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    4.5: ACP Dark Mode

    A short while ago we revealed the new look Admin CP for Invision Community 4.5. The focus was on increasing the workspace, brightening and modernising the look. However, for some this new look was perhaps a little too bright, especially when setting your OS to use dark mode. Rather than cause an increase in sales for sunglasses, we went ahead and implemented a dark mode for the Admin CP. You can set it to work inline with your OS preference, or you can choose to enforce light or dark mode. I'm sure the next question you're about to ask is "Hey Ehren that looks amazing and now working at 3 am won't wake up the neighbours when I log into the AdminCP but can you do the same for the front-end?" The short answer to that is "no". The theme system isn't currently designed to support both light and dark colour schemes, however our marketplace has a great selection of dark themes to enhance your community. I hope that you like this new feature and I just wanted to say thanks for your feedback; we do listen!
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    Just a reminder that we should review this topic in a year's time and let history judge us. China had a fairly low mortality rate once they got in front of it because of many reasons (welding people into their homes, removing people from homes who had a temperature, and so on) and the main one is they rapidly expanded their hospital capabilities so the 20% who need hospital support had it. Without those extra beds, the mortality rate would explode. The key thing is to slow the spread so people trickle into hospitals and do not pour in like an avalanche. If everyone gets the treatment they want, the mortality rate will end up around 0.19% (seasonal flu is 0.02% FTR). If everyone gets sick at the same time, just google "Spanish Flu 1918" to find out what will happen. The impact to people's mental health, and the economy is also important because there is a risk that millions will die from hunger, poverty and mental health issues. A balance is needed. But right now while this pandemic is ripping through the world and there is not a single cure or single proven medical intervention to help other than ventilate and cross your fingers the sensible thing is to slow its spread by reducing human contact. Once we get proven medical interventions (that don't risk heart attack) that drive down mortality rates we can start to lift restrictions because hospitals can cope with more. Finally, "mild" cases are common - about 80%. A friend currently has a "mild" case which won't require hospitalisation, and here's a rough description from them: 8 days in bed, too weak to lift my head. Coughing up so much my back is in constant pain. There are times I feel like I'm choking and can't breathe. I can't talk for more than a few minutes and I feel like I'm burning up from the inside. That's a mild case. He'll get better. But why on earth would you gamble with this? Do you want to risk dying alone next week after days of torture? No friends of family to hold your hand as you slip away? Just a nurse waiting for you to die so they can use the ventilator for the next person laying on a corridor floor coughing and trying to breathe? Your body carried in procession with thousands of others to a hidden cremation no one will attend? Stay home. That's all we're being asked to do. The economy recovery will have to wait a few more weeks or months.
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    Mr 13

