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    My websites slowed down dramatically when this problem with licence keys appeared. Please rework this part of IPS (which rechecking expired/invalid licence keys, or whatever it does what causing the problem), this must be implemented as background task, so our websites must not be affected when there is a problems on your side.
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    Version 4.0.3


    This is very simple chat system with the basic features: Ajax chat, auto update. Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page. Sound notification. User can toggle on/off. Admins/Moderators can block users. Users can ignore some chatters they don't want to see. Load more messages when scrolling end (or top). Announcement (on Top or Tab). Supports emoticons, URL, Image URL (gif, png, jpg) *NEW* Supports GUGGY to turn any text message into funny GIF and Sticker by using /guggy command (Eg: /guggy I love you) *NEW* Supports GIPHY to finds GIFs and Stickers by using /giphy command (Eg: /giphy happy new year) *NEW* Supports Youtube, playing video in iframe and popup @mention by clicking on usernames. Flood control. Bad word filters. Time format. Display newer messages in top or bottom. Permissions for viewing, chatting & management. Edit/Delete messages. Download version 4 if you're using IPS 4.4.x


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    Blog dissapointment

    Ok, we hear you loud and clear on categories for blogs. I've added this to our internal list.
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    When I wrote my last entry, The Dogly Mail had just reached the 100 member milestone but since then things have grown impressively. The photo competition has proven very successful at encouraging new signups and we are now at around 1400 members picking up 15-20 new members a day. This is far better than I could have hoped for but there a few caveats… Not all traffic and content is equal In building website traffic I’ve realised that high member numbers are great and help to validate your ideas but member quality is far more important. I have been able to boost the member growth non-organically with a minimal Facebook ad spend in conjunction with the competition but we’re still trying to find those super contributors. The members we have are not yet invested in the site themselves and the sense of community that is required to be sustainable long term is still in its infancy. We have also found that with the opt-in mailing list, around 50% of the registered members are signing up for the newsletter during registration. This is encouraging to me based on the non-organic growth so hopefully, with more organic growth this will rise further. What are we doing to get higher quality contributions? We are collaborating with a vet on professional articles to give the site more credibility in the areas I am not an expert in and Andy is covering dog news where he has time. Hopefully, over the long term, this will help to improve the organic traffic to the website. With the articles, we now have high-end long-form content covered although I would like to get a more varied team of writers on board to broaden the appeal of the subject matter. We also have more fun commenting, likes and meme social interaction covered in the photo competition section. This leaves a gap in the middle for more serious user-contributed discussion and opinion and what ultimately will make or break the website. For this, we’re working on getting the blogs application ready for when we feel the traffic is sufficient to launch another area. When it’s ready we will slowly transition the ad spend towards the new blog section and forums to provide more balanced traffic coming to the site. We will also be able to promote the new sections via the newsletter. I am almost at the end of the school year so my time on the site should increase and I can get more involved with discussion topics to try and foster that sense of community. What else have I learned? Keeping people’s attention is not easy and once a member has left the site you need to work really hard to get them to revisit. It’s something I read a lot of on these forums so hopefully, Invision is working on this to help us keep people engaged. As you can see we’re still in the try lots of things to see what works stage but the learning experience is part of the fun. We were running AdSense ads and getting a little back from the spend we were doing ourselves but I feel at this stage it is counter-productive. We have decided to stop AdSense for the time being in order to concentrate on building traffic and the membership and will revisit the monetisation options once the site has grown. Not running the adverts has also given the site a substantial speed boost which will hopefully help us with organic rankings. If you’re running your community as a hobby you may not wish to spend anything on advertising to start and may prefer to slowly add to your website content. With so much competition for traffic online though this would be a very slow strategy for us for what I still hope to be a commercially viable micro business. On the current growth path, I hope to be profitable in 12-18 months and will keep you updated with the highs or lows along the way.
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    Just wanted to say thanks because after 4.3.5 you're started to make detailed changelogs where we can see not only new features but also bug fixes. Thanks :)
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    I'll take the credit, even though it was really @Mark who pushed for it.
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    It took a lot of careful consideration and elaborate engineering to come up with the sophisticated solution for keeping track of the entries. But I think it was worth the blood, sweat and tears I poured into it. (It's a .txt file)
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    Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will EXCLUDE private messages from the setting Merge concurrent posts. You won't get any notification if the user replies again within the setting time, so you won't be aware if something important has been said/changed.


