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    Preview button

    Absolutely - and we did this with a compromise. Make a preview tool available for those few customers who have valid edge cases, without adding Yet Another Button in a prominent location for all our other customers. Every extra button or toggle we add to a page increases the complexity for users a little bit more, mostly unnecessarily. We try to consider all users and balance functionality with simplicity as much as we can.
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    Classifieds System

    @InvisionHQ you say the reactions are exaggerated. ? are you joking ? You didn't reply to this Classifieds support topic since 2 months, you didnt reply to anyone by PM or emails since several months and you say the reactions are exaggerated ??? You must be joking !!! We are your clients who gave you money and trusted you, we rely on the app support because it's our business, by disappearing during several months as you did, you put our businesses in danger ! do you realize that ? If you want to leave in holidays for two months, good for you, but then, inform your clients and ask another IPS dev to support the app !! If you leave 3 days, even one week, it's ok, but 2 months !!! that's what i find totally exaggerated ! even in your own support board, you reply to your clients 3 months later : ex : http://bbcode.it/index.php?/topic/11-documentation-updateupgrade-to-newer-version/ So now, the question is : can we trust you in the future ? as we all need here a reliable professional support
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    Profile Tabs Organizer

    It's a shame this isn't part of core features, but thank you @Adriano Faria for building it. It works perfectly for me.
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    Preview button

    No, it never occurred to me to consider that. Thanks for enlightening us. </sarcasm>
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    Nathan Explosion

    Preview button

    Plugin pending approval
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    Yeah...not that I'm leaping to defend the ghetto that is social media, but that judge is completely out of it where social media is concerned. But wouldn't it be nice if that precedent strangled social media content to the extent that people returned to independent communities which can (theoretically) offer higher quality content?
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    What do visitors see when they visit your online community? And when was the last time you logged out to browse like a visitor? Check out these 4x4 tips of four items in less than four minutes for the visitor experience: Check your Registration Process, especially any social sign-ins. You may want to increase or reduce security checks. You may need to fix social logins. And you may want to offer an easier onboarding like Quick Registration + Profile Completion. Read your Guest Sign-up Widget. This is the most important text in your entire community, since it's the first message visitors will read. Is your Guest Signup Widget giving visitors the first impression you'd like, with proper keywords and messaging? Audit your Visitor Permissions. In the ACP, go to Groups > Guests > Permissions. Do your guests have access to the right boards and categories? Test on other browsers and devices. Most of us don't have ten different computers and smartphones running different OS's and browsers, so it can be hard to check the UIX. Luckily, there are free cross-browser tools like BrowserShots.org or Device Mode on Chrome Devtools that can help. Hope you enjoy these tips, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.
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    A month ago, CrossFit, Inc. posted a scathing blog entry outlining why they made the decision to quit Facebook and Instagram. I first came across CrossFit back in early 2007 when I was looking for new ways to improve my fitness. Their fitness programming was a breath of fresh air. Most workouts were based around either long cardio workouts such as running or traditional gym workouts with weights and machines. CrossFit successfully combined the two into a short intense workout which gained popularity very quickly. I was a fan immediately and followed the WODs (workout of the day) as closely as possible and watched the early CrossFit stars emerge. CrossFit, Inc. is very strong-minded. Their press release cites several reasons for their abandonment of the Facebook platform. They also expand on this and believe that "Facebook collaborates with government security agencies on massive citizen surveillance programs such as PRISM", "Facebook, as a matter of business and principle, has weak intellectual property protections and is slow to close down IP theft accounts." and "Facebook has poor security protocols and has been subject to the largest security breaches of user data in history." It's certainly a bold move. CrossFit does have a legacy forum system which dates back from its early days which gets some use still. I think that investing in that community platform through modernisation along with a solid community building strategy could pay dividends in them taking back control of their conversation without fear of falling foul of any heavy-handed moderation beyond their control. Modern community platforms like ours have plenty of tools to automate basic moderation, encourage more engagement and work well on mobile devices. CrossFit, Inc join Lush Cosmetics as high profile brands that have taken themselves off Facebook completely. Do you think we'll see a resurgence of owned-communities?
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    Version 1.0.1


    Plugin which will display a 'Preview' button below the editor on the comment form and/or the 'New Topic' form in Forums. This button will invoke the existing preview functionality provided by IPS via a button in the Editor toolbar Background:


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    Daniel Ocio

    Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    Thats it. Love your plugins
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    My idea was to change the whole question but not change the total number of questions. So I just tried it and it works. You can't add a question, obviously, but you can 'edit' a question and change whatever you want there. So if you want to add/delete questions to keep the quiz fresh, you can and it does not seem to affect the grades/leaderboard. For me this is good. Happy.
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    Attachments Icon on Forum View

    Having recently upgraded my forum from 3.4.x to 4.4.x, my users immediately noticed the attachment icon was missing next to topics when viewing a forum. I have over 400,000 attachments on m forum (it's been running nearly 20 years!), and some threads have thousands of attachments. Being able to view a list of attachments is very beneficial when you're trying to track down a specific attachment! Adriano did a great job putting this plugin together, and as a bonus you can also add an "Attachments" button that sits at the top of the topic view. Which is useful, since many people do not enter the topic through the forum page. Plus it shows the number of attachments as part of the button. 🙂
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    Widgets are managed via the front end
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    See 'Email Debugging' section
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    Adriano Faria

    Links Directory

    Probably. Report this in the tracker please, I'll take a look when I have to release a new version.
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    4.4.5 release, and mobile speed up?

