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    Remove ipsAdvertisement Class

    Ad Block Plus (a plugin for Chrome) and I'm sure a lot of other ad blocking plugins, removes / blocks anything with the word advertisement. Using ipsAdvertisement in the templates: advertisementImage and Advertisement is flagged by ad blocking software. Since there is no CSS for ipsAdvertisement in any of the CSS files, my assumption is that you're using those for the smaller versions via hook - which BTW I can't seem to turn off in commerce. At least if I could turn off the option for smaller versions in commerce I could just remove the ipsAdvertisement classes from the templates and be done with it. Anyway, maybe consider removing / replacing ipsAdvertisement class with something else which isn't going to block every ad on my forum and result in several support tickets asking why a customers ads aren't showing, because everyone and their Mother's brother uses adblock (the reason there are multiple articles online about online advertising losses because of ad blocking software). Or as a short term fix, allow me to turn off the uploading of smaller versions in commerce so there isn't a conflict when I remove ipsAdvertisment_xxx classes in the templates. Thanks.
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    Version 5.3


    Show a legend of your groups in the Who's Online and Recently Browsing widgets, sorted in the order you specify and linked to the search system. Handy so that people know what those group prefixes and suffixes mean. FYI: Be sure you are running the latest version on the newer versions (4.3.x) of Invision Community. Also, if you end up with errors in the logs that seem to implicate GNI make sure you have EXIF installed - that's the root cause of the problem and the plugin is just getting caught in the crossfire. Version 5 is for IPS 4.4.5 and above. Untested on earlier versions. Version 5 addresses changes within the IPS search subsystem that now REQUIRES a query parameter to be passed through. GNI urls now append a "&q= " - and yes, the space after equals sign is intentional and necessary. If you edit the plugin template files, do keep this in mind.


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    Error Code Database - Resource

    In the old interface one could find all the error codes and look them up as to what they mean. Current the new interface don't have the link anymore and I take it that by now all to most of the area codes are final. Could they but listing in the IPS4 Resource link so people can look up what they mean?
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    Group Mention

    @AlexJ you can now mention groups by simply typing @! Please download the new version 😛 @liquidfractal it should now also work for blogs since it hooks into the user mentions (so everywhere you can do user mentions you can do groups)
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    Trader Feedback System

    I have just got back from vacation, I'm catching up on everything now :)
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    Agreed, but there are already suggestions about improving the contact form, including one (from me) to add the ip of the user of the contact form. Also to make the amount of quetions to ask in the question and answer challenge customizable. They all can have some improvement because when not payed for the license anymore (f.e. version 5 comes out and you want to say at 4 and don't pay license anymore), the build in anti-spam will not work anymore. So the variety of protection possibility's or at least customization of these in IPS is a bit poor imho.
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    Create / + button

    If the only option in the dropdown is topic, it should direct straight the to topic creation part. A dropdown for one item, and an extra click currently.
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    Create / + button

    Fair point.
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    There is this, though there is no permanent way to force a user to automatically follow content. Even set with this application, they can easily change their settings. I wouldn't really suggest you take that power away from a user either, since this can easily lead to spam and unhappy members.
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    Joel R


    This is not directly what you requested, but just to make you aware of existing functions. 😃 In the top right-hand corner of every postbit is a Share icon. You can use this to copy-and-paste the post anywhere else in the suite.
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    Please submit a ticket with your OS and browsing device details if you see a reduced number of emoji on the InvisionCommunity.com forums from the editor. You should see all emojis.
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    My community dies with me I guess. Not planning on dying soon
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    Rafael Fischmann

    Sticky sidebar

    I've love to have the option to make my forums' sidebar sticky in IPS Community. It's a very common feature, nowadays. 😉 Cheers!
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    Daniel Ocio

    Trader Feedback System

    Hi, i done this by my own, please PM me if you or someone need it On the other hand, my ideas/request: -a button to give feedback from the topic, not only from profile -when paste a link in the feedback it doesnt recognize, you have to type the title, that sucks 🙂
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    Remove ipsAdvertisement Class

    We've made a note of this internally, thanks.
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    In the event of my death, my wife has been instructed how to forward my domain to this video.....
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    Version 1.0.0


    Adds link to your profile on Telegram in IPS Community Suite footer. Work exactly the same way as standard Facebook, Twitter or Google profile links. Demo You can see and test social profile links on our support forum. Look in the footer, where all social links are displayed. Support For support contact us by email support@thekrotek.com. Please, do NOT ask for support or report issues in comments! If you need a profile link for any social network, just drop us an email to support@thekrotek.com, and we will do it!


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    Green Dark Gaming

    Version 1.0.7


    Green Dark Gaming Theme First install add-ons, next install theme and theme editor. Support website: http://szablonet.pl Live demo: Click! Admin panel settings: Slider settings: Partners Logos settings: Social settings: Add-ons (must be installed!):


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    Error Code Database - Resource

    I figured an internal database already existed, so this is good to hear that it in-fact does. Meanwhile, you can do a directory/file search with Notepad++, or whatever utility you use (from the root of the IPS directory), copy the results to a text file, and then regex the results. I started doing this a while ago, but got busy with other stuff and never finished it. A snippet of what I regex'd, just to illustrate what I am talking about: node_error,2B221/1,404 no_module_permission,2B227/1,403 node_error,2B202/1,403 node_error,2B202/2,404 node_error,2B201/1,404 no_module_permission,2B201/2,403 no_module_permission,2B201/3,403 no_module_permission,2B201/4,403 blog_rss_offline,2B201/5,403,blog_rss_offline_admin rss_import_disabled,2B201/7,403 no_module_permission,2B201/6,403 TODO,1B203/1,403 node_error,2L217/1,404 node_error,2L217/3,404 event_rss_feed_off,2L182/1,404,event_rss_feed_off_admin TODO,1L169/4,403 feed_not_found,2L169/2,404 feed_not_found,2L169/3,404 feed_not_found,2L169/1,404 ical_error_.TODO,4L169/5,500 node_error,2L179/1,403 node_error,2L179/2,404 rsvp_error,2L179/3,403 rsvp_limit_nomaybe,3L179/4,403 rsvp_limit_reached,3L179/5,403 node_error,3L369/1,403 node_error,2L354/1,404 node_error,2L182/2,404 error_bad_date,2L182/7,403 error_bad_date,2L182/8,403 error_bad_date,2L182/9,403 error_bad_date,2L182/A,403 cms_delete_linked_topic,1T281/1,403 cms_delete_linked_topic,1T281/1,403 no_module_permission,2T279/1,403 There are of course some rogue lines in there, but hopefully it illustrates my general point.
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