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    It’s instant and on the system level. You don’t need to open the site manually or check your emails. You get a notification on your mobile device. Whatever you do, wherever you are. It’s how the big players like Facebook and Twitter get people to open their app over and over again.
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    Communities are bound by a code of conduct that govern user behavior. Sometimes these rules are explicitly written, such as terms, guidelines, or my personal favorite: “Must Read Before Posting Or Banned!!!” topics. (That’s a joke. Please don’t ever write a topic like that!) Sometimes the rules are unwritten, based on evolving behaviors and user-to-user interaction. No matter the method of conduct or scale of communication, all communities contain these community guideposts that govern user behavior. Being able to influence, and being influenced by, these rules of conduct is our second element of Sense of Community. Community Managers. The original influencers. The privilege to persuade is a powerful feeling. It fills users with a sense of control, knowing that they can impact others. It gives purpose to users, who will tap into their inner helpfulness by assisting others. And it imparts a sense of satisfaction, which is one of the highest transcendent values a user can feel. It also leads to a better community. Over time, the mutual interaction between members builds trust, forming a community of authenticity where users can expect repeatable and expected behaviors. It also leads to good governance, where members embrace the codes of conduct by the group, inculcate the code into their own behaviors, and repeat the code to newer members – reinforcing the very codes they learned themselves. Members conform to community rules and standards, sacrificing a little bit of their own individuality but gaining acceptance by the community. Clearly, influence and persuasion is a powerful element. Let’s take a look at some ways in which you can build a better community by unlocking the power of influence. 1. Show New Members How to Influence If your community is anything like mine, you have a welcome topic or message: Do this, read, that, follow this. It’s usually filled with stuff to influence the member. But have you thought about giving the new member an opportunity to influence? And not just in a superficial manner like posting an Introduction topic, but one that’s filled with meaning and purpose. In addition to linking to the best guides and expert content in your community, ask your users to help other members, answer challenging topics, or identify any skills that can help others. 2. Influence through explanations Have you seen communities where the moderators take heavy-handed actions and do things without prior notice? Or they assume you know everything? It feels rude, unwelcoming, and very cliquish. On the other hand, I’ve also seen communities where the moderators and community managers take the time to explain every response. When you take the time to explain the response, you share your reasoning with others. That’s influence. Over time, users will turn around to repeat the reasoning to others, which builds good governance. (It also means less work for you!). Communities are built on transparency and trust, and the more you can openly establish your community norms, the more clearly other users can repeat and reinforce your governance. 3. Be influenced by asking for help One of the most powerful and uplifting things you can do is to ask your members for genuine help. Be candid. Be vulnerable. Explain the challenge. And ask for help. You will find members who will rise to the occasion. Humans are naturally compassionate. We will always help others if we can and communities are one of the best platforms to ask and receive help. If you ever make a mistake, take on a big project, or if you’re ever in over your head, don’t be afraid to ask for help and allow others to influence you. 4. Influence as a privilege One of the stellar reasons for choosing Invision Community are the multiple ways to publish content. You can offer user albums, polls, blogs, articles, discussions, files, clubs, the list goes on. This allows you to offer increasing channels of influence for your superusers. Unfortunately, most communities throw all the choices at a new user, hoping one will stick. That’s like asking a new member who steps into a room of strangers if he wants a microphone, a loudspeaker, and a spotlight! That can be scary. Influence is something to be gained over time, in small bits of comfort and trust. 5. Appreciate the influence. One of the most inspiring actions you can do as a community manager is to acknowledge and appreciate the influence of others. When you do, you affirm the influence of others. It's one of the simplest things you can do too. Pick three random post by members on your site and reply: “I appreciate this contribution because …”. You’ll be surprised by how well members respond to your note of appreciation. CONCLUSION The best influencers are the members who care about the needs and wants of other members. The power to influence is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your members. By allowing them to influence other members, the codes of conduct, and even the direction of your community, they feel a deeper sense of community because they can make an impact on others. The most influential members in a community are surprisingly not the ones who post the most or who act the most dominant. The best influencers are the members who care about the needs and wants of other members. Share in the comments below one of your success stories on how you influenced – or were influenced by – another member. As always, I appreciate your contribution to join me in helping Invision Communities of all sizes build more rewarding and successful communities.
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    newbie LAC

    (NB44) Polls Walls

    Version 1.0.0


    This application allow to create polls walls based on different filters. By default supported next content types - Forums topics - Blogs entries IPS 4.4.3+ Support topic


