Management". Here we give our many years of community building insight to help you become successful in running your communities. We've tackled a number of subjects from SEO to security so far with many more planned for 2018. October 30th Our development team have been busy working on Invision Community 4.3 and we announce it to the world. And being the huge tease we are, we've said nothing since. Rest assured, we've got a lot done and its shaping up to be another great release. We'll be talking about it in more detail next year. It's all about you Of course, we couldn't finish without saying a massive THANK YOU to all our customers. We are so lucky to do something we love for a living and that is only possible because you choose to use us to build your community. We are committed to keep moving forward to ensure that we serve you in the best way possible. We'll keep innovating to give you the tools you need to succeed and we'll keep posting blogs packed full of tips and advice. Here's to 2018 and all the adventures it brings.
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    profile privacy in IPB 4

    Just wondering if there is any chance of this being implemented. I know we knocked this subject about ages ago but still think its important to address in the light of this modernization of the software. Its all about giving members a choice, even a simple one, (do i want non friends to be able to see my profile page). Even the " its good to share everything, privacy sucks" facebook, allows this option.. Any hope at all for this very important feature being built in this time :thumbsup:
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    Pages Improvements

    Our Pages CMS is one of our most popular applications as we are continuing to improve it based on feedback. New in 4.1.13 includes: Designer’s Mode HTML Editing This update allows you to edit your HTML mode pages inside the designer's mode file system. Any edits you make, once saved in your text editor are instantly available which makes it much faster to build HTML pages with Pages. Database Template Improvements We listened to a lot of feedback about templating within the AdminCP for Pages and one common request was for a way to delete a group of database templates and to rename those groups. When you import databases, the template group names are created unique but you may want to change this to something more memorable. You will see here that the dialog also shows you which databases this template is used. Page titles when using databases Currently, when you add a database to a page, the page title is replaced with the database name. This may not always be desirable, and you may want the page title to remain in all database URLs (such as record view). There is now an option for this per database. Relational Field Improvements Now when you create a relational link between databases, you can opt to show which records link to the relational record. To give you an example, say you had a database for actors, and a database for movies, and you created a link on the actors record to show which movies they star in; now when viewing the movie, it will show you a list of the actors. More Filterable Fields We added both "Date" and "YesNo" field types to be filterable when viewing a list of records. When you use the Date type, you can select a date range for listing articles. We also added the ability to use any custom field set as filterable to be used when creating a database feed widget. Unique Fields Another popular request was to allow a way to force unique entries for custom fields. This means that when enabled, only one record per database can have the same value. This is enabled when creating or editing a field. Other improvements You can now quickly delete an entire media folder via the AdminCP. You can now quickly see which databases are used on which pages via the AdminCP page list. And we added a way to programatically fetch a custom field value via the $record object. Currently, you need to use something like $record->field_12 which works well until you import that database to another installation. The fields are renumbered so this syntax no longer works. We made it possible to use the field key like so $record->field_{my_key_name_here}. Not only does this solve the issue when importing databases, it is also much more readable and easier to remember!
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    I don't care how thieves wish to rationalize piracy, it's no different than stealing electricity or cable, as I see it. You may see it as a victimless crime as your neighbor is already paying for it, who cares, right? The reality is, there are real costs to deliver IPS4 and they're not small. Infrastructure alone is in the tens of thousands a month and of course, recurring income is what keeps a company afloat. So, one is not just stealing from IPS, they are stealing from other clients -- normal, honest human beings -- that are promoting growth of the company and product. I've had enough of this "courts decide who a pirate is" and stealing for a greater good (contributing to the marketplace) garbage. This isn't an evening hobby project - it puts food on the table for well over a dozen people. I can't afford a Bentley Continental -- boo-hoo, right? Should I just take one? That's different because there's a "tangible" loss? (These are rhetorical questions.) If you can't afford the software, I don't know what to tell you other than to check out a free software option. Taking something you've not paid for because you can't afford it is still theft. Back to the topic at hand. There is no reasonable scenario in which someone could develop on the IPS platform without direct access to the software (and sharing the software/license, even with someone claiming to be a developer, is against the license agreement) so, in essence, the only people this would serve are people who have pirated/nulled the software. Call me crazy, but I'm not going to trust thieves to submit resources to the Marketplace to be installed on paying clients' sites. Now, with that blood boiling rant out of the way, we actually have considered and are still considering a developer license program. The issue is defining developer for the purpose of the program. We're of course not going to give source code and dev licenses away to anyone who can do echo 'hello world'; and it's not feasible to interview applicants. So, it requires some thought. There's also the argument that you need to spend money to make money. As mentioned, if you want to sell software in the Apple app store, you pay $99/yr. So, perhaps a discounted developer-only license may be a potential solution to whatever problem we're trying to solve here. We can discuss this for a little while longer, but please drop the debating the merits of piracy - I can't tolerate it, even a little. Thanks.
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    Many of the regular visitors to our community won't have failed to notice the new look we launched last week. Now that the dust has settled, I thought it was a good time to explain why we've made the change. Streamlined access to everything we offer Ever since IPS was founded in 2002, our community has been distinct from our website. The community is also where we kept all kinds of resources, from guides to the Marketplace. For those customers who know us well and enjoy hanging out in our community (and we have many who have been with us since that day in 2002!), this is no problem. Unfortunately, the downside is many new and potential customers didn't see everything we have to offer: all the wonderful addons our contributors offer, additional support resources, plentiful advice from other community administrators, and more. In addition, we've always used the default theme that our software ships with, but with our self-service demo system now being the primary way new customers get to try out our software, this has become less important. So, we took the decision to move some parts of the community to the website for more exposure and easier discovery by new visitors. We made some tweaks to our navigation so that finding these areas is easier than before. And, of course, we've brought the website header over to the community, giving it a fresher look and more consistent navigation, wherever you happen to be on our website. Of course, all of our website is built in IPS4, as you would expect. Whereas before our website existed on a separate installation, as part of the update we merged our community and website together. This means you can sign in from anywhere, see your notifications and so on. This is just the first step we've taken on improving what we offer and how we offer it. We have many plans in progress. You may have seen the theme tip we posted this week, which is the first in a series of regular tips we'll be sharing to help you get the most out of the IPS Community Suite. We'll also be highlighting some of the incredible work our customers do, whether it's a unique use of our software, or something in our Marketplace that adds a great feature. Stay tuned!
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    Unify Avatars and User Photos

    I'd like to suggest an option to unify avatars and user photos. Essentially, what this would do is eliminate user photos altogether, replacing every instance of a user's photo with their avatar. The user would have one picture identity: the avatar, rather than have two identities: the avatar and the user photo.
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    New feature : Post BEFORE Register !

    Hi There is a great feature on some large boards, often boards belonging to large companies They allow visitors to post and only at the end require username & email to perform the registration Many visitors would never register first and then post, they directly post with a form, and discover at the end they have to provide username & email to have their post submitted, so they accept to give those informations This is very powerful, and i was hoping to see this on IPS 4, maybe it is available and i didnt see it ? You must have seen this many times on the web, an example here on a french website : http://voyage.linternaute.com/forum/canada-24002/new
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    PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

    Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Pre-made templates are something we'd like to do. We'd also like to release our own work we've done here for examples to use. You may find the improvements being made to Pages in a soon-ish release to be of more help to you. Finally, we have a number of tutorials done and on the way that are being reviewed internally. Hopefully all of these combined will maximize the benefit of the product to you. Thank you again.
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