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    Discord is killing our forum

    I recommend adding a good chat implementation to IPB. Our users requested a Discord server, and it's been successful. Too successful. People now hang out on our Discord server and post there instead of our own website. There are three problems: We want our users' content to be on our own website so it attracts more traffic. Having Discord available discourages people from creating an account for our site, so we are losing customer data and the ability to sell them more products. I don't like giving control of our community over to some third party that might go under, start charging us money, or delete our data for any arbitrary reason. There are many bad chat applications our there. We used to use CometChat but it's buggy and they raised their prices ten times. I just visited the ArrowChat site and they can't even keep their SSL certificate up to date. IPS should be concerned about this, because I can see our forum dying off in real-time and the activity on Discord keeps going up. I'm not sure what to do. I want to delete our Discord server but I am afraid people won't move back to the forum. If the forum had a decent chat feature it would be easier to persuade our users to move back into our own system. I would actually not worry about voice or video at all, because no one in our community ever uses it.
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    Would be great to include subscriptions into profile completion, since its tied to membership/profile.
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    Discord is killing our forum

    I can search for a game, see the result, and join it with no invitation, but our server is not searchable. So I am bringing traffic to Discord but they are failing to return the favor. You have to read between the lines of their carefully crafted PR speak: Translations: Pay us or you are blacklisted from search results.
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    Oops, sorry. I forgot to come back and reply to this. Leave this with me, I'll sort some instructions today.
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    Mr 13

    Discord is killing our forum

    IPS must provide instant interaction without reloading of pages and infinite scrolling, just like discord, vk, and any other modern website does. Without this features using of IC is too slow and uncomfortable for users who ever tried discord/vk/discourse etc and we will loose them.
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    Version 4.4.10


    Chinese Simplified 简体中文 官方9个插件都有做简体中文语言包 System 系统 (核心,必须安装) Forums 论坛 (论坛插件,必须安装) Blogs 博客 (博客插件) Calendar 日历 (日历插件,有RSVP功能,可统计有谁要参加活动) Pages 专栏 (专栏插件,也就是CMS) Converter 转换器 (转换器插件,让其他的论坛程序转换为IPS论坛) Downloads 下载 (下载插件,通称资源中心,让会员上传分享或下载文件) Gallery 相册 (相册插件,让会员上传照片或视频) Commerce 商城 (商城插件,让管理员贩卖自家产品或服务,可接API,卖域名,卖主机)