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    I say leave Apple and it's iPhones in the dust. Why must everybody wait for some company which may end up NEVER doing that? I sincerely believe that you should go with Android which has a HUGE userbase. That would benefit IPS users NOW bring more profit NOW. I honestly can't think why you haven't done this yet. It's not like Apple has 98% of the users and 2% are Android ones..
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    A successful community only needs three core elements to flourish and begin producing results. Your community will require some care and effort to flourish, but with the right strategies in place, you'll ensure that the value your community produces continues to increase as time goes by. Let's take a look at the three elements that make for a successful community. Content Content is the life-blood of any community. Content is what is posted by your members, and by your team. In the early days, you'll need to seed discussions and respond to customers posts regularly. It's important to demonstrate that you're actively involved with the community and encouraging others to post and extend discussions. Over time, user-generated content will begin to propel your community forwards. A great way to bring in new users is to write valuable articles using Pages, or the Blog apps. Writing about issues relevant to your community can help position you as an expert and will be shared widely by your community. You don't have to be an expert writer to create articles. There are free apps such as Grammarly to help polish your prose. A great way to quickly generate new content is to quote other news sources and offer your own commentary. For example, if your community is based around TV shows, right now you could easily create a new article for your site based on Game of Thrones by quoting a small part of two or three existing articles denouncing how the quality of writing on Game of Thrones has slipped and offer your contrasting thoughts. Just remember to link back to the original article and check the source site to make sure they are happy for this to happen. HubSpot has a great article on how to quote without stealing. Traffic To really start building your community, you need a steady flow of visitors from outside sources. The content you create will drive traffic into your community, but it sometimes needs a helping hand. Content from inside established communities can drive millions of impressions a month from search engines. It's worth making sure you're making good use of the built-in SEO tools. We recently performed a thorough review of how Invision Community optimises for SEO including adding features such as lazy loading. It is also a good idea to put your community link in your email signature, and share it widely via social media. A good number of our successful community owners have created a Facebook page, and a Twitter account for their community and share their best content over those social channels. Email is still a very powerful tool for creating an audience. We send out a monthly newsletter here at Invision Community, and articles we share with it are viewed at least four times as much as other articles. Engagement Once you have a steady stream of visitors consuming content on your site, you need to engage them to convert them from a casual visitor to a registered member, and then beyond. The first step is to get your visitor to register. While we recommend you make many forums open for guest viewing, we do recommend that you ask for guests to register before posting. We recently added a new feature called 'Post Before Registering' that allows guests to reply and sign-up in one simple activation flow. Most members initially join for selfish reasons. Perhaps they have a broken iPhone and want to ask for help. Or perhaps they came to ask how to fix a code problem. Generally speaking, they do not join out of altruism and a strong desire to help others. To convert a one-time poster to a regular contributor can take some work. Ensuring the default notifications include email when a new post is made will help encourage the poster to return. You can also tag the member in other discussions you feel may be interesting to them. We recently added a few new engagement features that also showcases other interesting content in notification based emails. Taking the time to welcome the member, and showing them how to access the best from your community can go a long way to making your site stand out. Taking the time to focus on these three core elements will help your community grow and prosper. You may not see overnight results, but over time you will start to see a huge difference in visitors, registrations and returning members. That wraps it up for this article. We'd love to know your thoughts on our suggestions and any strategies that you've used in the past that have worked well.
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    (BIM) Chatbox+

    Version 1.3.3


    DEMO 1 with basic input form: https://demo.ipsviet.com/chat/room/2-demo-1-basic-input-form/ Demo 2 with Full Editor: https://demo.ipsviet.com/chat/room/3-demo-2-with-full-editor/ Demo 3 with a floating popup at the bottom of pages https://demo.ipsviet.com/forums/ Chatbox Plus is a chat application that uses Ajax calls to the server to get new messages. Features: Rooms: Admin can create multiple rooms, display rooms in widgets. Support rooms for Clubs. Announcement & Rules for each room. Online Users list. Allow guest to join and chat with their custom nickname and random avatar. Floating Popup: Show a floating popup at the bottom of the pages so users can chat anywhere. Toggle show/hide the popup. Option to hide popup chat on mobile. Many stylish designs available: 5 skins: 3 styles for messages: Standard Bubbles Condensed User controls: On/Off sound notification. Open chat in a popup. Select skins. Moderator controls: Edit Announcement. Block/unblock users. Clean room (delete all messages). Quick edit/delete a message. Input message: Clean text: only supports URL, image URL, Youtube URL, Giphy, Guggy. Editor: You can use full formatting from Editor: color, bold, size, emoticons... and all Editor's plugins. System messages to notify: New content posted (post, comment, review) from 3rd-party apps, supports: Forums, Downloads, Pages, Gallery, Blogs, Calendar, Videobox, Musicbox. New announcement. User joined/left room. Auto Messages: Create multiple messages with cycle time in seconds. Select a member as a bot to post the messages automatically every X seconds. Others: Supports playing a song from Musicbox *New* Report center integration allows users to report bad massages. *New* Auto loads old messages when scrolling down (or up). Highlight the message row if someone mentions you. Flood control, max messages, limit characters, sorting messages... Show online users in the panel. Lazyload images. Cache for messages to reduce using SQL queries. Fully responsive.


