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    Fast Lane!

    Google AMP Support

    Hi there. I was invited to Google several times over the last year as part of a group of Publishers and one of my major take aways is that AMP is a big deal in the Google sphere. Both for SEO and monitization. Does IPB have any intention to make topics linked from Google Search on Mobile, AMP friendly? It would be a huge win speed wise and SEO ranking wise, relative to their mobile first approach. Same comment on Pages. WordPress is killing us since they have a plug-in to bring AMP to their pages with relative ease. Many of my competitors use both that and YOAST quite successfully.
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    ( 4.4 / 4.3 ) CyberApex Theme Dark

    Fast suport. Nice design. Good man. Nice theme
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    Adriano Faria

    Optional location fields

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    Adriano Faria

    Linked Accounts - Post As

    Ok, I’ll add this in next version. 👍
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    newbie LAC

    Messy look of clubs blog features

    No Entry view
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    newbie LAC

    Messy look of clubs blog features

    #elClubContainer #elBlogHeader { display: none; }
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    I am losing membership because groups are going to www.clubexpress.com where they support web-based and integrated email discussions. They've been able to successfully convert Yahoo! and Google mailing lists to their forum. Question: What is required to allow recipients of forum notifications in email to reply and then have their email show up as a real forum post? I know this is dinosaur stuff, but it's what people are used to...
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    Fast Lane!

    Google AMP Support

    To double down, I'm not talking about an interactive page... just page 1. You can "click to read more:" and go to page 2 or more. Since page 1 gets all the link juice we want it to be as fast as possible == AMP.
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    Google AMP Support

    Need this too
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    Classifieds System

    This is a great app that deserves great support! We all need to make an effort to be in good terms with the developer. Everybody makes mistakes, thank you @InvisionHQ and welcome back!!
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    Classifieds System

    I don't want to avoid the discussion, but besides saying that not communicating my absence was a mistake, I don't know what else to do. Except for fake customers who are not my customers the clarifications are welcome, but at a certain point it is enough, we cannot stay here and discuss my holidays endlessly.
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    I'd like to also add, without giving or affirming any direction, there have been many impassioned debates from the IPS team on how to best offer a new user experience for v5. On a more practical note, I think community admins need to strongly consider using or building a custom homepage (such as in Pages app) while on Invision 4. If there is a great homepage design that you feel does an especially good job of engaging members, feel free to link or share it in the Feedback forum for review. Or share in the Client Lounge to inspire other clients and theme developers.
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    Now that I've been using this a few days, I think the filtering needs to be more flexible. For instance, I'd like to be able to mix and match the following: One or more Item Types (in my case, these are Bug, Suggestion, or Theme Issue) One or more Priorities (High, Medium, Low, for instance) One or more Statuses (Open, In Progress, Declined, Complete, as examples) Items Assigned to [choose a user, default to me] Items Created by [choose a user, default to me] This would be considerably more flexible than what's available now, where you can only choose from one item type or "Only Open Items", "Open Items assigned to me", "Created by me", and "Open items created by me". I'd also like to set defaults for the filtering, so I can hide "Completed" items by default so they don't get in the way of stuff I need to do, but I and others can still take a look at items that have been closed to get a history of what's been completed, declined, marked as a duplicate, etc. I ran into this as I wanted look at any Open "Bugs" with a High or Medium priority, sorted in by highest priority first. It seems that you should be able to select one or more statuses you wish to view, and be able to do the same with Priority. So I could see just "High" and "Medium" priority items with a status that isn't "Closed" or "Finished". While also being able to filter on items assigned to me and/or created by me. Right now you only get to choose from Thanks for your consideration, ..Al
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    I'm doing this lately for specifically mobile. Found out that I had an addthis sharing widget that was blocking some buttons on mobile. Also looking at how easy or hard it is to post and navigate. Lately I'm trying to moderate through mobile just to see how everything is as 65-70% of my traffic this year seems to be from mobile devices.
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    I've purchased this, installed it on my forum, created a few projects and entered a whole slew of issues. At this point I'm only using it to track issues with my website (the main website which contains a large games database, the forums, and online store). But I will open this up to homebrew game developer as well so they can use it for project management and bug tracking. I have a few suggestions after using it for the past hour: When creating a new issue, add a "Save and Reload" button, and change the "Save" button to go back to the issues list. This will make it easier to add a bunch of issues all at once. When creating a new issue, add drop-down for Status so you can immediately set the status to something other than "Open". Default to "Open", of course. When viewing an issue, please add "Status" drop-down so you can easily change the status without having to click on "Change Details". For the Issues list, I'd much prefer if the Status and Priority were separate columns so they were all lined up nicely. It's a bit cluttered at the moment. With these sitting underneath the Type and Title. Make display of project cover photo optional? Either globally for the entire app or on a per-project basis. I don't see any way to disable this now. If you don't have a project photo selected, you just get a bit, empty, dark box. Would really like the ability to link directly to a project category and only display the projects inside that category. For instance, I have a category for issues related to my website, and within that category are three projects (Main Site, Forums, Store). I want to link to this category from within the forum, and I don't want the other project categories to be visible in this case. That's all for now. I understand you are working on a version 3.0 of this application. Just curious how that's coming along and what features you plan on adding to it? Thanks, ..Al
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    Messy look of clubs blog features

    Noted - that is odd. I'll raise an issue internally.
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    Joel R

    Quick request if you have 2 minutes...

    Some interesting and broad choices in there. I was just curious to see how you discovered Invision Community as a choice within your search. Thanks for the compliment on my article. I sometimes say smart things and impress myself, ha.
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    Hi Joel, Please do not post these names. We looked at Drupal Commons, OpenSocial (early version), OpenAtrium, SharePoint and I think one or two others. There were a number of reasons, but the primary was the level of foundational development work which was needed to have any hope of attracting and retaining members through core functionality and features. Hey, I loved your article on providing true value to Members. Good job on your thought-leadership and good writing, too. I wholeheartedly agree. Phil
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    Pete T

    Clear Cache

    Version 1.0.2


    This plugin will allow you to clear the cache without having to use the support tool.


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    Hello, 1) Currently it is Not possible to edit user report messages in the reports: As we can see, there are no buttons for quoting or editing on the user reports. It is OK for no quoting, but how edit those reports at least for administrators? Sometimes users are writing reports with bad, vulgar, dirty and rough (swear) words, and there is no way to edit them, to remove such words from the user report comment 😞 2) When someone reporting something wants to mention a specific person to take care of his report (for example), he does it in a standard way using @ button . example @alexxis But this mentioned person do NOT get any notifications saying that the reported guy mentioned him! 😮 At the same time, mentions are working properly in the Moderator comments. Is that possible to fix the proper work of mentions in the Report messages? Is that possible to add an Edit button at least to Administrators, so the Report messages will be editable as well? Hopefully IPS engineers will find these two ideas worth to be added in the future releases 🙂 Thanks,
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