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    4.5: Marking as solved

    Invision Community has had a question and answer mode for a good few years now. This mode transforms a forum into a formalized way to handle your member's questions. Members can upvote answers, and the topic starter and your community management team can mark a reply as the "best answer". This is great when you want to add rigour to specific forums which encourage your members to find solutions. The existing "QA" mode But how about a way to mark a topic as solved without transforming the look and feel of the forum? We get asked this a lot. Happily, it's now a feature just added to Invision Community 4.5! Those with a long memory will recall we had something very similar way back in Invision Community 3. The new "mark as solved" feature This new feature allows the topic starter or your community management team to mark a post as the solution. This highlights the post within the topic as well as adding an icon to the listing views. The green tick notes that the topic has a solution In addition, it also increases the member's solved count, which is displayed under their name in the post and even in a draggable widget that shows members with the most solutions. We have also added a new filter to the existing post and topic feed widgets to allow only items with a solution to be shown, so you can create a "Recently solved" feed. The new widget Finally, a notification is sent to the author of the post that is selected as the best answer, so they're made aware that their helpful content has been spotted. Let your members know their content was useful We hope you enjoy these changes and look forward to allowing your community to find answers quickly, and to reward the members that provide them.
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    The news is currently filled with anxiety over coronavirus and workers are being encouraged to work from home where possible to limit or delay its spread. For many people used to commuting daily and working in shared offices, this is a huge upheaval which will take a while to adjust. How do you stay motivated and productive when you're not at your desk and held accountable by your colleagues next to you? Remote working has become popular over the last few years. The internet has transformed how we work, and improvements to connection speeds, authentication systems and cloud architecture make working home a viable alternative for many office workers. Working from home certainly doesn't suffer the same stigma it did years ago when it was synonymous with sleeping in late, daytime TV binges and excessive time in pyjamas. A good number of years ago, I was getting my hair cut. It was about 11 am on a weekday, and we had the usual small talk as she attempted to tame my unruly mop. The question I was waiting for dropped a moment later "so, is this your day off?" My reply was that I work from home so have some flexibility in my day. Usually, this gets a nod, and we move onto the weather. I'd not met this hairdresser before. She processed my reply, stopped snipping and locked eyes with me via the mirror. "Do you really work from home, or is that you don't have a job?" Fears over reduced productivity from remote workers have proved to be unfounded. A large-scale experiment was conducted with 16,000 employees of a Chinese call centre. Workers were randomly assigned to either work from home or at the office for nine months. The home workers enjoyed a 13% performance increase due to fewer breaks and sick days. At Invision Community we not only make a product designed to bring people together online, but a good number of us also work remotely. Our HQ is in Virginia, USA but we have team members in the UK, Europe and Australia. Remote working allows us to hire the best people we can find, and not just those who are within a few miles of our HQ. I spoke with our team to get their tips and strategies for working from home and still getting work done. Rikki, lead UI designer Get out of the house every day It's easy to fall into the trap of being a hermit for days on end. Particularly in the summer, I like to take a walk to get lunch every single day. It gives me a chance to get some fresh air, a little exercise and most importantly get away from my office properly (instead of just being in the next room, which doesn't feel like it's really taking a break). Don't take your work home downstairs with you Another easy trap to fall into is working every waking hour because you're always 'at work'. Set fixed work start/end times and stick to them. Leave your office at the end of the day and consider the work finished. If you do need to hop back to work later because something cropped up, go back to your desk to put yourself in work mode - don't be tempted to start working from the sofa. Olivia, Customer Success Manager Organize your workspace