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    You need to be careful with the height of the boundary, though. While jumping it might be satisfying and rewarding for the member that will feel accepted, at the same time failing to jump it might leave a lot of potential useful members out. An example from my real life experience: I have joined my first forum waaay back in 2001. Back then it was the most popular discussion option in a very specific niche - Formula 1 racing. We had real life meetings and parties, we had many internal jokes incomprehensible for outsiders, we developed strong relationships that last until today. However, entering our club wasn't easy - we really knew our stuff so newbies with basic questions or not well very well presented arguments were often ridiculed - not directly, sometimes with a joke only we can understand, but in the end it created a bit of a hostile, unwelcoming atmosphere for newbies. As it is natural through the years many of the regular members dropped out due to losing interest or other issues and there were no fresh members to replace them, because of the stuff explained in previous paragraph. So eventually the size of the community thinned out and it died. Now, 18 years later, I have met one of my best friends in this forum, including my life partner, however what is left of it is a facebook messenger chat with 5 people. The forum is still online, but this is its most recent posts list: So, yes, keeping the entry boundary high will result in a long term lasting friendships and really dedicated members. The higher the boundary, the tighter the friendships. However it will also be the most probable certain death of the community - sooner or later people within the borders will leave and the newer ones won't be able to jump high enough. So, it is an extremely delicate balance. I would argue it is probably the most important detail you need to figure out - how hard you want it to be for new members. Do you want to have facebook and twitter login available that will attract a lot of members, but many of them will post thin questions and the percentage of well defined meaningful discussions will drop. Or you want a steeper entry curve, which might lead to have very few really meaningful discussions, but you will eventually lose critical mass and the community will die. Unfortunately you can't have both. To find this balance you need to adhere to your mission statement. On my current forum, I am removing posts that are hostile towards newbies, even though some of them might be fair - a newbie asks a question that has been answered thousand of times, or a newbie asks 5 questions without contributing answers to other peoples questions, etc. This alienates the elders, some of them even might scream "censorship!" and leave, which will be a big overall loss to the community as most of them have invaluable knowledge. However, this is the path I have chosen and I am adhering to it. My niche is travel and I have decided that this is the mission statement of my forum - I want to make self organized travel more popular and reduce the monopoly of travel agencies that shoehorn all people in the same boiler plate travel programs and charge pretty penny for their easily replaceable services on top of that. This means that very often there are newbies that take their first self organized flight and will always ask question about cabin bags size or liquid limits. This definitely dilutes the the discussions, imagine that such basic topics are always popping up on latest list, instead a story from a long self-organized trip from a little known country like Uzbekistan. However, for me I have decided that I want to be newbie friendly instead of elitist. I want to have 10 people that will make their first self-organized trip to Rome (Rome is very easy to organize when you are in Europe - tons of cheap flights, concentrated and easy accessible main attractions, etc.), instead of 2 people that will discuss their Nepal trecks. In the long term, the Nepal guys are the ones that will contribute very unique and quality content to my community, but it doesn't help with the Rome guys who will book with travel agency if they can't find a place that will provide friendly answers to their basic questions. I do want to have it both, really, but it is hard and next to impossible to achieve. I do hope to realize a gamification idea I have, which will reward the quality and unique discussions more, I hope it will help. I am in the process of defining the project requirements and will post it here if we can community fund it. We'll see. Very interesting topic.
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    A client asked me this question on Tuesday May 7 2019: Before I even try to tackle this question, I had to go back to the client to ask two things: His Goal? His Community Lifecycle? The reason why the first question is so important is that group promotion can be used for many goals. Some admins use group promotion to filter out spam registrations; some use group promotion to reward paid subscribers and purchasers; some use group promotion to encourage activity or to offer unique forms of membership journeys. The fascinating thing about Invision Community as a suite is that there are so many ways to engage - on my community, I have members who only hang out in their own profile and use it like Facebook with status updates; I have some members who only post to the Gallery; and I have many members who only hang out in Club. Furthermore, clients don't just engage with the community by function / feature, but also by psychographics -- some members are very reminiscent of the community like a Historian, some members really like to meet and greet new members as Ambassadors, some members really like to share their daily life as a Blogger, some members really like feeling rewarded and accomplished as a Prize Winner, some members really enjoy the human connections like a Socialite. You can start to parse your community by segments and really offer a unique member journey if that's your wish. In the case of this client, his goal is to increase his overall engagement. The community lifecycle matters as well. If your community is new or being renewed, you want to simplify the group promotion. Mature communities, on the other hand, should offer multiple pathways to member engagement. Knowing your community lifecycle and what you can reasonably accomplish is important -- most new communities try to do too much too fast, when community rituals like group promotion 'grow up' with the community. In the case of this client, he was looking to restart his membership so we're going to treat it as a new community.
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    Facebook also introducing dark/night mode to their main app now as well as messenger. Twitter have recently added a lights out mode as an alternative to their existing dark/night mode. Twitter can also automatically turn it on in the evening and off in the morning. My cobbled together CSS changes only Night Mode theme has 56 downloads in the first week. Whilst not mega numbers, shows there is interest, all these large social media platforms and mobile operating systems would not be wasting their time if it wasn’t in demand.
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    Let's bring this all together. Here are two examples of a group promotion notification This new message is customized. It talks about the qualifications, the scarcity, and the benefits of the promotion. It's aligned to the community strategy, and it also gives a goal to earn the next title.
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    Before I answer his specific question, I wanted to share some best practices I've seen in effective community management for group promotion. 1. Customize the language of group promotion to something uniquely your own For example: Gaming community: "Field promotion" to a new "rank" Mental health community: "Care boost" to new "advocacy" Harry Potter-themed community: "Sorting hat" to a new semester Have fun with it! It may seem weird and strange to outsiders, but it'll be even more cherished by the membership. These are part of the rituals and symbols that I talked about in my Membership blog post. 2. Explain the Value Give value to the promotion! Don't just congratulate the user on a new title. Explain things like qualifications to earn the promotion, the scarcity in how many members actually achieve the promotion, and the benefits of what the new promotion unlocks. 3. Explain the Next Challenge Too many promotions skip this step, when it's so important. Explain what it'll take to earn the next promotion. This is one of the most important things to share in the congratulations message, because it helps guide the future actions of the member. Want to encourage more informative posts? Want to encourage more total engagement? Want to encourage posting in an advanced section? This is where you influence members when they're most open. 4. Align the promotion to your strategy Finally, when you brainstorm and plan your group promotion, align the promotion to your goals. Make every promotion's description reinforce the reason for the promotion and explain the importance of the strategy. Why is more engagement important? Why is a new subscription important to the site?
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Version 4.0.7


