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    4.5: RSS Feed improvements

    You'd be forgiven for thinking that RSS feeds belong in some bygone era of the web where Netscape was king and getting online meant listening to your modem scream at your phone line. There's certainly a lot of newer web technologies to share data, but the venerable RSS feed still has a place. Invision Community has supported RSS feed importing and exporting for a very long time now; however, it has been restricted to just Forums and Blogs. Importing an RSS feed is a simple way to populate content on your community. It's even a great way to share content to and from your site without creating blocks or writing custom code. Invision Community 4.5 now centralizes RSS feed importing, so it is available for Forums, Blogs and Pages. You can now choose to import an RSS feed to any Pages database. Better yet, there is now full support for image enclosures. RSS feeds have a special tag to note that the feed entry has an attached image. Lots of RSS feeds use this, such as the NASA Image Of The Day feed. Until now, this image has just been silently discarded. Now, it is imported as an attachment (so it can be moved around in the post or Pages entry). If the Pages database you are importing to has record images enabled, you can optionally import the enclosure as a record image which some template sets can use as a header image, just as our blog here does. But what about exporting enclosures? Happily, Invision Community 4.5 can now export the main content image of an item as an enclosure. This certainly makes the Gallery RSS feed export a lot more useful! While these updates are not revolutionary, they certainly make RSS feed importing and exporting much more useful. We've been asked to support RSS feed importing into Pages for quite a while now. What do you think of these changes? What will you import into your Pages databases?
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    I am very happy. We have written extended RSS for our needs that includes images and it seems that we can abandon it soon in favour of core functionality. Just perfect. By the way, RSS is NOT dead. It's a magic way to get more traffic on your site, if you know how Both ways: import other RSS channels into your project and export your own.
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    No more silent patches

    Please stop doing silent patch updates, the only way to know you done a patch update is to click somethings gone wrong in the ACP or keep visiting the release notes page to check the release date, I just got 3 transactions from paypal reversed due to a guest checking out not getting signed up but still charged, I check the release notes and there is nothing saying a patch has been applied and checked the ACP support and find out there is a PayPal webhook patch which fixes the error on guest checkout ( I assume as the others got processed once updated )
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    Nice improvements. Would have liked to also see something along the lines of ...
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    Invision Community has come a long way over the past five years. We've added many new features and invigorated the front-end user experience to keep it current and in-line with modern interfaces. One area that has remained largely the same is the Admin Control Panel. When we released Invision Community 4.0 back in 2014, the Admin Control Panel was updated but has stayed relatively dormant since. But that's all about to change with the upcoming release of Invision Community 4.5! The Admin Control Panel in 4.5 has received a substantial update, resulting in a modern color scheme and a clean, minimalistic design. We felt that a lighter, more open design allowed the content more space and to feel less crowded. The dark grays have been replaced with shades of blue and aqua which closely reflects Invision Community's new branding, while other colors have been lightened and saturated. Along with the new color scheme, the overall layout of the ACP has intentionally been kept similar to the existing version, resulting in a design that feels surprisingly familiar yet refreshingly new at the same time. We hope you've enjoyed this small sneak peek into Invision Community 4.5 and we look forward to introducing you to some more new features in the upcoming weeks!
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    Without a doubt, clubs is one of the most popular features added to Invision Community in recent times. Invision Community clubs allows you to run sub-communities on your site. We've seen clubs used in many ways, including managing geographically local groups and clan groups for large gaming sites. This popularity drives us to keep incrementally improving the feature set for clubs, and Invision Community 4.5 is no different. One thing that was raised many times was a way for club owners and leaders to create simple pages with general information members need. Happily, in Invision Community 4.5, this feature now exists (and more!) In addition to the title and visual editor that allows full formatting of the page content, there is an additional visibility setting which allows owners and leaders to define which types of members can view the page. This is perfect for showing a page that is only visible to non-members which informs them how to join the club. Likewise, it is a great way to display moderation guidelines to the club moderators only. Of course, owners and leaders will always be able to see all pages added to a club. Additionally, once a page is added to a club, a tab will be added alongside others, and the page can be re-arranged just like the rest. Using this, owners and leaders can create an alternative unique index page for the club. default-view.mp4 This is just one of many club improvements finished for Invision Community 4.5. We'll be talking about these in a future blog!
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    Version 1.3.0


