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    Invision Community has supported member referrals via the Commerce app since Commerce was called Nexus all those years ago. Community owners have been able to see at a glance who is spreading the word and members have received the kudos associated with a growing referral count in return. When planning Invision Community 4.5 we saw that this feature had the potential to be so much more… So what have we done to improve it? See Who Was Referred In addition to seeing a count of referrals, it’s now possible for both admins and members to see who they referred. If Commerce is enabled admins can also see how much commission (if any) was earned. The new referral settings page shows links, code snippets and who you've referred Member Promotion Seeing a rising count of who has been referred gives members a great feeling of community involvement but wouldn’t it be great if you could reward your members in other ways too? Referral counts now work as a member filter when using the group promotion feature. You can now automatically promote members that have referred more than a specific number of members to another user group and give them access to exclusive content. This still works alongside paid subscriptions so be another method for members not willing or able to pay for subscriptions to get access. Integration With Sharing If the feature is enabled, any time a link is shared via the built-in share links, referrals will be tracked. This occurs automatically without the member needing to think about it. It’s now easier than ever to see who your superfans are and who is bringing new people to the community. Blocks As well as the default share links we have added a new sidebar block that can be added anywhere across your community. This prominent call to action can be added on pages you think are most likely to result in recommendations. The new "Invite a friend" widget Given that referral capabilities have been expanded into many more areas outside of Commerce we decided that this should now be available as a core feature. Earning commission on sales as a result of referrals will still, of course, require Commerce to be installed. We hope that these are welcome improvements and they help you encourage more members to participate in your community.
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    Out of topic but Invision in my opinion should focus a bit more on scaling as forums are getting bigger and bigger every day... Hope to get native support for cloud providers that are bandwidth partners with Cloudflare: https://www.cloudflare.com/bandwidth-alliance/ For example we can use Wasabi as it is compatible with S3 but i would love to get native support for Backblaze for example.... So forums can benefit from huge amount of storage for very low price and free transfer from the Cloud storage to Cloudflare and then back to users.... Thank you
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    Version 1.0.1


    Add enhancement to the announcements feature. Show only to members who have or have not purchased selected packages, how many days since a member joined and select custom background and text colors for each announcement. Features Display announcements to members who have or have not purchased selected products. (Commerce application required.) Display announcements to member who joined more or less then x days ago. Display announcements to selected countries members are from. Select a custom background or text color for each announcement. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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    Chameleon Dark // ipsfocus.com

    Adding this to custom.css should do the trick! .ipsBox:not( .ipsBox_transparent ):not( .ipsModerated ), .ipsBox, .ipsPageHeader, .focus-topic-compact .focus-topic, .ipsPager, .ipsWidget, .ipsBox_alt, #comments, .focus-pickerWrap, .ipsfocus_megaFooter{ background-color: {hextorgb="area_background_reset" opacity="0.9"}; } Change the 0.9 value until you're happy with the result. It should be between 0 and 1.
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    Version 1.0.1


    DEMO A very unique and high quality theme, nothing has been released like this before. Theme is coded by Veilon as a custom request for our community. Responsive, mobile friendly, very appealing yellow / blue light themed. Works on 4.3+


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    Mike John

    Contact Us Captcha

    Version 1.0.1


    Adds the captcha check to the default contact us form for selected member groups. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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    Paul E.

    Support Ticket Notifications

    Works for replies on 4.4.9, yet note that it will not create a notification on ticket created/opened by a staff member. Missing that little bit to make it a full solution for us. Edit: It turns out new tickets will create a notification, however only if you keep "send e-mail to user" checked when creating the ticket.
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    Do you really think that someone will use the "Email" button??
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    Landing Page ( Support Topic )

    I will add a setting to choose to have a button or use the title, the title truncates and the topic text truncates 5 lines already
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    Any possibility that existing members can be added as referrals, if both members confirm of course? I do like the possibility to add incentives for bringing new members, but some of my users deserve recognition for the manual referrals they did already 🙂
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    The content share links work the same as they do now by linking to specific content items but the difference is referrals will now be tracked when people follow the links. You can then also add the share block to any page as a block. When using the block the link will be to the default homepage of your community.
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    The Heff

    No more silent patches

    In my case, I noticed the PayPal errors before the patch was available. I ran the support tool to no avail. This means, of course, that having already run the support tool I wouldn't go and run it again, so the patches remained an unknown. My timing meant that I literally missed them. I'm hoping the calls in this thread result in something more proactive, even if we have to opt in to it.
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    Adriano Faria

