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    Minor releases are almost always just maintenance releases. We gather up a fistful of bug reports and fix them to ensure that every month or so, our clients enjoy more stability and efficiency with Invision Community. However, more recently we've noticed that we're running low on bug reports, so we've managed to squeeze in a handful of improvements in Invision Community 4.4.5. Let's take a look and see what's new in Pages. How should the canonical tag behave? While this isn't the most exciting name for a feature, it does explain it reasonably well. We had a recent discussion on the forums where it was pointed out that the canonical tag directed search engines to the first page of any record. While this makes perfect sense for an articles or blog system where the content you create is more important than the comments, it makes less sense if the user-generated content (aka the comments) is more important than the content you put up. A good example here is where you put up a video or link for review. You don't want the canonical tag pointing to the first page as it will ignore the reviews themselves. If you didn't understand much of that, don't worry. The idea behind this feature is to provide Google and friends with a better hint about which content is more important. A happier Google bot slurping your site is a good thing. How about that Admin CP menu? When you create a new database in Pages, it is shown in the ACP menu under 'Content'. This is fine, but when you get a lot of databases, it starts looking a little cluttered, and it can be hard to find the correct one. We've reworked the menu so items have their own section, and can be re-ordered using the ACP menu re-ordering system. Member fields are now filterable. Pages allows specific field types to be filterable. This means you can sort by them with the table's advanced search box, and you can drag and drop a filters widget next to the table to refine the rows shown. Now a member custom field is filterable, which is handy if you use them in your databases. Other areas of the suite. Messenger search A while back, we made a change that removed the ability to search messenger by the sender or recipient name. We also limited the reach of the search system to one year and newer. Unsurprisingly, this wasn't very popular. We've restored sender, and recipient name searching removed the one year limit and re-engineered the internals of search, so it's more efficient and returns results much faster. How many members do you have? You can see quite quickly if you have the member stats widget on the front end, but finding out via the Admin CP is a little more tricky. Until now! We've added a dashboard widget that not only shows the number of members you have registered, but also a break down of their email opt-in status. A happier autocomplete. Apple has this cool feature where if you receive a text message for a two-factor authentication login, it offers to auto-fill the code box for you. We've had a sweep throughout the suite to ensure two-factor authentication fields allow this autocomplete to happen. While we were at it, we made sure that other fields are more easily autocompleted. That wraps up the new features in Invision Community 4.4.5. How many have you spotted after upgrading? Let us know your favourite below.
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    Are you curious 🤔about ways to boost your engagement that don't require a lot of effort? Want some shortcuts to set your engagement on fire 🔥? Check out these 4x4 tips of four growth hacks that you can implement in less than four minutes ⏳ to boost engagement. 1. Add a content block at the bottom of topics. Sounds upside down 🙃, right? Most admins add content blocks at the tops of pages to attract users. But what do users do when they're finished reading or replying to a topic? Nothing. They're finished ... unless you add a block such as similar content, popular posts, recent topics, or another content block at the bottom of topics that help them discover new content. 2. Tag in your superusers 🌟 to stimulate a conversation. Your community's superusers are probably just as active as you are, and thoroughly involved in the community. They're comfortable in the community and would love to provide input. Wouldn't you agree with me @AlexJ @GTServices @Sonya* @Maxxius @media @Nebthtet@Ramsesx @tonyv?? 3. Run a poll ☑️. It makes the topic more interactive, and people love voting. 4. Write a contrarian topic or blog "Why XYZ isn't for you?" That's a surefire way to grab 😲 attention and begs the user to challenge back. And if you can't write a contrarian topic, then maybe ... being a community manager isn't right for you. Or is it?? 😜 Hope you enjoy these tips, and and share your growth hacks in the comments below!
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    I do it the same way. Here is an example of my typography site’s monthly newsletter: The subject lines are meant to stoke interest and don’t feel like ‘yet another newsletter’. This principle continues within the newsletter. I manually select specific content I feel worth highlighting from the community. And I make sure that the majority of the content is meant to be useful to the member. I might put advertising content in there as well, but it will never dominate the newsletter. That way, the members are more likely to continue to read my newsletters in the future.
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    Suggested by my users, and it makes sense. There's already a crop tool for profile pictures, so why not let you double click on an uploaded image and crop that too?
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    Group Mention

