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    Announcement suggestions

    Announcements can be pretty useful but the function on the Invision platform is pretty limited and I'm sure it could be enlarged to give site owners more choice. Here are a few ideas: allow unlimited colour palette. I don't really understand why at the moment it is restricted only to half a dozen or so colours. Allow formatting of announcement titles for text colour, font style, font size – and also put in some graphics/emojis as required. Allow inclusion of more than one line of text in the announcement title bar. It should be possible to see the number of visits each announcement has had – viewable by designated groups I hope other people will propose their own ideas for announcements.
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    I may have suggested this before, and I'm sure others have as well, but I really would like to see this as a native setting in IP.Board. Currently, there is a mod in the marketplace that claims to do this, However, $10 really seems rather expensive for something so "simple," and this hasn't bee confirmed to work with 3.3.x But this, to me, is such a useful functionality that I believe it should be added to IP.Board itself. Not to screw over the developer of this app, but just because I think there are many who could find this functionality useful. It would consist of a simple global setting for the minimum words or characters allowed in a users post with the option for user groups to override this restriction, the same way you would with flood control. Basically, similar to what the paid app above claims to do. There is another problem, for me at least. While I don't allow single word posts anywhere on my site in general, I do have a Forum Games section (where posts do not increase your actual post count), and in this forum are some games that center around using one word posts. So it would be useful to be able to have certain forums override/ignore this restriction as well. This is something the app above doesn't do. It's a common problem for me to have users try and spam single word posts to gain full access to my site, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I have restrictions in place to prevent these rule breaker from doing any real harm, but this entire issue could easily be avoided with the feature I am requesting.
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    NOFOLLOW Changes

    Totally agree! We have advertisers which they do not want a nofollow link and there's not an easy way to change that, especially for not admin users.
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    Just want to bump this. Is there an add-on for it or something? I don't understand the current system at all. Surely it defeats the whole point of 'limiting' the amount of saved private conversations if each conversation can be of endless length. There could be a single conversation with 10GB of files and a million messages.
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    New Arcade Plugin for Invision 4.x

    Just wanted to say that, as someone who bought the ipsProArcade you made, I'm loving it and the support you gave me with the installation was excellent! 😀
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    NOFOLLOW Changes

    I agree, the NOFOLLOW on everything will still work but it doesn't help Google better understand and process links on my site as well as sites pointing to my site. Eventually, Google will make the proposed changes a requirement or drop it altogether. Google makes changes gradually. Plus, it doesn't hurt to give admins some control over this. Currently, it's either NOFOLLOW or nothing. (Just make the current option a dropdown.) Let us decide.
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    Landing Page ( Support Topic )

    No it uses the same widget sections as IPS, I am not to sure if on Pages you can make a page with widgets on both sides, If you can then you can do it that way and add the blocks as widgets on the pages page
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    Contact Us Captcha

    A very nice addition to the contact Form, thanks a bunch Mike, personally I don't believe that the coders who produce the free plugins ever get enough thanks. So A HUGE THANKS
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    (BIM) Pro Stats

    Version 1.0.2


    This is a small plugin allows using Widget to display the statistic in your site. Members could see and update the newest information on that. Features: DISPLAY STATS IN TAB VIEW DISPLAY STATS IN GRID VIEW Manage stats in widget's settings: Easy to add/delete stats. Drag & drop to reorder the position quickly. Clicking on stats to select the categories. Supports the following stats: Forums: New Topics New Posts Most Viewed Hot Topics Downloads: New Files Recent Updates Most Viewed Most Downloaded Highest Rated Pages: New Content New Comments Most Viewed Members: New Members Most Reputation Most Content Other: Auto-update stats every X seconds. Widget title. Fully support AJAX. Fully support responsive design. Cache system for high quality/performance. LIVE DEMO: https://ipsviet.com/


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    Mike John

    Contact Us Captcha (Support)

    New version uploaded that patches a bug with the guest captcha.
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    We would like to be able to have different automatic moderation rules that consider the membership groups of the person reporting content. For example, we may have a group of newer members to the community who's reports we'd like to have lower weight versus a group of trusted members who we may want to auto moderate based on one or two reports.
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    Removal of empty paragraphs at end of post

    Can't just be my forum where members are hitting enter several times to enlarge the editor, which leaves empty paragraphs at the end of posts. It's now officially taken over as my major annoyance with this software, previous being all links should take you to first unread post grrrrr. Anyway, IPS Dev Gods, is there not a way the system can automatically detect and remove these on post submit? Or even reintroduce a editor resize tab in the bottom corner. Please, pretty please.
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    The Challenges of Online Communities

