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    Without a doubt, clubs is one of the most popular features added to Invision Community in recent times. Invision Community clubs allows you to run sub-communities on your site. We've seen clubs used in many ways, including managing geographically local groups and clan groups for large gaming sites. This popularity drives us to keep incrementally improving the feature set for clubs, and Invision Community 4.5 is no different. One thing that was raised many times was a way for club owners and leaders to create simple pages with general information members need. Happily, in Invision Community 4.5, this feature now exists (and more!) In addition to the title and visual editor that allows full formatting of the page content, there is an additional visibility setting which allows owners and leaders to define which types of members can view the page. This is perfect for showing a page that is only visible to non-members which informs them how to join the club. Likewise, it is a great way to display moderation guidelines to the club moderators only. Of course, owners and leaders will always be able to see all pages added to a club. Additionally, once a page is added to a club, a tab will be added alongside others, and the page can be re-arranged just like the rest. Using this, owners and leaders can create an alternative unique index page for the club. default-view.mp4 This is just one of many club improvements finished for Invision Community 4.5. We'll be talking about these in a future blog!
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    Invision Community has come a long way over the past five years. We've added many new features and invigorated the front-end user experience to keep it current and in-line with modern interfaces. One area that has remained largely the same is the Admin Control Panel. When we released Invision Community 4.0 back in 2014, the Admin Control Panel was updated but has stayed relatively dormant since. But that's all about to change with the upcoming release of Invision Community 4.5! The Admin Control Panel in 4.5 has received a substantial update, resulting in a modern color scheme and a clean, minimalistic design. We felt that a lighter, more open design allowed the content more space and to feel less crowded. The dark grays have been replaced with shades of blue and aqua which closely reflects Invision Community's new branding, while other colors have been lightened and saturated. Along with the new color scheme, the overall layout of the ACP has intentionally been kept similar to the existing version, resulting in a design that feels surprisingly familiar yet refreshingly new at the same time. We hope you've enjoyed this small sneak peek into Invision Community 4.5 and we look forward to introducing you to some more new features in the upcoming weeks!
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    2019 MARKETPLACE BLACK FRIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA BONANZA CHRISTMAHANNUKWANZADAN CELEBRATION KICKS OFF NOW BIGGER, BETTER, AND WITH MORE EXCLAMATION POINTS THAN LAST YEAR !! !! !! !! THE TALENTED AND AMAZING IPS MARKETPLACE COMMUNITY IS COMING TOGETHER FOR THE THIRD ANNUAL MARKETPLACE BLACK FRIDAY SALE!! 🤩 FOR THREE SHORT WEEKS, GET THE BEST PRICES OF THE ENTIRE YEAR FROM ALL OF YOUR FAVORITE THEMERS, DESIGNERS, AND CODERS. IF THEY'RE NOT PARTICIPATING, THEN YELL AT THEM. THEY PROBABLY JUST FORGOT. SPARKLE AND SHINE THIS HOLIDAY SEASON WITH NEW THEMES AND NEW APPS. DECORATE YOUR COMMUNITY TREE WITH NEW MODS. AND TREAT YOUR COMMUNITY TO ALL THE GIFTS YOU'VE BEEN WANTING TO BUY ALL YEAR LONG. THE MARKETPLACE BLACK FRIDAY 2019 SALE STARTS NOW! NOVEMBER 11 - NOVEMBER 30 THE THIRD ANNUAL MARKETPLACE SALE! Random stock photo of Christmas imagery to get you in the mood The IPS Marketplace Black Friday sale is the largest and premier sale that goes on once a year, exclusively during the Black Friday season. The sale goes from November 11 - November 30, so hurry for the best sales on your holiday themes, must-have plugins, and innovative apps. These will be the lowest prices of the year. Mainly because Marketplace contributors are too damn lazy to do this any other time of the year. All of the most trusted and respected modders from the IPS community are participating again in our IPS Marketplace Black Friday sale. Our list of participants is a Who's Who of the Invision scene: Spanner, Adriano Faria, Newbie LAC, Mike John, DawPI, onlyME, Fosters, OpenType, Faqole, A Zayed, Invision HQ, Ehren, IBTheme, Pete T, Steve00, Mark Round, TAMAN, Veilon, Heosforo, Lis Koduje, Brian A, Teascu Dorin, and pretty much everyone else. We're the only third-party forum community that comes together for the Black Friday sale, as a sign of community spirit during the holiday season. We're proud to extend and support Invision Communities in new and wonderful days. As admins of our own Invision communities, we know how important it is to customize the design and functions of our communities and create special experiences for our users. ❤️ and 🎁 from the IPS Marketplace (Instructions for Marketplace contributors: please add a post with links to your Marketplace files on sale)
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    Fast Lane!