    This is very simple chat system with the basic features: Ajax chat, auto update. Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page. Sound notification. User can toggle on/off. Admins/Moderators can block users. Users can ignore some chatters they don't want to see. Load more messages when scrolling end (or top). Announcement (on Top or Tab). Supports emoticons, URL, Image URL (gif, png, jpg) *NEW* Supports GIPHY to finds GIFs and Stickers by using /giphy command (Eg: /giphy happy new year) *NEW* Supports Youtube, playing video in iframe and popup @mention by clicking on usernames. Flood control. Bad word filters. Time format. Display newer messages in top or bottom. Permissions for viewing, chatting & management. Edit/Delete messages. Download version 4 if you're using IPS 4.4.x


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    It would be awesome if you could use coupons for subscription plans. What I want to do is build a subscription plan. Then when a new member registers the new member can use a coupon for a free month of access to the website. Currently it is not possible. Would be nice to toss out a coupon for holidays for a percentage off the membership price.
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    Joel R

    [Resource] SEO Mythbusting from Google

    Official trailer for SEO Mythbusting, a new video series from Google Webmasters -- for all the community admins who love to spend all their time on figuring out the secrets of SEO. "SEO can be a bit of a black box and it isn't always easy for SEOs and developers to work together and speak the same language. In this series, Martin Splitt from the WTA team and members of the developer and SEO communities chat about topics around technical SEO to clarify common misconceptions and answer common questions. "
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    @Joel R, Thanks for the feedback. My post was more like illustrating a concept then actual looking for an advice. I have most of your suggestions implemented, on top of my board is introductions and welcome forum, right below it are instructions for newbies. Each newbie receives a friendly welcome message pointing to the organization of the community - simple enough to be followed, not complicated enough to overwhelm them. I do have some paths to knowledge within my forums, if the newbie wants to put the effort to follow them. I think I got the newbie bases covered. Still...the reality is a little bit more complicated. If I have to dig deeper, I would say that most actively travelling people are a bit egocentric. These people have their own blogs, they are a bit stubborn in a sense that their way is the only correct way, they hardly accept different opinions, etc. Most of the time you won't find the people doing self-organized trip from Amazon river answering basic questions on Trip Advisor. I try to nurture these people as much as I can, because they really enrich each discussion they participate in - I do add badges to people with many visited countries, to people that often share their travels in trip reports, etc. But still I am sure that many of them feel the discussions are below their level. It is up to me to figure out if I need the grumpiest of them when I am certain they will never make it within a community anyway. They are lone wolves and have them at the expense of my sometimes basic but very enthusiastic newbies is not something I like. Anyway, its an additional complication, which comes with the travel niche, I am sure other niches have similar specifics. If I have to summarize it to one sentence, one should be careful to set the boundaries high enough, but still to make them jumpable. I think thats one of the axioms of gamification too - make the achievement hard enough so the person can feel a sense of accomplishment, but not impossible so he doesn't participate and give in easily. And one should be aware of the signals your community is giving - are the discussions too basic and thin to your liking - try to toughen up on newbies, because usually they are responsible for the thin discussions. Are the discussions too few with rarely a new member contributing - try to relax the atmosphere and make it less elitist. This should be actively controlled by the admin, but my experience is that many admins dont realize the importance of it and let it go with the flow. To lighten up a little bit in the end, sometimes no matter what you do the result is like this: https://xkcd.com/1726/
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    Maybe another take on boundaries: what do you think of introducing achievements to community? For items created (posts, uploads to gallery, blogs, etc), things user does for the community (i.e. recruited someone, wrote an article). Do you think such a way would be viable to boost engagement? Is only a badge reason enough to engage more?
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    Announcements in clubs only

