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    I'm excited to reveal that we are making Invision Community native apps for iOS and Android! For the past few months, our staff has been using an internal test build right here on our community. Now we are ready to widen testing to a larger pool of customers. Information on how to become a tester is at the end of this post. But first, let's take a look at the app itself. Technology Preview We have a lot of exciting plans for the Invision Community app. We wanted to take full advantage of a clean slate and build a brand new experience that embraces a native app's interfaces. While the app is unmistakably Invision Community, it features new ways of interacting with your content. We want the app to help shape the future of Invision Community, and we're asking for you to help. What we are opening up for testing today is a technology preview. This slim app covers the essentials with a view to much more expansion later. The technology preview is locked to our community. The app we will release will be a 'multi-community' app; a directory of communities users can browse and save. We’ve taken this approach because the app stores have clamped down on ‘template’ apps, and the cost involved in building and maintaining a separate app per-community won’t be an option for many of our customers. A multi-community app is a great approach for most: simple setup, minimal cost, still fully-featured, and a great way for new users to find your community too. What The App Does For the initial phase of this technology preview, discussions are the main focus which is the foundation of every Invision Community. Also available are profiles, streams, search and notifications - including (at last!) push notifications. Any areas that the app does not currently support will open seamlessly in a web view within the app. As we build new functionality into the app over time, users will encounter fewer of these hybrid views. Your feedback will allow us to target the highest priority areas during the technology preview phase. RPReplay_Final1568062287_1.mp4 Pricing Note: The information below outlines our current intentions, but may change as we finalize the app's release to app stores. The good news is we intend for the app to be free to both our customers with active licenses and their end-users. In time, we will offer a premium option to communities. This funding will secure the app's long-term future. The premium option could enhance their listing in the directory, or provide special functionality when users use that community in the app. Availability We intend to release the app alongside the next significant point release of Invision Community, expected to be 4.5. Communities will need to upgrade to this version to allow their users to use the app. Questions? Why not a PWA (progressive web app)? Invision Community 4.4 already supports several PWA features. However, until iOS supports Push Notifications (and other features) in PWAs, we don't feel they are a fully-rounded solution to using communities on a phone. Building native apps allow us to experiment with new interfaces and approaches. As PWA support improves in the years to come, we'll feed what we learn back into the main product for the benefit of all users. Why now? Those with a long memory will recall that we've had a few attempts at providing an app in the past that weren't successful. We are great at building apps with web technologies but creating native apps ourselves wasn't sustainable. Enter React Native. React Native is an open-source technology for building native apps. React Native allows teams to build native apps using web technologies, but crucially, React Native doesn't build hybrid apps. They are compiled into real native apps - not browser wrappers, but native buttons, text, dialogs, animations and more. A year or so ago, we started experimenting with React Native to see if it might be a viable approach for us. And it was. Finally, there was a technology that enabled web engineers to build delightful cross-platform native apps. As we can build native mobile apps using the technology we are familiar with allows us to incorporate mobile app development into our existing processes. Why just forums? Invision Community is a large, fully-featured platform, and building the entire platform in a native app from the get-go didn't seem to be the best approach. Instead, we've focused on the most active area of most communities - forums - with other areas still supported in the app via webviews. Over time, additional features and tools will be built into the app so that it eventually reaches feature-parity with the web version. We'll take feedback from our customers to determine which areas to support next. How will I add my community to the app? The next significant point release of Invision Community (expected to be 4.5) will have app support built-in. Including your app in the directory will be as simple as enabling the feature in your AdminCP and configuring a few options. Is the app ad-supported? There are no ads of any kind in the app right now. We may include ads or allow communities to run their own ads as a premium option in future. Can I get a white-label version for my community? We aim to offer a white-label option in the future. Will my plugins work in the app? Probably not. We're intentionally building the app to work with standard Invision Community features and apps right now. If your plugins add new UI elements or change the functions that users interact with it's likely they will not work with the app. What about themes? Themes won't work in the app because the app doesn't use HTML. However, some branding/customization will be available via the AdminCP, and we may expand upon this in future. Have other questions? Let us know in the comments, and we'll answer them! Sign Up For Testing For the next stage of our testing process, we will be inviting several customers to try the app and provide feedback/bug reports. As part of the sign-up process, we'll ask for some information about your own community. We'll use this to select further testers once we begin testing of the 'multi-community' version of the app later. The answers you provide will not affect your chance of testing the app on our community. Interested in joining the testing group? Click here to sign up. RPReplay_Final1568062287_1.mp4
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    Ads are certainly on our priority list - we know they're important to many communities. That said, getting the basic functionality spot-on is key first, otherwise ads would be a moot point!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a very simple plugin to remove empty <p> tags in forums posts, it'll convert posts look to compact view.


