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    Hello, maybe you can add small icons instead "x replies" and "x views" like on WordPress 👇🏼 and also maybe you can add a feature with an icon for showing how many times the topic is shared...
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    Guru Samrat

    Skrill Payment Gateway in 4.5

    Hello IPB Team. Skrill Payment Gateway in 4.5 can add skrill payment gateway in IP Commerce app 4.5 , because already available gateways like stripe , authorize.net and more not support some countries and policies etc , if add this skrill gateway and some more payment gateways its very useful ,
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    I'm all for it! Would love to see this sort of thing made.
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    I have similar application
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    We did exactly this for a client😂 I'll see if I can make it general usable and also modernise it with some further enhancements for a MP release once my personal corona stress is over.
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    Tagging @Daniel F, he's talked about a 'tour' before. The difficulty with these kinds of systems is that every community is different. You may launch with the forums, but another community may launch with a custom homepage. I think the best thing you can do within the ecosystem are things like a slider, profile completion, or info boxes that only show to new registrants.
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    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Part of it I think is the influence of social media. The other part is that maybe some were forums with rather niche content, or were already in a flooded market of similar forums. Also, it may have been hard to advertise the forums to gain much interest. I also think some were hobbyist or were looking to make money but couldn't find the right footing and interest. The thing is you can offer a ton of content, but if it's content also easily able to be found elsewhere especially on social media, you likely will be overlooked. That's why I feel it's important for forums to evolve beyond what they have been. They still serve a purpose. But it's a matter of trying to find that purpose and gain that footing that is lost. That's also why I feel forums need to be and feel more personal and not just a place to go to make posts then move on and to be so impersonal. Part of the reason social media tends to do good is because of that personal level of attachment and to get in and out. Forums tend to not have that as much. When you visit a forum you'll see a decent skin, maybe some content, and a bunch of threads and posts that all feel rather impersonal. There isn't much of an 'in and out' to forums. There are multiple steps just to make a thread or post. With social media, those steps are generally stripped down. Want to make a post or status? It's all right there in front of you. Responding to a status is as simple as responding and hitting enter. Want to make a status? Make one then hit enter. While there are some benefits to forums, I sometimes think even forum owners and creators struggle to find that benefit beyond there maybe being deeper discussion. Because as the forums that have went MIA also suggest, you can't rely on them sticking around either. Plus many forum owners also have social media accounts in hopes of driving attention to the forums. Problem is from what I usually see, they stay on social media and don't translate as much to the forum. The thing is, why is no one asking why? Why is no one asking what can be done with forums to better translate them to a wider group of people? Or are forums just set to always be taking up the rear in terms of attention by people? It's sad to see so many potentially good forums gone in such a short amount of time.
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    Connections (Support Topic)

    Hi 🙂 Great Plugin, first of all 🙂 I'm using the opt out option. Is it possible to add a city search option? From example, I'm from city "A". I see people near me. I would like to see people near another city ("B" , "C", "D" ) without change my location. "People Near Me" Site: And a second request. To add compatibility with the "Friends" application made by @onlyME. It's about the "People you may know" option. It does not consider "Friends" and shows in the "People you may know" section those Users who are already Friends.
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    Best discord bot for IPS4?