    @AlexJ you can now mention groups by simply typing @! Please download the new version 😛 @liquidfractal it should now also work for blogs since it hooks into the user mentions (so everywhere you can do user mentions you can do groups)
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    4x4 Growth Hacks 🚀

    I do the same but I try to keep the same URL if possible. I limit words used on FURLS to 5 words max which allows me to make changes without changing the URL. But, there are times you just have to change the whole title. Other things I do to improve SEO... Merge similar topics (especially if old and not driving too much traffic; especially, those that have some value) Format content so that it's easier to scan. Improve content that drives traffic. (Evergreen content) Delete/Archive old poor quality content. Delete old accounts with 0 content. None of this is easy but it's worth it. I recommend starting with your most popular topics (high Views count). I'm against auto-tagging. I just don't see any value to it. My team have instructions to tag only "high-quality" content. We use tagging for the Similar Content block because it gives us some control. We have control over what keywords are used. We have control over what topics are tagged. We have control over what topics are found in Similar Content block (and tag pages). The easier it is to find these "quality pages" the more value they gain. (eg. More traffic, shares, word of mouth, etc) BACKGROUND... Years ago I used tagging like you do. Enabled auto-tagging, allowed all members to tag, etc ... we literally had hundreds of thousands of tags (perhaps over 1 million) - many were similar, typos, poor quality, etc. (VBULLETIN BIG BOARD SITE) I found myself working constantly in cleaning the mess. The ROI just wasn't there when compared to other things I could be doing. So I dropped it altogether with no regrets. TAKE CONTROL I'm sure you have heard of User Generated Content (UGC). If you run a forum site you are dependent on your members to produce content. About a decade or so ago, most forum admins peaked in terms of traffic. Since then traffic likely plateaued or dropped (more likely the latter). Heck, back then you would see many forums selling for over $1 million dollars. Not these days. The biggest problem we have with a UGC business model is that we have very little control over what members post. Technology and Google are changing rapidly it's time to start taking some control back. The above is just one way of doing just that. Joel R's Community Management tips is another great way to take back some control. A good community manager redirects focus where it should go. So let's get back to these Growth Hacks. I'm sure @Joel R would appreciate it. 😉
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    Joel R

    4x4 Growth Hacks 🚀

    Whoa whoa, 16 minutes is way too long to spend on growth. Four minutes is plenty 😆. Kidding. If you have any growth hacks, write them down and I'll be happy to aggregate them!
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    Joel R