    4.5: ACP Dark Mode

    What a strange excuse. It's the problem of the users of these third-party themes. Why we're who use the official theme should suffer because of them?
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    As I mentioned earlier in the topic, I think it's a struggle for some to get the big picture of this. Setting aside the "death rate" for a moment - the larger concern is the capacity of the healthcare system. The only reason the death toll isn't higher is because there's thousands and thousands of people currently being saved by ventilators. If we do not continue to try and get ahead of this, we will run out of capacity. You needn't have a medical degree nor be an epidemiologist to know that if ventilators and beds are saving lives and we run out of same, we will be unable to save those that could otherwise be (and are currently being) saved. Also consider the capacity for non-covid patients. Hospitals existed for things other than intubating covid patients before this and those issues have not suddenly gone away. As new information comes out (such as the potential benefits of combination drug therapy) - the long-term future is very bright, from a health perspective anyway. In the interim, we still very much need to take it seriously and follow instructions. Again, not because the virus is going to wipe out earth, but because we cannot sustain the number of new cases still on a strong upward trend. I still remain baffled why there's STILL a segment of society (albeit a minority) that just can't get their heads around it. Somewhere between "retreat to my bomb shelter with 3,000 rolls of Charmin" and "pfft. media hype. I'll do what I want" would be ideal. Nonetheless, there's a growing number of people who are trying to look forward and come up with creative solutions to the economic fallout and that is encouraging. As an aside, when I said leave politics out of this, I meant leave partisan politics out of it. This isn't the place to discuss politicians or their respective parties. Be safe.
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    I am going to say this with all the respect in the world to you, but if you are not seeing the issue here in the US, (it's just starting to get ugly, and will only worsen in the next days, weeks and months), then you must have your head buried in the sand. If you really think that it will be over with a normal flu season, then you are clearly not following the situation going on. This isn't the flu in this case, it won't come to a magical halt, and it won't be over anytime soon. We are preparing for what will be a mass overrun of our care system, for example in California, every business that is not an essential business is shut down, all state parks, all local parks, all govt offices and functions that are not critical are all closed. Streets are pretty much empty, and it's going to be like this for a while. While your area may have it's head in the sand on this one, or you do, I'm not sure which, I would highly recommend you take a look outside your box or windows to see the gravity of this situation.
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    I have a friend who works in the medical field and deals with this first-hand and is likely going to be drafted into the covid ward in the UK. She actually sees and deals with all of this first-hand on a daily basis and seeing the amount of stress and anxiety she's under from it really hurts me, and then she has to come home to see people treating this like it's some kind of big joke. Some of the apathy and carelessness people have here in particular is rather infuriating. You people don't know better than all the world's government's and health organizations combined. Get your egos in check and take this seriously. Thank you @Lindy, in particular, for being a strong voice of reason here. I have lots of respect for you. Hope you all at IPS stay well and healthy.
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    Paul E.

    IPS Rules Application

    Perhaps it's time to open source the code and throw it up on Github for others to help maintain going forward?
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    Boy how convenient for you Midnight. The way you word it, no matter what happens, you'll always be right!
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    4.5: ACP Dark Mode

    Surely shipping with two themes is better not just 'no' in the meantime, otherwise customers are waiting literally years for something that shouldn't take as long. I know staff aren't keen on it though so that's probably more the reason why. On a forum which uses XF they do this and I think it works great. RTG Sunderland Message Boards.mp4
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    @Hugo_S4 I would suggest that you contact @ASTRAPI, he's the server expert.
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    Interesting topic and one which I have going on in a few of my forums as well. Its a rough time all over the world, and one thing for sure is that it spreads fast. I live about 60 miles north of New York City and about 45 miles from New Rochelle, NY (where the doctor was said to have been the first in that area to get it in Westchester). It has spread massively since then and continues to do so daily. Its also important to note that the more you test, the more the numbers will continue to go up. My young kids have Chromebooks and google classroom, home schooled for now. My work has forced us to stay home and cancel all travel. Luckily we stocked up and have been sitting at home for the last week or so. I made a couple of trips to the stores but that's about it. We are doing our part to practice social distancing. Chances are, someone in my neighborhood will get it soon, at this rate. We'll be sitting at home for at least 2 more weeks as I see it, maybe more. Today New York is starting trials with chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, so in the coming weeks we should hear about results. If results are good, things will start to calm down. In my view the issue is that its very contagious, there is no "official" treatment, and medical is under-equipped to handle the surge. I will also add that there are a lot of online comments about people getting sick back in November and December with high fevers and "flu-like" symptoms, which have baffled some doctors. Both my young daughters were sick in December and January and both ended up with pneumonia with my youngest at the ER because her fever would not go down. I would not be surprised if COVID-19 was in the US prior to what has been reported. No-one was testing for it or really knew about it. My wife and I had some flu-like symptoms after that with low grade fevers, but got over it. On that note, I bought a bunch of tonic water (has diluted quinine) and will "self medicate" with some gin!
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    Adriano Faria