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    We agree. The widget / drag n' drop system is planned for improvements at some point.
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    Sign in with Apple

    Another reason for an IPB app 😎
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    I always love visiting those infinity scroll websites where they have really good info in the footer, and I can never ever reach it. And just when I think it's stopped loading because I've hit the max number of items .. it loads more! True picture of Joel trying to get to the footer links.
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    I had this issue long ago and I fixed it....but since then my life has become horrible. No longer do girls in my area wanna meet me, no longer do I get ad's for free weed, and it's been a while since I heard about the guy who told me my russian grandmother passed away and left me 100 million dollars...
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    Wow, impressive results! Good growth.
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    Blog dissapointment

    Heres some missing features that I think would be essential to a good blogging product. Categories and nested categories Author following (specific to blog) Blog Navigation & internal linking Meta keyword/tagging to populate related article functionality Author blog profile/author blog list
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    To provide some added perspective on content, which is key to attracting and retaining members, not all content is the same. And you want to be strategic in your content. You can have content that is functional, emotional, professional, or social. If you're a community in the Inception stage, you need a lot of functional content. These are "hard knowledge" articles such as how to's, guides, expert advice, and other authoritative content. Search engines and visitors love functional content. But it doesn't keep the people. That's when you want to start thinking about content that is emotionally disclosing (eg. "what was your biggest challenge? How did you feel when X happened? What was your most embarrassing moment? Welcome new members this week, etc"). Emotional content is what makes people stay. There's a psychology and strategy behind content, so you want to choose the right mix for your community's lifecycle.
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    Dark Theme

    Version 1.0.1


    I'm not a theme designer, just a customer that created a dark theme for my own site and was never intended to be released to the public, but due to interest within the community I have uploaded this theme on to the marketplace....for free. The theme contains zero template edits, only CSS changes which can be found in the custom.css file. Fully compatible with all IPS apps!


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    Feedback regarding renewals.

    Hello, I recently went to download my paid copy of Invision Power Board, and lo and be hold I am not able to because I have to renew my license. Wait what?? I paid $200 for the Invision Community Suite.. ok, and forums, then additionally I paid another $100 for pages, another $150 for downloads and blogs and some renewals. In total that is $450+!!!! If I do not pay for a renewal you should not refuse access to License URL or download section. Now, I'm not saying he I should always have access to newest updates, No. What I'm saying is that anything previous to the point I stopped paying should be available to me. P.s IPB4 fan boys/girls go away.
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    Blog dissapointment

    I'll do it for $19,000. Just saying.
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    Grammarly will it come back to IPS

    I only found an issue when I went back to read an old topic and noticed side scrolling going on. After nailing the post and grammarly user which caused it, went back through the members post history to find multiple pages effected by it. Was an easy fix in the end, I told him I would ban him if he didn’t stop using it. He stopped. 😄
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    Les Paul, or Gibson SG?