    Mail Bouncer - Automated Bounce Management

    I'd like to officially lend my support for Amazon SES. SparkPost currently costs me $20 / mo on a plan for 50,000 emails (and this was after I suppressed the majority of my email notifications to switch to a lower plan). The equivalent cost on Amazon SES would be $5 / mo. This represents cost savings of $180 / yr. The cost savings are too big to ignore for independent communities.
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    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    All modules for all forum scripts, have been created by a single person, and not by big companies with dedicated support team. They're humans and not machines. They need their time to rest theirselves. I can understand your problem perfectly, especially when you see your site down and you don't know what to do to solve it. Happen also to me. But from the other side you can understand that the author is not a slave to work 14 hours, every day. Give him a time space to reply. When you see that there are 44 pages of comments, you can't say that he does not cares to give support.
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    Hi Guys IPB is awesome and far better than any other forum software available in market. IPB team working very hard to implement new feature every month i appreciate their hard work But now in smartphone world everyone is using mobile devices that have apps to access their favorite content. people don't like first open browser, then type url and then type username, password. Mobile friendly websites are no longer a solution. Forums are facing competition from Telegram groups, discord server, Facebook Groups, Whatsapp Group @Charles PLEASE HELP US !!!!! I know it is very difficult to maintain native app. so Now companies use hybrid approach to cut cost for mobile app. It would be great if IPB team develop the in house Progressive Web app for IPB. IPB theme already mobile friendly so every little to do Just need to implement 1. Service- worker for Offline uses 2. Push Notification for Notifications 3. Login and signup screen (that remember the user name and password) Here some Key Benefits Of PWA over Native App IPB4 team already have brilliant javascript developers. I think it would not too difficult for them to do this. I would like to Pay for this feature separately if it will be developed. It would be Milestone for IPB 4 as compared to other forums software. Others IPB members if you are agree please vote this feature as much you can and share your's feed back too and don't Forget to Participate in Above Poll Question Companies Using PWA!! PWA is not just another Buzz word, PWA again transferring the power back to Web Developers which was lost during native mobile app era. I think REST API based apps for IPB not right approach, From developers point of views, it will make mobile apps hard to maintain and compatible with every new version of IPB and updates of hundered of IPB plugins. However PWA just uses Mobile Responsive of Website. Forums Founders spent both Time and money to make his/her community sustainable. sometime new users like the forums but forget url and browser history deleted,at that time website looses one member ? this same things happened with me many times and may be other members share the same experience. For iOS users or Android users there is more chances, new users of clients Forum website click on App icons (Installed by PWA ) again than open browser inside the mobile, remember the website URL and hit the enter. No matter whether PWA support push notifications for particular mobile os or not :) PWA fully supported in Window 10 redstone 4. We can't ignore the billions machine running window 10. Window 10 PWA app would be huge opportunity to keep the website users engage with website. Just imagine clients Forums apps are installed on users PC. Even They don't open browser and enter forum URL, with single push notification you can make users again engage to your website ? More and more adopting the window 10 This is my humble request to IPB team please please develop in house mobile app for IPB others wise our communities websites will loose the competition in mobile app age. THANKS :)
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    There is one setting now: Moderate new records But one VERY Important setting is missing: Moderate records changes Without this setting the whole system is useless as the user can post cool new posts and after they get approved they are posting porn stuff in it ... and i dont even get informed about post changes AT ALL!!! do i always have to get there and see if there is changed content ... every hour, every minute? So why dont moderate post changes? Here is a possible solution: after the user changes the post inform moderator save a copy of this post: "set this post for moderation" from now on this user sees only this "edit-copy" of this post, all other users see the original post let the user edit this copy so many times he wants to after every submit, the post is sent for submiting (if revisions are enabled only this revision) no need to hide or delete the original post unit changes are confirmed as its different postID if revisions are enabled => use it insead of postID or always use revisions when wiki-editing is enabled after the moderator confirmed the changes ovverride the orginal post with the new version delete the copy or save a revision inform user => post approved This system right now makes absolutely no sense without changes-moderation. So please make some changes or disable it completly. What you think?
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    Classifieds System

    Yes, it's true. For this reason a new theme for classifieds have priority now. For a temp fix just add: @media (max-width:768px) { li[data-blocktitle="Adverts Feed"] li.ipsDataItem { display: flex; } } in the custom.css. Nothing to pay, this is something that I have to improve for all customers.
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    Gamozilla Theme

