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    Very good but needs to be compatible with ads
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    Setting aside the fact that only 2 people have responded to this topic (one of which was you, the original poster) - improvements and consolidation of code/consistency for custom fields features is something that has been discussed internally, more than once, but there is no current timeframe we can say to expect to see it. Unfortunately, it's simply not feasible to respond to every single topic to say "we've read this but there's nothing to note or add at this time".
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    I am really excited about getting a native app, but I am not giddy in terms of "wow, look how progressive or on the cutting edge Invision is." Unfortunately, this is something that should have been here 4 or 5 years ago. It will be great when it is here, and I think it will help stem a decline in forums as a whole, but is it going to get new people? Who knows. I do believe that having monetization in the app should be the top priority beyond "it works." For communities that have lots of mobile traffic, we do want to have it monetized, and with Tapatalk... while they are evil and there are many wrongs, at least we were paid somewhat. lol. What my main concern will be will be as soon as the app is installed, there will be a substantial drop in income as most anyone using the communities on a mobile phone, will do so via the app, and if there is no monetization... will have a negative impact. And yes... PLEASE invest resources into Blogs, Gallerys, etc... I have writers who publish to Wordpress sites who feel helpless and limited trying to write an article on Blogs. In reality though... I agree with a few others here, as a non-programmer, but as a business owner, you can't hold yourself back because you may tick off a few people. If the future is PWA or whatever... how about leading? I am sure the apple users would rather have a working mobile experience and NOT get notifications at the time, instead of waiting. But this also goes to the whole convo of.... doubling down on community (whether community owners should) or accept that the vast majority of the world prefers platforms like FB/IG/YT and we should have our communities centered around those and centralize on a site, etc. (especially as Google keeps suppressing community generated content, aka Forums from search results.)
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    Thanks a lot! I don't know how much it will cost, but i'm already in the queue! 🙏
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    Nitro - Support

    This is the topic where you can find upates & where i can help you with some issues.
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    Pete T

    Haze 4.4

    Version 3.0.5


    Haze is a powerful and multi-purpose theme for IPS Community Suite. Geared towards any type of community, Haze is packed full of options that allow you to modify layout, styling, colors and fonts directly from within the theme settings. Its's also fully compatible with the entire Community Suite as well as a huge range of 3rd-party applications and plugins. 2.0.0 Supports Only 4.3.x 3.0.4 Supports Only 4.4.x


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    This is not a new suggestion I believe. There are even 2 apps available for this but none of them seem to be ideal at the state they are. Since IPS already supports feed import to forums why not go an extra mile and include the ability to import a feed to a page database, if a feed comes with an article image - make it the feature image automatically. Add 1-to-1 mapping to database custom fields. And its a long-shot and perhaps too niche of a feature... but .. a some sort of build in Google Translate mechanism which can be configured beforehand as to which language RSS article title and text would be translated and somehow compared side by side so you can make final changes in translation and publish a news article. For non-english communities which write news articles about things which are sourced from English-speaking news feeds would save a lot of time translating the texts to the target language.
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    Some here says that this app comes 5 years to late, and I'm just thinking they are right. Beeing without push notifications for so long has changed the way many use forums. As of now, they enter the site a few times a day and scroll through whatever notifications they have, and are fine with that. When the new app arrive they will see that the phone chimes in constantly. It is a new behavior, and I'm not sure that is a positive thing (as an everyday user). Every single user need to get through whatever notification settings they have to change it, and every user would change it to some setting not so annoying on their phone. I know that this will be an issue on my sites for sure. For me at least it was an eyeopener, and I do not
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    Last couple of days I was working around the subject of alt image tags. In IPS I noticed that if I lets say inserted an image to a post named for example "media-file-renamer-banner-1024x350.jpg" then this exact filename would be used as an alt image tag. That's truly better than nothing BUT what if you ditched the filename extension so it would just read "media-file-renamer-banner-1024x350". Moreover and I think it would be beneficial to loose hyphens too but I have not thought this thru just yet. Though in this case "media file renamer banner 1024x350" looks much better. Perhaps even a small plugin may be able to take care of this thing. Since I'm not a complete expert on this subject I'd also like to hear why my suggestions might not be a such a good idea after all.
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    Pete T