    What @AlexWright said. You just have to enforce that people link their discord account to their user account.
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    Hey team, wondering... Is it possible to have someone who just signed up for a subscription taken to a thank you page? Currently... there doesn't appear to be a method to thank them for their support after they've subscribed. They subscribe and then once it processes, it takes them back to the subscriptions page. I'd love to have them immediately sent to a page thanking them. Thoughts?
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    after thinking about it, it should have its own table, and use an unique id as foreign key that way we don't need to store same value over and over again this also helps to build a tag suggestion base on existing tags (similar to @ function ) I am about to wrap up a plugin, depending how many ppl interest i might work on it
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    not terribly hard to have a db field for each post row store hashtags, on clicking returns search result of all post containing the tag also good idea to add searching weight value to regular search for tags
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    like i said in previous comment, user define custom action based on the app and target html, for example you can target create post button and supply your custom text as a step, you can rearrange your steps current 3rd party marketplace ain't structured for collaborative development of multiple dev per resource, if i am going to implement it i rather do it on my own
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    Very interesting stat. It's our job as community leaders/builders to minimize that "I don't like them at all" stat. People don't like forums IMO because they just don't know enough about them and can appear to be confusing to use. Thing is, if you use any social media app for the first time, it's confusing, too. I'm pretty tech savvy, but I joined Tik Tok for the first time just to see what the fuss was all about, and at first I had no idea where to look, what to do, how to make on etc. It took a little while to play around. If we can minimize the overwhelm with visual cues and a great onboarding process (which I am doing with Auto Drip campaigns firing off as soon as they validate their account), it'll outperform social media. I think there's a bit of social media fatigue going on in the world. There's a lot of negativity and competition for likes and not much opportunity for discussions. This is great news for IPB communities. There's an opening to reclaim some of this traffic right now, so implementing visual cues for example is important now more than ever.
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    Yep same. I created a FAQ. You can see mine here: https://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/faq/ My advice is not to wait for 4.5. There's no telling when it comes out, and members need help now 😊 🙏 I imagine it will be generally the same for the basics, like how to create a new topic, make an image gallery etc. I can't imagine 4.5 will be SO drastically different in those areas that it will ruin your tutorial/FAQ.
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    Omggggg 👏 This is AWESOME news!! Time to set aside that stress my friend cause the IPB community needs you now 🤭 😇 Two heads are better than one! Perhaps a little collaboration? What are your ideas @Eudemon? The more input we all give the better we can make this in my opinion. Honestly, I see it easily becoming one of the most downloaded apps in the marketplace. Yes 💯 It's not that new members aren't savvy, it's just not "comfortable" to have to figure things out. If there was something that easily and efficiently guided them through a few "need to knows" - visually - this would be a tremendous step forward. It also shows that as community leaders, we care about giving them the best experience possible, and that starts from the first moment they login. If they want to skip it the can just click "dismiss" or something and no harm no foul.
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    I can't answer your question on a new virus other than to say that any new virus with a high transmission rate and can cause fatalities will have to be looked at when/if it occurs. We have lived with viruses since the beginning of time, more or less, and we just have to adapt as we go along. No one can predict the future, not even with this current virus. Research tries to give a best guess at when this will all play out - for the UK it has been suggested that the virus will show no more infections by September, but it's not a fact until that time comes and there are no more cases. It's a terrible mental strain to live in fear of tomorrow, but as one philosopher (can't remember the name) once said, "If we worry to much about tomorrow we will fail to appreciate today". To reinforce that statement a good friend of mine once said, with a sly grin on his face, "live every day as though it will be your last, because one day it will be". I can only but imagine what it's like for you and your kids, but there are no easy answers and no amount of assurance to help quell your fears, everyone must deal with this situation as best they can and ride it out. There will be an end to this at some point in time, but there is no definitive date. Hug for you, even if virtual it comes from the heart.
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    It is indeed still maintained. I haven't seen anybody complaining recently about performance issues and it's NOT about the post size, the members count is the part which made issues in the past.
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    Joel R


    I'm disappointed nobody actually used #hastagtical #hashtagsfordays #justiceforhashtags #hashtageverything Ya'll need to up your hashtagging skills! 😀
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    You can request additional features in hsi support topic.
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    This is a GREAT idea. I've seen it on other sites. Heck even a landing page with helpful information or a youtube video would be nice.
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    Disregard just tried it with IPBoard 4.4 and it works! Thanks!
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    Is this a likely addition to 4.5? I agree it is much needed.
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    (DP44) Cleanup Members

    I'll check it and if there will be possibility to make that then I'll add it.
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    (DP43) PM Viewer

    The handling works perfectly. Thank you for the support.
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    Adriano Faria


    It’s already a feature added in last version: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/456245-books/?do=findComment&comment=2819792 There’s a Buy This Book button pointing to a Amazon store with the user or site Affiliate ID. You can see an image here: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/456245-books/?do=findComment&comment=2819169 linking to a user Affiliate ID.
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    I don't know if its possible but if you add one more field in book description with a link to amazon store where book can be bought with a referral link would be beneficial to the forum owner 🙂
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    Sort of situation I am in, but without the death. The webmaster has moved on, no contact with him remains. One other member was an admin so had the access side to it all but not the knowledge. I have stepped up and trying to migrate server I have hit a mountain of issues. We have a relatively small community compared to some I have seen on here as it is only a car club but still, without the knowledge of PHP, CSS, Mysql etc I have had such a learning curve, fortunately I don't mind learning it all but definitely something i will be looking at documenting when i have it all sorted for anyone else who may need to take over.
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    Landing Page ( Support Topic )

