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    Christopher Lenga

    WordPress SSO

    Works without a problem. Low rating due to the outrageous price for such a simple script.
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    The Old Man

    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Great app, brilliant fast support! Highly recommended but you need to be careful to limit the refresh if on Shared Hosting, just like Shoutbox as all these types of apps hammer the server. Mine is now set to 2-3 min refresh as a result of server resources. Not a reflection on Chatbox though. Two issues I've noticed: When you edit a message as an admin, there is no obvious way to save the edited message, no button or anything, so not figured that out yet. I have to delete it and retype. Almost all of my members say the sound notification alert of a new message is intermittent and many don't hear it at all despite using a PC and having the audio option switched on. I've experienced the same on the developers site too. Difficult to replicate and so very hard to track down. Great app, highly recommended!
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    Who We Are

    I begged Jose to write this plugin, it took weeks to convince him. On my old 3.X board this was the most used plugin on my site, everybody started their day by using it to immediately see who had been on, who had replied to posts I was engaged in and what new posts were made, all in one place. The lack of this plugin was really the only thing stopping me from upgrading to 4.X. Jose finally agreed to do it for me, and it came out perfectly, he made it so there was no extra load time, no unnecessary hits on the database and more options than I could possibly want (I didn't need the vertical sidebar location, but he made it so it can gracefully degrade into the sidebar). Overall, it is a beautiful plugin that really engages my users, I am sure your users will be equally happy with it. Highly recommended.
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    Dreadnought Theme

    Taman is on fire !!! Another excellent well designed theme with excellent support as usual. Taman is coming into his own with ever release and update he is giving for his themes and his customers love it. A solid buy.
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    Ivo Pereira

    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    This app seems great! Would it be possible for you to add the possibility of adding the list of chat active users on the right (could be turned off)? If so, that would be awesome!
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    Excelente aporte! Yo empece a traducir tambien, tengo parte de la app de blog y downloads traducida. Gracias!
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    Square Wheels

    Links Directory

    Great add on!
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    Group Collaboration - FULL

    We were a Social Groups user in IPB 3.4.x. This app is a massive rework of the concept, is implemented in a more more stable fashion, and provides better control than Social Groups ever did. For our gaming community, we leverage Collaborations to give autonomy of board subsections to different community members who lead activities in different games. This gives us as administrators peace of mind -- users do not have ACP access, but still can create all the forum boards, pages, database entries that they want. They can further delegate that authority to people within their own collaborations, and can set a custom photo that helps build brand identity for their unique activities. The app does have a bit of a learning curve. You need to know that collab categories, set up in the ACP, determine the base permissions for collabs within them. There is also the ability to designate one or more created collabs as a "model," which will be cloned (partially or fully, merging with others if more than one collab is selected) when setting up new collabs within that category. Finally, there are moderator permissions to allow site Admins the ability to edit any collab without actually having to be an admin in that collab, which is just how we like our permission definitions (global admins should be able to do everything!) We are thrilled to use this application on our website, and look forward to launching the 4.x version very shortly. We've used Kevin's built-in support for migrating from Social Groups and it worked very well, with only a few minor permission changes required to match our old configuration. As others have mentioned, I've received excellent support from @Kevin Carwile, both on the support topic and via PM. He added one feature we desperately wanted to see, that of displaying collab forum boards on the main forum index as well as within the collab section. And he remains open to improving the application in other ways. I liked the application so much, I developed an add-on for it that displays per-collab badges on forum posts/replies. Check it out!
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    This feels better than the shoutbox from 3.4 Congratulation for the work of this chatbox.
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    The only thing this needs is a box on the side that shows who's in the chat! We've got complaints about IP.Chat being better because it had the list of people in the chat room. Unfortunately IP.Chat is no longer a thing. So for now this works great! If it had that feature, it would be 5 stars all day!!
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    (SD) Advanced Ads

    Hi, Just had to say I only bought this today but already see the huge potential to increase revenue by using it This is a must have plugin for anyone who uses the advert system.
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    Project Manager

    Very useful application - this allows me to organise my site, along with getting team members more involved in the dynamics of mission control. Task Management Simple, but effective. This will allow you to form various projects and assign people to manage or carry out the said task. Allowing for your site to focus on producing rich content in-house, rather than having to use e-mails, Facebook groups or DM's via Twitter. No matter what the task/project, this will enable you to run it smoothly. Bug Tracking Very good bug tracking system with inbuilt IPS support, along with just the common features you would require to track problems. Suggestions Effective way of making use of suggestions, so you can implement the best ideas. Very straight forward but it saves tones of time and if you are used to seeing people suggest ideas, this just keeps every nice tidy. -- Overall it's very early days, but the application is fantastic. It's well supported and for the price, I'd consider it a bargain! @Foster seems very focused on further improving the system, so be sure to get involved and if you are in need of any of the above - the application is for you. I would highly recommend it already.
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    Classifieds System

    Great application. I was waited 1.5 year for it. All features works great but if I could suggest... many of our forums are international. Ideallly in this such of conditions wold work the localisation system like here http://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/ Despite this I highly recommend this app.
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    Links Directory

    Working great, thank you
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    Global Header Message

    Just what I needed and works perfect. Thank you!
  16. 3 points


    Awesome app, just what I needed on my IPS4 site
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    Featured Content Pro