    It was a poster of Slash holding his Gibson Les Paul slung low on his waist playing live that got me into guitars. The crunching power chords of Appetite For Destruction were a long way from the three chords I could manage on a beaten up acoustic with a hole in the side, but I kept on trying until I could play those riffs. I still hold a special love for the Les Paul (as well as the Explorer made famous by Hetfield palm muting his way through multiple albums with Metallica). So, I'm especially thrilled to see the official Gibson forums relaunched with Invision Community 4. Check it out: https://forum.gibson.com It's great timing as I've recently freed my guitars from the loft and have started to play again. Anyone else here play guitar, and should we start our own band?
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    FYI, in response to being asked about the list from the medium article, Apple PWA dev responded as follows: EVERYONE WHO IS READING THIS, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PROVIDE FEEDBACK HERE: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=182566 EXPLAINING WHY PWA PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO SOFTWARE LIKE INVISION WHERE A WHITE LABEL MOBILE APP FOR EACH COMMUNITY IS NOT FEASIBLE. PLEASE TRY TO AVOID "+1 I NEED THIS" AND PROVIDE AS MUCH SPECIFIC, CONCRETE DETAIL ON HOW YOU WOULD MAKE USE OF THE ABILITY TO SEND PUSH NOTIFICATIONS TO MOBILE USERS AND WHY A NATIVE APP ISNT A SOLUTION I asked Invision if they had plans to make a formal use case proposal through this channel and as of right now they do not, so it is on us as a community to advocate loud and often for why push needs to be implemented on iOS with concrete examples of how our communities would use it (and just as importantly, not abuse it). @Matt, I appreciate that the view is that Apple is strategically holding back push support in iOS so as not to cannibalize the app store, but when the Apple dev who is responsible for implementation is specifically asking for concrete examples from people who would benefit from push API PWA support in iOS, we should still work together to provide that feedback even if it's ultimately a dead-end. @Joel R you are probably one of the best in this community at taking all the noise from in here and distilling into actionable efforts, so anything you can do to help wrangle us into a coherent community driven effort to make our request heard loud and clear to Apple here would be sincerely appreciated. Also tagging some of the devs I see posting often who might be able to help provide the technical info submissions for their apps, etc. @Fosters @Adriano Faria @CodingJungle @opentype @newbie LAC @TheJackal84 @All Astronauts Also, as a final thought, I'm not sure how much communication there is between the development teams for Invision, Xenforo, NodeBB, Discourse, Vanilla, etc. etc., but this is one of those topics where forming a lobbying group of developers where you can aggregate the number of users across all platforms and deliver some consistent messaging would be really helpful IMO. Any victories we can make with PWA in iOS ultimately serves to keep all of our communities alive and able to compete with other closed platforms, as ultimately user engagement on mobile through notifications (and in the case of iOS, the complete lack thereof) is going to make or break many of us.
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    When hiding a single post (from the Options menu on the post) you are taken back to the page you where on. This is good and works as expected. However, when using the multi-select tool and choosing to hide from the moderator toolbox overlay, then you are taken back to the first page. You should be left on the page you were on.
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    Facebook Ads: are they the modern day ‘hilly billy’ California Gold Rush? Rumors circulate about Facebook Ads being the MOST profitable way to advertise your business and everyone jumps on it to make a quick buck. Hence it’s quickly become the 21st century gold rush. And just like the gold rush, the people really profiting are the ones selling the tools to the prospectors… AKA Facebook But they’re still gold out there if you know where to look and what your doing. The purpose of this post is to give you a short introduction, so you know roughly how to make profitable ads. It’s not going to turn you into an expert, but it might stop you digging in the wrong spot and spending BIG on things you should avoid. I’m not going to go into too much technical detail… Otherwise we’ll find ourselves like Alice down deep the rabbit hole. What Type Of Marketing Is Facebook Ads? It’s important to define Facebook Ads as interrupt marketing. Someone is not actively looking for your product at the time of seeing your ad. So your ads need to be distracting and bold to literally GRAB attention. If people are more likely to be searching your products then should you choose Facebook Ads as a primary marketing channel? Why Does That Matter For Building Communities? When you’re using Facebook Ads to build communities (especially off the platform e.g. not a Facebook Group). Your ads need to be eye catching and demand attention, with a clear benefit of the community AND call to action (what to do next). If you’re community is big then use the size as social proof, people follow the herd and using this herd mentality when talking