    4.5: ACP Dark Mode

    Totally agree. Although I'm a 3rd-party provider, I really don't like and don't use 3rd-party themes.
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    In the end, I think nothing is going to convince some people here. They're too short-sighted and have too big of an ego to understand the complexity of the matter at hand. No matter how much we tell them the reason there's been a drastic decrease in the number of new cases in places like China is because of the extreme measures they have taken, they'll continue to think they're right and that the virus is no big deal. Once this is all over, they're going to look back and convince themselves that they were right and that literally all major governments and health organizations were the ones who were wrong to "overreact," because that's just how some people are. The only good news is that they are mostly a minority and their opinions don't really matter at this point. Everyone else is taking this seriously, as they should.
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    Well, therein lies the problem with your posts. You are referring to the CDC, which is an accurate US source. You are then cherry picking and distorting the data and misrepresenting what it means, contradicting every major health authority and alluding to conspiracies and fake news and people being mis-informed for expressing concern over the exponential growth curves being seen internationally. There are three people in this thread from what I can tell who are doing their best to make this seem like it's not a big deal and placing the blame on media hysteria and some nebulous conspiracy. You are one of them. This is dangerous behavior, because it encourages people to not take this seriously. Doing so will result in more deaths. It's possible to flatten the curve and save lives. Doing so is imperative. As Rhett said, if you can honestly and in good faith observe what is going on globally and look to the CDC stats as evidence that this is overblown and media hysteria, you simply do not understand what the numbers mean or how to interpret them. Full stop.
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    When you say things like this, it’s very hard to not be antagonistic with you. This thread is literally full of sources providing you this information. You are choosing to remain willfully ignorant by not reading it.
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    You realize that the Olympics is the culmination of a huge amount of training and lead up events, right? Nations just don’t roll into the Olympics with a team of people being like “sweet, seems like we’ll give this a go”. Having the Olympics this summer means athletes would need to be in full training right now, exposing themselves and their coaches to this illness as in a significant number of cases you can’t train alone with sufficient social distancing. For the most part, this is now impossible, as is having athletes ready to go for the Olympics this summer. No one in authority is “assuming” how bad it will be and shaming people to practice social distancing and isolation and self quarantine. These are the recommendations of expert scientists who can model what happens if we don’t. Hint: lots of people die, unnecessarily. As for the messaging, there’s a lot of dense people out there who still aren’t taking this seriously. I support any and all efforts to try to be specific with people on what they are permitted to do, otherwise you’ve got these idiots who still think “I’m young, this doesn’t effect me, this is a hoax, this is a conspiracy, this is stupid, overreaction, F old people they will die anyway”.
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    Currently only the following values are outputted through the RSS feed: "title" "description" "link" "date" I think "author" should be added to that information. That way, for example if you're using RSS to output to Facebook or Discord or Twitter, and you're customizing the outgoing feed, you can include the author of the post. It looks a little weird when you just see some random post and have no idea who it's from, just appears to be from the site itself.
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    Dark Theme

    Version 1.0.1


    I'm not a theme designer, just a customer that created a dark theme for my own site and was never intended to be released to the public, but due to interest within the community I have uploaded this theme on to the marketplace....for free. The theme contains zero template edits, only CSS changes which can be found in the custom.css file. Fully compatible with all IPS apps!


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    edit: not getting sucked in other than to say that post is ironic, a faulty comparison, and another attempt to get political, which mine wasn't...
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    That check is the one thing I go against my normal views on because I have spent too much on fantasy games. lol. And check out this awesome luck.... on one team I already drafted I took the guy who is now out for the season due to needing tommy john surgery, so basically threw a lot of money away on that one.
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    This is the scenario that I have been fearing: As the death toll continues to rise in the UK the idiots are running wild: People still grouping together - many of them stating "I'm not sick, why should I stay at home" Pubs, which had to close last Friday evening until further notice find that Landlords have been holding prohibition-style lock-ins despite the ban Hospitals overrun and reaching critical mass and some staff even refusing to work with Covid-19 verified patients Some businesses refusing to close and even ramping up prices by ridiculous amounts - people will remember once this is over (whenever that may be) In the UK the death toll hit 422 today, with 8,077 people infected. The youngest victim being just 18 years old. It's time people were 'made' to behave responsibly and show some consideration for others.
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    KT Walrus