    The mobile version can become very fast if IPS changes the concept of CSS rules. If CSS basic rules are created for mobile version, the responsive design only contains changes to the desktop, for example ... .ipsRule {....} @media screen and (min-width:768px) {.ipsRule {...}} @media screen and (min-width:980px) {.ipsRule {...}} @media screen and (min-width:1280px) {.ipsRule {...}} @media screen and (min-width:1440px) {.ipsRule {...}} etc using a media query with only min-width will shorten the volume of CSS and improve the performance of browsers while processing CSS rules. But, in this version 4.5, I think this will not be done.
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    Fast Lane!

    4.4.5 release, and mobile speed up?

    Do we know when 4.4.5 will be released? I've been tracking many comments by IPB staff that mention upgrades to improve mobile page speed. At least for me, my mobile performance is abismal compared to desktop. Too many uneeded JavaScript and stylesheets being loaded. Also just a DOM heavy pageload. Small things like the notification sound Js/audio loading when it doesn't need to.
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    Search Bar Defaults

    Hi, I've been meaning to broach this one for a long time, but never get around to it until now. The Search function defaults are a pain to the unwary, returning site-wide results no matter where you are in the community. I would like to see it behaving a bit more intelligently by default, so that if you are in a sub-forum it will automatically select "This Forum" tickbox, if you're in a thread it will choose "This Thread", when you're in a category it will... you get the idea, and in general it will always choose "All search terms", as it's the most often used method to narrow down your results. Being bombarded with a huge scattergun of results from the whole community is frustrating and counter productive when you forget to tick those boxes. Similarly, when you select "Manage followed Content" it currently defaults to "Forums" rather than "Topics", which to me and my members would be a better, more granular approach. As it is, my members get a sudden shock and think all their followed topics have gone and it still catches me out occasionally. I hope this can be integrated into one of the next updates, and if anyone feels the same way, chime in 🙂
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    4TECH support topic

    In version 2.2 ( Because Archive is to large with PSD - CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT PSD ) - Added summer UPDATE ( can be activate or dezactivate from ACP ) wich contains : Modified index menu avatar Section Title icon changed Widget Title icon changed Forum Icons changed with sun icon Panel with summer updates Vertical and Horizontal ss
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    Preview button

    Oh, come on! Can you misrepresent Rikki’s answer any more? What he provided was a reasoning for the current placement. Nothing more, nothing less. They are both. A software where popular vote decides the way it works, not the provider’s careful considerations of feedback and goals, would be a huge, terrible mess.
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    Joy Rex

    Invision Stories

    Honestly, I wonder why people who use IPS are seemingly obsessed with emulating or trying to improve upon Facebook, etc. - to me, the biggest "threat" are sites like Reddit when it comes to IPS-driven sites.
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    Joel R

    Invision Stories

    @FASEOFMARS This is the most interesting topic of the month because it brings up the larger question: what is Invision Community and what does it offer relative to other community software? Invision Community is a software that is fundamentally designed for community of content. This means things like shared discussion, group blogging, group galleries, collaborative wikis. It requires design principles like permanence, organization, structure. What you want is a community designed for users. This means user posts, user blogs, user albums. It requires design principles like social connections, levels of privacy, and emotion. There are important, fundamental distinctions between the two. Invision Community overlaps with both, but it's fundamentally designed for communities of content. I see you struggling with this answer, and I struggle with it too. My personal community is social in nature, and I have users who treat it exactly like Facebook. They almost exclusively post status updates. Sometimes I worry that users don't know how to use forums anymore. In the past week, I have had: - a user report a post, so he can reply back with a comment. - a user write his first topic in my Test Topics category, literally the worst and last board you could possibly choose out of a dozen other public boards. As the Community Advocate for IPS, I encourage every client to think very hard about evolving themselves into a community of content. You must pair your forums with definitive, valuable, and unique content. You won't win if you try to stay as a social community of users.
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    Classifieds System

    @InvisionHQ, it is not about absence itself. It is about not talking with your clients. These are some suggestions : Let your clients know, that you are on vacation and not available. Do it public, here in forum. Create a kind of automatic reply that you send every time you get a PM. The same as above: "Sorry, I am on vacations." Inform clients when you are available again, like "I'll be back on [date]". It is always easier to wait if you have a time frame. React to the issues in your support topics, write anything, but write, do not ignore. My personal negative example: I have posted a critical issue with your another app over a month ago. I have not got any answer, nor "yep, I will look into it [time frame]" neither "no, it might be critical for you, but I do not care" or just "I am on vacation now, be back [date], please do not disturb me". If you try change to point of view to mine, what would you think in this situation? By the way, I have uninstalled your other app, so no need to react any more. Disabling apps - is not a good idea. Just tell your clients when you are available again and where they should report bugs. Here? On your site? A bug tracker would be helpful to see if there are unsolved issues and how many. Also to see how often you address the bugs. The issues in support topics are often overlooked.
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    Preview button

