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    Chocolate / Support topic

    We have been asked by customers to intervene on this resource as it appears the author has gone MIA. This, of course, is always regretful. We have reached out and should we receive a response, we will revisit - however - at this time, purchases have been disabled and we will close this support topic. Existing customers will be able to download for the time being. In terms of refunds, all app stores work on the premise of all transactions being final. This is simply because the money you spend goes back out to the author. As a convenience to our customers, we provide a central resource for pre-screened themes and modifications. This avoids you needing to provide personal information to a third party and also allows us to review each original submission to ensure it complies with basic security standards. With this convenience, however, comes a certain degree of risk on your part. Naturally, in the event an author has withdrawn their funds and disappeared, the recourse is minimal and there is no ability for us to refund your purchase, except at a loss to us - which, per the Marketplace terms, we are unable to do. The first inclination in such a situation is to simply file a payment dispute. Please understand that this does not impact the author if they've collected their funds, we take the loss and have significant chargeback fees imposed upon us. Because this has amounted to thousands of dollars in losses every year, rendering the Marketplace a consistent loss to IPS, we have to take a hardline approach on this method and per our Standards of Service and Marketplace terms, any chargeback will result in account and often license termination. I'm very sorry that this is the unfortunate reality in these rare circumstances. Digital marketplaces and app stores are not a perfect system and all parties assume a certain degree of risk. Most of the time, it works out. Sometimes it doesn't. In those infrequent cases, we do our best to try and minimize future losses for customers as quickly as possible. We take our responsibility to help safeguard you seriously. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out via the client area. Thank you.
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    Version 1.2.3


    Theme disabled by the creator. Not available to buy anymore because jdesign has skipped the theme production for personal reasons. Light theme with Landing Page built into the theme, very easy to build a nice front page as you do not need any knowledge how html, js and css work. To use the Landing page, the pages app is required. Nice effects with CSS, JS Animation and Boostrap 4 so the Landing Page looks good in all kinds of screens, from Big to small screens like smartphones. Try it out at my site as a ---DEMO--- choose Xenon Landing in themes. Compatible with the new IPS 4.4 The theme includes psd (photoshop) logo, psd medal, fonts. A perfect way to change to your own goal, how you want it to look. It is very important that you read through the installation guide that comes in pdf format. If you do everything right then it should work immediately.


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    Hi Ocean West, The Grid Layout for forums is a bit dull. I checked and Opentype has a great looking template but it's for Pages topic blocks, not Forums. However, this may help, I did this for my site some time back, it makes use of the ability to place an uploaded image attachment into and at the top of your forum description. If you do that it works but the image doesn't fill the container, so I tweak it a bit: Step 1 - Edit the relevant template I'd recommend using a child theme or custom parent theme for this, don't edit the original default IPS theme: Edit line 73 of your theme template forums > front > index > forumGridItem <div class='ipsPad'> to this: <div class='ipsPad cForumGridGSdescription'> Step 2 - Custom CSS Add some extra CSS to override via your theme's custom.css file: /* Reduce size of font so forum names show more words in grid view and optionally make bold */ .cForumGrid_title { font-size: 16px; font-weight: 700; } /* Display forum description img attachment full width of grid block in grid view */ .cForumGridGSdescription img { display: block; position: relative; top: -1; left: -1; min-width: 111%; min-height: 150px; border: 0 none; margin: -15px 2px 0 -15px; padding: 0; } Step 3 - Improve Truncated Forum Titles You can remove the rather fugly truncated forum title by editing line 43 of the same template as above forums > front > index > forumGridItem and removing the truncate CSS styles, so from this: <h3 class='ipsType_reset ipsType_sectionHead ipsTruncate ipsTruncate_line cForumGrid_title'> to this: <h3 class='ipsType_reset ipsType_sectionHead cForumGrid_title'> which looks then looks something similar to this... Hope this helps!
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    I'm genuinely kind of confused as to why IPS is posting such an early announcement of 4.4. While we're all excited for the newest version (insert more gifs here), this really is premature: 1. You can't actually download unless you specifically request beta. 2. You probably don't want to download since it's beta. 3. Did I mention it's still in beta yet? 5. And not even late stage beta. This is literally beta 1 with potential breaks to global template. 4. But whatever. Party on. This is like the pre-party before the preview party before the launch party, and by the time we actually get to download 4.4 we will all be so drunk and hungover from the partying that we really won't care what version we're actually using on our live sites.
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    Pages Legend Reviews