    Version 1.0.0


    Gamozilla is a modern gaming theme comes with awesome features and fully customizable colors. Pre-build with a Dark and Light Versions in the theme Palette option. And a unique body color transparent effect that mixes with your body background Image you choose. DEMO Key Features Palette. 2 color schemes. Dark & Light versions. One click to switch your website between a Dark and Light color schemes. You can also customize from any of the colors schemes you want all within theme settings. Color Management %99 all theme colors are customizable with color settings. Without touching a line of code you can change the entire front-end colors all in a theme editing page. Customize colors of CK Editor, Widgets, Navigation's, Social links, Topic background, Author panel background, Forms & Toggles, Pagination & tabs, Buttons, Notifications, Messages...etc). Forum Category Styles. Set a custom background, title background, colors, and a cover to specific forums. No custom css or coding knowledge is required, All you have to do is selecting forums and apply your colors. Footer. Enable/Disable footer. optionally show/hide on mobiles and tablets. Editor field column. with a header text field and a Truncatable option. Custom HTML field column. provided with a sample for quick links. Pages application column to get records from database. Color settings for footer background, Header color, Text color & link hover color. Upload a background image for footer, with an optional setting to apply opacity. Advanced Footer Application. With advanced footer application you can have ultimate footer columns. Add footer rows, Add any number of custom column blocks, feed from all IPS applications. add different footers for different themes and more... Custom Widgets. Add Two Editor field widgets to show on top or bottom of your website. Optionally show it to specific pages like Registration, Login, Staff directory, User profiles ...etc). Set user group permissions, customize colors and backgrounds. Great for guest messages, or custom html. Advanced Custom Widgets Plugin. Advanced custom widgets allows you to add Sticky and Normal custom TXT and HTML widgets to your website. Each widget you add is fully customizable with its own configuration settings. RTL Support. Theme add-ons Swiper Slider. Swiper is a powerful and a modern touch slider integrated in this theme, You can add 5 custom slides. also feeds from Pages app. Enable/Disable Swiper. Who can see. Where to show. Excludable from IPS applications and other pages on the site. Add custom slider height. Show pagination. Show navigation. Enable/Disable Autoplay. Loop Mode. Swiping mode. Lazy Loading. Add a texture overlay. Add a color overlay. Sliding Effects. Custom Slider content CSS, background color, Title color and title font size. Slider image position. 5 Custom and reorderable Sliders. Each slider have its own Editor field, Title field, Image field and User group permissions. Swiper Slider Application With swiper slider application you can add infinite custom sliders, and feed from IPS applications ( Downloads, Pages, Gallery ). on thefly add/edit sliders. give permissions for those you want to add sliders and more... News Ticker. With this horizontal and auto scrolling news ticker present headlines or minor updates on your website. Customize background and text color of tickers. Add a news ticker title with options to customize background, text color. News Ticker Plugin News Ticker plugin comes with many more options and configurations to customize including a couple more different styles. and on the fly add/edit tickers with options for who can add/edit... and more... Free Resources This theme is included with the following paid resources A different article styles. Copyright text removal If you must remove the copyright notice on bottom of the theme. you need to purchase the theme copyright removal plugin. IPSkit.com Theme Copyright Removal


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    I started using the wiki mode, please release something it seems a serious problem.
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    Version 1.5


    Gradiented | Best Gaming 2019 1.4 - Summer Update ON - SUPPORT TOPIC DEMO: http://cyberpixelz.com/forums/ ( user: demo / pass: demo ) ABOUT THEME: UserInfoPane integrated in the topic ( so, you dont need plugins for that ) + online/offline status Change Menu Links from ACP ( hardcoded ) MegaFooter ( You can modify the footer from ACP ) Enable / Disable - And change the text links from boxes etc. Fully responsive ( 100% ) For all PSD files, with update 2.2 file is to large ( so if you want the psd files you need to send me a pm ) Social buttons customizable from ACP ( in to the footer ) Body IMG customizable from ACP Gradient customizable from ACP INFO: It's the first release, so you can help us to fix bugs, just enter in the support topic For minor changes im open for free ( so just give me a pm ) or use the support topic I used FontAwesome & Material Icons OTHER INFO Postcontainer customizable from ACP ( You can activate or dezactivate every single field ) You can activate or dezactivate borders from entire forum You can change the entire gradient color. Full customizable slider Megafooter Category statistics on hover For othe awesome things check my website! OTHER THEMES: If you want so see previous theme enter here ( CHECK ALL MY STUFFS HERE )


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    Teddy Rogers

    📧 Block Disposable E-mails

    Is it possible to add a feature to import a list of disposable email domains from an external link - or even manually? Maybe even with the ability to for it to automatically update like every 24 hours? https://raw.githubusercontent.com/andreis/disposable-email-domains/master/domains.txt Ted.
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    Meta description for /*/page/XX

    If I'm correct the 3.4.x branch had other pages indexed too. Everything was like. First page had 'Page 1 of 3' and the first post text. Page number 2 had 'Page 2 of 3' and the first post text of the second page.
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    Not out of the box, when you translate the phrasing, it will be used for all QA modes. You could create a little plugin, or theme edit to do the same thing though.
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    Fast Lane!