    Stratagem is the next-gen project management app for Invision Community, based on the concept of kanban. Plan, manage, and deliver community projects directly from your Invision Community with the project management app Stratagem. Manage – Implement the project of your dreams using the project management tool set of Stratagem. Create unlimited projects with their own unique workflows. Move issues as they get resolved, or remove them into the special Trash Can. Collaborate – Add users to the project team, assign tasks to team members, and watch real-time updates happen as a team member updates a card or column. Automate – Use the built-in automation tools to auto-update issues when they move into a new stage of the project, by either assigning a new due date or assigning a new status. Control – Define the project leader to spearhead the project, manage the members, or restrict access to certain development stages. Use Stratagem to plan your next community project, organize a user meetup, implement site feedback, or launch a new initiative. It can also be used for lists, comparisons, or any other form of visual organization. Kanban Kanban is a visual approach to project management for incremental and continuous improvements. The emphasis is on continual delivery of small items without overburdening the development team. Kanban is a process designed to help teams work together more effectively, by allowing your team members to pick and choose the issues they would like to develop next. The Japanese pioneered the process of kanban for industrial management at Toyota. The visual design is similar to a whiteboard where users can move cards to show progress (kanban translates to “visual card” in Japanese). Features Create unlimited projects for online or offline initiatives, each with their own unique workflow, steps, and issues. The app features: Projects - Create unlimited projects with their own unique workflows, teams, and statuses. Project Clubs - projects can now be created for in clubs. Columns - Organize your project by columns. Each column represents a step in the process. Cards - Create cards for your task. Each card is an issue to be progressed or resolved. Time Tracking - Add hours/minutes to cards for tracking purposes. Drag-and-drop ordering – Beautiful visual approach to moving cards in between columns. Statistics – Detailed charts and statistics to help you analyze the progression of your project, identify roadblocks, and resolve upcoming issues. Filters – The project can be filtered in the sidebar to identify cards based on criteria for status, completion, or assignment. Live Collaboration – Columns and cards will periodically update without the need for refreshing. As other members of your team create new cards and / or reorder cards, the changes will reflect on your page for team collaboration. Archive – If cards need to be discarded, each project includes a archive section to archive all cards which saves the cards for future reference. Stratagem is beautifully visual with drag-and-drop ordering. Stratagem is beautifully simple, with a design that any member can immediately figure out. Stratagem is beautifully powerful, with workflows and badges that can be custom built to your needs. Demo/Request Features/Make Suggestions: https://codingjungle.com/stratagem/projects/1-stratagem/


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    Forum closing according to law

    It would seem that your obligations would depend on whether you've been charging the users and what they have already paid for. In my opinion, no one has to keep giving you something for free. One of my favorite expressions I've seen used on a forum whenever someone made a big deal about leaving is, "Your admission fee will be refunded at the door." Of course, the admission fee was zero.
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    In my opinion you do not have any obligations but it must depend on your local regulations. Most sites I know have a disclaimer in the term of use saying there is no guarantee that the site will be accessible.
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    Adriano Faria

    Invite System

    In a future version, yes.
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    More and more information about version 4.5 😄 So we're close to the alpha release.
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    Recent Topics

    No problem was only asking Yes its been disabled
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    Adriano Faria

    Recent Topics

    I have my own schedule and I’m working in other resources right now. Follow the file and you will get notified when it’s updated, if that’s the case. If that’s a huge issue for you right now, I suggest you to disable the plugin.
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    Mike John

    Lazy Load Videos (Support)

    I assumed that the IPS lazy load was going to be primarily used so haven't released an update for this. But if there is still interest from you and others? I've still got a bug report for this and will include next update.
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    Legend Blocks - Supporttopic

    Hi Chris, As you well know, with Pages app you can do more than just making pages. you can create static pages, databases and categories for storing articles, records, photos... and also you can create individual blocks and widget to use throughout your community. Legend news is mainly created to work with Pages "databases". you can change the look in areas like Frontpages, categories and articles in your database. Legend blocks however is not about that. it's a series of templates for making widgets and blocks in pages app. for example you can create blocks in pages app for recent topics, recent posts, recent files and ... then use one of many Legend blocks templates at the end as their skin. then use IPS widget manager to drag and drop them in your front-end. sidebar area, top or bottom of your website. I hope it's help.
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    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    they should be activated automatically, check your admin notification settings in the ACP sorry actually forgot about that, got carried away with the rest I'm sure that got fixed it was missing the <= I'll check it again I'll add a setting to choose to have the old front end ones again or the admin ones they should show, the categories are different now from before, if you manually edited any html files you'll need to revert them or they won't get updated with the 2.0.0 update what theme settings are you using? tables or grid, and if grid big or small 👍
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    4.5: Club Pages

    And please give the club owners (and site admins) the possibility to send all club members at once an email / message to inform about news, meetings or other things.
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    Collections Support Topic

    Thank you, that’s the reason 😄
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    Christmas Update | OnixGx Dark

    We just purchased this theme for our gaming community and we are really satisfied. Great & and fast support! Thank you, DOC! All the best, CsBlackDevil Team
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    The only app being tested right now is a 'white-label' app for this community. The multi-community test will come later. We're gradually expanding the number of testers, so sit tight 🙂
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    The Old Man

    My Love Hate Relation with CMS!

    Have been coding for years, thanks Tom!
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