    A lot of communities I visit do not have any welcome (landing) page, some words, what is the community about or what is the benefit to join it. There were literally some that I could not sort out what they about A modern landing page describing in short terms what it the community about - is important. It should not be a start page, at least something like "About Us". And I do not talk about this but something like this. We do not want the user to register but talk. So adding something like "Ask your question and get answers from the communities experts now!" is better than offering "Post before register" below each topic. Adding a form with just a title field and pre-defined forum is the best way to get them to ask something. Very simple form, there should not be dozens of forums they should select from prior to ask. We can create a newbie forum and move those questions in the appropriate forum afterwards. But do not make it difficult for newbie forcing him to select where to post. Questions are what rules the web right now. Not the discussions unfortunately. Making content field in start topic optional would help a lot when using forum type "Questions". Redesign of the questions forum can be done to approach something like quora. Do not copy it, but make it light weighted like comments to the articles. The profile page is a pane. Not only in IPS, in forums overall. In social media we have "me, me, me" and only me. In forum we have a technically looking profile pages with lot of technical internal info. Additional fields are displayed somewhere beyond the visibility. "About me" - should be found first to be filled and then it is even not displayed on the profile page first. The profile page is not personal, it is like a database record and nobody would like to be a database record Tags on profiles that user can select could help to match the content, clubs (tags on clubs) and other users. We could use them for content suggestions or newsletter personalization. Writing quality content (articles) with Pages helps to be found in search engines as forum content is only served for long tail keywords nowadays. But the content should not be separated from community. Call to action: "Do you have questions? Ask us now!" and form for the Start new topic (not a comment form on article!) should be added. But again, without forum selection, and even without content field (or have it optional). Make it light, remove all buttons like "Follow" for guests, sorting for guests and tons of other unimportant things making a lot of noise. Make it simple for users and allow them to start to talk fast, very fast
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    Announcement suggestions

    Also, when posting multiple announcements, to designate an order of appearance. Some announcers may be more important than others and you want them to figure more prominently. It can also help to relieve the monotony and viewer fatigue by having the colours change – either designated or a random. It would be useful if this could be incorporated and one configure timing – once per hour, once per day, et cetera et cetera. Let's face it, an announcement is there to give information and to catch the eye. So why don't we have features on the announcement function which allow it to be made eye-catching! Announcements really don't have to be dull and monotonous. They can act as "posters" to publicise certain news or features or important thing is that the site administrator wants people to know. One could even configure it so that the visitor won't be able to view anywhere else on the forum until they have viewed the announcement. – Maybe a bit Draconian – but you may as well give your clients the choice.
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    Push for Mobile first

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    Push for Mobile first

    We're working on dedicated mobile apps to be released this year. We definitely are thinking mobile first (although stats on our site show a 70%/30% split for desktop versus mobile). There is some friction in that existing customers pick us because of our interface and the way our UI works, and flipping it completely to something new and different (in terms of removing strong category and forum separation like discourse does) will likely result in a strong push back. That said, we are taking steps to improving the UI for 4.5.
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    Please Add Server Load
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    Change lightbox

    Very often when I open a image of marketplace or a topic image, the lightbox opens but when I click on it to see a better detail, another page opens with the image. Given that IP.Suite uses open source resources, why not integrate the light gallery? sachinchoolur/lightgallery.js This plugin allows you to open a series of images in a lightbox, create an autoplay or zoom in images without leaving the page. This plugin is also used by Xenforo and I think it's really useful.
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    For GOD sake please keep SEO in mind, Every time IPB release new update forum SEO Effect very bad. The best SEO we see when we are on 3.4 Versions, We update forums and hit by googles and seo drop every time very dramatically
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    News Sitemap (Support Topic)

    You need to get accepted into Google News Publishing first. I HIGHLY recommend researching everything you need to do to get accepted before you submit your site to them. Probably a good idea to read this forum first. https://support.google.com/news/publisher-center/threads?hl=en&thread_filter=(category:inclusion_advice)
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    Activity streams, activity streams and activity streams... This feature will keep forums alive... all communities must make best use of this feature to cope up with social networks.
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    Since storage is most likely limited for most users, deleting personal messages is an extremely common action. It should be easy to delete personal messages, one by one or as a batch. Right now, "Delete" has to be accessed from a drop-down menu at the top of a personal message thread. It should take one click at the top and bottom of the thread (and confirm, of course).
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Version 4.0.7


    This is very simple chat system with the basic features: Ajax chat, auto update. Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page. Sound notification. User can toggle on/off. Admins/Moderators can block users. Users can ignore some chatters they don't want to see. Load more messages when scrolling end (or top). Announcement (on Top or Tab). Supports emoticons, URL, Image URL (gif, png, jpg) *NEW* Supports GIPHY to finds GIFs and Stickers by using /giphy command (Eg: /giphy happy new year) *NEW* Supports Youtube, playing video in iframe and popup @mention by clicking on usernames. Flood control. Bad word filters. Time format. Display newer messages in top or bottom. Permissions for viewing, chatting & management. Edit/Delete messages. Download version 4 if you're using IPS 4.4.x


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