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    Joel R

    [Guide] Joel's Guide to Subscriptions

    Level: Newbie Time: 15 minutes of reading. Topic: IP.Commerce Subscriptions ============================= Hi everyone, One of the newest and easiest features of 4.3 is Subscriptions. It's a simplified version of IP.Commerce products without all of the bells and whistles, and it displays beautifully on its own subscriptions page. While there are many ways to earn money from your community, I personally believe that subscriptions are one of the best methods because it directly aligns users with your community's mission and values -- you're not beholden to Google's AdSense or other marketing networks, you're not profiting off selling user data, and you're getting self-identifying users who become invested in your community's success. Subscriptions are easy to configure and set-up. Guide to Commerce: https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/suite-applications/commerce/getting-the-basics_384/what-is-commerce-r180/. The purpose of this guide is to give you 5 things to think about as you plan your Subscriptions. ============================= 1. MISSION Subscriptions are easy to setup, but hard to do well. What I mean by that is that, before you try to jump in, you need to think about how subscriptions are aligned with your community's success. These are users who want to pay you a monthly fee - cold, hard cash! - because they want to support your site. They want to receive valuable benefits, and some even want to add value to your website. Most admins try to jump directly to Benefits -- that's wrong. You need to first ask yourself the most fundamental question: "why are subscriptions beneficial to my website?" Hint: The answer shouldn't be, "duh Joel, I get cold hard cash." The answer should be: When you frame your subscriptions in line with your goals, values, and mission statement, you'll discover a whole new way of integrating your subscribers into your website with greater depth of relations and a deeper, more meaningful partnership with them. Because of that, I think subscriptions can cover a wide range of motivations, either external or intrinsic. The external benefits are easy: External - They get access to stuff. External - They can do more stuff. External - They receive stuff. The intrinsic benefits, however, are what I think most subscriptions should focus on (and what most admins skip!). It's an emotional response to the website: how the user feels when they login, participate, converse, and further the aims of the community. These intrinsic motivations drive users to support the website not because they get something, but because they want to help be a part of your community's future. In fact, they'll even pay for the opportunity to be a part of your website's success! The intrinsic benefits are necessarily more powerful over time, as it continues to provide longstanding motivation to the users when they renew. The intrinsic benefits can encompass a wide range of emotions: Intrinsic - They're a builder, and want to help you build up the community Intrinsic - They're a visionary, and want to participate in your long-term vision Intrinsic - They're a teammember, and want to be one of the inner core They might also be a sugar daddy, in which case, lucky you. Thus, I think it's important to focus on both the external benefits ("what the user gets") AND the intrinsic benefits ("how the user feels"). And in the intrinsic benefits, you ultimately want to craft a narrative on how those subscriptions align with your community's mission. For example: Are you a nonprofit resource of information on the web? Your goals might be the objectivity and knowledge base of your organization Are you a gaming clan that provides matchmaking for gamers? Your goals might be the camarederie and structure of your clan Are you a brand's fan site? Your goals might be realtime news and insight of your brand And if you clearly articulate your community's mission, then you're able to clearly identify intrinsic benefits of how users can support you. Using the same cases as above: Nonprofit resource - maintain objectivity and grow knowledge base as a leading provider in the field Gaming clan - foster camaraderie and cultivate talent to become a top-ranked competitive clan Brand's fan site - realtime reactions and insightful analysis to become the premier brand fansite And these intrinsic benefits are the most powerful benefits of all, because they're tied to the goals, values, and mission statement of your community -- you emotionally connect your user to your community's mission. This means that you're able to write a more focused, more powerful, and more impactful Subscription that's aligned with the overall purpose of your community and that touches your user in a very heartfelt manner. When your user pays, they're not just getting benefits, they're becoming a part of something larger. ============================= 2. BENEFITS If you thought deeply about your mission behind subscriptions, then the benefits are easy. In fact, benefits should be an after-thought if you do Step 1. You're simply matching up suite features to the purpose of your subscriptions. If you need help brainstorming, here's a list of suite features: Permissions - permissions to view or access new categories in Forums, Gallery, Blogs, Downloads, or Clubs Permissions - permissions to comment or review in Forums, Gallery, Blogs, Downloads, or Clubs Group settings: allow name changes, search flood control, anonymous logins Group settings: higher