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    4.5: Commerce Trials

    One of the most popular requests we get for Commerce is for a free trial period for subscriptions. We've heard from many clients that wish to allow their members a free, or reduced cost trial period before auto-renewing the full price. I'm pleased to say that we've now added this functionality into Invision Community 4.5. Let us take a look at how it works. Initial Terms In 4.5 you can now specify an initial term that is different to the normal renewal term for any subscription plan or product. For example, you could make the initial term $0 for 1 week and the normal renewal term $10 per month which will allow you to create 1 week free trial. The initial term doesn't have to be $0, you can use any special price for the initial term you like. Subscription Plans showing Free Trials For developers creating their own applications with Commerce integration, this functionality is also available to you simply by passing a DateInterval object representing the initial term when creating the invoice. Collecting Payment Details for Free Trials Previously, if you were buying something that is free, the entire of the last step of the checkout would just be skipped and the invoice marked as paid. In 4.5, if: The user is purchasing something which has a free initial period, but also has a renewal term (i.e. is a free trial), and You have a payment method which can collect card details (Stripe, Braintree, etc) The user will be prompted to provide payment details that will not be charged until after the free trial. If the user already has a card on file they will not be prompted to provide the details again but will see a confirmation screen rather than the order just being marked paid immediately. Checkout Process for a Free Trial As you can see, allowing a free or reduced cost trial period has never been easier. We hope that you enjoy using this new feature of Invision Community 4.5.
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    Facebook - How Long Will It Live?

    I used to have hundreds of friends, mostly from school/work. I’m from the generation where you had to have a school .edu account to sign up. I gave up Facebook almost 3 years ago, last electionish timeframe, and haven’t looked back. There is one thing about having a healthy debate on differences. It’s an entirely different story when debates turn into defamation and overall nastiness. Nothing productive. When any of my family members start a sentence with “I read this on Facebook” I instantly tune them out. My mom sends me links to Facebook and/or general social media sites all the time. She doesn’t get the message when I reply to her text “UNSUBSCRIBE”. The only use I have for Facebook/Twitter are the enabling of social media logins.
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    Joel R

    (DP44) Custom Links

    Recommending to @crmarks
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    Facebook - How Long Will It Live?

    How long it will remain is an unknown - I suppose the answer would be for as long as people use it. Personally, I don't use it; I used to, but I got out way before the scandals of data mining and selling became public knowledge - whether I escaped the fallout I suppose I will never know. I believe that Facebook is responsible for the dumbing down of people, allowing them to believe that showing an image of their lunch was somehow an amazing and enlightening experience, both for the poster and those who gravitated to the image with a flurry of likes and positive comments; how low can you go before you need to get a shovel and start digging. It's probably also the reason why forums are really up against it because people's attention span and ability to engage in meaningful discussions has been diluted over a period of years that it may never be possible for them to 'up their game' and really engage with other people on an intelligible level. Social Media is anything but social - it's a den of iniquity for scammers, fake news distributors, radicalisation and many other qualities that would otherwise be relegated to the garbage bin. How long will it live? It already has lived far too long and the sooner the world is rid of it, the better.
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    4.5: Commerce Trials

    OMG, this is worth in gold. Can't wait for it to launch please. Thank you soooooo much guys. Hope it includes following suggestions too: Coupon code for subscriptions Discounts for subscriptions Changing annual/monthly with flick of button than displaying same subscription twice. Its neat, space saving and above all less confusing or paralyzing for buyers. Make checkout super short just to grab credit card first and then display all the fields on next page to expedite checkout.
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    Discord Login Handler

    Work in 4.4.10! Tnx!
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    Version 1.0.1


    Lightweight theme that allows your users to switch from light mode to dark mode in the blink of an eye! lightweight css easy updates compatible with all apps great looking theme for any site! Demo here http://dtweb.space/index.php


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    Andy Millne


    Version 1.2.1


    Do you want your members to engage with others and stay on your community longer? Connections introduces unique member discovery features. Highlight nearby members, mutual connections and those with similar interests. Communities with meaningful connections have unmatched longevity! Features Suggest new people for members to follow based on; Number of mutual connections. Friends of friends and friends of their friends. Reputation. Shared interests. Uses reactions to find users with the closest matches based on likes and dislikes. Geographic location. A single location to see your followers and members you are following. A summary of content from members you follow. Show the degrees of separation between your members on member profiles and hovercards. Show the distance between members. Supports both opt-in and opt-out member location. When opt-out is set, the user's approximate location is set based on their IP address. The user can override this with a location of their choosing. Locations are accurate to the nearest town/city. Supports both MapBox and Google Maps. Fully mobile compatible and also supports the upcoming Invision Community mobile app.


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    Andy Millne

    Connections (Support Topic)

    Do you see any errors in the browser console? Can you send me a PM with an admin login and a link to your site please and I’ll take a look.
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    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    I could use this too 🙂
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    Google AMP Support

    This is true Google keeps my lights on and my site running financially
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    Fast Lane!

