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  1. I believe he meant countdown as daily / days / week download / bandwidth threshold exceeded cool down timer
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  2. batarjal

    ThreadStarter: Sports

    Version 1.0.3


    This plugin allows users to easily create topics about sport teams, events and players and fill them with content automatically. Features Users can add teams, events or players to topics. After attaching content, which can be done easily using a search with auto complete, the thread will show various information about it above the post. If available a list with upcoming events for a team or player will also be shown. If a topic for an event exists the event list will link to that topic. Content will be updated automatically. If results for an event are available the results will be shown in the topic for that event. Works for most sports and leagues: Soccer, Basebool, Football, Boxing, Formula 1 and many more. A whole list can be found at thesportsdb.com The topic will display logo, photos, description text, next and previous events and various other information about the player or team. Event topics will be updated automatically with results and additional content like youtube videos if available. Discussed content can be shown in adjustable widgets which allow random, recently posted, most discussed and much more... Posting content can be restricted to certain forums. Sports forums can show the posted content with the game logo above the topic list. Access rights to edit and post content. Posting content can also be allowed in clubs. API support to search, add and remove content programmatically. How to Install Go to ACP > applications and upload the downloaded tar file. ThreadStarter: Core has to be installed for the ThreadStarter plugin to work! It is recommended to enable 'Serve images from local server?' in the IPB settings to improve performance. Note: TheSportsDB is a online database run by volunteers. The data will very likely not be complete. You can support them via patreon at thesportsdb.com. Demo noexcept.de Other ThreadStarter plugins Other Plugins
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  3. Aethes


    Version 1.1.3


    Vuex is a new theme with a dark color scheme that can be used for any forums. Feel free to report any bugs and give feedback! There isn't a working demo for now. (but hey, it's free, so just download it and try it! 🙂 ) Main features: Customizable slider with images+captions Customizable footer items Quick side navigation on scroll Vuex is free and always will be.
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  4. Version 1.4.0


    Indisposable Features Completely block registrations using disposable e-mail addresses and prompt the user to use a real e-mail address Scan and identify which of your existing members are already using disposable e-mails Request (or force) existing members with disposable e-mails to update their account before gaining site access Allow members to register with disposable e-mails, but log them for review in the AdminCP Prevent members from changing their e-mail to a disposable one in the settings panel Block members from registering multiple accounts under the same e-mail address by abusing Gmail Aliases Log and view a list of the most frequently used disposable e-mail services on your community About Indisposable is an application that helps protect your community by blocking registrations that use disposable e-mail addresses. Why are disposable e-mails bad? Disposable e-mails are not inherently bad, but they should not be used for registering accounts on platforms such as IPS. Foremost, they present a significant security risk for your members. These e-mail accounts are publicly available to anyone and everyone with no password required. That means if someone registers for your community with a disposable e-mail address, anyone else who also uses that disposable e-mail service can see this and could completely take over that persons account. Second, disposable e-mails are commonly used for abusive purposes, as they make evading bans much easier. Instead of the user having to go through the lengthier sign-up process for a new e-mail account with GMail or so on, they can generate a new throwaway e-mail in seconds. How is this different from just manually banning disposable e-mail domains? Disposable e-mail services actively fight against people doing just this by registering cheap alias domains to tie to their service whenever one gets too much attention. On our test community with roughly 100,000 unique members, we have logged over 1,000 unique disposable e-mail domains. Trying to keep up and block these manually is not practical. That’s where Indisposable comes in. Indisposable uses Kickbox’s industry leading e-mail validation services to instantly identify and reject disposable e-mail addresses, requiring no additional work on your end. Privacy This application only validates e-mail domains. That means if a user registers with “john@example.com”, all we do is verify that “example.com” is a valid e-mail domain. Your members actual e-mail addresses are not collected or sent to any third-party, ever. Period.
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  5. Mark

    4.5: Commerce Trials

    One of the most popular requests we get for Commerce is for a free trial period for subscriptions. We've heard from many clients that wish to allow their members a free, or reduced cost trial period before auto-renewing the full price. I'm pleased to say that we've now added this functionality into Invision Community 4.5. Let us take a look at how it works. Initial Terms In 4.5 you can now specify an initial term that is different to the normal renewal term for any subscription plan or product. For example, you could make the initial term $0 for 1 week and the normal renewal term $10 per month which will allow you to create 1 week free trial. The initial term doesn't have to be $0, you can use any special price for the initial term you like. Subscription Plans showing Free Trials For developers creating their own applications with Commerce integration, this functionality is also available to you simply by passing a DateInterval object representing the initial term when creating the invoice. Collecting Payment Details for Free Trials Previously, if you were buying something that is free, the entire of the last step of the checkout would just be skipped and the invoice marked as paid. In 4.5, if: The user is purchasing something which has a free initial period, but also has a renewal term (i.e. is a free trial), and You have a payment method which can collect card details (Stripe, Braintree, etc) The user will be prompted to provide payment details that will not be charged until after the free trial. If the user already has a card on file they will not be prompted to provide the details again but will see a confirmation screen rather than the order just being marked paid immediately. Checkout Process for a Free Trial As you can see, allowing a free or reduced cost trial period has never been easier. We hope that you enjoy using this new feature of Invision Community 4.5.
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  6. There’s a plugin if you don’t want to wait.
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  7. Admin 1

    Videos Support

    I’ll do that .... thanks!! Pat
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  8. Hello, Nope, I mean the time that the user must wait, so that they can download again, in case we have configured a download limit per day. and a Countdown would be perfect, so that the user can know how long it is necessary to wait. Regards!
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  9. currently no, but i do plan to look into that
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  10. they should already be there, just go edit it. yeah that is how buggy the system is, they could appear there, but they aren't actually in the cache yet, so you changing it and saving is what refreshed the cache for 'em.
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  12. Eudemon


    i like your energy lol my plugin (not this one) is waiting for approval
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  13. Eudemon


    after thinking about it, it should have its own table, and use an unique id as foreign key that way we don't need to store same value over and over again this also helps to build a tag suggestion base on existing tags (similar to @ function ) I am about to wrap up a plugin, depending how many ppl interest i might work on it
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  14. kRSB

    Group Mention

    Hey @root88 You can easily change that with placing this CSS in your custom css: 1) To change the text color for all groups you can use: a[data-mentionid] span { color: white !important; } Where white is the color you want (by looking at your screenshot it's set to white 2) If you want to change it for only a specific group: a[data-mentionid='18'] span { color: white !important; } Where 18 is the group id Hope it helps!
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  15. Matt

    Add TikTok as Social Profile

    Yes. TikTok embedding is in 4.5.
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