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    It would be nice if the Guide section would take use of the follow option to save interesting parts in my followed contents area. Thanks.
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    Ha, so true! There's a theory of 90-9-1 participation inequality in online communities that goes something like this: 90% of all users won't do anything (lurkers) 9% of all users contribute a little 1% of all users contribute most That's the nature of human participation in online communities and ... That's okay. It's okay if most users don't participate or contribute. It doesn't mean they don't feel valued or a part of the community. There's research that shows Lurkers still feel a bond to the community and enjoy reading, even if they never write anything themselves. In terms of asking users for help, there are some interesting insight that might be helpful. 1. Users actually feel a greater connection to the community the more they participate. There was an article awhile by Matt on gamification and building a "loyalty program," and in a way, you should think of your users' interaction with your community as a loyalty program. How are you cultivating stronger loyalty and progressing them on a value curve? 2. Leadership sets the way. I've discovered that people tend to be followers. There are very few true Alphas. We all follow rules for everything ... On the road, social etiquette, workplace professionalism, our life is ruled by rules! So it's hard to ask users to create something truly brand new. What I do, especially on large projects, is do the first couple of items myself. It not only shows them what to do, but it breaks the mental barrier of how to do it. It's small but an important psychological opening. 3. Don't over-ask. I view my user's time and attention and clicks as a gift, not a privilege. There are plenty of things in their lives that probably deserve more attention than my little community, so any attention they give to me is precious. I'm always respectful of their time before I ask them to take on a large project. 4. Nobody cares as much as you, but you can set the tone. I laughed at your picture because it's so true. In behavioral economics, there's the dilemma of the principal-agency problem. Hiring a person to do the job is never as good as doing the job yourself, since they will never care as much as you. To combat this, I spend a lot of my time talking about how to go about something, the best way of doing it, and the standards that we should have. It helps establish a common framework of high standards. I run a private club for my community's superusers. And all we do is talk about best practices to activate the community ... We talk about how club leaders can more effectively run their clubs, how they can post differently for more engagement, etc. It sets the tone for my community so that if they DO see a problem, they don't just ignore it, they have a way of getting it resolved -- and I thank them for taking the time to report or fix issues to reinforce the positive behavior. You're asking users to overcome their innate laziness and achieve a higher potential. You've noticed the problem. How are you going to spend 2019 to overcoming it?
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    Version 1.0.1


    MyTylkoGramy.com V2 (4.3 IPS)


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    Not stealing. The idea is to use the contact form on their website, introduce yourself and investigate the option to convert their community and merge it into yours. It's all about being polite; saying something like "my software is better and my niche is probably bigger, so you would fit and keep your independence." Many of these guys have issues, like poor servers, poor software and as Joel says, there is always something you can offer that they don't have. In my case, most of these websites have such a small niche, that they would fit perfectly into a club. For example, one of the communities has 4 forums and 1 of them is for the rules. What my community need is users and what they probably need is infrastructure .. so this is more like a mutual agreement. ok .. I thought you could only use the migration tools at the beginning. I didn't know converters could import data from anywhere. I think the most difficult part for me will be to convince them to move, since I'm newer and they are older in this niche. My expertise and reputation is based on adult communities, nothing to do with this new niche I'm interested in. Since I'm the rookie, they might be afraid that I get tired and close. And there is also this thing when you have a bigger idea, you can easily look arrogant if you use the wrong words. For now I plan to work for 2 months and start contacting them.
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    Behemoth Theme [ support topic ]

    This theme will be updated in marketplace when Gold version of ips 4.4 available. otherwise, If you have updated to IPS 4.4 BETA, then send me a message to give you the upgraded version 🙂
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    Previously we generated an MD5 hash of the password combined with a randomly generated salt. Now, we use the built in PHP password_hash() and password_verify() functions as I mentioned before. So if you were intending to verify the passwords manually, you would need to do something like: // First, try to validate the user's password using the 4.x method if( password_verify( $userProvidedPlaintextPassword, $passwordHashFromDatabase ) ) { // The user's password validated using the 4.x method. Log them in. } // If that failed, we can test the 3.x method elseif( $passwordHashFromDatabase == md5( md5( $passwordSaltFromDatabase ) . md5( $userProvidedPlaintextPassword ) ) ) { // The user's password validated using the 3.x method. We recommend updating to the 4.x method and storing this in the database for additional security. // Treat the user as logged in now. } else { // User password not validated } If you are loading up our libraries/files, then there are helper methods to facilitate the above. OAuth is a standard outlining a way to authenticate users. It is the standard used by Facebook, Twitter and Google for their login buttons, for instance. Our software can be both a provider (e.g. other sites can use oauth to authenticate a user from your site, if you let them) and a consumer (e.g. you can connect to any oauth-compatible service). Given the robustness and security review of the standard itself, this is the most secure and well-supported route to go if possible.
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    Modify Quotes when original changes

