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    Christopher Lenga

    WordPress SSO

    Works without a problem. Low rating due to the outrageous price for such a simple script.
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    Christmas Update | OnixGx Dark

    We just purchased this theme for our gaming community and we are really satisfied. Great & and fast support! Thank you, DOC! All the best, CsBlackDevil Team
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    Rahina User Info Panel

    Not sure why there are no reviews. Unless I'm missing something, this is an amazing little plugin. I love the way the forums look now. So much easier to read and if you want to know about someone, you expand the postbit. I'll report back if I see anything wrong, but for now, again, fantastic! Thanks for coding this.
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    (SD) Newsletter

    WARNING - DO NOT SPEND ANY MONEY ON THIS ADDON. The addon does not work, full of bugs and the developer does not reply to support requests. Here is a video example and when shown to the developer it is ignored so I have wasted my money on this addon...been ripped off:
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    WhatsApp Share Service

    works perfect!
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    Christmas Lights

    Thx for this awesome funny plugin!!!!
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    I love Stratagem. This type of plugin is well overdue and its pricepoint is a little high, but worth it. I'd give this plugin 5 stars if I could add individual people to a CARD, where that individual could only see the card they are assigned to and not the entire board. The ability to add a individual to a CARD instead of the TEAM would.... Give Managers the ability to bring individuals into a project for a nuanced job, that doesnt require that they see the entire project. Allow Managers to create a more broad scoped Project without cluttering the eyes of my team with cards that they would have no input in.
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    Featured Content Pro

    One of the best support there is. Almost instant response. Good product and usefull, very comfortable to work with. @onlyME is a really good developer, his support is excellent. Today contacted him and he already found a bug and fixed it. in just an hour of contacting him.
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    (BIM) Topic Thumbnail

    Best $15 I’ve spent on the marketplace another brilliant application from @onlyME. I use this for two forums that members share pictures to and I also use it as forum icons for all the forums because why not use new content as an icon. This has definitely brought a new feel to the forum section. I don’t allow members to upload a thumb it’s only if they post content it will be used as thumb. Thanks again for another game changing application.
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    External Links Rich Embed

    To begin with - IMO this functionality should be a part of the base package so it's wonderful that the author seen this need and created a splendid solution. This plugin is highly configurable (you can tweak parameters of rich embeds if you wish, not only pick between "big" or "small" embed which is a considerable asset for me) and makes using the community easier for lazier users. Let's be honest, most people won't "waste" time to make links they paste look more attractive - they just paste them and are done. With this installed instead of unsightly long link we get a nice snippet in the post. Since I've started using this plugin we had one problem that prevented links from being converted - the users started to PM me about that (so the feature is noticed and liked). The author reacted quickly and solved the issue promptly - that's a huge plus. To sum it up - money well spent, makes the community attractive, users like it.
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    Brainy S.

    (DP43) Events System

    This app allows you to specify which user group(s) [in which Forum(s)] can create an "Event" tied to a particular forum and allow a certain number of people to sign up (with just a single click) for that "Event". People who click to sign up receive an SMS text message through integration with the Twilio SMS-gateway service on the back-end. (Note: these events are not related to the IPS Calendar/event system) A user's phone number must be defined with a pre-existing custom profile field as a telephone number that does need to be pre-populated (i.e. it won't ask you for a number if your profile doesn't have one yet). You have to add the widget to your forum layout. The event can include something like a URL, password, or discount code for use elsewhere. The functionality is very basic at this point, but it definitely works as I describe it. To be clear, it does not do anything more advanced like let you send later (bulk or individual) SMS reminders, nor see who all who signed up for an event (though you can see phone numbers on the Twilio management console side of things). Lastly, it does not use the Twilio API to verify international number formats are in the required E.164 format, but for US/Canadian numbers it does work without difficulty [e.g. the profile field must have "15551234567" not "(555) 123-4567" as neither Twilio nor this App reformats or strips down the phone number]. It also does not support more advance features like accepting input (replies) from users sent an SMS. You can get a Twilio account phone number for $1/month, pre-paid ($20/minimum buy-in), and Twilio DOES let you control whether you want to automatically top-up or not, so that is really, really nice. It only costs a fraction of a penny for each message sent. Twilio also let's you search for words as phone numbers, so that's nice too. Although the functionality is very basic currently (sort of a "usable proof of concept"), it's a great inexpensive option for some minimal one-way SMS event-notification integration into IPS, without needing to write your own custom code (which is the norm for Twilio), plus I'm pretty impressed with Twilio itself as the back-end service provider. Hopefully, if there's enough interest the author will decide to enhance it further down the road! But, even as it is right now it's a great addition to IPS. As the screenshot shows, you get a text message in the form of: "Hello <IPS Username>, You've sign on on event in <Topic Name> at <Date/Time>. Address: . Event code: <the data in the field you define goes here> <IPS Username of event creator> Tested w/ IPS 4.4.4 running version 3.0.1 of this Events System app.
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    Very useful, thanks a lot! Simple but very good!
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    Christmas Update | Gradiented - best deal