    Please add a possibility to add announcements on clubs pages only:
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    New Arcade Plugin for Invision 4.x

    Hey guys! I finally want to have back an Arcade plugin for the new versions. I am really tired to wait any longer. I am planning to engage a freelancer programmer to do this and base it on HTML5 games. Is someone interested in this, too? So we could share the plugin and costs. Regards Dominik
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    I think we need to include this functionality as well.
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    A Zayed

    Ramadan Kareem

    Version 1.0.0


    This small neat plugin will add a flash shiny swinging "Fanoos" to your community header. Read more about Ramadan from here... كل عام وأنتم بخير


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    Version 2.0.6


    This application will add a FAQ module to your site allowing admins, moderators even your members if you choose to allow them add frequently asked questions to your site DEMO Main Features Create unlimited categories & subcategories to place the Q&A's in Allow members to add Q&A's Each category has it's own members permissions What groups can view the category What groups can read Q&A's in the category What groups can add Q&A's to the category Choose to require approvals from member submitted Q&A's The FAQ uses the moderator permissions and also the ModCP for pending Q&A's Pick and choose to either use a javascript show/hide feature for the answers or choose to show the answers using Ajax pop up's Q&A's can be pinned, featured, moved, hidden, approved etc via the front end for moderators who have permissions Show multiple widgets from your selected categories, Example, if you have a downloads app FAQ category you can place a widget in the downloads app showing only the Q&A's in there How to install Download the .tar file and go to your ACP then applications and install the downloaded file Copyright / Branding ✔ Copyright / Branding Removal Options ✔


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    Widgets Extensions

    Version 1.0.2


    The widget extension allows you to easily add custom blocks and then style them using your own CSS styles and classes. The plugin will add three different types of custom widgets: Text, HTML and PHP. Allowed Block Options: Set the block to display on or off, Set the block to display to selected groups only, Can elect to use a block title or not. Good if you are showing adverts or not, You can use CKEditor or CodeMirror for the block content and this can be toggled via the Blocks settings. For example, HTML and PHP can use CodeMirror to make life easier if you are using HTML or PHP in your blocks. You can easily add CCS styles to the Block Title and Content using the Widget Forms rather than having to edit templates. This makes it easier to customise each block differently to have a different look and feel to match your website theme. You can add custom CSS classes via the Widget Form for quickness. Bear in mind this will add inline CSS to your theme, so it would be better to add custom CSS Classes to the Theme Custom.css instead. And yes, it's free and you're welcome 😉