You may not be lucky enough to be able to repurpose a dedicated room in the house, but that doesn't mean you can't find a good spot to work from. Choose a place that is free of clutter and well lit. Organize your work I'm a big fan of to-do lists. Keeping my lists organized helps me stay on track and prevents me from drifting too far from what's important. I like the "To Do versus To Get Done concept." Organize yourself Plan in breaks away from your screen. There's always one more email to write, but setting times to take a break is vital to keeping your energy and focus. Working from home means that you cannot rely on others to remind you! Check-in often with teammates At Invision Community, we use Slack to keep in touch and recreate the 'water cooler' moments where we discuss our favourite TV shows, movies and more. Reframe "my office is always open" to "I'm always available for a call". Remind your colleagues often that they can start a voice call if they need to talk. Stuart, developer and migration specialist Minimize human distractions When you're working from home, it's easy to get distracted, especially by other people! Remind your family and friends that during your work hours you're working. As much as you'd love to spend the day drinking tea (or beverage of your choice) and chatting, you do have a job. Stuart's work area How we do it There's no doubt that we're fortunate to have a team that is self-motivated and responsible. Remote working can allow individuals to drift, and productivity suffers. We use a combination of software platforms and a few simple strategies to keep us all informed, organized and feeling part of a greater team. We use Slack to not only onboard new clients, but also to organize product development, feedback and support. These channels are well used, but without a doubt, our 'general' channel is used the most. This is where we hang out socially and chat during our breaks. It's easy to see this as unproductive or distracting, but I feel that it helps build us as a team and helps forge relationships with each other. We use a private Invision Community as an intranet hub which does the heavy lifting for organizing releases. It also acts as a repository for feedback, new feature ideas and development discussions. We encourage breakout groups to voice call to resolve hot topics and pressing issues. It's amazing what you can get done in a few minutes by voice. We hold a stand up voice meeting weekly where we organize the week, discuss anything pressing and run through development tasks. This call is developer-focused, but it's held company-wide, so it is inclusive. We try and avoid human information silos where possible. Daniel's workstation Above all, just keep talking It's just as important to share your personality as it is your work. Make sure you check in on quiet colleagues to make sure they're OK. Not everyone is super-chatty, and some prefer to switch off and focus. However, it's easy to feel a real sense of loneliness and isolation if you don't have a partner or family living with you. It's essential to put effort into maintaining relationships online. Working remotely means less interaction with your colleagues, and it's easy for multifaceted personalities to become a flattened disembodied persona online. Without the office 'vibe' and body language cues we often take for granted, it's easy to lose that personal connection. Build depth by asking how your colleagues weekends were. Ask about their hobbies and pets. Work at keeping a connection with the person behind the computer. In our team we have little sub-groups that focus on our hobbies. There's the running/workout club where we share our training plans and give each other virtual high-fives. I've actually found it easier to stick to a running plan knowing that my colleague is running too (and beating my times!). If you only take one thing away from this, maintaining strong relationships with your team is key! If your team isn't keen on video calling, then make sure you voice call regularly. I can't stress how important it is to verbally talk to your colleagues. We start each call off with some light hearted chat and listening to the inflections in other's voices and have them laugh at your silly jokes recharges your soul. Take advantage of technology Apart from using Invision Community as a hub and company-wide information repository, there's a lot of apps you can use to make your work time more productive and avoid the constant distractions partners and children rattling about the house can cause. I work from home and have two young children. School holidays can be challenging when the house comes alive during the day, and there's a constant stream of potential distractions. I use "focus music" with noise-cancelling headphones when I want to knuckle down and write code or blog articles. Right now, my kids are at school, and I'm listening to