    This English based site so little unsure what asking.
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    The Old Man

    Videos Support

    It's $45.
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    We anticipate it'll be available with v4.5, or shortly afterwards 🙂
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    Jim M

    Importent request - photo management

    I see this really as a theme customization, not something I would champion to be in the software. However, it is really simple to perform, you can just place the following in your custom.css. .ipsImage { border: 1px solid #000; }
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    Nice blog article. This is a really good example of a useful, general best practice blog article which is great in particular for newbies, but can serve as a reminder in terms of more experienced admins, to perform a quick review as well. Things are always changing. In fact I'd say IMHO its a little break from the trend of marketing/PR technobabble, although elements of that too are of course genuinely useful and sometimes food for thought. One thing I've found in running a VPS using CentOS and WHM in terms of point 8 and disabling dangerous functions is that disabling popen and proc_open can prevent server side software updates (like PHP Pecl/Perl/Pear extensions) from successfully updating. I find it handy to have 2 of 3 lines in my WHM > Software > MultiPHP INI > Editor config which can be quickly uncommented/commented out again when necessary (say updating an extension that requires proc_open), it saves on a lot of typing and remembering the list of functions especially when using a mobile device. ; This directive allows you to disable certain functions for security reasons. ; It receives a comma-delimited list of function names. ; http://php.net/disable-functions disable_functions = "show_source, system, shell_exec, passthru, exec, pcntl_exec, proc_open, popen" # disable_functions = "show_source, system, shell_exec, passthru, exec, pcntl_exec" # disable_functions = "show_source, system, passthru, pcntl_exec" (My list here is probably different to the one in the Blog article.) Re perhaps increasing the HTTP Content Type options in IPS, they could be useful but if you've set them server-wide already, I'd be wary in case its possible that you could be overwriting the http.conf server level config.
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    Radical Tags