    I am just curious: since the editor is WYSIWYG what is your use case for preview? It's something I never did "get" personally 🙂
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    Invision Stories

    Disagree, I’m the star on my forum. My mum told me.
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    Invision Stories

    There's a few barriers here. The technical: to allow 'stories' to be posted, you'll need a fair bit of storage for the videos, you'll also need a queued system to take in raw video and transcribe it into a more friendly and compressed format which is beyond the reach for most self-hosted sites. The strategic. No one comes here to see what I'm up to. They come here for help with their Invision Communities, or they come here to post advice for others, or to learn how to manage their communities. Forums are discussion led platforms. The discussion is the star. Social media are people led platforms. The person is the star. Allowing random members to upload stories about what they're doing and so on cross-circuits the purpose of a discussion led platform. Social media is great at being social medial. Forums are great at being forums.
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    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    will be apart of so will look into that, also give that gunner a extra 10,000,000,000,000,000 points for supporting a proper team will check it out mate No, there is a renewal after 1 year, maybe it expired? check your purchases, if not you need to contact IPS as sales etc we have no control over
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    Adriano Faria

    Linked Accounts - Post As

    What's New in Version 3.1.6: Add a setting to hide the global link if the user has no linked accounts Rework in settings screen Fix errors when IN_DEV mode is ON
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    Some thoughts in no particular order: 1. Yes, Facebook will be here for a very long time. They've done an exceptionally good job of making the service as sticky as possible for users, with games, marketplace selling, and soon their Libra coin. 2. Facebook and Discord is not free. There's a false sense of free with those services, where it's literally costing you your user data and privacy. 3. Whether or not Facebook and Discord are easier to start a new community on, they're exceptionally bad for large communities with a lot of activity. There's no long form communication or organization on those platforms, which makes to hard to save and retain the best content. The one overwhelming takeaway from this article is that anytime you rely on another platform, you're at it's mercy. The only way to protect yourself is to run an independent community. You lose a lot of the platform's benefits, but you control your own destiny.
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    A Zayed


    Version 1.5


    ProVision Theme from @A Zayed an IPS Theme with Different Taste. Its supports all IPS addons [RTL support not completed yet] Attached, a plugin file that will change the default gallery landing page to be in a similar a different look 🤙 . Hope you enjoy it... 🙂


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    Joel R

    10 Lessons By A Master Community Builder

    (Joel note: This is an article shared from a third party site. The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of myself or IPS.) https://medium.com/omdena/how-to-build-a-unique-community-10-lessons-by-a-master-community-builder-29df2fec907f How to Build A Unique Community— 10 Lessons By A Master Community Builder Read about 10 powerful lessons on how to build value-creating communities — no matter if you are a corporation, NGO or a startup. Collaboration counts. Frits Bussemaker is an expert in community building and alliance management. He has more than 30 years of experience both in online and offline communities. He was member of the management team of the world-largest CIO community with 7000+ members and more than 300 events, from 30+ countries. His role was Secretary General International Relations. In the following, he shares how to build a community, what risks to consider and why “Command and Control” becomes more and more an old paradigm. Read More: https://medium.com/omdena/how-to-build-a-unique-community-10-lessons-by-a-master-community-builder-29df2fec907f Some takeaways that I really liked: Allowing flexibility doesn't mean allowing people to do anything they want - you still need leadership even though there's less management. Beware of echo chambers - even though communities bring together like-minded people, you want to challenge them Ikeafication - Oh no, he's trashing my favorite furniture store LOL. Ikeafication is when you lose the local values, because you can buy the same item in every IKEA store. Serendipity - How do you create casual encounters in online communities for users to connect?
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    Profile Meta Tags

    Version 1.0.0


    Extremely simple plugin that adds in missing meta tags to profile pages as described here, This provides nicer link embeds on social media platforms and services such as Discord.


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    Modernize the IPS apps for IPS 5

    While we have discussed making a future version essentially an API back-end, it's not something that will happen in the medium term. Invision Community 5 will overhaul several areas of code that we've labelled for refactoring for a while, but we're not going to scrap all our existing technology and start over. No one wants to wait another 18 months for a new version with the same features as they've already got with the added bonus it's using a cool framework or technology. Most of our customers want value in terms of growing their community, they are not overly concerned with how the magic/code works.
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    IPS 4.3 - Elasticsearch

    I personally never bothered learning to install Elasticsearch and neither did our dev team. There are dozens of places out there that offer hosted Elasticsearch. I used AWS and with a few clicks had it up and running. It's 2018: installing stuff on a VPS manually is soooo 2003.
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