    Feedback on Advertisements

    Don't do this... It may be considered black hat since the ad will trigger but not show. There are ways to legally alter the ad code in the header to change the ad unit size based screen width. You can also use dynamically sized ads. All Google friendly.
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    4x4 Growth Hacks 🚀

    @GTServices manual staff tagging adds quite much work for staff which is problematic especially for small communities (i.e. I have to be a webmaster, head editor, admin, mod etc). Do you have any good suggestion how to best do this? Currently what I use is a mix of automatic tagging (autotags are based on subforum / gallery category that the user posts content in) mixed with fixing tags when I notice that there's a need. I also periodically go through tags via backend to get rid of errors, things that should be merged and similar. So the users have freedom to tag as they see fit (some use that, most of them properly) and lazy users aren't forced to tag too.
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    Complete BBCode support

    Brent, We appreciate the feedback! I certainly understand there are still some niche sites - notably certain techy/dev sites that still rely on to BBCode both because they find it easier and it’s what they know. The (comparatively) few still using it are very passionate about using it and we can definitely appreciate that. At the same time, the BB in BBCode stands for Bulletin Board. It was created long before WYSIWYGs in the 90’s by UBB. The web has since long evolved and with the advance of proper WYSIWYG technology, so BBCode is really rare to encounter. Be it Google Docs, email or virtually any modern editor, we all use buttons or shortcut keys like command-B as second nature, which works even with markdown. The real issue is the fact that it’s simply not native to any modern editor (that I am aware of) - including the one we integrate with, CKEditor. We have a backend “parser” that converts your BBC tags to HTML upon submission, but there is no way to convert that back for editing or any other purpose. To maintain overall stability as well as compatibility with editor updates, our only intention with Invision Community 4 was to ensure some degree of backwards compatibility for those who still use tags when submitting content. The software in fact does that and while BBCode will be deprecated (which simply means it will not be further developed) in a future release, we have no immediate plans to remove it entirely. While there are still traditional software packages that have legacy BBCode support, you will find that most modern community platforms have no native (built-in) support for BBCode and I think it’s extremely unlikely we will ever see it make a comeback (although I said the same thing about bellbottoms.) We are always open to ways to improve your experience with the editor and if you’re struggling to get things formatted properly using native functionality, we would welcome you to open a support ticket so we can see what you’re trying to achieve and try to offer some help. Thanks again for taking the time to share your concerns!
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    AdSense Crawler

    A possible answer? I'm not sure if 'mediapartners' is included in the bots.
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    4x4 Growth Hacks 🚀

    I would most definitely agree ! 🙂
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    Who's raiding Area 51?

    Are you on this train? I read the hotels/motels and camp grounds in the area are booked for the raid day.... I figure this is where @Lindy @Charles and @Matt are holed up and secretly working on IPS5 with the rest of staff.....and the aliens of course.
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    Widgets Extensions

    Version 1.0.1


    The widget extension allows you to easily add custom blocks and then style them using your own CSS styles and classes. The plugin will add three different types of custom widgets: Text, HTML and PHP. Allowed Block Options: Set the block to display on or off, Set the block to display to selected groups only, Can elect to use a block title or not. Good if you are showing adverts or not, You can use CKEditor or CodeMirror for the block content and this can be toggled via the Blocks settings. For example, HTML and PHP can use CodeMirror to make life easier if you are using HTML or PHP in your blocks. You can easily add CCS styles to the Block Title and Content using the Widget Forms rather than having to edit templates. This makes it easier to customise each block differently to have a different look and feel to match your website theme. You can add custom CSS classes via the Widget Form for quickness. Bear in mind this will add inline CSS to your theme, so it would be better to add custom CSS Classes to the Theme Custom.css instead. And yes, it's free and you're welcome 😉


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    Dark Theme

    Version 1.0.1


    I'm not a theme designer, just a customer that created a dark theme for my own site and was never intended to be released to the public, but due to interest within the community I have uploaded this theme on to the marketplace....for free. The theme contains zero template edits, only CSS changes which can be found in the custom.css file. Fully compatible with all IPS apps!


