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    Square avatars

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    Version 1.0.0


    The modification allows you to change the appearance and add many functionalities to manage records. Requires Pages (CMS) application. Demo => https://1shot2kill.pl/portal/ Settings allow: Possibility to hide the author in a record, The ability to show the category where the record is located along with its personalization, The ability to show the number of reactions in the form of graphics, Option to show the number of record comments, The ability to show the number of views of the record, Highlight the first letter of the record with the option of changing the color and size of the letter, Additional Font Awesome Icons in any version (Even Font Awesome 5), The option of hiding the "Read more" button and its personalization, Customizable block of records ============================= Modyfikacja umożliwia zmianę wyglądu oraz dodanie wielu funkcjonalności do zarządzania artykułami. Wymagane jest posiadanie aplikacji Pages (CMS). Demo => https://1shot2kill.pl/portal/ Ustawienia umożliwiają: Możliwość ukrycia autora w rekordzie, Możliwość pokazania kategorii gdzie znajduje się dany rekord wraz z jego personalizacją, Możliwość pokazania ilość reakcji w postaci grafik, Możliwość pokazania ilość komentarzy rekordu, Możliwość pokazania liczbę wyświetleń rekordu, Wyróżnić pierwszą literę rekordu wraz z możliwością zmiany koloru oraz wielkości litery, Dodatkowe ikony Font Awesome Icons w dowolnej wersji (Nawet Font Awesome 5), Możliwość ukrycia przycisku "Czytaj więcej" oraz jego personalizacja, Możliwość dostosowania bloku rekordów


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    Square avatars

    It is as a theme option.
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    Scheduled Posts

    I think it would be really nice to have the ability to create a post and schedule it to be posted at a later date/time. This would allow me to do a LOT of work ahead of time on my forum.
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    New Arcade Plugin for Invision 4.x

    There may be something closer than you think, just sayin
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    Version 1.0.20


    ☄️Acme Theme Choosing the font color, the theme has many settings and can be fully customized. It's perfect for all forums, beautifully displaying all site content. Possibility to change header, slider, navigation, popus, forms, comments and much more.. Permanent support - Write me a private message and you will receive the rank of customer on the codebite.dev/ips You can buy a plug-in to remove copyright from the footer. ( private message ) (click) View demo (click) Username: demo Password: youthemedemo New Dark Theme ACP (Click for full size) Theme by 💖 CodeBite.dev


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    Secure Email Change

    Version 1.0.0


    This is a simple plugin that adds an additional layer of security to the email change process, making it more difficult for an account to be hijacked. Before the user can change their email address, an email is sent to their current email address, with a link they must click. This ensures that only the real account owner can change the email. After clicking the link, the member can proceed with the email change process as normal.


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    Raffles System

    Alright created an account
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    (BIM) Topic Thumbnail

    Best $15 I’ve spent on the marketplace another brilliant application from @onlyME. I use this for two forums that members share pictures to and I also use it as forum icons for all the forums because why not use new content as an icon. This has definitely brought a new feel to the forum section. I don’t allow members to upload a thumb it’s only if they post content it will be used as thumb. Thanks again for another game changing application.
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    New Arcade Plugin for Invision 4.x

    It is a functioning arcade on the 4.x platform
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    New Arcade Plugin for Invision 4.x

    I have not run IPB Arcade, Casino and Attack system since the 2.x days of IPB. I would also pay to get them back, as I lost them when I went to 3.x
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    It's what IPS recommended years ago, and it is a great approach. 👍🏻
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    Pete T

    IPS Dark Theme Option

    IPS did have a version but not sure if it's around but closes one seen is
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    Version 1.0.0


    How to deal with toxic members within your community.


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    Yeah! that's what I wanna know as well! also wondering how they did it themselves manually whether if they used a third party plugin or inserted some code somewhere. 😂
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    Anyone successful with using their site as a PWA?
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    @ Gabriel Torres This app does not work well with large communities. I had problems installing and once installed it locks the tasks. I gave up...
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