    4.5: ACP Dark Mode

    Simply allow us as admins to set an attribute on each installed theme that designates the modes the theme supports, either light, dark, or both. Next, have the ACP Themes section support setting a default theme for light mode users and a default theme for dark mode users. Admins can then choose a third party theme for users in dark mode and the default IPS theme for users in light mode. IPS could even provide a separate dark default theme to be used by those of us that don't use third party themes. Finally, when a theme is loaded, it should be very simple to have a JS check for current mode and load the appropriate theme (as set in the theme attributes - light/dark/both). I think this would be pretty easy to implement and not put any burden for third party themes since the dark mode theme would be a separate theme from the light mode theme. No big changes required to the existing IPS theming system either.
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    4.5: ACP Dark Mode

    🤣 Amazing !!!
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    Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    1) yes 2) I think that you CAN replace existing trophies ( or maybe only medals, I’m not quite sure at the moment, military duty, I’m visiting the community with my smartphone, if it’s only for medals I’ll make sure that it’s implemented for trophies too in the next release ) 3) no, that’s not possible yet, but it’s implemented for the next release. 4) that’s out of my Control but with the new upcoming criteria and expression features in the next major release you’ll be able to do literally anything with this app
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    I agree, but one thing about some countries, maybe Italy and Spain, is that they have a higher antibiotic resistence in their population than we have in other countries. It might be the mix of Korona, and antibiotic resistence that makes it difficult to treat pasients in some countries. It is troubling times for everybody. Into second week with school at home for my kids, and strangely enough it is become routine and they are used to it and self diciplined on their Ipads. Nobody has the virus here in this area yet, and a lot of people have been tested without any virus, so that is good so far.
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    I don't think anybody here is claiming to be able to see the future. But they can see the present, and given what we see happening now in Italy, and might see in Spain and the UK, there is no precautionary measure that would be considered to be over the top. Yes, it may prove that in some cases certain sections of society overreacted, but hindsight is a fine thing. And I think we'd all love to be in the position whereby we can say we did too much, rather than lamenting the lack of precautionary measures that led to the unnecessary deaths of thousands.
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    Many thanks @GTAPoliceMods, It does what I need. 😉
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    I have used this for over 6 months so I may be able to help you with the first two questions, third question I am not too sure (not tested to that extent) 1- Yes it applies to existing users (have tested) 2- No it is not auto removed. However, when you create a trophy (for example let's say you make one for the 100 messages), while creating that new trophy there is an option to select a different trophy to remove (in this case the 50 topic trophy). So yes, it can be auto removed as long as you set it up correctly. Picture: http://prntscr.com/rlq5ol P.S: I have also tried looking into automation rules myself too. It appears to me that the dev may be inactive? No response in days. I am sure Fosters will be able to explain more when he has time. Just thought I'd help you out :)
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    Well, it's happened; last night our PM addressed the nation in the UK in a Televised broadcast and this is an outline of what he said: You can watch it here if you can: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52012432 This virus must be stopped in its tracks for everyone's sake - the world is grinding to a halt and people everywhere are dying from this disease. Not even the young are immune to it and as one young fit and healthy woman who contracted the disease put it "It was like having the devil inside of me". For some, that devil kills them. People need to wake up to the fact that Governments across the globe do not shut their countries down for something trivial, as some people believe this to be. The cost for ignoring how dangerous this disease actually is will be more than money, more than not being able to gather together, more than your job - this thing, if it mutates and becomes fully airborne, could decimate the planet.
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    Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    It would be good to see parsing usernames on the sidebr in the next version.
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    Alright @DesignzShop, I did my best. You aren't going to be convinced and prefer to live in an alternate reality from the rest of us, so I'll leave this alone. I hope you and your family good health and safety. I hope your dismissive and arrogant nature doesn't cause harm to anyone else.
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    Fix padding-left in Google Auth Windows

    Thank you. I have open a ticket.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This resource will add a Frequently Asked Questions feature to the Downloads files, thus help to reduce support requests. File submitter and moderators (with proper permission) can manage questions & answers. Settings: Questions per page in file view Categories where this feature will work Requeriment: Downloads app.