    Hey @USS, I'm looking into this for you now, my apologies for the delay! @jp this app is still being developed, I'm working on pushing out more updated between custom work and other projects right now but I should have some things ready soon!
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    Why are you so focused on what is missing in iOS for PWAs, like Web Push Api? Have you looked at the Twitter PWA on iOS? It is pretty indistinguishable from their native app and a great mobile experience for Twitter users. As for push notifications, I don't view this as a "must have" feature for a PWA or native app. Email notifications are just fine for many communities. In fact, as an iOS user, I don't want more push notifications from apps that aren't important that I be notified immediately of new content on the site. I can't even think of one forum that I want push notifications on, including this one. So, @Matt, please consider adding more PWA support into Invision Community so our mobile users have a better experience on our sites. After all, the "P" in PWA stands for "Progressive" and means that those users with browsers that support the various Progressive Web APIs get near native app experience (including offline use) while those using browsers that don't support some of the Progressive APIs fallback to the older web app experience.
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    To a point. We can get an idea of the direction of travel right now. We can see where experts are recommending publishers and developers concentrate their efforts on. We can also see Apple coming round to PWA and supporting more of the features. We can also see what Invision does as a product, and what PWA can do. And the only thing missing? Notifications on IOS, that's pretty much it... So, right now, the only real unanswered question is whether or not Apple will support that soon. Many people think they will, and their direction of travel suggests they may, as their usage is growing dramatically and developers love them. Developers tend to lead in this sort of thing as it becomes pretty difficult for a single platform to fight against the tide when everyone else is going all-in. Put it this way. If Apple opened up notifications on IOS PWA's next week/month, would you want a native app as described above (eg slim feature set, no themes, no plugins, no monetisation, just forums, no gallery, blogs, clubs etc until hopefully some point in the future)? Or would you prefer Invision to move fast and get PWA on the web kicked into gear across the entire suite? It looks like (to me at least) we're on the cusp of Apple joining Google and MS and embracing PWA fully, So it is potentially the worst moment to start playing about with a native app, even if it is much simpler using a framework like react. If Apple don't do what most people expect and IPS do develop their native app, then great they'll look like geniuses having bucked the trend and got ahead of the curve, but that'd be more luck than judgement as it doesn't look especially likely. Yes, it's a guess, but it's an educated one. And in 6/12 months time, if Apple still aren't playing ball, I would assume the air may start to drain out of the PWA balloon to an extent, and then, native would start to look like the right route to head in again. But now, for me at least, the idea is either 5 years too late or (maybe) 12 months too early. And while they've waited this long, those extra months won't hurt & it's not like there's nothing else for them to be getting on with.
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    So, good news to hear you are doing something positive, however its not ideal for me personally as I currently use a tapatalk BYO app. I really would want the ability to add adverts into any app were I to change. That was until this morning however, when i received an email from tapatalk saying they were discontinuing support for their branded BYO! 😡
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    Web apps aren't perfect right now, but they're getting there quickly. The trend right now is for more money and time to go into developing pwa's than native, for that reason. Apple starting to wake up more to PWA, as they have recently is an indicator of that as well. For me, Tapatalk is a legacy product, it has a wide user base because it's been around years but it doesn't seem to be pulling up trees or doing anything dramatic right now. So the demand for it was probably a reason to develop an app 5 or so years ago rather than now. Plus, if a forum has 100's / 1000's of users using tapatalk, even if it's not completely ideal, it just feels like a stretch to get them to invest the time in pushing an invision version (especially with a lack of monetisation), so your most likely takers are already taken. 5-10 years ago, the reason for making an app were numerous. Slower phones and internet connections meant native was a massive improvement for the user. Responsive design wasn't mainstream, so mobile only sites were often just cheaper, uglier and less feature packed versions of the web version. Native features like location, photo uploads etc weren't available to browsers either. That's all in the past now. Essentially, all that's missing from that list on pwa is push notifications on IOS. And that's probably going to change relatively soon. I just don't really understand what your aims are with this app. From what's written above, the only usp is notifications. There's nothing else ground breaking or unique in there and I can't think of any functionality in the web version right now, apart from notifications, which doesn't function as needed on mobile. You've also implied that the future is pwa, and that you'll feed back what you learn into the web product. But what do you want/need to learn from it? Also, at what point does pwa become mature enough for you to decide there's no advantage to maintaining the app? It just feels confused, you've introduced it without really explaining the purpose or (more importantly) the advantages for a community owner or community member to install it. Like yourselves, I'm part of a relatively small business, and development time and budget is finite. So, from the outside looking in admittedly, it just appears you're wasting precious time on this, which ultimately has to be to the detriment of other aspects of the software. Just my opinion of course, but I'm intrigued as to the thinking on this one.
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    I guess this is a good stopgap. The fact you can do it in react native makes sense. Philosophically, I think I’ve probably said enough times that from where I sit as an admin, part of the long term success of Invision Community seems to me will rest on maintaining the decentralized and ad hoc nature of communities (as compared to Facebook, Reddit, etc.) That is, as more people realize that the “platform communities” have significant downsides from a privacy and control perspective, we can operate our boutique communities to fill that niche and promote our decentralized nature as a reason to join a community. For that reason, I’m still all in on PWAs precisely because they don’t intermingle or confuse Invision as being akin to a reddit with one app with a bunch of subcommunities. I’d be nervous promoting an app that works across multiple communities precisely for the optics that creates of being part of a larger platform/user worries about who controls the data/etc. However, Apple does what apple does, and I need mobile push notifications, so I’ll take what I can get. The comments about ads are fairly relevant and high priority for me though. Anything that reduces the profitability of my community serves to disincentivize me from grinding it out and trying to compete. If this swallows up all my mobile ad revenue (which >50% of total ad revenue) I’m going to be in a tough spot. All said, it’s exciting to see these efforts. Looking forward to the launch.
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    Selecting quote in Commerce Support