upload quotas, highlight replies, give star ratings, longer edit time, bypass flood control Group settings: higher profile storage size, profile size, animated photos, cover photos, more PMs, status updates Clubs: can start clubs, can join more clubs Downloads: can charge for files, can submit multiple, higher download speeds, higher bandwidth quotas, higher download limits Gallery: private albums, restricted access albums, more albums, movies Third Party Any permissions in third-party apps for profile videos, profile backgrounds, bookmarks, trophies, etc. Recognition Suite recognition: Group icons, group formatting, new group, highlight replies Manual recognition: congratulations topic, personal PM or email or status update, newsletter As a note here, I want to emphasize that the manual recognition by staff members can be just as significant as system features. Even a simple forum topic dedicated to recognizing new subscribers or a personal email can be a wonderful way of recognizing their support. When you're deciding to pick-and-choose your list of upgrades, remember that it's not about the quantity, it's about the impact. Rather than having a whole slew of features (where each one is as meaningless as the next), select a few that you really want to focus on, and clearly explain how those features relate to the user's benefits. Find 1 - 3 features that really make a difference, and build your subscriptions around that. ============================= 3. LANGUAGE While the primary text will obviously be the description of the Subscription, I encourage you to think more broadly about language. Language is a reflection of a you as an administrator and your board's character. As such, the proper choice of words in language can convey subtle differences and give more meaning to what you're trying to accomplish. As a simple scenario, you can change the langstring of "Subscriptions" into something that better reflects your mission. As some examples: Mental wellness organization - become a Patron of the Joy program Gaming clan - to become an Officer in the Commission program Brand's fan site - to become a SuperFan in the Emblem program As you can see, none of these use the word Subscriptions - and with the power of IPS' language translation - you can come up with a completely customized program using lingo that fits with your mission. You're no longer selling subscriptions. You're offering an opportunity to become a patron of your mission. To get inspired, here are some keywords for you to think about: Advocate Benefactor Fan Friend Sponsor Supporter Angel Champion Defender Guardian Patron While the above words can be a good springboard for inspiration, you want to relate the terms as much as possible to your niche's nomenclature. Be inspired and think creatively! ============================= 4. PRICING Subscriptions in IPS are easy to configure for different time periods. You can set up renewal terms based upon any of the following: X Days X Months X Years Make sure you also configure your Subscription settings for Upgrading and Downgrading. A default setting is to not charge when users upgrade (which is a big fat loophole). As some tips, I would encourage you to think about the following: Less is More: Only offer 3 - 4 main subscriptions. Keep it simple for users with simple numbers and fixed durations. Make it clear on the differences, the time frame, and the options. Don't try to overwhelm your users on the subscriptions page. Your goal is to get money, not give them an all you-can-eat-buffet of forum upgrades. Loyalty Discount: For longer lengths, offer a greater discount in exchange for their loyalty. Data-Driven Pricing: Try to compute your financial goals before you set up pricing. You might already know the engagement numbers for monetization, or you can try to guess. In my case, I projected 1% of users to buy a subscription, and I wanted those users to pay for 150% coverage of all operating costs. It's Not About the Money: Even though this section is on pricing, as a last tip, it's never about the money, it's about value. Are you offering a package of value to the user, that's filled with rewarding benefits? That's ultimately what users care about. ============================= 5. MARKETING Once you've built your subscriptions, you're ready to let the world know! There are a couple of ways you can market. There are broad announcements and trigger announcements. Broad announcements are ones where you spray your announcement at as many people as possible, and hope it sticks. It can be a great way to efficiently announce the start of your subscription program to your entire userbase: Announcement Bulk Mail Custom Notification Newsletter Registration screen A more fine-tuned approach is trigger marketing, when you catch the user at the point where they want to upgrade or access. I find this to be a more tailored approach and one that's better for long-term success. Try to offer them a call-to-action at the moment of access. Are they trying to access a specific category? Customize the 'no permission' description Are they trying to view additional items in a specific app? Add an announcement only in that app The goal is to offer subscriptions at the moment when users are wanting subscriptions, and to facilitate the check-out process as quickly as possible so they can continue on with their routine. Just remember that, when you advertise, you want to spread the word around in an effective manner and to reach people who want to engage with you.
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    Menu/Navigation Icons