Metallica at an unreasonable volume through my Homepod speaker. For some reason, loud metal music helps me concentrate. There are only so many power chords you can take, and I've found Brain.fm to be very useful. Brain.fm uses "neural phase-locking" via music to help you focus. I have no idea what that means, but it does help me get into the zone on days where I struggle with productivity. I have the attention span of an anxious squirrel. It can take me a long while to get into the zone and mere seconds to pop back out. When I'm writing code, it's less of a problem. I just put on Brain.fm or some music, and I get lost in time and space as I build complex constructs in my mind before bringing it together in my code editor. However, when I'm writing articles, helping support, hopping between tasks, or doing general administration work, I rely on a Pomodoro timer. The idea is that you work in sprints of 25 minutes, followed by a short break, usually 5 minutes. You repeat this cycle four times and take a longer break. Many apps can track your time in this way, including web-based tools such as the amusingly named Tomato Timer. Using this technique helps me get into the flow by giving me "permission" to take breaks but only once the work block has finished. I might pop out of focus and think about checking up on our community or Facebook and get back to work when I realize I've still got 12 minutes of work left. Where I work. Can you guess my favourite TV show? Work/life balance doesn't exist You'll often hear people talk about their work/life balance. You are better off thinking in terms of work/life integration. Now, I'm not suggesting that you work all day and night. I'm not one of those "sleep when you're dead" people. I like to sleep. I have a partner and two kids I want to enjoy and passions outside of my computer (although my guitars are gathering dust again). The reality is that when your workstation is just a door away from the rest of your life, you're going to work outside of the traditional 9-5 routine despite how rigorous you may want to define a working day. This might be because you took the morning off to watch your kid's school play or you may have booked a haircut during the day as it's much quieter. My advice would be to look for pockets of time that won't impact the rest of your family or free time. I tend to earmark an hour once the kids have gone to bed as potential "work overflow" time. This allows me to integrate my work schedule with my home schedule without it taking over my life. Avoid Coffeeshops Working with your laptop in a coffeeshop is a massive cliché. Every single time I've walked into Starbucks, there have been dozens of people at tables squinting at laptop screens. It's an attractive idea. You get to mingle with fellow humans. You get a change of scenery and a decent cup of coffee. You also get a constant source of distractions, poor quality and insecure Wi-Fi and sideways glances from staff who'd love to free up your table. Also, what do you do with your laptop when you need a restroom break? Do you take it with you? What if someone sits at your table while you're gone? It's just not for me. Jim's work area Exercise and movement I won't lecture you about health and fitness, but I do want to highlight one downside of having no commute and office building to move through: being super-sedentary. If you used to clock up 10,000 steps walking to the train station, walking to your office and then clocking up steps as you moved between meeting rooms and social areas, then expect that number to drop sharply. There are days where my Apple Watch tells me I've done less than 1500 steps during the day. To combat this, I make time during the day to go for a walk or to exercise. I'm fortunate that I have a treadmill in the garage along with some weight lifting equipment. If you don't have any equipment, then a short walk is better than nothing. As a bonus, you'll get some fresh air and vitamin D from the sun. I also have a standing desk so that I can get on my feet during the day and an exercise bike I can use while working with the desk at its highest position. Find ways to incorporate movement into your day for your own mental and physical health. Conclusion Despite the many challenges working remotely can cause and the learning curve of taking your work home, the vast majority prefer to work from home. In a study of 100 remote workers, only six said they'd return to the office if given a chance. If you're new to working remotely, then there will be mistakes. There will be days when you feel that you've achieved very little and probably yearn for some human interaction and be told what to do next. It's all part of the process. Keep lines of communication open, check in on your colleagues and embrace the freedom working remotely gives.
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    Duplicate language string