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    File Frequently Asked Questions

    This is a must need for any community that uses the IPB downloads system. Trust me when I say that this will help your file submitters from getting slammed with repetitive questions. It will even help members not ask questions in the reviews/comments section as much too. I am surprised that IPB does not have this built into the core haha. Once again another great application from Adriano 👍 5/5
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    My wife put me in my ‘man cave’ for 4 days. A 13x15 room has been my life, talk about cabin fever... I’ve got 3 high risk people in my house, so until I got a diagnosis from a teledoc they were freaked out a bit. Was a 5-6 hour wait to see a doc, which is a bit telling about the strain on our medical system. We homeschool our kids, so the only cabin fever we have is that we can’t take them to the park or on field trips. Boy Scouts cancelled, so my son isn’t getting in the good citizenship part of his schooling. Heritage girls is also cancelled, so my daughter is in same boat. That’s the primary impact on our lives... We have a small group of friends, 3 families, that we get together with most weekends. They are our social distancing circle of friends.
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    I can't say I have ever been happy someone has the Flu, but in this case I'm very happy to hear this, get well! that's great news!
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    Some people thought eating Tide Pods was cool too... The social spreading of nonsense is insane. That said, the ice bucket challenge was good, it was for a good cause. On a positive note, I only have the flu. The timing is pretty terrible. My co workers were going nuts, scared for their families. Can’t really blame them.
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    Midnight Modding

    Pickems X

    yeah if there's anything like it, though, I guarantee it costs and is expensive. I was going to make a fantasy sports app and I saw you have to pay very high costs per month to get an automatic feed of stats. I may make a fantasy app for myself, though, and just waste time manually updating stats each day… which would be a pain. I originally thought about at least putting in some automatic teams in the database, like someone could get a pack that is all nfl teams, it adds them all for you, etc... but then I got to thinking who knows if someone can legally distribute even their names. I know me including logos would be disallowed. Btw, for the ncaa tournament part I came up with some ways to speed up adding it, at least. In my 3.x apps it took an hour to add a year's ncaa tournament because of so many teams involved, but I bet my new way will take a lot less. For ncaa football, it would be ncie if I could release something that automatically adds a lot of games, although I'm sure most sites don't pick EEVRY game of the season, though.
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    Pickems X

    Sounds like good ideas to me. It would be awesome if there was some kind of API out there that would let you auto populate all games based on a certain criteria like certain conferences or teams and take care of adding the scores in at the end of the games. That could incorporate with this addon.
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    Has the Coronavirus effected your life?

    👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to do this post. I just couldn’t bring myself to combat the insanity being displayed by these people in this thread.
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    Chrome's Native Lazy Loading now live

    I've brought this up internally for further consideration in a future release now that support is starting to gain more traction. 🙂
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    Version 2019-08-23 - 4.4