    Raffles System

    Just checked and I assume you don't have Commerce app? It was required before, thus I used the lang free from Commerce. If you want to edit templates manually, open the following: raffles/front/index/indexBlock raffles/front/widgets/raffleRow raffles/front/widgets/raffleRowES Find: {lang="free"} Change to: {lang='raffle_free_giveaway'} Fix will come in a future version as it isn't crashing the app/board.
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    Matis Soppe

    Raffles System

    No problem. I will see what i can find. Thanks!
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    Classifieds System

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    That means we will be able to share any page on 4.5 and not only content item pages? Or it will share board URL only?
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    Great plugin by @Adriano Faria. This is essential to any community who enjoys to have things organized and inorder. Thank you yet again for another great plugin!
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    I'm just setting up the support request system, and I encountered some limitations I suggest to improve: There should be a setting, how often emails are sent to remind the responsible (assigned) members to solve issues. A time interval setting is required with some options, when to remind and when not. F.e. # Exclude from Reminders, if a special status is set # Remind for any status (=reminder should be a per status setting) When viewing a support ticket, there is a lot of essential information missing. # I'm missing information like: + when joined + content count + reputation count + warnings count. These ones should be viewable directly. Currently I can only open the member in a new tap/window to view his informations: If I open the member by "open member in new tab", the "Customer view" is presented by default. But in my case, I'd like to see the member view as default. I think that's not an ideal workflow imo. A frontend indicator about new AND/OR assigned support requests is totally missing. There should be any notification (preferably in a new "notification area" for member reports for moderators only, but viewable only to allowed staff team members for their support request department) Especially admins with mobile devices "on the run" shouldn't be logged in to the ACP with their mobiles all the time. A proper frontend indication is at least required If I create a support request on staff behalf in the ACP, and then select "owner type -> email", an email is sent to the entered email address, but this email has NO LINK back to the support request in any way, nor one can reply (as it was sent with the standard noreply@... address). So how can one reply to such tickets? And can anybody please explain in which cases to use the "create new support request in the ACP with ownertype -> email"? When communicating in support requests with community members, my real name (first name / last name) is shown as the staff member, but I want to change this to my -> display name in the community. How? There should be an option to change this. If I solve support request issues (=completed, resolved), the counter in the ACP with open tickets changes, BUT: in some cases, if switching through the ACP menus, the new count isn't honored. This seems to me like a bug. The counter refresh doesn't operate like it should. The refresh times appear to be delayed. On top of new support requests (after opening them in the ACP), I can see the support request title, but there is no information about the member, who has sent it. Ok, you can scroll down now, to see the "XYZ has created a new support request…" area but this is 10 lines downwards. Below the title, there should be the member avatar as well as the member name and the according member primary group displayed. Like it is displayed for any contents in the community frontend. What happens, if a new support request has been sent by an unregistered email (f.e. via the contact us option OR via 1 configured email address. Will this new support request be displayed to ALL staff members (as no department is set at this point of time). Imo there should be a default setting for new support requests (with no department assigned), who exactly will be able to view them! There are always confidential informations being sent to a standard incoming email address, and if this one is associated with the support request system, staff members that shouldn't be able to view them are permitted to view them. The auto-resolve feature is nice, but I'd like to see more different auto-resolve configurations possible. Not only one for all cases. Thanks for considerations and any help is appreciated if you know any solution to my concerns ?
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    No more silent patches

    This situation has been a major pain in the ass for me tonight. One of my forum's customers (paid member) alerted me to the fact that his recurring PayPal transaction had processed a few days ago but his account still hadn't been updated on the forum. When I investigated, I found that not only was he affected but some 20 other members whose paid memberships had renewed since I upgraded to IPB version 4.4.9 back on November 26th were affected as well. They just hadn't noticed or complained yet! Then I found this thread after searching for anything involving "PayPal" on the forum here, and learned that a newer copy of 4.4.9 dated December 2nd had been posted in the Client Area since the one dated November 26th and that it included fixes for PayPal issues. Not cool, Invision Power. Not cool at all! If you're going to release an updated copy of the software, increment the damn version number and let us all know. ESPECIALLY if the new update has fixes related to commerce! I can tolerate quite a few inconveniences, but when it costs me lost revenue and lost customers, I start getting pretty upset.
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    You're the best! Thank you Adriano. Will purchase asap
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    Landing Page ( Support Topic )

    There is mine but we have't finished our page although it is live right now if you want to check it out https://kingsrealm.net/
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    What's New in Version 1.0.1: Changed the way the resource works from Administrators only to moderators with proper permissions to: Assign other administrators/moderators to reports Auto assign to reports Unassign others from reports @GTAPoliceMods
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    Christmas Lights

    Hi everyone, Year-end crunch hit early this year, so my plans to review this plugin and Snow before December 1 got way-laid. I hope to get to this in the next day or two. Thanks for the continued interest!
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    InViSiOn SeaRCh iS FinE...

