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    4.5: Everything else

    We have announced a lot of new things coming soon with Invision Community 4.5. Most of these are pretty big new features worth a blog on their own. However, we've made a lot of smaller changes that may not deserve their own blog but still have a significant impact. Let's run through some of those. Performance Improvements For every major release, we take some time to run through the code and look at ways to make Invision Community run more efficiently. For Invision Community 4.5, we've made node forms, sitemaps and commonly run SQL queries more efficient, which is excellent news for you and your users who get reduced server load and a snappier community. TikTok Embed Although it confuses me greatly, TikTok has taken the internet by storm. We have added it to the embed list so pasting a TikTok share link automatically shows the video ready to play in the comment. A TikTok Upload Chunking Uploading large files can be tricky. Typically trying to push a large file to a server results in timeouts, memory issues and eventually frustration. We have added chunked uploading when using S3. Put simply; this uploads part of the file at a time to prevent memory issues and the server timing out waiting for the upload to finish. View Members by Rank Very recently, we were asked how you can view all members in the ACP of a specific rank. It turned out you couldn't. This quick change was added into Invision Community 4.5. Showing members with a specific rank in the AdminCP Download Statistics While Invision Community 4.5 has new and improved statistic displays, a common request was to be able to download the raw data. This is now possible. Export stats as a CSV Downloads In Invision Community 4.5, when you require approval of new versions of files submitted to Downloads, the original version will no longer be hidden from view. We've added a new flow for moderators to approve these new versions. Live Meta Tag Editor Invision Community 4.5 seemed like a great time to run through this feature and tweak the functionality to make it more useful. Now it's possible to remove default meta tags, and it's easier to remove custom tags. Closed Tag Autocomplete When using the closed tag system where a user can select from one of your preset tags, we have added a search box to make it easier to find a single tag from a list of potentially hundreds. EU Tax Support in Commerce Tax doesn't have to be taxing! But it generally is. Countries within the EU often have complex tax rates. Commerce now supports multiple tax rates for consumers, businesses and EU VAT-registered businesses. That concludes our mini round-up of all the things we've not talked about yet. Let me know which one you're looking forward to most!
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    We started talking about Invision Community 4.5 way back in November of last year. Now, less than six months later, it's ready for you to test. While we put the finishing touches to a few features, we have set up a preview site so you can test out the new features, leave your feedback and make a note of any bugs you spot. Head over now to the Invision Community Alpha test site. Please be aware that this test site is running in 'development mode' so it is automatically updated with the latest fixes throughout the day. This means it has to work extra hard on each click as there are no caches, pre-built languages or templates to use, so it will be a lot slower than a production version. So please don't worry about it being a touch slow, and definitely don't try and run Page Speed analysis tools on the alpha site! You can read about the headline features over in our product updates blog. Let us know what you think!
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    Yup, that's my favorite part. It would be really cool if it could also create a post in a forum of your choice to remind people. Maybe another post with the winner?
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    ThreadStarter: Music

    This will be fixed with the next update, I should be able to upload it in a couple of days.
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    Found another visual bug. Vote button and "who voted" does not fit in the box https://www.bmw2002faq.com/competition/entry/2-bmw-gathering-issaquah-wa-may-2019/
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    4.5: Commerce Trials