    @onlyME is the best of the best developers here. Really top star support service and great programming skills. onlyme goes beyond any expectations to make sure help is provided when needed. Lightning fast replies. This mod is super flexible, and fast. It will allow you to greatly expand what gets featured on your site. This is money very well spent, you will not be let down. I consider this a must have plugin and certainly one of the best in the marketplace. Great mod, Great developer... stop waiting. BUY THIS !! Thank you!!
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    Christmas Lights

    People on our site love this silly script. I took the time to add plugin features to make it easier to customize the most commonly requested things, and to make it easier to activate/deactivate vs. having to hand-edit the theme every holiday season. Season's Greetings!
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    Group Collaboration - FULL

    The first thing I want to compliment is the wonderful support that this app gets. Kevin responds quickly to any issue and if it is something important, gets a updated release out immediately. There has been a nice flow of updates and the app just works wonderful. I couldn't ask for anything more. We only have a few groups right now, but the members are liking that the groups add to the site and do not distract what is going on in the main forum. It is a great compliment to the system. I highly recommend this app and it is worth every penny.
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    Featured Content Pro

    @‌onlyME is not only a straight shooter but provides excellent support. As a customer that is the most important quality next to a sound product. Featured Content is a fun and powerful application. In addition to the drag-n-drop widget locations, with a provided code (per slider), you can place it virtually anywhere on your community suite. For the amount that you can achieve with the application + A class support, at $15.00, it's an amazing deal.
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    Great application with great support
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    Christmas Update | OnixGx Dark

    We just purchased this theme for our gaming community and we are really satisfied. Great & and fast support! Thank you, DOC! All the best, CsBlackDevil Team
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    Rahina User Info Panel

    Not sure why there are no reviews. Unless I'm missing something, this is an amazing little plugin. I love the way the forums look now. So much easier to read and if you want to know about someone, you expand the postbit. I'll report back if I see anything wrong, but for now, again, fantastic! Thanks for coding this.
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    Pages Images in Activity Feed

    Another elegant and dependable template by opentype. Crystal clear install instructions every time, and they actually help me understand a bit about how the templates work. In fact, I often buy his templates by just glancing at the description to see what their functions are. Why? Because I know when I buy his templates they work, and they work well. If they don't, it's basically because I forgot to configure something. My only minor gripe is with upgrades; when you're an opentype template fan you can sometimes spend a fair bit of time deleting templates and uploading plugins and then uploading template packages again (it took me a little while to clue in to the fact that you can delete an entire package by just clicking the Settings wheel lol)...but that's just what has to be done, and the end result on one's site is well worth the effort. They give the IPB suite that visual elegance the core install simply lacks. Always recommended!
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    Moderno 4.3 & by IPSMake

    Seems like this is not getting an update? What a shame. Money wasted. Not again a theme by IPSMake. EDIT they updated the seem, but is a lacking many features of other ones.
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    Michael R

    Sticky Contact Us Button

    Great idea! Thank you!
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    Email Address Confirmation

    From the feature request to the Marketplace product in just 24 hours. Nice!
  28. 2 points

    Christmas Lights

    Seriously cute and funny. Love it.
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    We are loving this application! Our organization is broken up into roles. This allows our members to apply for a specific role and to have the lead of the role view the submissions.
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    Dreadnought Theme

    Not only one of the best looking IPB themes I've ever seen, but Taman provides great support. Looking forward to using this theme in the future
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    Babble: Real Time Chat

    Might have been good originally but generally no help from author, and node.js is horrible. Smarter to go with other paid one off options might not look the same but certainly more stable and with all the same functions that this has.
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    Member Discouragement

    Good idea. Do you have any recommended settings to start with? Something just annoying enough? Not to obvious, but enough to drive somebody crazy? A day later (following some testing). This does exactly what it says. Excellent addition to the administrator's arsenal. One thing I would like would be the ability to escalate. Start small with abusive users and gradually increase. Or if there were 2-3 different settings with different parameters and apply different obstacles to different users. Either way, still a great tool!
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    Show Signatures to Guests

    Didn't even notice signatures weren't shown to guests! Thanks for the plugin!
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    Vegan Gaymer

    Member Lists Pro

    This works exactly as expected and is such a nice enhancement to my community! Thanks @fosters!!!
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    Lazy Load Videos

    excellent ! thanks ! I embed a lot of videos and it does speed up the page load times http://www.lockonfiles.com/
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    Alexander Scott

    Twitch Login Method

    I uploaded all the files correctly and nothing appears. Pls update. I'm on
  37. 2 points


    Really want to enable this on my site but the issue with a category not showing videos until you click on the sub-category is a show stopper for me. If a user clicks "Motorsport" they want to see all of the videos in that category not "There's nothing here yet". If you have a sub category inside a sub category, the top two levels are totally empty, with only the final sub category containing anything. Each category level should contain ALL the videos inside it. It's then up to the user if they want to filter the videos further by entering the sub sub sub categories. The only way to get around this is to have a huge category full of videos and then use tags. This is not really an option for me. Other than that, a really good app. Which is a shame.
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    Default Guest Language

    Does exactly what is says on the tin. I also think this should be an option available by default.
  39. 2 points

    Group Name Indicator

    Works perfectly!
  40. 2 points

    Who Was Online (Hours)

    Works great! I like how I can choose where it goes too!
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    Adam S

    Group Collaboration - FULL

    This app is what my community has been needing, it's a must have app. Support is great, only found 1 bug, once I contacted the developer about it, it was fixed shortly after Keep up the great work! Thank you!
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