    Attn: @Invision Community - Please add "Nodes" to the admin cp search index. FWIW when i search for anything using a search tool my expectations are for it to return results relating to my search terms, i don't care if its a language translation. I search because i'm looking for something ... it is because of my own ignorance of not knowing correct location.... like when i yell at my wife and ask where my socks are if they are not where i think they should be , she does not say "socks don't exist"
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    The Heff

    No more silent patches

    The issue is that we may not know we're affected until something goes wrong, which could result in a lost registration, loss of content, loss of revenue, etc. I'd certainly advocate a more proactive approach to patching since I want to know if there is a possibility that an issue affects my community, rather than find out later when it could be too late. Even if it's just a banner or email notification, that'd be much better.
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    Forum closing according to law

    It would seem that your obligations would depend on whether you've been charging the users and what they have already paid for. In my opinion, no one has to keep giving you something for free. One of my favorite expressions I've seen used on a forum whenever someone made a big deal about leaving is, "Your admission fee will be refunded at the door." Of course, the admission fee was zero.
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    Mike John

    Purchase Goal

    Version 1.0.12

    1 download

    Sidebar widget to display total spending in Commerce application against a purchase goal. Set a base as well as flex goals, summary of recent purchases and reset progress from selected date. Features Sidebar widget to display total spending in Commerce top against a purchase goal. Display summary of recent purchases within widget. Optional flex goals to appear when base goal has been met. Optional condensed view for quick overview of goal progress. Link contribute button to custom url or to the Commerce Store homepage. Reset progress bar from selected date manually or set date for task to run automatically. Integration with "Recent Purchases" plugin to enable anonymous purchases or anonymous amounts. Requirements: IPS Commerce app Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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    Version 2.3.2


    Version 1.x and up Plugin which allows administrators to control the display of topic replies to guest viewers, showing a custom editable message to guests. Guests must register & sign-in to be able to view the replies. Can be set on all or specific forums. Topic exceptions can be made using a comma-separated listing of the topic IDs which will not be affected. Version 2.0 and up Ability to hide content in the first post in a topic, and not just replies to that topic. Ability to exclude topics from being affected by the plugin. Ability to exclude search engines from being treated as guests Tom Iron's 'Cloak' functionality has been incorporated, now allow hiding of the following: All content Links (including/excluding mentions) Linked images (including/excluding emoticons) Attachments Code Quotes Spoilers Each of the above will have their own replacement message displayed. Allows the ability to merge multiple instances of the same replacement message, thus only displaying one replacement message in the event that someone has multiple items in the content. The 'Cloak' functionality now uses DOM instead of Regex to locate items in the content, and is thus more reliable. Version 2.1 and up modified the 'Apply to forum(s)' setting functionality original behaviour: admin chose which forums would be affected by the plugin ('All forums' or select forums from list - therefore inclusive) new behaviour: An include or exclude option is now available. 'Include' is the default, and behaves as above. 'Exclude', when choosing, will allow an admin to select which forums won't be affected by the plugin. this feature will be useful to those who have a large number of forums and want to apply the plugin to a large percentage of those forums. Example: 100 forums total, but apply plugin to 97 of those. So instead of selecting the 97 forums to include, it's easier/quicker to just select the 3 forums to exclude. added ability to hide content from member groups, instead of just guests. Please review your replacement content to ensure that it is relevant to this new functionality. For example - the default value for this used to indicate "You must be signed in.....", which will no longer be correct if you use the member group functionality. fixed issue with non-image attachments not being affected by the 'Hide attachments' functionality. name change to '(NE) Hide post content'


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    Add TikTok as Social Profile

    https://www.tiktok.com/ Add TikTok as Social Profile in backend Displays social media icons in the header or footer of your site, per your theme setting, linking to the entered social profile URLs. and https://developers.tiktok.com/doc/Embed
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    Classifieds System

    I’ve ran them but I’m still facing issues, and I’m still getting the front end error (template error). This has caused the site to loose all its designs (css) and just show a white background with all the text. The only way around this was to make a new theme and set it to default. Never had an issue in the past so I’m not sure why it failed to update..
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    Message on Signup Screen

    Great plugin and would easily be 5 stars, but I had to disable it after I enabled social logins as it adds the message twice. Any idea how to fix this?
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