    One of the most popular requests we get for Commerce is for a free trial period for subscriptions. We've heard from many clients that wish to allow their members a free, or reduced cost trial period before auto-renewing the full price. I'm pleased to say that we've now added this functionality into Invision Community 4.5. Let us take a look at how it works. Initial Terms In 4.5 you can now specify an initial term that is different to the normal renewal term for any subscription plan or product. For example, you could make the initial term $0 for 1 week and the normal renewal term $10 per month which will allow you to create 1 week free trial. The initial term doesn't have to be $0, you can use any special price for the initial term you like. Subscription Plans showing Free Trials For developers creating their own applications with Commerce integration, this functionality is also available to you simply by passing a DateInterval object representing the initial term when creating the invoice. Collecting Payment Details for Free Trials Previously, if you were buying something that is free, the entire of the last step of the checkout would just be skipped and the invoice marked as paid. In 4.5, if: The user is purchasing something which has a free initial period, but also has a renewal term (i.e. is a free trial), and You have a payment method which can collect card details (Stripe, Braintree, etc) The user will be prompted to provide payment details that will not be charged until after the free trial. If the user already has a card on file they will not be prompted to provide the details again but will see a confirmation screen rather than the order just being marked paid immediately. Checkout Process for a Free Trial As you can see, allowing a free or reduced cost trial period has never been easier. We hope that you enjoy using this new feature of Invision Community 4.5.
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    4.5: Page Builder Widgets

    Invision Community introduced drag and drop widgets many years ago. These widgets allowed anyone to add blocks to existing views, and to build up entirely new pages. These widgets were great for quickly adding content to a page, but they weren't incredibly customizable. For Invision Community 4.5, we've added three new Page Builder widgets which allow you a little more control. For an overview of this new feature, please take a look at the video below. As you can see, these new widgets offer a lot of customization without the need to code any CSS or HTML. You can add background colours and images, adjust padding and borders and even add colour overlays right from the widget menu. The new Page Builder widget options Blandness be gone! Now you can let your creativity loose on your pages and all other views that have the drag and drop zones. I'd love to know what you think of this new feature; please let me know below!
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    Kirill N

    Prune/mass move topics

    This was a great feature in 3.x. I remember it was going to be added to 4.0 and it was in the Release Notes but I haven't heard anything about it in months. Is it still coming back?
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    Spam Prevention Suite - Supporttopic

    A new version was released Changehistory
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    Hello, No, you can't
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    Pages SuperDocs support topic

    @opentype You can be any kind of person and I'm not interested. But as a potential buyer, before buying this extension from you, I want to hear from you the answer to my question above. Will your Highness deign to lower his pride and answer us who walk the earth? In advance to you with gratitude for your answer and attention to us stupid and brainless users.
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    Site Wall

    Or simply Status via widget or profile page. 🙂 Combined with it give you what you want (and even more):
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    ACP is https://invisionalpha.com/admin/ Can we have a password and username to look in?
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    Happy the subscriptions are getting some tic 👏 Thank you ipb.
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    Radical Tags

    Just for those that come after – Makoto fixed the problem quickly. Thank you for the help! 🙂
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    Was expecting this since the Beta app expired the other day. Thanks guys!
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    Ignore / Block

    Yeah, I'm fully in agreement too. Especially with topics. We have had a number of instances where users have found other users so disagreeable that they have felt the need to completely block someone - rather than cause admins hassle. This is responsible of the user but at the present time they find that the ignore feature simply doesn't allow them to ignore the other person - which is what users are expecting will happen when they click to ignore the user's posts. They don't expect to see their topics coming up in the main forum view either. I can't see how it would be a bad addition - and to be fair I am really surprised that there isn't a hook in the marketplace because in my view it's a feature that is severely lacking from the forum software - and IPB's competitors allow users to ignore fully.
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    4.5: Private staff notes

    Managing a community as a team makes internal communication an essential part of its successful management. There are times where you want to leave notes for other staff on specific topics that you're watching. Perhaps a member is close to breaking the rules, or it might be that you want to keep the topic focused and on point so wish to split off-topic posts into a different area. Whatever the reason, Invision Community 4.5 adds the ability to leave private staff notes on topics. For some time, Invision Community has had the ability for staff to leave public notes. Now, in 4.5, staff can choose between public and private notes. This change was made based on customer feedback, so thank you! We do read and listen to all the feedback you leave. Who is looking forward to Invision Community 4.5? Let us know below!
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    4.5: Forum View Updates