    It would be nice to have some tools do show us outdated phrases.... I also have some old ones because i translate since 4.0 alpha.... There are no issues, but some cleanup should be good for all of us 🙂
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    Similarly, I have my devices auto apply focus assist/do not disturb after a set time every evening. It helps, but I still can't help but check on things!
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    Paul E.

    Link to "next" page in help guides

    I'm struggling with a navigational issue involving the IPS help guides here that has irked me enough to make this request. There is no way to navigate to the "next" content page when browsing the guides. Would you please consider adding "previous" and "next" links within the guides, and maybe for bonus points, jumps to the last and next sections of the guide as well. For example: While in the Pages section, I might be looking at Core Concepts and be reading along each entry. To go to the next one, I need to scroll all over the page to find the menu on the left, figure out where I am, and then figure out what the next page is instead of a nice "Go to Databases part I" link at the bottom of the Blocks page. Please, for my own sanity. 🙃
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    Adriano Faria

    Duplicate language string

    A tool to show new lang bits at every new version would be handy too.
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    Once a week, usually on a Friday, I go out to lunch and that is the "high point" in my week... plus attempt at being semi-social. Being a car geek too, I am out in my car for a drive and having fun so win-win even if the social attempt goes awry and I don't meet anyone for lunch .
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    I agree with the study ... working remotely is more productive. Plus, a company can save thousands of dollars. eg. rent, utilities, etc To make it work... Have weekly meetings. Use a work/project management tool such as Asana, Trello, etc. (A history of activity is very important. Not just for you but coworkers, groups, managers, CEO, etc) Make sure you take time off. At the same time, make sure you are working. (This is really hard for people who are working remotely for the first time.) Stay active in life - otherwise, you will gain wait. Do a Spartan Race every 4 months. I'm a Studio Windows user, I use Sticky Notes (on desktop screen) to quickly write down notes, todo list, etc ... and OneNote for research, ideas, and UI improvements, etc. (I'm sure Mac users have similar tools.) OneNote can be shared with others in the team. I was going to share my office space ... but I'm too tired ... I don't feel like cleaning the mess. 🙂
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    I have a rule that really helps. If you do not work but stay at home, then switch off your machines. If they are still running then you probably just briefly want: check you mails see if someone replies in the community take a look on the stats and so on It helps me a lot just to turn off the power. It is like a reminder for me: if they are not on, then this is NOT a working time. Not even for a minute or two. 😉
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    Charging to change URL?

    Generally, if you contact us and let us know the circumstances, we will change the URL for you if there's nothing funky going on and it's not an every day thing. We had to begin imposing a fee for a few reasons. Firstly, to reduce "license hopping" (multiple licenses and swapping URLs back and forth to obtain updates/support.) Secondly, it cuts down on those trying to actually have multiple installations (I won't get into the specifics for obvious reasons) on one license. Lastly, but perhaps most important, the most common scenario are "tinkerers" who install, tinker, remove, re-install on a new URL, tinker, remove, rinse and repeat. We certainly don't mind people cycling through various ideas to see what sticks, but very often, there is quite a lot of support involved and it's not unusual for those who reset their URL over and over to also have dozens of support tickets. The spirit of the standard support included with license renewals is based on a single installation. So, part of the fee is to recoup the overhead involved with supporting what amounts to multiple installations and sites, albeit not at the same time. Again, you're always welcome to put in a support ticket and let us know what you're trying to do. If it's simply a URL change on an existing site and/or you're not requiring support on repeated fresh installations, we will typically just do it for you and waive the fee. None of us are going to retire on URL reset fees - it just keeps the honest... honest, and helps ensure fair support to all customers.
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    Version 1.0.2


    Blackjack is a members shop add on what allows your members to gamble their hard earned points playing Blackjack ( 21 ), Create unlimited tables, set different min & max wagers on each one, you can even allow your members to chat while playing using the tables chat box DEMO Main Features Create unlimited categories to store the blackjack tables The categories on the index page shows in nice grid elements The category page will show info on the tables How many people are online at each table The minimum - maximum wagers The last win and the last winner Create unlimited blackjack tables Choose what member groups can view each table Choose what member groups can play on each table Members who have permission to play on the tables will also have permission to chat Allow members to chat to each other with a built in chatbox for each table ( the chat will auto update when new messages are posted ) Select the minimum & maximum wagers on each table Choose from 2 different style tables to play on Each table has it's own latest results column showing the last 100 results from the table ( this will automatically update using jquery and ajax ) ACP Category & Table Listing Each table has it's own button in the ACP listing allow you to check the stats of each table Total Games Played Total Points Paid In Total Points Paid Out Total Profit Total Member Wins Total Dealer Wins Total Pushes Widgets Show a list of the biggest gamblers Show a list of the highest win ( This is unique to the member so if the member has the highest 2 wins it will only show their highest win and not place them twice in the list ) Show a list of the members who have won the most hands Select how many you want to show in each widget All games are totally random and there is no setting for you as the admin to select a win %, To be honest you don't need one anyway, anyone who gambles knows the house will always win lol Requirements Members Shop