    Hello, we have it in topics: I want to suggest implement it in support requests too. 🙂
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    I'd agree with other commentators that having the option to have adverts would be absolutely vital for me. My users see ads as a necessary evil so my site can continue to operate and tolerate them. However, if there's suddenly an ad-free app available, it's only human nature that they would use it in preference to the ad-supported version and my mobile revenue would plummet.
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    Just take my money already!! Glad to see IPS was listening. I won't complain about the slowness. I know this stuff gets complicated. I think this is a big step in the right direction although I would have chosen PWA's personally. Just remember, the more you help us stay in business publishing WITH ADS..... the more chance you have to keep your publishers paying, Partner.
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    Nitro - Support

    Nitro 1.1 - Added social links & load time in header - Modified a little secondary hover color - Modified general statistics - Added borders to link buttons - Resolved chat button height
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    Gallery and Clubs are both high on the priority list. Pages is tricky to do because people do so many custom things with it, whereas a native app needs its views built ahead of time. That said, I'd love to find a way of offering some pre-built views that you can choose for each database. It won't work for every site but it'd hopefully cover the common situations. There is a new GraphQL API that powers the app. While we're building it for the app, in theory any application would be able to use it.
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    Yes, that'll be a built in option 🙂You'll also be free to make your own banners/announcements/etc. of course too.
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    Curious as to how we may inform our members of the mobile app. Will there be an option to detect mobile devices and show them (guests and members on mobile) where to go in order to download the mobile app?
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    I guess so, but for me I would rather have this as paid option. At least until we can have ads displayed in the app as well. My paying users have no ads, and this can be another reason to be a paying member... Anyway - I look forward to see the final result. Also I have a website that only uses Pages, and I'm very curios on how this app will handle third party add-ons and Pages.
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    Firstly, we don't have firm plans for the white-label approach yet, so take any information about that with a pinch of salt because they will likely change. Modifications wouldn't be possible; what we'd do is build a version of the app locked to your community, with your branding (your own splash screen, name, colors, etc.). You'd then submit this to the app stores yourself, under your name. Once submitted, we can then provide most updates to the app without your involvement (except in a few special situations). Users won't have to download our app and there'd be no 'Invision' branding in it. We anticipate the white-label app being a relatively high-end offering. The app we'll be using for initial testing is essentially a white-label app for our own community here, so you'll hopefully be able to imagine that but for your own community.
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    Ads are certainly on our priority list - we know they're important to many communities. That said, getting the basic functionality spot-on is key first, otherwise ads would be a moot point!
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    Great start! but with out ads, difficult to go with it, since 80% of the adsrevenue is from mobile ads. Then pay-to-use-app feature sould be avaliable in the Commerce for the users ) or per-group allowance to use the app
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    Version 1.0.1


    Robokassa Payment Gateway for Invision Community.


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    Wayne B

    (itzverified) member verification

    Is there an option to make the verification time limited? So the verification expires after 1 year or 3 years etc and the member reverts back to original group and then must complete the verification process again to ensure they still meet the criteria? We have members that are members of a particular company and we get them to send us their company ID however we want this to be limited to re-verifying every 3 years to ensure that people who leave the company no longer have access. Thanks @tsdevelopment
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    (itzverified) member verification

    Argh the group that I made the available to is the only group I want to verify. I don’t want them to move to a new group. They are already in a very special group. Moving them would change everything for me This would be better as a bool in the member table. Verify Flag true or flag false
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    It actually compares pretty favorably to TapaTalk already in terms of features. It's important to note that all user handling is done by your community. We don't handle registrations, login or act as a middle-man. Once the user taps to enter your community, it's all handled by your IPS4 installation via a new API. The only exception to this is push notifications, which for technical reasons must route through our own service from your community. As a side effect of this, it means we aren't offering a global "Invision Account" type service right now. Users will need to register and log in to each community they wish to visit in the app. We hope to offer a premium option for users and/or communities later, but we also don't want to hoist ourselves with our own petard by ruling in or ruling out particular ideas at this early stage. We'll see what the reception to the app is once it's in users' hands and go from there.
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