about the number of members etc will help you grow. Does Facebook Work For Every Business? As a primary marketing channel? Absolutely not. If you have a business that people proactively search for that’s very transactional - like an ecommerce store then you’d be better using google adwords. Yet any business SHOULD 100% be retargeting website visitors with ads. It’s a great way to build rapport and make the most of your site visits. If your business is a business that’s heavily reliant upon growing a relationship then Facebook Ads is perfect. Big purchases, information products, service based businesses all do VERY well with Facebook Ads. It’s a great place to grow and build relationships with your audience. In my opinion this is the MOST powerful way to use Facebook Ads. Do Facebook Ads Help Build Communities Absolutely yes… Facebook Ads can help you build and grow your community. Be clear on your message and the benefits of the community. Having a good understanding of the audience will help too. If it’s a male audience of people who like Star Wars for example, there’s no point advertising to women or people who like football. There is merit in testing adverts to the same interests groups e.g. men who like Star Trek. How To Get The Most From Your Facebook Ads Being successful with Facebook Ads is much more about relationship building than it is billboard advertising. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people using Facebook Ads as the internet’s ‘yellow pages’ I.E. The only adverts they ever place are “hey come buy my stuff” If you only use FB Ads for sales messages it’s going to be crazily expensive and ultimately ineffective. Still people ONLY want to pay for an ad when they have something specific. Instead, think of the platform as an extension of networking, with the same relationship interactions. Only your paying Facebook to have these ‘interactions’ and not having to do it manually. The BEST Way To Do This Is Retargeting Retargeting in the oldest & simplest sense of the word was when someone visited your site or product you identify them and give them adverts that are “come back and buy” This makes things MUCH more effective. But here’s how you get a system that works… You want to layer your retargeting… That means have multiple different offers that are layered one on top of the other. If you’ve heard the expression sales funnel (the process of ‘funnelling’ potential customers through your marketing into customers) then that’s essentially what you’re creating on Facebook all via your retargeting. Sounds complicated… It’s not… For example I could record a video about facebook ads and retarget people who have watched 25% of the video (because I know they’re interested). Then I might give them the option of downloading a PDF to add them to my list… Those that take the PDF could then be offered a webinar. At the end of the webinar is the option to become a customer. The layering of funnels takes time and is more work, hence most people choose the less effective ‘yellow pages’ method. I could go on and on about the nuances involved in advertising on Facebook. But here’s some dos and don’ts to keep you in check Do Treat the platform more like networking than the ‘Yellow Pages’ Focus on building relationships and meaningful interactions. Make sure you’re using retargeting, whatever business you’re running. When writing adverts focus on the customer and their wants, needs, desires Give value before you ask for something in return. Understand your maths and make sure it’s profitable. Layer your retargeting Read the terms and conditions and make sure you’re compliant (otherwise you will get banned) Don’t Expect to become an overnight millionaire. Put big budgets in you can’t afford to lose until you know it works. Copy everyone else ads. Use boring stock photography. Try and cheat the system. Get too hung up with the technical It’s A Powerful Tool, Not A Panacea There’s an epidemic out there (mainly from Facebook Ad Consultants) who push it as the panacea to all business problems. It’s not true… Facebook Ads is a super powerful tool that you could use to grow your community. Especially if you’re struggling to attract new members. It’s not a miracle cure. If there’s a problem with your community messaging or attractiveness then Facebook Ads won’t fix it. Instead Facebook Ads is more of a magnifying glass. It will highlight any problems. Which is very helpful if you don’t know where the gaps are in your community. Not so good if you’re expecting a miracle. Final Thought If you’re thinking about using Facebook Ads for your community then you 100% SHOULD! Depending on your budget will decide if you get someone paid who knows what they’re doing (like me) or you run the ads yourself. If you do find someone make sure they’re realistic with the platform and what it can achieve. If you’re doing it yourself, then have a go… Try a traffic campaign to get you started. The WORST that can happen is you’ll spend a bit of money without getting anything in return. It’s only beginner tax… Or making a donation to the ‘Zuck Fund’ as it’s known in the industry. I’ve seen total beginners make 5 figures with their first ad… It’s pretty rare, but I’ve seen it happen. The ONLY thing you can do is have a play and see what happens. It doesn’t bite. Martin Jolley-Jarvis is the owner of Full Spectrum Agency.
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    Progressive Web App Support