    Theme looks beautiful, developer more than willing to help you with any issues you have. Great support!
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    403 - Forbideen

    (DP44) Custom Links

    Work fine. Only left to allow this on IP Downloads, tutorials etc... Another sugestion is don't crop the existent links example: https://ggames.com.br/topico/5454-como-habilitar-o-backup-automatico-do-registro-no-windows-10/
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    Very nice and decently upgraded translation. Also fast support is given and you can also exchange idea's when something might be translated differently. Translation errors (if you can find one) are fixed instantly. Carry on this great work! 👍
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    Silnei L Andrade

    Advanced Topic Feed

    This should be the default IPB feed. Congratulations on the APP
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    Christian Anderl

    Trophies and Medals

    Simply perfect application and great support 😉
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    Discord Chat Client

    It was extremely easy to set up and looks great on the site. After testing, everything works great! LOVE it!
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    Vianney Gantelmi

    (GT) Login as User

    Great plugin, thanks !! 🙂
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    Prevent Proxy Registration

    Works wonderfully, thank you!
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    I thought I'd take a dive on this plugin, and boy are my expectations blown away. This integration is going to be huge for my community's integration with our forum and discord. Im thankful that it was created and I can't wait to see the dividends it will pay in enhanced and improved forum activity in my community. Thanks.
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    Profile Meta Tags

    What a great catch! Thanks @Makoto 👍
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    Caffeine by ThemeTree

    Gorgeous theme, fast support! ThemeTree never fails to impress. 🙂
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    Fierce God

    (SD) Live Streams

    If i could give this a 1000 stars i would We have been looking for an advanced stream app for yrs, and have found one, and will be sticking with it. The support that this author and his company provides is beyond expectations, and is very patient with us OCD and picky customers, lol But in all we highly recommend this App, EVERY single one of their apps...... (Pssstttt........this app integrates awesome with their Game Key App) See how it works!) Oh by the way, they make Custom Advanced Apps - Try them out Looking forward to future updates and added features Keep up the awesome work @Spanner (4.4 and 4.4.1 compatible 100%)
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    Remove Group Name

    Hi Martin, after I went to 4.3.6, I found this and did what I wanted: set and forget. Now after upgrade to 4.4.0 it still works, but at the backend, when going to see the system logs(clicking to view a line), there is an error that the template should be updated. After disabling my plugins one by one, it was solved by disabling this plugin. When you have so time to look into it? The error was: [[Template core/admin/system/systemLogView is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] My template is stock Martin solved it in a few days. Great!
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    Time Travel Institute

    Sidebar Forums

    Thought this might let you set the category to display, but it shows EVERY forum visible to the user. This author makes good products, and I guess it's my fault for not understanding the feature wasn't there before purchasing, but asking about it in the support thread and offering to pay for development was met with a pretty rude response. Edit: I originally rated this 3 stars because of the author's rudeness. The author replied to this post after I made it, and told me to mark it as one star because I'm basically the idiot for not knowing. They've since edited their reply to lighten their tone.
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    Rich Discord Integration

    Awesome application, posting notifications from forum to Discord is great :)
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    Sound Board

    great add on to make your community feel more custom when you can match the notification sound with the boards central purpose
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    Age Bracket Requirement