    Traducción al Español de España para IPS Community Suite 4.4 Aplicaciones traducidas: ACP (No es una prioridad, aunque se va traduciendo) System Forums Calendar Clubs Para que al importar la traducción la cree con el nombre personalizado, puedes cambiar el nombre al archivo por uno de estos: Español (España).xml Spanish (Spain).xml Demo: Para ver lo que está traducido y como es la traducción. Se puede visitar el siguiente enlace Extras: algunas de las versiones de la traducción puede contener la traducción para algunos complementos y/o aplicaciones que tengo instalados en mi comunidad. P.D: ninguna de las aplicaciones tiene una traducción completa, se irá actualizando con una frecuencia mensual (aproximadamente). Historial de versiones: se conservarán las versiones antiguas (la última lanzada) como legado. Las versiones antiguas no avanzaran, ni se corregiran errores. English =================================================================================================== Translation to Spanish of Spain for IPS Community Suite 4.4 Applications ACP (It is not a priority, although it is translated) System Forums Calendar Clubs Suggestions to name the file: Español (España).xml Spanish (Spain).xml Demo: link for example Extras: some of the translation versions may contain the translation for some add-ons and/or applications that I have installed in my community. P.D: none of the applications has a full translation will be updated each month (approximately). Version history: old (last released) versions will be retained as legacies. Older versions will not advance, nor will errors be corrected.


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    Version 2.3.2


    Version 1.x and up Plugin which allows administrators to control the display of topic replies to guest viewers, showing a custom editable message to guests. Guests must register & sign-in to be able to view the replies. Can be set on all or specific forums. Topic exceptions can be made using a comma-separated listing of the topic IDs which will not be affected. Version 2.0 and up Ability to hide content in the first post in a topic, and not just replies to that topic. Ability to exclude topics from being affected by the plugin. Ability to exclude search engines from being treated as guests Tom Iron's 'Cloak' functionality has been incorporated, now allow hiding of the following: All content Links (including/excluding mentions) Linked images (including/excluding emoticons) Attachments Code Quotes Spoilers Each of the above will have their own replacement message displayed. Allows the ability to merge multiple instances of the same replacement message, thus only displaying one replacement message in the event that someone has multiple items in the content. The 'Cloak' functionality now uses DOM instead of Regex to locate items in the content, and is thus more reliable. Version 2.1 and up modified the 'Apply to forum(s)' setting functionality original behaviour: admin chose which forums would be affected by the plugin ('All forums' or select forums from list - therefore inclusive) new behaviour: An include or exclude option is now available. 'Include' is the default, and behaves as above. 'Exclude', when choosing, will allow an admin to select which forums won't be affected by the plugin. this feature will be useful to those who have a large number of forums and want to apply the plugin to a large percentage of those forums. Example: 100 forums total, but apply plugin to 97 of those. So instead of selecting the 97 forums to include, it's easier/quicker to just select the 3 forums to exclude. added ability to hide content from member groups, instead of just guests. Please review your replacement content to ensure that it is relevant to this new functionality. For example - the default value for this used to indicate "You must be signed in.....", which will no longer be correct if you use the member group functionality. fixed issue with non-image attachments not being affected by the 'Hide attachments' functionality. name change to '(NE) Hide post content'


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    Nexus and Dynamic Legacy

    For those of you who have been with IPS for some time you may have been aware of a previous announcement regarding the development of two separate products called Nexus and Dynamic. Nexus was to be an ecommerce billing system and Dynamic was to be a content management system. As we developed these products the Internet market had changed quite a bit so we have made the decision to totally discontinue Nexus and Dynamic production as they were. We know many of you were looking forward to either Nexus or Dynamic as they were first intended and we apologize if this disrupts your plans. Instead we have decided to create a new product that combines the previous goals of ecommerce and content management along with a host of features including customer management, support, business organization, and a modular structure in which features are only limited by our imagination. Since everyone at IPS loved the term "Nexus" to describe this system we decided to recycle that name and so IP.Nexus was born. IP.Nexus is a complete business management suite which includes many of the previously stated goals along with so many more. We look forward to releasing this new product line. It is worth noting that this time around the new product is nearly complete rather than an idea in development. Expect a lot more information including the first public betas in the coming weeks! Watch our announcements forum and this blog for more information.
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    The more videos i have seen, the more interested i get in this product. Nice work there Rikki.
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    Corona leaders before 1 hour
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    Default dark theme

    I believe IPS has stated before that they won't maintain two themes (a light and a dark) but just in case you're looking for a base theme to do a default dark thing with:
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