    Yeah, we will be working on bringing a few more nice things to PWA in the future.
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    Why not allow messages to be loaded with infinity scroll avoided the next page? Today I read a topic in a forum with 18 pages, each page had 25 messages, and I thought that if there was an infinity scroll the reading would have been much more pleasant and fluid, even by clicking on the quote. Something already adopted by Discourse and Flarum.
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    Blog dissapointment

    Thank you, Matt!
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    Nice, I hope your community will keep on growing!
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    Have you ever found yourself muttering "there has to be an easier way" when managing your community? If you have, it's likely that you are not the first person to think that. Invision Community has been refined over nearly two decades, and in that time we've received a lot of feedback from clients running very large and busy sites. We love a short cut, especially when it makes our clients lives easier. There's plenty of time-saving features throughout Invision Community, and here are five of the best. Saved Actions If you routinely perform the same actions to a topic, such as replying before closing it or moving the topic to a different forum, then saved actions will save you a lot of time. Let's look at a practical example. You have a forum where your members can suggest new features for your product. You might choose to move some of these suggestions to another forum to shortlist them for inclusion in a future version, or to discuss further. You also may like to reply thanking the member for their idea, but it's not feasible at this time. Here you would set up two saved actions, one that replies and moves the topic to a specific forum, and one that replies to the topic and closes it for further commenting. Your saved actions are accessible via the moderation menu You and your moderating team can select these saved actions quickly when reading a topic to perform multiple moderation steps in one go. RSS Feeds If your community regularly discusses topics that feature in the latest news, then you can quickly seed these discussions using the RSS feed import tool. Not only can you import almost any public RSS feed into your community, but you also have control over how these topics are displayed, to whom they are attributed to and how the link back to the source article looks. RSS feed import is an often overlooked but handy tool at starting productive discussions without the need to source and post them manually. iCal Feeds The iCal feed can be considered as the sister feature to the RSS Feed Import tool. It works in a very similar way in that it can accept almost any public iCal feed and import events into your community's calendar. This is especially useful if you maintain an event stream outside of the community, but wish to share those events with your members in a native way, or perhaps you already have a calendar product used by your organisation. Using the iCal feed tool to populate your community calendar with key dates relevant to your community can be achieved very quickly. Auto-moderation Moderating a busy community can be a time-consuming task. Trying to review new posts and topics to ensure they meet your community standards as they come in can be daunting. Fortunately, Invision Community has an ace up its sleeve. Auto-moderation allows you to use the power of your community to identify and remove content that does not meet your community standards. The administrator sets up a threshold so that when a specific number of reports for that content item is crossed, the content is hidden. Auto-moderation has a lot of options to configure which we covered in this blog article recently. Group promotion Ensuring your members feel valued and rewarded for their contributions is key to member retention and keeping engagement high. A simple way to reward long term regular contributors is to elevate their permissions. This can mean that they have access to otherwise hidden areas, or they get more allowances in terms of upload space and fewer restrictions. To do this manually would take a significant amount of time. Thankfully, Invision Community has a feature called Group Promotion. This tool allows the administrator to set up specific thresholds such as post count, or time since joining which then move the member into a new group when triggered. This all happens automatically. Just set it up and let it run! We spoke about Group Promotion recently, take a look here to learn more about this feature. How many of you are already using these features, and which ones did we miss off our list? I'd love to know.
  35. 4 points
    +1000. I have a community for enthusiasts of a specific sport. My community competes for participation and attention against a Facebook group for the same sport. The Facebook group is crushing my community for daily interactions and up-to-the-minute breaking news type posts. I think this is due to 2 big things, among others: 1, people are on FB all the time anyway, 2, PUSH NOTIFICATIONS. Just to level-set, a push notification is one that shows up on your phone or desktop if you allow it, regardless of whether you're currently using that app. Existing IPS notifications are great, but the user only sees them once they browse to the site. Email notifications are not a solution and should be minimized for obvious reasons. Tapatalk is one solution, but IMO it is a non-starter because the look and feel is nowhere as good as the mobile version of IPS, and to get your own branding and ads on Tapatalk you have to pay. I already pay $70/mo for IPS, that's enough. Tapatalk is its own ecosystem and they are very much in control of the user experience. The only things saving my community from being obsoleted by the Facebook group is the sheer fact that a forum is a much better archive of information, and is a more dedicated environment. The searching and organization cannot be matched by Facebook. A FB group flows by like a river, and topics are gone and forgotten within a day or so. There is also no way to monetize a FB group. My community sells subscriptions which pays for the hosting and the rest we donate to charitable organizations in our sport. A huge reason FB wins is that dopamine rush from receiving push notifications. If IPS would provide a push notifications solution, there would be no need for a half-baked 3rd party solution, and it would dramatically improve our forums' ability to compete with Facebook.
  36. 4 points

    Progressive Web App Support

    It is probable we will expand the PWA support in Invision Community, but that's about all I can say right now.
  37. 3 points

    Version 1.0.1


    Some text from wikipedia: VK.com integration is an application that contains three functions: VK.com Login Handler - allow your users to log in to Invision Community using their accounts in VK.com. VK.com Share Service - your users can share content with one click on the icon. VK.com Content Promotion - Invision Community has a tool for promoting content in social networks. This application will add the ability to promote content to the VK.com network.


  38. 3 points

    [Question] Real Names on Your Community?

    My members choose their display names. I would probably disallow something offensive (like swear words or something like that) as a matter of personal policy, but I haven't had to do that. As for not allowing someone to use a handle instead of his given name, nah I won't be doing that. I'm in Rhode Island, and I couldn't care less about GDRP, "real" names, hurt feelings, policing others, or whatnot. What, you're gonna sue me?!? Good luck with that even if you win. Ask your attorney to explain the meaning of "judgement proof." I have no love for the nanny state. I won't say I'm an outright libertarian -- we can't all go through the intersection at the same time -- but I lean that way. Some regulation is necessary, but excessive regulation is bad. For example, regulating driving and licensing to make sure drivers are qualified and follow the rules of the road is good, but suspending someone's driver's license because he owes child support is bad; the latter has nothing to do with the original intent of the licensing scheme. Oh, and guns are good. Regulating and licensing of guns is bad. No, I won't be asking members for government ID to verify names. As an American, I'm not even required by law to have an ID. Mandatory ID schemes are for totalitarian regimes. Your papers please? Just no. Waiting for the "Likes" to come in, Tõnis aka Tony ☺️ (no fraud here)
  39. 3 points
    The most popular social networks over the years, animated. https://thenextweb.com/tech/2019/06/11/most-popular-social-media-networks-year-animated/ Does anyone even remember Google Buzz or Hi5?
  40. 3 points