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    Yes they are true native apps (check out the Questions section above, there's a bit about the technology). Addons will open seamlessly in a webview inside the app 🙂 We'll show off how that works in more detail later.
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    Great start! but with out ads, difficult to go with it, since 80% of the adsrevenue is from mobile ads. Then pay-to-use-app feature sould be avaliable in the Commerce for the users ) or per-group allowance to use the app
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    Very good but needs to be compatible with ads
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    Tags are essential for searching our community (and many others) so it would be great if ADMIN had the option to set the default Searches to include Tags. I know we can access tag searches, but that's not an intuitive or easily accessible search for function. Thanks!
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    Super, super excited for this! Our users have been asking for this, with over 44,128 unique visitors to our site we'll hopefully improve our memberships signups and commerce signups. Way over due, so thank you IPS.
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    You say it won't be HTML, so it will be a true 'native' iOS/Android app, and not just loading a Phonegap or similar app into an app container? What happens if we do have addons installed? Does it just ignore them?
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    Great news and a perfect start to what can be an ideal solution all round. The ability to discover other communities is going to be a great future in its own right.
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    Joy Rex

    Quote system

    So rather than hitting enter three times, you would rather: Put your cursor where you want the break Take your hand off the keyboard to grab your mouse Move the mouse to the editor toolbar and click a button Return your hands to the keyboard Because that's more intuitive? 😕
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    Plugin page has disable all. Also you can run the support tool after it clears cache select that the problem hasn't been resolved and it should give an option to disable all customizations.
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    Thanks a lot! I don't know how much it will cost, but i'm already in the queue! 🙏
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    That'll be really useful. Our users wanted something like tapatalk (which we didn't use due to privacy concerns) for a long time.
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    This is great news! Curious to see how this compares with Tapatalk, which many of my members use on two different Invision forums I run. Does the app support the AdminCP for administrators?
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    Version 2.2.11


    Build trust in your community, or forum-based marketplace with the Trader Feedback System. This application allows members to leave feedback for each other on community transactions. Members can leave positive, negative, or neutral feedback Optional or mandatory link in feedback to the content item Ability to link Feedback against most content items (including 3rd party, for example Classifieds) Integrates with Invision Community's notification system Integrates feedback information in member profiles Restrict access and features based on member group Captcha on Feedback Submission Flood Control on Feedback Submission iTrader Converter (available within the IPS Converter application during vBulletin conversion) Support If you require any support for this product please create a Technical Support ticket in the Client Area. You will need to register for an account.


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    Version 1.0.0


    English: The plugin increases the number of displayed record lines in the results. The plugin works with Pages (CMS). Polish: Wtyczka zwiększa ilość wyświetlanej linii rekordu w wynikach. Wtyczka współpracuje z Pages (CMS).


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    I am moving to SES in the next day or two. Finally go the email from Sparkpost. Going from ~80/mo -> $170/mo if I stuck around. SES should be ~$30. They requested I setup Simple Notification Service (SNS) in order to increase my limit to the 20k/day emails. Not sure if your app would have some sort of API that could suck in the SNS messages and process them. Im willing to chip in some $ if that would make the project move faster. Feel free to PM me. Thanks!
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    My site uses all custom apps. I am in need for good mobile experience like true native apps can give. Any chance you will make the source code for this new app available for download so sites like mine can use as a starting point to building a custom app for our highly customized sites? Open sourcing the new app would be much appreciated. I'm willing to pay for the source code if it means I can build native apps for my site. I was planning on building a PWA for my site, but a native app (in addition to the PWA) would be great. I still need the PWA app for other platforms like Desktop.
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    Thomas P