    Yeah it is a styling issue, I could add a section for styling as well as the normal icon configuration but it would be redundant. Also to save headaches it would be best to keep all CSS in the theme if it pertains specifically to that theme.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This app allows your members to login using their Instagram account. https://github.com/Recouse/IPS-Instagram-Login-Handler


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    One little problem with that idea - If I am new to any site, registering to get some help or ask any Q, I wouldn't like to donate upfront. Once I notice members and community are nice, I would be more willing to donate to keep that site going. So registration flow will not help much but that's just my limited guess. I also try to keep registration as simple as possible. Email / password and/or 3rd party logins and we get the new user.
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    (DP44) Single Use License Keys

    This is very good. I would recommend this plugin for any digital-code selling website. The developer replys to pm quickly if you got a problem with the plugin and provides great service. 5/5 hands down
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    C4D Cafe

    Gamozilla Theme

    Awesome themes with awesome features. Also, TAMAN is always ready to help if he can. Great thing when you need a support! 🙂
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    Michael Yates


    Excellent news, when will this be available and do you have any screenshots of this.
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    Midnight Modding

    Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    I worked like crazy on it and even tonight worked for hours improving little things and fixing bugs related to stats and made sure it will work without weeks for those wanting it that way. I am very happy with it, myself, and considering the first version finished unless other bugs are found, of course.
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    Would be really good to be able to have the option to not show a numerical NO VALUE amount like $0.00 and replace that with a language string like the word "FREE". For instance, if I'm using products or subscriptions and offer a free membership, it just looks so much nicer if it says "FREE" or "NO CHARGE".
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    Fluid view improvements

    I really like fluid view but i think there could be some improvements on the navigation side of things. Would it be possible to change the check and uncheck feature to just click like a menu? Menay of our members keep forgetting to uncheck and we get several emails saying they can not see all posts because they forgot or did not realise they had to uncheck the box to see all topics again. In addition to this it would be good if when they clicked a certain forum the TOPICS titel at the top would reflect the forum topics they are viewing if that makes sense.
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    Advanced Topic Feed

    A really awesome addon for a very good price, things like this should definitely be a core feature. Something like this would be a very good addition for clubs that don't have/need a forum too, like described in this topic...
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    Joy Rex

    Discord is killing our forum

    I too didn't like switching to Discord after IPS discontinued the Chat module. Just for the same reasons the OP listed, I don't like Discord (although it didn't affect my community like the OP). So, I recently got @onlyME ChatBox+ - it's actually better than IPS Chat ever was, and integrates seamlessly into the forums/my community. It is updated on a regular basis and support for it is stellar (sorry if this is sounding like a review), and gives me the control I want back over my community's chatting experience. I'm going to be discontinuing my Discord soon now that I have ChatBox+, but I will say this - the key here is to sell this to your community as a positive move, and let them know that now a new, better solution has been implemented, the Discord chat will be discontinued at some point in the future, so your users know it's coming. You'll likely get resistance, but if you can successfully sell the benefits of an integrated chat, you can make that transition and ditch Discord if that's what you'd prefer.
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    Discord is killing our forum

    I too miss the IPS chat facility. We now have a Discord server (just like everybody else) but it's very much not the days of old. +1 for some kind of chat re-implementation, even if only a small, light and simple one. Don't need all the bells and whistles.
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    Discord is killing our forum

    This is not about loading the entire site but a bit like Activity Streams work. If there is new content, then it there is a a message about without reloading the page. If you click on the message, new content is loaded into the page. No reloading as well. And if you try a button "Load more activity" you will see that more old messages are shown (no reloading of complete page).
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    Audience or community?

    Mine is both, but the community is what counts. I do have a lot of people who visit the site for information; I have heard from university professors who have told me that they instruct their students to make use of the reference section of my forum, but the intent of the site has always been to serve an online community, as a place where members can showcase, discuss, and archive their works. There are plenty of options online for the ephemeral, but longevity is what I need. I don't publish my own works anywhere other than in my own forums.
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    Mike John

    Collections Support Topic

    I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be caught up with personal messages soon.
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    Mike John

    Users Homepage (Support)

    I didnt specifically check but if not, I will issue an update for compatiblity.
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    📁 Bulk / Zip Downloads

    Any chance of this change coming soon?
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    Dark theme by IPS

    Like you, I was frustrated by the lack of a dark theme so created one. It's free, completely free and contains zero template edits, fully stock IPS templates which means as long as you don't edit any yourself, when you upgrade the theme will automatically update for you. No waiting around for developer updates before you can update your forum. The theme only contains CSS colour changes, it's rare that at this stage you will see any changes to the CSS that would break the colours. Now obviously when 5.x drops this most likely won't work, but should be fine for the duration of the 4.x series. Feel free to ignore, totally understand and despite creating this would still prefer an official one myself.
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    So unless I'm missing something, there is no way to present subscriptions during the registration process or even directly afterwards without forcing users to purchase a subscription, at which point if you want to also offer a free membership, you have to create a free subscription package. I just don't see any other way around this in order to give the opportunity to purchase during registration. There really should be a way to offer this as a step during the registration process with the option to "skip" choosing a paid subscription and just staying with a regular "free" membership.
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    Joel R