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    Version 1.0.0


    German Translation for Invision Power Suite Core (System) (IPS 4), created for IPS4.4.x Deutsche Übersetzung für Invision Power Suite Core (System) (IPS 4), erstellt für IPS 4.4.x Internal Versionnumber: 4410r1, Releaase 03/14/2020 Diese Übersetzung wurde erstellt für den Core (also das Grundsystem) von IPS 4.4.x von Invision Power Services, Inc., Wir fokussieren das Frontend, kümmern uns aber auch um das AdminCP. Wichtig ist uns vor allem, dass Benutzer eurer Webseiten nach außen eine deutsche Oberfläche präsentiert bekommen,.danach, bzw. nach und nach folgt auch das ACP. In dieser Version sind alle Phrasen übersetzt, ausser die Zeitzonen und Emojiis. We focus on the frontend, but also take care of the AdminCP. Above all, it is important to us that you can offer your users your websites in a German interface, the ACP follows thereafter, or little by little ICH WILL MEHR - ICH WILL ALLES. Du nutzt nicht nur den Core sondern auch weitere Apps...? Auf AdminArena.de bieten wir dir eine Übersetzung für die komplette IPS-Suite an, also inklusive IP.Forum, IP.Gallery, IP.Blogs, IP.Downloads, IP.Commerce und IP.Pages. - wenn du also mehr willst, schau bei uns vorbei :<) Diese Übersetzung kommt mit einem Backlink zu AdminArena.de, welcher nicht entfernt werden darf. Entsprechende Branding-Free-Lizenzen, die das entfernen erlauben, können auf AdminArena.de erworben werden. IF YOU NEEED SUPPORT FOR THIS FILE OR WANT TO REPORT ERRORS, USE THE SUPPORT-TOPIC (ENGLISH ONLY) OR JOIN HTTPS://WWW.ADMINARENA.DE TO GET SUPPORT FOR THIS FILE AND IPS (User-to-User-Basis) ! YOU WILL ALSO FIND PRE-RELEASES OF THIS FILE, THERE, ALSO 3RD-PARTY-TRANSLATIONS ( (SOS) Links Directory, (BIM) ChatBox, etc). 4.3-Benutzer: Achtung, diese Datei ist ausschliesslich mit Versionen ab Version 4.4 kompatibel. Bitte kontaktiert uns auf https://www.adminarena.de, wenn ihr Sprachdateien für ältere 4-er-Versionen benötigt. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (c) 2014-2020 by Alexander Mueller and the AdminArena.de-Translation-Team, eMail: alex@adminarena.de Diese Übersetzung ist kostenlos. Du darfst sie beliebig für deine Installation modifizieren. Ohne Genehmigung ist es dir nicht erlaubt, eine von dir auf Basis dieser Übersetzung erstellte / modifizierte Übersetzung zu veröffentlichen.


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    Profile Privacy - Supporttopic

    Yes, it blocks of course the second link too ( and any other hooks extending the profile )
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    Profile Viewing Privacy

    Or just start using my mod: Profile privacy options: profile is open for all profile is open for registered users only profile is open for (approved) followers only profile closed for all (except admins) I won't leave you. Im in this world over 12 years now
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    Adriano Faria

    Profile Viewing Privacy

    This dev isn’t around anymore. It isn’t purchasable anymore. Your best bet is to stop using it.
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    Enjoying all your replies so far! I may have to do a follow up article and quote your tips.
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    This is goog point. I have few breaks during day. "Simulates" going to work (I have to take children to kindergarten / nursery) walking the dog break for strength exercises For developing software I use JIRA + Confluence For quick notes the same I use OneNote
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    Chrome's Native Lazy Loading now live

    I've brought this up internally for further consideration in a future release now that support is starting to gain more traction. 🙂
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    In contrast to Matt, I like going to a coffee shop sometimes (usually I'll go for several days in a row, then stop for a while). I don't live in a big city, so our coffee shops are never crowded, there's always space, and I simply lock my computer if I have to go to the restroom. If someone stole it, they wouldn't be able to do much with it anyways. I also use a VPN for additional wifi security.
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    I've been working like this for over 8 years. First rule: focus on work 🙂
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    Ignore Improvements