    sorry, I'll get a update for a fix for that over the weekend, most feature updates etc I will be waiting for 4.5 etc
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    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    that's a bug with it and trophies and medals it should have nothing to do with the donation aspect of it, It has been addressed for the next update though all good, will know in future then if support is needed you are entitled to it don't rush with the setup as depending what you have installed can make it a large setup with lot's of settings and features, when 4.5 comes it will get a nice new update too along with all the updates, plus a new redesigned ACP menu for adding items
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    I made a plugin for this that works on default theme perfectly
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    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    would be good but unless it's something to manually download or something they can't add anyhting good, can't allow them to execute a code when redeemed, god knows who will add what, if it is a file they want to sell etc then they could use the downloads app and charge points for them yeah I can see what I can do in regards to that, dunno what or how but will try and think of a good way to do it, but will wait for 4.5 before any big updates once 4.5 is out I will check into it and see what can be done Message where? via PM? support requires a purchase of the file, where / how are you testing that out I have answered this many times lol yes I will check auto update of stock for the nexty major update but will not promise it as I need to figure out the best and easiest way to do it, as there is many items and lots will now require restocking
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    Who's Online cut off time

    This must be THE very patient Rhett reminding me I'd have known this if I had upgraded the software even once between 2011 and now? :p Yes, I've learned my lesson! Since that plug in shows anon users, my paying users did not like it. So, I use it on Pages to entice Guests to register with a 6 hour cut off and in ascending order, which shows a ton of users and makes it confusing enough (listing and time wise) for paying users to be okay with it. I use the Who's Online on the Forum because it's accurate and they want to know who's online and how many anon, etc.. I did have to explain and literally demonstrate to the anon users that they can see themselves on the Forum lists, but are anon to everyone else. This wasn't an issue with the Who's Online from years ago. Now I'm working on why my Google Ads are not working. Javascript disabled...?
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    Adriano Faria


    Yes, you choose a type when creating the quiz. A lot of things happens in the background, like different ways to calculate time and score, so there’s absolutely no way for me to change that.
  35. 1 point
    Adriano Faria


    Thanks. 1: No. 2: There’s a setting to display questions and answers in the results page. You just need to disable it.
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    Home Page with basic information

    I think that's just your personal preference for your personal website. It would have zero benefits for me, and would put my users off. My users prefer to go straight into the forums to read the latest posts. Any new users end up the same place and immediately get to grips with the site
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    Global Header Message

    It started working again! No changes! Just must have had a hissy fit for a few days.
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    Adriano Faria

    Links Directory

    The app captures the screenshot of the page. Logo is a image that you can upload manually.
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    hCaptcha support

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    Dads 101

    Slack Notifier Supporttopic

    @Fosters any interested into coding this for telegram?
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    Dads 101