    [Guide] Joel's Guide to Subscriptions

    Hi @Reto Bachofner I've been thinking more about your trial, and I believe you're able to do it within one subscription. Within one subscription package, you can have a different price for the first month and then a different price for all subsequent months. For example: 1 EURO for first month 10 EURO for renewals That keeps them on the same subscription plan and hopefully auto-bills the members.
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    Do you have a crystal ball over there, @Joel R? At the moment I‘m dabbling around with the available Mailchimp Plugins. This brings me to the Question. Do I need mailchimp to send out Newsletters to my different Lists (Groups)? I‘ll check out @HeadStand Newsletter for sure. Do I need in addition to this plugin a Mail Delivery Service like sparkpost or is the „inbuild“ from IPB reliable enough related to SPAM Mails.
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    Joel R

    [Guide] Joel's Guide to Subscriptions

    Hey Reto, Another thing I thought of for you. Create a separate "trial" member group. Same permissions as "subscribers" member group. But you can do things only for that group, like send out newsletters and custom notifications. Check out Newsletters by @HeadStand and Custom Notifications by @Fosters.
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    [Guide] Joel's Guide to Subscriptions

    This could be double edged though. If you make the first month cheaper, it will be easier to get new subscribers. Once you get new subscribers it will be easier for them to pay regularly. I know I keep paying my Google Play Music subscription monthly, even though there are months in which I don't listen to a single song. But they got me hooked up and I am too lazy to micromanage cancellations and renewals each month.
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    Joel R

    [Guide] Joel's Guide to Subscriptions

    Another lesson that I learned the hard way (so you don't have to make the same mistakes) Charge more for the first month -- I originally had a monthly plan that costs $10 for the first month and renews at $10. After some trials with users, I bumped it up to $12 for the first month. Why? If you don't charge more for the initial period, then users can stop / restart the plan with no penalty (eg. subscribe $10 for one month, stop for a month until new content becomes available, then subscribe again for $10). By making users pay more for the first month of any subscription, it forces them to stay renewed. Otherwise, the next time they start a new subscription, they have to pay a higher initial amount.
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    Joel R

    [Guide] Joel's Guide to Subscriptions

    Hi @Reto Bachofner It sounds like you have a great idea for subscription-based community! Let me make sure that I have your workflow correct before I advise you on anything: Step 1 Guest --> Founder Member (free) Step 2 Guest --> Users --> 7 day trial --> Basic (10 EUR) or Full (30 EURO) ==================== If the above workflow is correct, then this is what I would do: Step 1 Set up a new group called "Founder Member." I would NOT use subscriptions at all in Step 1. Subscriptions are not required or appropriate at this stage for several reasons: You're not changing permissions between users (eg. user A has more permissions than user B). All users are treated the same, which means it's easier to control and manage through permissions since you only have one kind of user. Subscriptions require users to input their address and billing information, even if they're not being charged anything. If I were a brand new user who knows nothing about your website, why would I trust you enough to give you my name, address, and billing information? By using groups, you bypass the profile information and let users join your community for free. They can help grow your content, let you experiment, and serve as a source for trusted feedback. Once you have a large enough base established, then you're ready for subscriptions. Step 2 To be honest, what you want to do is not possible within IPS due to your advanced requirement of conditional trial periods. There's no feature in IPS that will require users to choose another product at the end of another trial period. Thus, I recommend you directly offer three tiers: Trial, Basic, or Full membership. You would create three subscriptions: Trial (1 EURO for 7 days); Basic (10 EURO for 1 year); and Full (30 EURO for 1 year). For the Trial, do not set up renewal so the period ends at the end of 7 days. For the Basic and Full, set up renewals. You can make those subscriptions available during the registration phase, so new users MUST choose. One problem you will have is that you must decide what will happen when users are done with the trial period. There's no way to force users to go from Trial--> Basic or Full. The most you can do is move them to a new group "Non-Subscribers" and periodically send out reminders to let them know they must re-subscribe You can also use "Group Promotion" (ACP > Members > Group Promotion) to automate moving users from "Non-Subscribers" to an "Inactive Group." You can set up easy rules, like they posted more than 5 days ago. Then, periodically sweep through the Inactive Group and delete as needed. It's not a perfect solution, but it's workable. The main thing is to get started with your community, get the members coming, upload the best available content in your niche, and then decide the best way to ask for subscriptions 🙂. Good luck!
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    Joel R