    I think the ignore feature needs a few more features to be useful. Right now it really serves no purpose other than to make members angry/upset when they try to use it and find out it doesn't really serve a purpose. Most sites give you the ability to actually block someone, preventing them from seeing your content or your account. My members have been begging me for improvements to this feature or to implement a true blocking system, but it's odd to me that previous people who have requested this are never responded to, or are basically told just use the ignore feature as is and act like an adult about it. The internet if filled with millions of people of all ages, and just because someone is an adult doesn't mean they'll act like one. I don't think it's unreasonable to provide a little more in terms of someone feeling more secure about their privacy. User A ignores User B, so all applicable content by User B is now hidden to User A, and User B is unable to send private messages to User A. However, User B doesn't know they are being ignored by User A and has no restrictions given to them. The ignore system works basically as if User A is the one being blocked from User B's content which seems backwards. User B should be aware they are blocked and have the consequence of User A basically not existing to them in any capacity. My members are requesting these common blocking features: A blocked/ignored user cannot see the content of the blocker. A blocked/ignored user cannot view the account profile of the blocker. A blocked/ignored user cannot tag/mention the blocker in any content. If there is a plugin or app that already implements these improvements, please direct me to it. If not, I can assure anyone who creates one will receive immediate downloads/sales.
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    The Heff

    Ignore Improvements

    Oh I'm not suggesting that my examples should be blockers, but in providing them I'm trying to help the debate flow in a more productive direction - such as possible solutions to the examples I posted or confirming that completely different use cases could be applied. I for one would like a block feature, but my use case is one of privacy. I don't care if content can be seen, but I would like the ability for users to block messages from, and disable access to view their profile for, specific individuals in a single button-click.
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    The default streams created by ips already use nice furls stream id furls are fine for streams created by members, but system streams created via admin should have more control when adding new default streams to the ACP , there should be an option to set the url for that stream.
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    Mike John

    Calendar Topics Support

    No not currently but it has been suggested before and will definitely be included in a future update.
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    I think we need to include this functionality as well.
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    Duplicate language string

    They are not used, that's right, but they are there and prevent saving the translated string. This is a fresh install: This is another example: Probably you can run a SQL to get those double keys to eliminate them? 🙄
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    You can actually already do this using the Reactions system. It won't be specific to the first post, but I can see how that would be useful on some sites even for regular posts within a topic. 🙂
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    Collections Support Topic

    SOLVED! With this procedure: 1.- Make a copy of the English system language. 2.- Download a copy of the second language. 3.- Install a new version of English Copy. The new version file is the second language downloaded. 4.- Remove second language. 5.- Rename the English Copy language to second language name. Now works with second language selected. Thanks!
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    The Heff

    Ignore Improvements

    Instead of debating whether the 'ignore' function works properly, just provide feedback on what you want to be able to do. You do not need to give it a name, you simply need to state your use case(s). There may be problems with creating a true "block" feature for community software like IPS. If you check blocking capabilities on sites where it already exists (I'm specifically thinking about social media) it serves as more of a privacy tool. It prevents others from being able to see your profile content, send you messages or view your posts. That's fine in a system where your content is entirely your own and the only impact is one less viewer of your content, but in community software like IPS this could create problems: There will be apparent gaps in conversations to users that have been blocked, for example: Blocked Person 1: Does anybody know how to install this program? Person 2: Yes, you install it by double clicking on it. Person 1: But then I get a warning about it being suspicious. Person 2: That's OK, you just need to add it as an exception. Person 1: Thanks Unblocked Person 1: Does anybody know how to install this program? Person 2: Yes, you install it by double clicking on it. Person 1: But then I get a warning about it being suspicious. Person 2: That's OK, you just need to add it as an exception. Person 3: No, don't do that! It's actually infected and a new version needs to be uploaded! Delete it and run a virus scan. Person 1: Thank There will be useful topics that might not be seen: Blocked How to install this program. How to open the program. How to uninstall the program. Unblocked Warning: current version infected - uninstall it and run a virus scan. How to install this program. How to open the program. How to uninstall the program. These are of course just examples I can think of, but I imagine there'd be gaps all over the place.
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    (DP44) Watermark for Uploads

    What's New in Version 1.0.2 (the same) fixed forums selection. 🙂
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    Group Mention