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    Version 1.0.1


    This mod will let you add Text, HTML and PHP widget IPS4's blocks. also you can disable PHP widget from Admin CP How To Install You just need install the plugin Admin CP > System > Site Features > Plugins > Install


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    Gamozilla Theme [ support topic ]

    Thank you very much, update worked like a charme :)
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    Gamozilla Theme [ support topic ]

    I just changed the Bar style back to default. it wasn't supposed to be like this in this theme. You can re download the theme and update 🙂
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    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Welcome to the TINYKING DARK THEME This is a simple and clean Dark Theme with a mix of blue and orange colors (my favorite) and with very few image files added (2 to be exact - body background and no-image attachments background). This theme was fully built using only the custom.css file and I tried to make it in a way that is easy to understand what affects what. As you can see in the prints or demo, I added a custom header, but you can easily change it to the standard IPS header by simply deleting some lines of code that are marked on the custom.css. DEMO: ( user: demoIPS / pass: demoIPS ) This Theme was built and tested on the IP Standard Suite 4.4 which means this theme only works with the following applications: IPS Forums IPS Clubs IPS Calendar Sorry but I can't test and optimize this theme for applications like Blogs or Gallery as I don't own them.


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    Agreed, but there are already suggestions about improving the contact form, including one (from me) to add the ip of the user of the contact form. Also to make the amount of quetions to ask in the question and answer challenge customizable. They all can have some improvement because when not payed for the license anymore (f.e. version 5 comes out and you want to say at 4 and don't pay license anymore), the build in anti-spam will not work anymore. So the variety of protection possibility's or at least customization of these in IPS is a bit poor imho.
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    Me too
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    Very useful, thanks a lot! Simple but very good!
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    newbie LAC

    (NB41) Who To Follow

    Yes BTW. If you will use https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api?endpoint=core/members/GETitem you can get followers to existing plugin.
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    Dark theme by IPS

    Like you, I was frustrated by the lack of a dark theme so created one. It's free, completely free and contains zero template edits, fully stock IPS templates which means as long as you don't edit any yourself, when you upgrade the theme will automatically update for you. No waiting around for developer updates before you can update your forum. The theme only contains CSS colour changes, it's rare that at this stage you will see any changes to the CSS that would break the colours. Now obviously when 5.x drops this most likely won't work, but should be fine for the duration of the 4.x series. Feel free to ignore, totally understand and despite creating this would still prefer an official one myself.
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    Account Deactivation

    Thanks! I've noted the bug and will get it fixed soon.
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    What is taking so long to add PWA support?

    This is the worst hot take I’ve read in a long time. Apps are a $100Billion market across android and iOS. They aren’t going anywhere.
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    I just did some tests and it's not looking good: So I would leave out that spf.protection.secureserver.net as an include, because it's not a host. It's an SPF record. So you can't include this with an include. Leave it out. And you have an smtp banner mismatch, so MX and rDNS are incorrect. The helo says: p3plibsmtp03-09.prod.phx3.secureserver.net MX addres mailstore1.secureserver.net. is pointing to 3 different ip adresses. Only 1 ip is pointing back to p3plibsmtp03-09.prod.phx3.secureserver.net so only 1 rDNS is correct. The other 2 ip adresses and do not have correct rDNS. So if any mail is send via those servers (which is very well possible since they are all mailstore1 aliases) your mail can well end up in spamfolders. This is a Godaddy issue, they should fix it.
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    Calendar Enhancements