    Google AMP Support

    While your competitors add AMP support and jump ahead of you in rankings, they will cheer your defiance all the way to page 2 or 3 of Google's search results.
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    Nice addition but if only they would go a little further to really enhance subscriptions. Just to again name a few...lol
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    Facebook - How Long Will It Live?

    If not FB then something else. I dislike the place, yet use it daily. That's the paradox. It demonstrates (to me at least) that what FB provides is both needed and wanted by many. If disliked by a large percentage of them. Long before FB the French had state run Minitel which served much the same purpose, save the histrionics and mis/disinformation. If FB disappears, and I suspect it will, something else will pop up. I suspect we will be moving more towards peer to peer networks with the introduction of 5G and beyond - so this whole notion of a big fat proprietary server joining everything together might well find itself out on a limb. But who really knows? And anybody claiming to, including Zuckerberg, are talking out of their portal 😏
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    Facebook - How Long Will It Live?

    Personally It can disappear now or preferable 2 weeks ago. The whole aspect of Facebook has changed drastically from its beginnings to present. I agree with @Aiwa where good old fashion debate has been flushed down the toilet defamation and overall nastiness. I to once had a large friends list.... Then I started really looking it over. My account slimmed down when I removed about 400 people I either never Knew Or just don't remember. The Crap that people will allow to spew from their keyboard is totally ridiculous and not worth the time reading. To be honest the only real reason I keep my account is when my son and daughter drop new photo's of the grand kids. Just a thought..... I could replace Facebook with a Grand Pad.... LOL
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    Facebook - How Long Will It Live?

    Same here. I get all the conspiracy theories and post screenshots in texts. from my own mother... I wish there was a close integration with facebook groups specifically though. Post in forum and groups simultaneously.
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    Facebook - How Long Will It Live?

    It'll evolve as most products do. It's still pulling in millions of active users, it has ties with Instagram and WhatsApp so I can't see it going anywhere for a long while.
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    Discord Login Handler

    Decided to try it on 4.4.10 and to my surprise it worked. Please keep upgrading this app for 4.5 if needed. At least until IPS 5.0 comes out 🙂
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    Custom Email Wrappers

    Email templates are basically HTML pages. So inline styling would be something like this <p style='color:blue;font-size:11px;'>some text goes here</p>
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    @Patrick Ewing what @SC36DC said mostly. But that's only if you use the promote. If you use the "share" feature its best to add an image in the first post (an uploaded not a linked image) as it will take the first uploaded image from the thread and use that in place of your sharer image in most instances.
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    4.5: Commerce Trials

    I've never used Subscriptions or needed to, but I'm happy this is being added in case I decide to. Thank you.
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    4.5: Commerce Trials

    Nice add-on!
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    Acme Theme - Support & Ideas Topic

    This is the support topic for Acme Theme. Ideas about the template are also welcome.
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    Acme Theme - Support & Ideas Topic

    👉1.0.22 New action icons in topics, update introduced at the customer's request @James101
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    Andy Millne

    Connections (Support Topic)

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I will be working on auto IP geolocation support and opt-in/opt-out settings this weekend.
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    Dark mode button for default theme

    Excellent Mod! I too have been waiting for something like this. I've installed it and it has been working fine, with one issue. Every time I switch to a different page, it seems to initially, for a split second switch to the light theme before the dark takes over. Do you think this could be a caching issue or something else? Edit: It is only an issue on desktop with both Chrome and Edge, works fine on mobile Safari and Chrome.
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    Daniel F

    4.5: Language System Updates

    There’s something in the pipeline for this.. 😉 I can’t promise that it will be interesting for everybody, but there were some huge improvements in the background which should make it easier.
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    Zapier is a service that allows you to connect over 2,000 web apps. In Invision Community 4.5 we are launching a beta service of Zapier integration for Invision Community in the Cloud. What does Zapier do? Zapier acts as a bridge between Invision Community and other apps, such as Google Docs, Twitter, Facebook, Slack, Trello, Facebook Ads, ActiveCampaign, Zendesk, Asana, Salesforce, Hubspot, Discord, Stripe and more. Zapier has over 2000 apps registered currently, and that number grows every single day. Let us look at a real life example. Right now, if you wanted to add a member to a Google Sheets document each time a new registration was completed, you'd need some fairly complex code to be written that was "triggered" by this registration event. This would take days to write at some cost. Zapier simplifies this by allowing you to connect Invision Community with Google Sheets without needing a single line of code. Zapier allows you to streamline your workflows in minutes. Zapier has two types of events, triggers and actions. Triggers When a certain thing happens on Invision Community, like a member registering or a topic being posted, a trigger can be sent to Zapier to then run actions in other apps. For example, you might create a zaps to... When a member registers, add their email to a Mailchimp list. When a moderator posts a topic in a news forum, share it on Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. When a member posts something that requires moderator approval, send a message to a Slack channel for your moderators. Invision Community Integration with Mailchimp through Zapier Actions You can also set up Zaps so that when something happens in an external application, it triggers an action in your Invision Community. For example, you might create a zaps to... When you add an event in a Google Calendar, create a Calendar Event on your community. When you receive an email to a feedback email address, create a topic on your community in a forum for moderators. When you create a task in Trello, add a record to a Pages Database on your community. Invision Community Integration with Google Calendar through Zapier Self-Integration In addition to using Zapier to integrate with third party services, you can also connect an Invision Community trigger to an Invision Community action. For example: when a member registers, create a topic in a welcome forum. Self-Integration through Zapier Frequently Asked Questions What integrations are available? In the beta launching with Invision Community 4.5, Zapier will be able receive a trigger when a member account or content (forum post, gallery image, etc.) is created and send actions to create the same. More triggers and actions will be added over time. Why is this only available to Community in the Cloud and not on-premise licenses? While we assess the needs during this beta period we are limiting it to Community in the Cloud only so that we can have more control over the communication happening between each community and Zapier. When will this integration be out of beta? Later this year. Will third party applications and plugins be able to create Zapier triggers and actions? Because the integration requires an app hosted with Zapier (which is written in Node.js) and this has to be submitted directly by the vendor, it will be difficult for third party applications and plugins to integrate with Zapier through Invision Community's integration. In the future we may be able to provide basic abstracted integrations for third party applications and plugins through an extension API. In the meantime, third party authors can of course write their own Zapier Apps if desired.
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Version 4.0.7