    Unsubscribe from All E-mail Option

    Yes I would like an admin option to unsubscribe people from everything with a single or 2 clicks. I get the request all the time and my only options are quite convoluted.
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    Unsubscribe from All E-mail Option

    I’d love this option for my users as well. GDPR says unsubscribing needs to be easy. One button for this seems easy. Navigating through pages And options isn’t. When I want to stop emails from a site, I want one button. Thus, I want this for my users.
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    A new version has been uploaded to the Marketplace. It contains a fix for this issue.
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    Calendar Enhancements

    🙂 You are too fast as I have expected 🙂 So, no hurry, even next month is also OK for that 😉 Thank you, Adriano.
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    I'll state the obvious. We can complain (Google doesn't care) and get less visibility or jump on board. If you don't rank on the rich snippets then you are even farther down the page with less clicks. I'm pragmatic. You will note that the URL is in plan site below the snippets which are only partial info. It's not that bad.
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    I'm also interested in testing an app. Can I get some clarification about white-label app? If I understood good, that will give me opportunity to use your app for my forum in this form - my forum name is zeljeznice.net, so when users go to App Store or Google Play, they will have zeljeznice.net app, with my logo, there will be no Invision branding whatsoever? If yes, this would be an excellent feature and it will give a lot to my community and to all communities in the world that user your software. This is probably the best thing ever, so much needed. Can't wait to get my hands on it. Please make it free for customers and leave the financial part to forum owners.
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    I will consider your idea. Css issue, please give me the url so I can take a look.
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    All Astronauts

    Kitchen Sink

    I'll poke this tomorrow.
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    Mike John

    Basic Points (Support)

    I'll need more info to troubleshoot this, so have replied to your PM.
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    Mike John

    Collections Support Topic

    I assume your using the latest version? I do remember a bug fix to rebuild the widget cache. Do you have the "temporary delete" feature in IP.Board enabled?
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    Mike John

    Notify Leaderboard Members (Support)

    I've already replied elsewhere but for everyone else. I've decided to have less products on special this year but with bigger 50% discounts then most modders are doing. My products that are on discount can be found here with the black Friday thumbnail added - https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/129857-mike-john/content/?type=downloads_file
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    There is an option to auto prune subscriptions to stale comments but what about an option to drop subscriptions for members that have not visited the site in greater than XX days/years? We get a lot of people that drop off and their emails go bad... they subscribe to a forum and get tons of emails a day that bounce. Allowing a feature to auto-prune subscriptions for stale members would fix the email bouncing issue from going on forever as well and reduce resources for site owners. Thoughts? The feature would maybe go here:
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    Mike John

    Moderator Notifications (Support)

    https://www.devfuse.com/forums/bugs/other-paid-products/moderator-notifications-add-linked-container-tag-r257/ Will be included next update.
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    Time based would be the wrong approach. They will more than likely implement support for prefers-color-scheme (https://web.dev/prefers-color-scheme/), release an official dark version of the default skin and acp skin, allow admin to turn on “support native dark mode” and set the default skins for light and dark, maybe add an admin toggle profile setting to let users pick which themes to use for light and dark, and boom done. User has their device on dark mode, they get the dark skin. Can override to have always dark skin in profile or normal theme toggle. Simple, quick, painless.
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    4.5: Club Pages

    The next clubs blog should make you very happy. 🙂
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    newbie LAC

    (NB41) My Football

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    Pete T

    TXT & PHP Widget

    Version 1.0.1


    This mod will let you add Text, HTML and PHP widget IPS4's blocks. also you can disable PHP widget from Admin CP How To Install You just need install the plugin Admin CP > System > Site Features > Plugins > Install


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    Version 1.0.1


    MyTylkoGramy.com V2 (4.3 IPS)


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    AdSense Crawler

    Can someone from IPS confirm this?
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    AdSense Crawler

    It is really seems to be google bug, because i made some modifications in han_login, so auth_key is not being cheked while authentifications and any post request with http://www.mysite.com/index.php?ips_username=GoogleCrawler&ips_password=password&app=core&module=global&section=login&do=process ends up with successful authorisation but google is still shows blank page in authorisation test anyone knows, where i must post my issue for google? in google groups?
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