    This is generally a good plugin, but it has some serious bugs when a user needs to accept the terms or privacy policy due to update and has not set a date of birth, they are locked out of the site users can still provide a "not telling" answer for the year, resulting in a lockout as they are unable to alter it to a year and it triggers the message "date of birth" privacy notice still appears on the edit profile field, even when the field is hidden to prevent alterations. if not set, one alteration should be permitted... the "Not Telling" option should be hidden in all areas for setting year. I will adjust my review when fixed Super fast support, fixed all of my problems within a day! Plugin works great!
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    I've been using this for a couple months now, works great
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    Paweł Mysłek

    Vulpes Dark

    Polecam 🙂
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    Group Name Indicator

    It doesn't work with version 4.3! Any update?
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    Sidebar discord server

    Does exactly what it's supposed to do, plug and play 🙂 Works hand in hand with the crankychips theme 👌
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    Copyright Notice On Copying

    A very cool idea and plugin! I'd like to be able to put a bit more into the copyright line, but on the other hand it may not fit well with wherever the material is going to be copied. Does exactly what it's supposed to do and very easy to configure.
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    Great overall add-on. Super easy to setup and work the way you want it to. Few things lacking - Responsiveness, would like to see fields availability based on values of other fields. For instance, if you have a "How did you hear about us" field, and they chose "Other".. Would be nice if a text area populated to fill in the other. - No way to filter out fields. Back to previous example, you cannot break down the responses into reports. "Number of submissions that heard of us from _____ source". - Lastly, when you create a topic from the submission that needs approval the approval doesn't fully update the form status. When you go into Applications to approve the application, it says that it has been approved already from the topic.. However, this doesn't actually work because the role assigned doesn't update. End result is you have to approve the application and the topic. Two step process. But meh, minor inconvenience.
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    Rob ter Linden

    🌌 Surface Dark

    Bought a few themes but this is the first theme I am going to use. Great slider!
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    InfoBox Buttons

    Pretty cool concept. It not only gives you quite a few buttons that you can use out of the box, but if you have some basic css knowledge it can inspire you to create your own buttons that will display some preformatted content in the editor based on your community. I didn't had an idea you could do that with IPS! So the mod is worth it not only for the premade buttons, but also for the revealing of the entire concept.
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    Christmas Lights

    Seriously cute and funny. Love it.
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    (NE) HTML5 Audio/Video Player

    Good and useful plugin. Support is very fast. Some details are missing to be more friendly and useful.
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Just uploaded on site today. Runs smooth and I am very happy with it. Thank you!
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    Trophies and Medals

    Fantastic app! Very easy to use and customize. The best choice to the complex one in this marketplace, making unecessary the use of other apps to issue awards to the members.
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    It would be nice to have visual notification of incoming chat messages, like a badge notification for example.
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    (SD) Mass PM

    Very useful tool , but if its possible to add an option for PMs to expire after x time, or an option to manualy remove all PMs that was sent, would be great!
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    The only thing this needs is a box on the side that shows who's in the chat! We've got complaints about IP.Chat being better because it had the list of people in the chat room. Unfortunately IP.Chat is no longer a thing. So for now this works great! If it had that feature, it would be 5 stars all day!!
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    Classifieds System

    Fantastic application. Looking forward to more improvements!
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    (SD) Mass PM

    Works as advertised - surprised something like this didn't come out sooner for IPS4 though. My only complaint, after a few hours usage, is that when you click "Save" on a message, it instantly sends it - I didn't realize this at first, and it sent to EVERY MEMBER ON MY SITE. I thought I would do the filters later! It would be preferable to be able to "Save" the messages prior to sending them, with a separate button to send it out, similar to how the core Bulk Mail function works. Otherwise great, no other complaints!
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    Babble: Real Time Chat

    Might have been good originally but generally no help from author, and node.js is horrible. Smarter to go with other paid one off options might not look the same but certainly more stable and with all the same functions that this has.
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    Show Signatures to Guests

    Didn't even notice signatures weren't shown to guests! Thanks for the plugin!
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    Group Name Indicator

    Works perfectly!
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