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    Cultivating a strong Sense of Community is a clear goal for community builders. Develop a strong sense of community, and you’ve built a community experience that sparks a more meaningful and connected community that your members will love. A strong sense of community means: An integrated community where members feel personally related An impactful community where a member can influence and be influenced by the group. A fulfilling community where members meet the needs of others and can feel rewarded. A shared community, where users undergo common history, time together, and social experiences. Do you believe you’ve developed a strong sense of community? Follow long as we critically examine the first element in the Sense of Community: Membership. Membership Boundaries of communities have always existed, whether it be neighborhoods, social groups, or online communities. By definition, there are people who belong and people who do not. It’s okay to decline membership to users, thereby providing a more comfortable space for members who are accepted. Here are some time-tested tips from my years of community management that touch upon various attributes of membership: Don’t try to be everything to everyone. It’s far better to be an exclusive community to a smaller, impassioned group of users than to dilute your community for a wide audience. Not everybody deserves to belong, and by intentionally removing irrelevant members, it makes it a more purposeful community for those who can join. Define who should belong, and outline the requirements on your Registration screen and Guest Sign-up widget. Boundaries are walls, but safe walls. Although there’s the pain of rejection and isolation of private communities, it’s offset with the positive benefits of joining. It creates a space where members can feel safe to open up, to feel related to one another, and to feel protected. Reinforce the benefits of joining the community to new members in a welcome message. A new sense of identification. Not only do members join the group, they should develop an extended sense of belonging and identity with the group. The more strongly you can define the sense of belongingness, the more deeply the member will feel connected. There should be a feeling of acceptance, an expectation that one fits in, and a willingness to sacrifice for the group. Create a welcome team that immediately reaches out both publicly and privately, ask how the new member can contribute, and constantly highlight how the community has gone above-and-beyond in members helping members. The higher the boundary, the greater the reward. Personal investment is an important contributor to a member’s feeling of group membership. By working for a membership, a member will feel like he’s earned a place – and that the membership will be more meaningful and valuable. You can ask guests for their accreditations, background, or how they can contribute to the community. The power of symbols. Social groups throughout history have long used symbols, icons, ceremonies, and group language to cultivate a unique sense of identity. These conventions are powerful representations of a group. You can cultivate and write a common language in your Invision Community in large ways and small by uploading unique reactions, changing the language string, and celebrating community-specific holidays and events. As you re-evaluate your community framework with me, take the time to outline what it means to be a member of your community. Defining your membership goes hand-in-hand with defining your purpose. It should touch upon these five attributes of membership: boundaries, emotional safety, sense of belonging, personal investment, and common symbolism. Establish clear distinctions for your community’s membership qualifications, and you’ll be able to develop a deep Sense of Community from the very start of a member’s registration. Share with me and others how you've defined your community's membership in the comments below. I love to hear about other Invision Communities. Joel, Invision Community Advocate and Certified Community Manager
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    Hold on! I have an amazing guide / topic to share in Community Administration board, just need a board moderator to approve the topic. I think it'll give you some good ideas. Topic has been approved:
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    Recommended articles

    Hi, Ive been writing it on IPS 5 topic, but I think it can be at separate topic here also. Forum is very important thing, but articles (pages) is the 2nd leg that is most important for us, and I believe for many clients. There should be recommended articles out of box at IPPages. If someone finish reading one article it should have on bottom next few (5 for example) recommended to stay at our site. Ive made a block for it, and it works fine, but I have 2 issues: - block is visible under articles, which is fine, but it is also visible on main page of article list (list view), and on category view under the lists. Which have no sense, because on categories there should be only categories, and on main page it duplicates content from top of page. - if some reads newest article on bottom of it block show 5 last articles, so the one which is already open is on 1st place, which have no sense of course, because we want to recommend him another next articles, not the one he already read. So I now have recommender articles, but is not working good. The best way will be loading next article under the one was read by user by ajax or sth like that. I think that IPS and even plugins didnt support it nowright? It definitely should 🙂 I see many modern technological pages that works like that - user stays on it, because, next article is given him on after another, and he is interested. People are lazy this days, its sad, but world works this way.
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    Brilliant Discord Integration

    If you'd like it to be clickable, you need to assign an invite to that widget: You'll probably need to edit theme templates to do that. Such feature is not something that Activity Streams are designed for. Thank you for your bug report. It will be fixed in the next update. Sorry for inconvenience.
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    (DP43) PM Viewer

    The best for you will be this advice:
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    The new group formatting option is located in the following location in the ACP: ACP - Members - Profiles - Profile Settings Tab, scroll to the bottom of the page
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    Mike John

    Sidebar Poll Support

    An update for IP.Board 4.4.x has been released.
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    Google Photos integration

    Because of the malicious practices of Apple. Also because you most definitely do not want a situation where a market gets monopolized.
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    Theme file Size

    ​If you have access to your php.ini file Find these lines: upload_max_filesize = 2M post_max_size = 8M Change to (Example) upload_max_filesize = 80M post_max_size = 850M If you don't have access to it you can try creating a text file add the above max sizes then save it as php5.ini then add it to the root directory where your forum is located. It has been a verylong time I hope I am remembering the correct location.... if not try adding it to the forum directory
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    Google Photos integration

    Genuinely surprised people still use Android/Google, it’s 2019, how have they not discovered iPhones with iCloud yet? 🤔
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