    Quote system

    In this case you can educate/show them, I have posted many how-to articles on our community. Using some animated gifs, i.e. small videos like this help a lot. See e.g.: https://www.mcseboard.de/uploads/monthly_2019_06/standardverlauf.gif.0d3b4d94c76e45316b13b6bbb0a637c5.gif Please note that his example does not show quoting...
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    "Notificator" Mobile App

    OK... so... can we talk about this :
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    Agreed. We make the BULK of revenue off of ads on the forums. Without a net positive on monitization I would NEVER adopt this. We also have many features outside of the forums. Since this is not PWA the experience between an app and non app parts of the site will be bad. I'll pass and wait for PWA support. To note, I DO appreciate the effort for mobile. I just think this won't work for our community. Also to note, I'm not sure Google allows a single app (common app) to host Soo many different AdSense account ads. Is it not one account per app? It's also unclear if you would support header bidding (big deal for larger sites).
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    403 - Forbideen

    Trim Empty Lines in Posts

    Good job! I already install this on GGames, thanks a lot.
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    Joel R

    Quote system

    Whoa whoa ... Three taps of the enter button??
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    Midnight Modding


    well, finished the pickems app, but just doing little tweaks and last minute decisions. Already finished that tie feature and have a setting where you can choose whether to call it ties or draws and also can choose per pool whether to allow members to predict them or not. When entering who won the games, you can always select tie. draw for that whether members were allowed to predict it or not. If they WERE allowed to, they get it correct. if they were not allowed, it just doesn't count the game one way or another, no win or loss. Anyway, tested everything with and without it turned on to be sure I didn't mess anything up and it seems to be working fine.
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    Martin A.

    Quote system

    Not impossible to break it in the middle either. You just have to make sure you are on an empty line when you hit enter in order to break out if it. In this case I had to hit enter twice, then move the cursor up one line (to get to the empty line) then hit enter again.
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    @Matt - You are busy guy, so I need to follow up like weekly windows update reminder hehe
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    Rules for clubs forum

    This is due to the extreme limitations to how content is recirculated within an Invision Community forum. The Topics and Posts side boxes are only customizable to the entire site and not down to the club (group) level. (basically not granular enough) You CAN exclude or only include certain forums in them... but then you limit the other clubs / groups. Over time you will see one club take control of the entire site.... and Google will shove you into a niche effectively limiting your growth. Meanwhile Twitter and Facebook take over the world while we discuss simple functionality. It has been fun debating within this community though. I'm sure someone out there argued in the past why color TV was ever a necessity since they already had black and white.
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    I have rules, but I'm not heavy-handed with them. It's pretty much anything goes, with a caveat: if you post something that could generally be considered too intense for all audiences (like with swear words and all), then use a content warning in the title. An [R} (like for an R rated movie) is all that I require, but I find that many members will add more like "language" or "religious" in the title line. There have also been members who haven't used the R, and I've had to put it in myself. I'll usually reply to their topics and include that I added the required content warning to the title line. Hopefully they learn from it. Also, in the rules, I specify a few things which are not allowed like porn, political endorsements, advertisements (unless approved by me), and since it is an artistic community, I state clearly that I, in my sole discretion, am the one who determines what constitutes porn, political endorsements, etc. In the words of "W," "I'm the decider!" I generally try to lead by example. My members will often post poems about subjects they feel strongly about, and I always let it ride even when I don't agree. I'll post a reply that addresses the qualities of the poem itself, not so much the content. I did have a member who recently posted a long anti-gun rant (er, poem). I had to clean it up, because he just copied/pasted from another site where he had posted it, and it was riddled with garbage links like [edit], [follow], [472 followers], [830 following], etc. I had to waste my time cleaning that up, so I was already in a bad mood. I happen to like guns, so I used the topic as an excuse to post some opinions of my own under the guise of inciting that member to post more poems. A few days later I posted a provocative piece of my own. 😉 But generally, I have a good group and haven't detected any outright hostility.
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    Midnight Modding