    Drip Campaigns Support

    Amazing app:) Would it be possible to add the member related tags similar to bulk mails to the editor to personalize the private message and email?
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    Anything that can be done to personalize the Profile page would be an added bonus to the what is already an incredible system with what IPB offers. We do go to forums to discuss topics, but once I've read a comment I like, especially from a new member, I do want to know more about them. This is where I could get ... if once I visited their profile page, I could get a better understanding of who they are, what they like, their passions, interests, and more. But most importantly presented to me in style, their style. Each profile page could be unique, as unique as each individual on a forum is. A Couple Suggestions. Integrate the BLOG application in a limited state for the Forum. The new default tab on a profile page instead of being Activity, could be Blog. Members would be able to create content-rich blogs to any length, that would be displayed in condensed, truncated blocks, so they are all the same size, and could include pagination in case they have a lot. Once you click on one of these blog entries, it either opens in a new page, or opens in full right there on their profile page. Just as we as admins can Manage Blocks on the forum, pages, etc, make it so members can Manage Blocks designated for them. NO HTML ones of course. Have "Profile Builder Widgets" similar to these: These could be custom widget blocks made only for Profile pages. This way they set up their profile page and display things they like, how they want, in whichever colors they'd like, etc. Maybe place a Video Block on the left, they can add a title to it, color the title, change font, size, etc. Have a Image block, where they can place a single image with a header maybe, have the image show in full size with lightbox, if they want, they get some control settings too. Give them the option to link to their Album in the Gallery. Have a slider showing thumbnails of their other photos, when they click one it shows in the main box, in a bigger size. Have a text widget block so they can give it a title and say anything they'd like. My Favorite TV Show at the Moment Book I Last Read Movie I'm Looking Forward To Seeing Instead of us creating custom Profile fields, let me them basically show/display what they would like to express. A Recent Posts widget, or basically let them highlight posts, instead of Our Picks, give them a My Picks block. They can either highlight some posts they've created or posts from others they have participated in and want others to know about. -------------------------------- @TheJackal84 definitely understands how to give a profile page some unique customization, he is offering some GREAT plugins: Profile Backgrounds Profile Songs Profile Video -------------------------------- I can go on and on, but basically an integrated Blog style feature for Profile pages with modular blocks they can arrange and manage and completely customize to their liking. It's funny because instead of calling it their Profile page, they could call it *MySpace, which is exactly what it would be. Their own personal space to set up as they wish. *That name does sound familiar. 😉
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    Drip Campaigns Support

    A campaign can be just a single email if desired.
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    Paul E.

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Following up on the duplicate logger train, two comments: Please consider maintaining a new table rather than modifying core_members--this makes large site installation ... problematic ... due to the time it takes to edit the schema of a very large member table Please consider adding functionality to look for matches from previous data if possible. It appears the detection is only done on the next login. We'd like to compare data from previous registrations and content where available. Thanks!
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    Adriano Faria

    Automatic follow of forum

    Oh, there’s a free plugin for this: As you said “new registrant”, I supposed it was new member in your community.
  46. 1 point

    Drip Campaigns Support

    Hello, really awesome !! this is what we need in IPS. Possible to send email (or private messages!!!) based on time ? after 3 days of registration (or another action) ?
  47. 1 point

    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    Hi @CodingJungle, I've been using the Duplicate Detection app, and other than a possible bug I reported before, it has made a change in my community, so thank you for creating and supporting this app. I charge subscriptions to access some parts of my forum and it's amazing to see the amount of people who have created multiple accounts just to waive a small fee. (As I also use a teaser system that allows non-subscribers to see a few topics per day). Now, if I may, I would like to make two suggestions. The first one is regarding this thread. As a user it's becoming too difficult to follow when it deals with multiple, unrelated applications at once. It would be much easier if you had one support topic per application/plugin. You'd just need to follow them and I don't think that would add more work for you, if you go by your notifications (maybe all it would take is asking people to "mention" or "quote" you, so you can be sure you'll get a notification). But of course, entirely up to you; I won't love your app any less for it. 😉 The second suggestion is about the app itself. It would be great if you were able to add a new option to the settings, where apart from us being able to choose between banning or sending a PM, you could move the member to another group and send a PM too. Reason being, banning is a bit too radical IMHO; it may be warranted in some cases, but not in others... and that's the reason why I don't use it. So, currently I send automatic PMs instead, but then in practical terms, the workload is on me to review each case and send a PM after any changes to the account/s. I have suddenly found myself with a new daily task of following this up. However, if we were able to automatically change groups, we could put detected members into a group where you basically have very few permissions, and also sending a PM explaining them and asking them to contact us to resolve the problem. This would reduce this workload since it would be up to them to contact us, and we wouldn't have to worry until they do. Plus, and this is a big factor, we wouldn't need to chase up from behind an ever growing amount of newly created accounts, as it happens to be the case for me. This is a problem that those who use the "Ban" option probably don't have, but those, like me, who use the "Send PM" option certainly do. In visual terms, what I suggest is something like this (together of course with a setting where you select the group they are moved into, which I forgot to include here). Thanks for reading, cheers.
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    I just wanted to note that we've improved the error message for this error in 4.5, so users at least won't see a mysterious "-200" message when it happens.
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    @ Gabriel Torres This app does not work well with large communities. I had problems installing and once installed it locks the tasks. I gave up...
  50. 0 points
    I assume you have to be IPS client (active client) to be able to renew it. It seems that your IPS license is expired.
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