    Grammarly will it come back to IPS

    Grammarly and CKEditor do not play well, and we received several bug reports about the same issue(s) related to how Grammarly modifies the DOM within an editor. In short = yes, there was an issue (or a couple of very related issues), and there was no way for us to resolve this outside of disabling Grammarly in the editor. It may return when we reach a point where we can upgrade to CKEditor 5. It is my understanding that the CKEditor devs and the Grammarly devs are working together on maximum compatibility, but won't be backporting that to CKEditor 4.
  41. 3 points
    Yeah, I like this. I'm thinking perhaps an explanation of how you got there along with a search box or something.
  42. 3 points
    Appreciate the update/walk-through! Love the Photos (dog images). Here's my little pups (shih-poo and lhasa-poo)...
  43. 3 points
    A fair suggestion, I've raised it internally.
  44. 3 points
    Updated to 1.0.8 New Features Added the ability for moderators to post announcements These announcements can be sent to multiple rooms at the same time with a option to send to all Added the ability to use a global popup chatroom what is stuck to the bottom of the users screens instead of using widgets Admins will set a default room for the global chatroom Members can change their default room and choose from a mixture of chatrooms to use as their global room Normal Chatrooms ( Members can select to use any ACP created chatroom they have permission to view ) Member Rooms ( Members can select to use their own or another members chatroom ) Club Chatrooms ( Members can select to use one of their clubs chatrooms ) Added the ability for members to make their profile chatrooms private with and the ability for them to choose certain members what will be able to view and chat in their rooms ( This will also work with the global room if a user tries to add it as their global one )
  45. 3 points
    Tom S.

    Allow referral commission for renewals

    This week I've been trying to implement the built in referrals feature from IPS and I just keep coming across limitation after limitation. It begs the question; does any one actually use this... So, another improvement I would like to suggest is that you add the option to allow referrers to earn commission on renewals of a product and not just the initial sale. Sadly, these limitations are stacking up and I may have to go ahead and build my own system 😕
  46. 3 points

    Blog dissapointment

    But in IPS "blog" different authors (not only community owners) write content: If one purpose of Pages is to be a blog of the owner then the club owners should have this feature as well. Right now using Pages is not possible in the club and at the same time only club owners can write in the clubs blog. Additionally club news from the blog are looking quite weird. I think if IPS would use blogs itself (also within clubs) they would better recognize the weakness.
  47. 3 points

    Blog dissapointment

    As Andy said, the blog application is really about collaborative blogging whereas we are just blogging for ourselves. What would be your top 5 blog features on a wish list?
  48. 3 points

    Version 1.0.1


    R2S Piorun Live demo: https://road2skill.eu/ This is only theme .xml (no layout .psd) if you want to have this servers table you must have (GS) Server List by NaXe The theme is compatible with the forum application, I have not tested the rest Server Banner


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    Pete T

    Who Was Online (Hours)

    Version 1.0.3


    Keeps track of the number of registered members that have visited your site in a custom duration and also records which day you set the record for the most members online in the same day all options done via the front settings and Admin CP. Features Show online users for how many hours ago. Who Can See. Show Stat. Limit Maximum Number of The List. Groups To Exclude From the Link. Order Users Link By. Sort Type. Show user photo. NEW User photo size. NEW 4.4.x Users please read To make this plugin work to display colors please make sure have the following turn on, ACP - Members - Profiles - Profile Settings Tab, scroll to the bottom of the page: The above is new settings in 4.4.x only.


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    Discord Native Widget

    Version 1.0.0


    Discord Native Widget This is a simple application that adds support for the Discord native widget to IPS. This is the same iframe based widget that you can access from your servers settings screen, Features Plug-and-play, just drag the widget to your sidebar and enter in your Server ID Supports both dark and light themes Unofficial Rich Discord Integration support (can provide a link prompting users to link their accounts below the widget) ☕ Found this useful? Want to support further development? Show your support by buying me a coffee!- https://ko-fi.com/makoto_dev


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