    It's not a theoretical discussion here, we all are real board owners and we just prefer the way it is and how it was from the beginning in community software.
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    4.4: 6 New Micro Features

    I really enjoy writing about the new features the development team have been slaving over for weeks (and sometimes months.) It's a real joy to be able to share the finished product after we've seen it through inception, discussion, planning, assigning to a developer, coding, peer reviewing and final group testing. Although sometimes, the features can be explained in a few screenshots, which makes for a pretty thin blog entry. With that in mind, I've grouped together 6 of the best new micro-features for Invision Community 4.4. Browser notifications We introduced browser notifications in a previous version of Invision Community. Once you've opted in to receive them, you'll get a fancy browser notification when new content is posted while you're off browsing other sites. However, the browser prompt to ask for permission to push notifications isn't subtle, and it attacks you the second you log in for the first time. In Invision Community 4.4, we've made it, so you're only asked to opt-in once you open the notification drop down. No more being attacked by a permission dialog Widget display settings One of the most popular features we've added to the front end in recent times is the drag and drop widgets. We see these used on almost every site we visit. A popular request, though, was to be able to hide them from specific devices. By default, the sidebars appear under the main content when viewed on a smaller device such as a phone. There may be times where you wish to show a block for those on tablets and desktops, but remove it for phones, so it doesn't take up precious retail space. Happily, you can now do this on each block with 4.4. Desktop only? Club Navigation Clubs are relatively new to Invision Community but they incredibly popular as they allow you to run micro-communities within your main community. You're not limited to just forums either; you can add gallery albums and more to each club. We've added the ability to re-arrange the club tabs allowing you to prioritise what you members see first. Rearranging club tabs Announcement URLS Announcements have been a core feature for a long time now. We use them whenever we have a holiday so we can notify our customers about reduced support on those days. We've made it so you can now link to an item, rather than have to provide new copy for each announcement. We may have overdone it a bit Time Frame selector We noticed that in numerous areas around the Admin CP we had time input boxes. These would sometimes be used for seconds, minutes, hours and even days. We've seen customers forced to enter things like 86400 seconds when they want the time frame to last a day. The lack of consistency wasn't great either. In Invision Community 4.4, we've added a new Time Frame selector which is used as standard on all areas we ask for a time frame to be entered. No more taking your socks off to work out how many seconds in a month. Time is no longer relative Group Name Styling For about as long as I can remember (and as I get older, this is not an impressive amount of time), we've allowed group names to be stylized when shown in the online user list. A very popular request is to extend that same group highlighting throughout the suite. Finally, Invision Community 4.4 brings this to the suite. If the group name is visible, that gets the styling, otherwise the name does These features may be micro in nature, but we hope they make a significant improvement to your community. Which are you most looking forward to? Drop a comment below and let us know.
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    Mind theme has been updated to the latest version 4.3. Basic instructions are included in the package. READ MORE Hope you like. Demo (Go to footer and select Mind) Demo account: User: Test Password: test Need help? Go to Support topic


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    TeamSpeak 3 Viewer For IPS

    File Name: TeamSpeak 3 Viewer For IPS File Submitter: CodingJungle File Submitted: 21 Apr 2013 File Category: User and Social Engagement Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x A teamspeak 3 viewer for IPS. can be used on the forum index or as a content block (both included). like my other free products, this is released under the DBAD license. http://www.dbad-license.org/ any one can use this, modify it, use it in their own projects. the license covers expectations and rights :smile: ENJOY! NOTE: the demo url is a static representation of what the hook looks like when rendered. I do not have a teamspeak server and do not plan on one, as for the reason behind the static nature. FAQ: 1. does this work with IPS 3.3 or 3.2? answer: i did not test them on these platforms, i'm sure it can be used on them, as nothing, afaik, that i used relies on anything that is exclusive to the 3.4+ of IPS. its a free product, what you got to loose in trying? 2. will/can you, add this <insert feature request>? answer: no, i will not. did this as a favor for a friend, who then said i could release it out into the "wild". Under the DBAD license you are free to alter and release any changes made to it if you like. NOTE: This application cannot be used on IPS Hosting. here to download this file
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