    [Guide] Joel's Guide to Subscriptions

    Thanks. I think subscriptions are one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money if you have a genuine community of value. You can earn 5 cents per day with AdSense, or make some real money. I've gotten a lot of questions and messages regarding subscriptions since my guide, so I wanted to add on to my guide and share some lessons I've learned. 1. What benefits did you offer? I get asked this question a lot, and I think it's a misleading question because what works on my community won't work on yours. That's why my first point in the guide is to really think hard about the mission and value of subscriptions to YOUR community and the benefits will come. In general, find the value proposition to your members. What do they want, need, crave? Then use Subscriptions to give them more of it. In my case, I have a lot of community content in Downloads so I bumped back permission for regular users and gave subscribers additional permissions (eg. 10 downloads per day instead of 3 downloads per day). And I have a permanent announcement in Downloads that's a call of action at the point of interaction. The last thing you want to do is throw frivolous benefits at your subscribers. Sure, they're nice but they're not compelling. You want to offer something that your users crave, so the money comes rolling in. 2. How much to charge? Another tough question. As little or as much as you want, to be honest. Money is meaningless on it's own. It's what the money does that matters. On IPBoard 3, I sold the same exact subscription package at $5 and $25. Really! (It was an interesting social experiment.) Same benefits. Same permissions. I had as many users on the more expensive plan as the cheaper plan (!), but they felt good about supporting my website. People support you for all sorts of reasons. Define a compelling story or proposition behind your subscription and you can charge anything you want. If you need help, feel free to post your community here for us to help. Okay, so here are some lessons I learned (so you don't have to make the same mistake): 1. Set up recurring payments I know, I know, this sounds stupid but you can't have recurring subscriptions without recurring payments ?. PayPal doesn't have recurring by default, you need billing agreements. When I learned of this problem, you bet I immediately set up Stripe and pushed PayPal to the back of the list. 2. Keep your descriptions focused. Originally I wrote long descriptions for each subscription that had a cool intro story, list of all benefits, impact to website, blah blah. It was so long I couldn't even see the "buy" button on the page. Remember, your goal is to get them to buy, so give them the best reasons and cut out the junk. 3. Adjust your time frames If you're selling 30 day renewals, the default IPS is 10 days before hand and 4 days grace. I feel like that's a long period of inaction relative to the cycle, so I tightened up the time frames. I've only been running subscriptions for slightly over a month. (You can see the drop-off on my monthly plans because I didn't set up PayPal correctly. All of those should have been rebills.)
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    (BIM) Chatbox+

    It says that there is an update available. OK?? Where, How, What do I do? I click on the link "Update available" and it brings me here to this page. Now what? I do not see a link for update? What should I do? Do I need to download to my desktop then upload to my CP? Sorry I am so stupid but go ahead and guess what I am thinking? You can not and neither can I guess what you want me to do? Jeff Ok. Came back here and downloaded the file by clicking the Download link at the top. Then opend the file and saved the tar file. Then went back to the CP and clicked on Upload New version. and I got " YOu do not have permissions to do this" So, Yep, I am frustrated. Why bother even telling me that there is a newer version available when it is not really available. ???? Totally confused.
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