    Some time in the next couple days. I had to get it evaluated and improve some things and even added some new things here and there.
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    This is probably the most important area for a large board.... and I always keep this "You can't please everyone" in mind... I agree that if you want to deal it in a right way, make sure that you have a clear and simple guidelines... and never forget this Be fair, Stay away from double standards, Judge your members according to rules (guidelines), not your personal view/opinions (You should/must also follow/watch your moderators very closely to ensure that their personal opinions are not involved in decision-making.)
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    Night Mode Theme

    Version 1.0.3


    Night Mode Theme Zero template edits with CSS customisations only in custom.css and theme settings, so you're free to upgrade without waiting on updates! Tested with all IPS apps. (ltr only) Includes the Night Mode Editor Theme. If you spot any issues please let me know in the support topic.


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    It's what IPS recommended years ago, and it is a great approach. 👍🏻
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    Render-blocking CSS

    For several days I've introduced another experiment to my live site. I've created another template, preload_js with content: {{foreach array_unique( array_filter( \IPS\Output::i()->jsFiles ), SORT_STRING ) as $js}} {{$js = \IPS\Http\Url::external( $js );}} <link rel="preload" href='{{if $js->data["host"] == parse_url( \IPS\Settings::i()->base_url, PHP_URL_HOST )}}{expression="$js->setQueryString( 'v', \IPS\CACHEBUST_KEY )"}{{else}}{expression="$js"}{{endif}}' as="script"> {{endforeach}} and I put a template after the template preload_css in global templates. My original template includeJS loads before closing body tag. This improves the speed loading site, as well as time First paint and DOM loaded. If someone wants to test on their site and share results.
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    Render-blocking CSS

    I have written a lot about this subject, incl. and i have a design to use the critical CSS to remove the Render-blocking CSS. Yes, it works, but it takes a lot of time to analyze and develop a good critical CSS. For a few days I've been exploring another idea that came to my mind. Code in IncludeCSS works perfectly and this code tells the browser - download all those CSS and use them to represent the site. But this code does not tell the browser when and how to use them. The idea I'm using right now is - I created a new template that I put before closing the tag head. In my experiment, this template looks like this: {template="preload_css" app="core" location="global" group="analysis" params=""} In this template I placed this code {{foreach array_unique( \IPS\Output::i()->cssFiles, SORT_STRING ) as $file}} <link rel='preload' href='{expression="\IPS\Http\Url::external( $file )->setQueryString( 'v', \IPS\CACHEBUST_KEY )"}' as="style"> {{endforeach}} {{$customCss = \IPS\Theme::i()->css( 'custom.css', 'core', 'front' );}} {{foreach $customCss as $css}} <link rel='preload' href='{expression="\IPS\Http\Url::external( $css )->setQueryString( 'v', \IPS\CACHEBUST_KEY )"}' as="style"> {{endforeach}} Now, besides a browser command to download all CSS, I send the browser a command - use these CSS as a matter of priority. And the result of over 100 my tests - no render-blocking CSS ... There are no side effects or any other bad impact. I've installed it on my live site and it works perfectly. If a development team wishes, let him test it and apply it in later releases. This will speed up all sites using this really good platform.
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    Render-blocking CSS

    That's true, but it's disabled by default in version 57 and above, and must be manually enabled. This is also true, so it's not really a problem that it's not supported in all browsers. All I wanted to say was that this (preload) is not a quickfix to remove render blocking CSS from every visitor. I have added your example to my own site and it works perfectly!
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    Render-blocking CSS

    For IE status In Development https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/platform/status/preload/ For FF after v.56 incl. https://platform-status.mozilla.org/#link-rel-preload For Android Browser - Works. It is important to note - if a browser client does not support the preload function, the site will continue to load as before. CSS are loading with rel='stylesheet' and the use of rel = "preload" creates only priority in CSS processing and this removes render-blocking.
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    Render-blocking CSS

    I’m not sure if you can call it a side effect or bad impact, but preload is not supported by neither IE nor Firefox: https://caniuse.com/#feat=link-rel-preload Though, the website will still work in IE or Firefox!
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    We are Borg

    Quote system

    here my comment Doing 3 taps on enter to insert your own comment is not intuitive pressing a button is.
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