    Thanks for reporting! I have identified the problem, I will bring out a fix ASAP
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    Invision Community has certainly changed a lot over the years as we've moved through major updates and large user interface changes. While large scale changes offer a dramatic difference, it is sometimes the smaller changes that bring the most satisfaction when using your community daily. This blog entry rounds up some of the UI improvements Invision Community 4.5 brings. Content View Behavior What do you want to happen when you click a topic link? Are you taken to the first comment, the last comment or the first comment you've not read? If you speak to 100 people, I'm pretty sure you'll get a good spread of votes for each. Invision Community has always offered subtle ways to get right to the first unread comment. Our infamous dot or star allows you to do this, but it is so subtle almost no one knows this. Invision Community 4.5 now allows each member to choose (with the AdminCP offering a default). Now everyone wins! Who Reacted? Invision Community has had reactions for a long while now. Although finding out who exactly reacted without clicking the counts has proved irksome. We've fixed that in Invision Community so simply mousing over the reaction icon reveals who reacted. Sign In Anonymously For as long as I can remember, Invision Community has offered an option to sign in anonymously via a checkbox on the login form. However, as we've added faster ways to log in via Facebook, Twitter, Google and more it's become less straight forward to ensure your anonymity. Invision Community 4.5 removes this login preference and moves it to your members' settings. Now your members can resume hiding as they move around your community across multiple logins. Resize Before Uploading One of the most popular requests we've had in recent times is to resize large images before uploading. It's quite likely that your giant full resolution image will be denied when attempting to upload, and it's a bit of a faff to resize it in a photo editor. Invision Community leverages the uploader's ability to resize before uploading, which makes it a much happier experience. Switch Off Automatic Language Detection Invision Community attempts to map your browser's user-agent to a specific language pack. When you visit a site, your browser lets the site know which language our browser is set to (often dictated by your operating system) and we use that to show you the correct language if the community you're visiting has multiple languages installed. However, it might be that you don't want this to happen because although your computer's OS is set to a specific language, it doesn't always follow that is the one you wish to use on a website. Invision Community 4.5 allows this automatic detection to be switched off. Quote Collapse We will finish with another popular feature request; the ability for long quotes to be collapsed, reducing the amount of scrolling one has to do. Quite simply, Invision Community collapses long quotes with an option to expand them to read the entire quote. Thank you to all our customers who have taken the time to leave feedback. As you can see, we do listen and action your feedback. Which change are you looking forward to the most? Let us know below!
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    htaccess for IPS Forums

    Version 1.0.2


    This is a custom .htaccess to use on the IPS Community Suite Forums. It helps to improve your forums Google Page Speed and YSlow scores. The top segment is the same .htaccess that is generated by the IPS Forum software. This segment is Invision Power Services code and I do not claim it as my own. All rights and credit for this segment of the .htaccess are Invision Power Services. The bottom segment is based upon research of several websites and the references listed below. Please be careful when using this file because the contents may be incompatible with your server setup. Preventative measures have been taken to ensure that it should be safe to use in any Apache based environment. Google recommends a minimum of one week: https://developers.google.com/speed/docs/insights/LeverageBrowserCaching GTmetrix recommends a minimum of one month: https://gtmetrix.com/leverage-browser-caching.html


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    Club Dark

    Instagram Login Handler

    Just installed this - and it seems very nice. Though it looks like something on instgram have changed - at least it's not working for me on 4.3.6 Anyone else have the same problem?
  35. 1 point
    Brainy S.

    Instagram Login Handler

    The new version the author had me test today now works. I tested it on 4.3.4 (test install) and 4.3.5 (live/production server) and no problems. Hopefully, the author will upload this updated version here soon!
  36. 1 point
    Tom S.

    Profile Viewing Privacy

    Maybe something along the lines of... Profile restricted to followers only. This member is currently not accepting any new followers.
  37. 0 points
    Frank Wulfers

    Clubs forums are not in sitemap

    I checked the settings for the sitemap and it is using the recommended settings and I haven't made any changes to the settings in the past. I know I should upgrade to the latest version but not sure if I should put more time and money in a site that appears to be going nowhere.
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