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    I don't wanna rush you 🙂, but why don't you offer that immediately? My community, and I think everyone's community here, is literally in a dire need for a white-label app. There is no point for me to offer my members some other generic app, considering they already all use Tapatalk. Why in the world would they install some unknown, obscure app, just to access my forum? A-a. They'll use Tapatalk. BUT! If you offer white-label from the start and I offer to my fellow members a private app for my forum, well, that is another story - they all would install it in a blink of an eye. Trust me. And I can bet that same goes to all other forums here. May I ask why "in the future" (sounds like a year, minimum), considering that we are waiting for an app for 6+ years already? I know that app needs a lot of work and please don't get this message as a some kind of bashing of you guys, no, it is just the opposite - I'm telling you what you need to do from the start.
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    4.5: RSS Feed improvements

    You'd be forgiven for thinking that RSS feeds belong in some bygone era of the web where Netscape was king and getting online meant listening to your modem scream at your phone line. There's certainly a lot of newer web technologies to share data, but the venerable RSS feed still has a place. Invision Community has supported RSS feed importing and exporting for a very long time now; however, it has been restricted to just Forums and Blogs. Importing an RSS feed is a simple way to populate content on your community. It's even a great way to share content to and from your site without creating blocks or writing custom code. Invision Community 4.5 now centralizes RSS feed importing, so it is available for Forums, Blogs and Pages. You can now choose to import an RSS feed to any Pages database. Better yet, there is now full support for image enclosures. RSS feeds have a special tag to note that the feed entry has an attached image. Lots of RSS feeds use this, such as the NASA Image Of The Day feed. Until now, this image has just been silently discarded. Now, it is imported as an attachment (so it can be moved around in the post or Pages entry). If the Pages database you are importing to has record images enabled, you can optionally import the enclosure as a record image which some template sets can use as a header image, just as our blog here does. But what about exporting enclosures? Happily, Invision Community 4.5 can now export the main content image of an item as an enclosure. This certainly makes the Gallery RSS feed export a lot more useful! While these updates are not revolutionary, they certainly make RSS feed importing and exporting much more useful. We've been asked to support RSS feed importing into Pages for quite a while now. What do you think of these changes? What will you import into your Pages databases?
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    Change lightbox

    Very often when I open a image of marketplace or a topic image, the lightbox opens but when I click on it to see a better detail, another page opens with the image. Given that IP.Suite uses open source resources, why not integrate the light gallery? sachinchoolur/lightgallery.js This plugin allows you to open a series of images in a lightbox, create an autoplay or zoom in images without leaving the page. This plugin is also used by Xenforo and I think it's really useful.
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    4.5: RSS Feed improvements

    I have actually seen an uptick in interest in RSS from our corporate clients lately. Things tend to come and go in phases.
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    Ban Members From Topics

    The new update works very fine.
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    Adriano Faria

    My Paid Files

    Tks. 👍 Yes, it's just for the sellers. For the purchasers, already has that page... he can do everything from there. It's just add a more prominent link.
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    (DP44) Advanced Regexp

    The price tag might look unappealing for something that does not add bells and whistles on the front end, but this app can literally pay for itself within a day. You can create your own viglink/skimlinks without giving them 25%.
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    True say. A whitelabel should be the first option release to the customers. I don't want to bundle my community with all the other IPS community out there using Central tapatalk like app. A white label is far more professional looking, example having the pop up telling users there is a mobile app when they visit the forum from using a mobile. No need for IPS to lock down the app to a central tapatalk style app, as I guess the white label will only works with IPS community.
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    Gamozilla Theme [ support topic ]

    Version 1.0.1 Minor adjustments & bug fixes in Header. Download this file
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    I would agree that a white label app is going to be the way to go for many as long as it is not cost prohibitive when it comes out. In the meantime though, I would prefer a community app with some customization in terms of colors/logo over nothing. I think the app needs more broad testing before going white label, but could be wrong.
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    4.5: RSS Feed improvements

    This is great, I will add a number of feeds of news websites and it will make my news articles even more quicker to be added. Right now I had to resort to importing to a hidden forum which I read and promote to articles these posts that I liked. Very good decision indeed. RSS is far away from being dead.
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    Nice improvements. Would have liked to also see something along the lines of ...
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    More and more information about version 4.5 😄 So we're close to the alpha release.
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    For GOD sake please keep SEO in mind, Every time IPB release new update forum SEO Effect very bad. The best SEO we see when we are on 3.4 Versions, We update forums and hit by googles and seo drop every time very dramatically
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    There really should be a setting for a resend attempt to clear out the log. One by one clicking is insanity.
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    Google Updates, anyone affected?

    Let's please steer clear of political debates here. The topic is about whether anyone is seeing changes in the indexing of their site in Google - we can stick to the facts there without delving into politics.
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    Google Updates, anyone affected?

    A lot of political websites were hit hard by Google too which came as no surprise just days before the election. Google boasted about targeting demographics in 2016 and turning out voters to support the left. Quite a few sites are reporting 80 percent traffic loss. They say content is king, but that too has changed. Now content that aligns to Google's political bias is king.
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    Yes - in fact, that's the default on new installs. If a third party application breaks because of that, then that would be a bug in that application.
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    My users are in Brazil and most use Mobile. So I configured GTMetrix to run the test on a server in São Paulo. I re-run the test now with AD block and without Rocket load and with the Javascript in the body, gave 5s! The test with the previous configuration had reached 5.5. Already improved, I'll leave like this. Thank you!
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    @Adlago I did the test without Rocket Load and with "Just before </ body> tag" - Maximum I got was 7.7s
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    Google Updates, anyone affected?

    This is because you use Rocket loader, and this changes the initiator loading java script.
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