    Invision Community has had different view modes for a good number of years. Forum grid view was added to create some visual interest when listing forums, and we've had expanded and condensed view modes in streams since they were introduced. We've taken both of these views a step further in Invision Community 4.5 Forum Grid View To create even more visual interest, the grid view now allows you to upload, or choose a stock image for the header. This instantly makes for a more dynamic and inviting forum list. The new grid view image headers You can choose an image from the Admin CP when creating or editing a forum. Choose a stock photo, or upload your own Topic List View For the topic list view, we have taken inspiration from our stream view options to introduce a new 'expanded' view mode, which displays a snippet of the first post. The new expanded topic list mode This immediately entices you to engage with the topic because you can read part of the post without having to click inside to see if it interests you. This is controlled via the Admin CP, where you can choose the default view, or turn off the new view completely. Other Changes You may notice a few other subtle changes in these screenshots. The first is that we now included the follower count as a metric on both the forum grid view and the topic expanded view modes. The number of followers is usually a good indicator of how others perceive the value of the content. A higher follower count generally means a more engaging topic or forum. You can also see that we've switched to a short number format to keep the displays clean. Instead of say, "2,483 posts", it will merely say "2.5k posts". Reducing visual clutter is always crucial to maintaining a clean user interface. We hope that you find these new view modes useful and that they make your community even more vibrant!
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    Version 2.0.1


    Simple plugin that show member stats from Chatbox FREE/Chatbox+ Plus application. Shows information about no entries added today Shows the total number of entries posted by all members Shows the total number of entries posted by a specific member Shows the total number of entries posted 'today' Top X shouters in a separate window, and 'mini' Top X shouters Online / offline member status The ability to set how many members to display in both tops The ability to set which groups can display statistics The ability to set which groups will be excluded in the stats The ability to set how much member must have posts to be able to post in the chatbox


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    Glad to hear. I use Cloudflare, what was the actual issue and fix?
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    That should not be the case, as we use the ID and not the name to look up the account. Please submit a ticket so we can take a look.
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    Profile Backgrounds

    Version 1.0.4


    Let your members set their own profile backgrounds with this easy to use plugin DEMO Features Let your members set profile background images Upload most image files including .gif Select what groups can use profile backgrounds PLEASE NOTE I created this after a few requests from members after the last one on the marketplace was broken and the dev was ignoring support, IPS have now removed the file and the members who wanted it have asked me to release my version, So here it is


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    Chatbox Extender

    Version 1.0.16


    This plugin extends (BIM) Chatbox by creating a new chat when a new topic/item or comment/review is posted. You can configure which user groups can use it and in which forums/categories/nodes. IPS 4.1.X => 1.0.11 Extra feature soon: add minimal post count to write in chat done (1.0.11) automated messages / Bot (based on content / author of last message) Automation Rules integration (very useful to send custom automated message) 2 template options (default, minimal), minimal is like for new registration on activity stream done (1.0.11) Clubs Integration done (1.0.12) Note: I am available to suggestions for improvements. Demo Requirements


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    (e) Eric

    (e34) Custom Name Style

    File Name: (e34) Custom Name Style File Submitter: (e) Eric File Submitted: 02 Jan 2012 File Category: User and Social Engagement Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x Custom name style appears styled throughout the board, thanks in large part to Terabyte's Group Format hook. This application is designed so that you don't need to have Group Format also installed. Additionally, this should not be used with (e32) Points Per Name Style ibEconomy plug-in, as they have the same functionality, just different means for editing name styles. This requires IPB 3.4+. For earlier versions (3.2.3+) please use version 1.0.0. Main Settings: On/Off Default to (TB) Group Format? Groups Allowed Public: Ability to customize own display name Bold/italic/background/text/outline/shadow ACP: View and Edit current styled names Add new styled name Use shadow instead of outline here to download this file
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    Download: Metin2 Modern [codegame.net]

    File Name: Metin2 Modern [codegame.net] File Submitter: Luκαzυκ
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