    This is very simple chat system with the basic features: Ajax chat, auto update. Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page. Sound notification. User can toggle on/off. Admins/Moderators can block users. Users can ignore some chatters they don't want to see. Load more messages when scrolling end (or top). Announcement (on Top or Tab). Supports emoticons, URL, Image URL (gif, png, jpg) *NEW* Supports GIPHY to finds GIFs and Stickers by using /giphy command (Eg: /giphy happy new year) *NEW* Supports Youtube, playing video in iframe and popup @mention by clicking on usernames. Flood control. Bad word filters. Time format. Display newer messages in top or bottom. Permissions for viewing, chatting & management. Edit/Delete messages. Download version 4 if you're using IPS 4.4.x


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    This updates can help Administrators to make its communities alive and protected from prohibited content: Allow Administrator to change the topicstarter. Options to ban members to change topic title and firts message separately. Setup permissions for members group that way, so the members of "one group" could see each other content, but other groups can't see "one group" content. Like parallel world in the same community. If Reply to this status... in All Activity feed, then updated status goes UP on the feed. Notifications about someone's replied to any Status Updates. Delete Digg and Delicious from Share on. Change for WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, Instagram. Add the setup option for it in the AdminCP. Word Filters for Status Updates replies. Word Filters for About Me in Profile. Display Pinned topics and Recommended posts in All Activity feed. If Added new word to filter, all the filtered content must be updated regarding Action to take. Built-in translator for messages in other languages. Quote Collapse.
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    Version 1.0.2


    Vuex is a new theme with a dark color scheme that can be used for any forums. N.b. this is still on beta, as I'm continuing to work on it, so feel free to report any bugs and give feedback! There isn't a working demo for now. (but hey, it's free, so just download it and try it! 🙂 ) Main features: Customizable slider with images+captions Customizable footer items Quick side navigation on scroll Vuex is free and always will be.


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    Acme Theme - Support & Ideas Topic

    ☄️ What's new in the template ☄️ 👉1.0.9 Update introduced at the customer's request @Priyesh The Discord option has been added to the social list.
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    Acme Theme - Support & Ideas Topic

    ☄️ What's new in the template ☄️ 👉1.0.8 Update introduced at the customer's request @Jimmy Gavekort The colors in elements related to commerce have been improved.
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    Acme Theme - Support & Ideas Topic

    ☄️ What's new in the template ☄️ 👉1.0.7 Update introduced at the customer's request @Petrica Added more columns in subforums (4 columns) The option to change the number of columns in the mobile version has been added.
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    Acme Theme - Support & Ideas Topic

    ☄️ What's new in the template ☄️ 👉1.0.6 Update introduced at the customer's request @Priyesh Added 4 options to choose the arrangement of elements on the head (Search engine on the left, Logo in the middle, User panel on the right). Added the option to disable social list in the header. Fixed a bug in the user panel. 👉1.0.5 The ability to change container width has been added. The ability to change Transition time has been added Fix white elements on Two Factor Authentication. The ability to enable gradient and glow in buttons has been added. The ability to change the background of the selected category forums has been added. New tab with calendar colors Sticky color change added
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    Fast Lane!

    Google AMP Support

    Google disagrees. And they provide $$ to keep the lights on for the Publishers that run the sites. That matters. A lot. Oh and they rank you better too with AMP.
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    Pages SuperDocs

    I really like this plugin/template set. I'd been struggling with what to do with a bunch of club policies and procedures and SuperDocs allowed me to put them together in a sensible and much more usable way.
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    Minimized Quote

    Works flawless. I always missed this coming from Xenforo. Makes your forums so much more tidy. Should be included by default with IPB. Maybe they can slip it in 4.2
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