    I run devops for a community, the purchaser would be @GreatJackal
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    Group Legend

    Version 1.2.6


    This widget allows you to display your member groups to your users in a widget. This widget will help your users see what groups are available and allow to easily perform a search for members in a group by clicking on a group name. View: http://bbcode.it Easy to setup. Widget works with both head/footer and sidebar zones. Customize order and remove groups from the list. Groups display styled. Add an additional global prefix & suffix on all groups in the list. Select which groups can view the block Click a group to perform a member search for all users in that group. Add extra text under the Legend. IPS 4.1 / 4.2 / 4.3 / 4.4 Final If you have suggestions for Group Legend, we'd be happy to hear them via the forums: http://bbcode.it Full support is provided for this plugin, you can request support via.. Forums: http://bbcode.it Email: iotivedo (at) gmail.com


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    (SD) Newsletter

    WARNING - DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON THIS ADDON. The addon does not work, full of bugs and the developer does not reply to support requests. Here is a video example and when shown to the developer it is ignored so I have wasted my money on this addon...been ripped off:
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    Fluid Read content experience

    The ips page content design why hasn't improved? Example, touch the title and show me the content, but right now don't do that, I have to scroll down to find the content.
  43. 1 point

    Messy look of clubs blog features

    We've addressed the concern for the 4.4.5 maintenance release already.
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    Now that I've been using this a few days, I think the filtering needs to be more flexible. For instance, I'd like to be able to mix and match the following: One or more Item Types (in my case, these are Bug, Suggestion, or Theme Issue) One or more Priorities (High, Medium, Low, for instance) One or more Statuses (Open, In Progress, Declined, Complete, as examples) Items Assigned to [choose a user, default to me] Items Created by [choose a user, default to me] This would be considerably more flexible than what's available now, where you can only choose from one item type or "Only Open Items", "Open Items assigned to me", "Created by me", and "Open items created by me". I'd also like to set defaults for the filtering, so I can hide "Completed" items by default so they don't get in the way of stuff I need to do, but I and others can still take a look at items that have been closed to get a history of what's been completed, declined, marked as a duplicate, etc. I ran into this as I wanted look at any Open "Bugs" with a High or Medium priority, sorted in by highest priority first. It seems that you should be able to select one or more statuses you wish to view, and be able to do the same with Priority. So I could see just "High" and "Medium" priority items with a status that isn't "Closed" or "Finished". While also being able to filter on items assigned to me and/or created by me. Right now you only get to choose from Thanks for your consideration, ..Al
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    Very nice and decently upgraded translation. Also fast support is given and you can also exchange idea's when something might be translated differently. Translation errors (if you can find one) are fixed instantly. Carry on this great work! 👍
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    This application allows members to add notes to posts. This app allows users to: Add notes Edit notes Delete notes Other features: Admin groups can edit/delete any note Notes permissions by group Post author will be notified when new note added


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    Tom S.

    Announcement as notification

    What's great about this plugin is that you can programmatically generate notifications. So, with a little know how, you can notify your users about anything you like.
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    Quick request if you have 2 minutes...

    IPB is Light Year Ahead from Its Competitors , Best Software purchase of my LIFE !!! Thanks to IPB Team for their Hard Work :)
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    Clubs Enhancements

    I might have found a bug. When setting the "How many equal features the Club can have?" to anything higher than one (I tried 2), then an error message comes along that you have reached your maximum, but 5 forums were created in the club. Feels like a bug.
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    I think that collapse/expand for nested forums is not a "complex" requirement for the FV Sidebar widget. It wouldn't even be that hard to implement since the widget already propagates a parent's selection status to it's children. All that I think is needed is to check the depth of the children and hide/unhide them based on the parent's checkbox state. This small change would make the Fluid View much better for sites with 3 or more levels of forums and more than 25 forums total. Of course, the current widget works best for the IPS site since you only have 2 levels of forums, but hide/unhide levels greater than 2 would not affect the IPS Site but would make Fluid View a much better option for my site (and I suspect other sites as well).
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