    Version 2.0.0

    1 download

    Pages Legend Reviews Is a series of Page-App-Templates accompanied with a powerful plugin and a special Pages Database, so you can create a very flexible layout throughout your Database, Category and Record View pages. These Templates are specifically designed for "Review" type of articles. It's often use for Movies, TV Shows, Games and ... for special review and score articles. now they can have their own review articles with Scoring system. These templates can be used on a New Page app Database Installation or even can be assigned to an existing Databases. Templates mainly designed to be no-need-IPS-wrapper so user can have the best possible experience with templates. But it's also fully support IPS wrapper as well. (See Images above for changes) Features: Very Nice and flexible to play it's layout in FrontPage area A nice, stylish and Built-in "Featured Record Section" that can be set to show 3/5/6 of your latest/pinned records Change Item view by Grid/List Grid View for FrontPage body section that can be also set to show 2/3/4 grid per line with very nice new Grid styles for Review system (Demo) List View for FrontPage body section with new List styles for Review system Nice/customizable Hover effects for grid or list items Omittable Parts in Grid/List Items, you can choose to show which part to see Very Nice and flexible Category Page Change Item view in Category pages by Grid/List Grid can be set to show 2/3/4 grid per line Nice JQuery Tool for Users to swipe between 2/3/4 grid per line at any time (for Grid view) Nice Template for Record view with a Full-width Record Image Section, Special Prefix style, Auto re-positioning images for body article, auto style for article first letter, Special SEO Friendly Summary section for review articles (Review Item, Item Description, The Good and The Bad, Score sections) (Demo) Nice Block/Widget template for Latest reviews, match for all of these template, can be used in every places in Page app. And many more feature and much more to come Live Demo (FrontPage) / Category / Record view Template/Plugin Can be used Multiple time in one domain installation. Different Pages Legends Templates: Pages Legend News for News articles Pages Legend Profiles for create Profile pages for subjects


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    Smaller font size here?

    It seems that font size is smaller here in the community now. Where is my magnifying glass? This is really too small for me.
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    Pete T

    Mind Theme

    I noticed globaltemplate is badly coded wrong has wrong its calling wrong body code its calling the admin cp version but would not take few mins to sort out if know how just check the default with custom and will slowly fix your issues.
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    Pete T

    Mind Theme

    [[Template core/global/global/lkeyWarningdoes not exist. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] This one because the globaltemplate is outdated and this line no longer needed its easy fix with manual update [[Template core/front/profile/followers is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] not sure what this could be can tell me where see it is in the profile area it self ? [[Template core/front/global/prefix is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] i know 4.4.x had tweak to prefix but would need see what template change was done. [[Template core/admin/plugins/pluginRowDescription is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] when are getting this error ?
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    Feature Subscription

    I've asked for this over a year ago, would love something like below. By identifying the most popular option, you reveal the socially accepted path. Users will feel a natural tendency to choose that product, increasing coversion rate through triggering conformity.
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    Smaller font size here?

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    ACP > System > Community Enhancements.
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    Smaller font size here?

    We haven't changed any font sizes recently. Check you haven't accidentally zoomed the page out (e.g. Cmd/Ctrl+0 on Chrome).
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    Xenon Landing theme support

    😂 Ok I find it on fresh install, not with upgrade Thx
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    Smaller font size here?

    You can increase the size of the text on screen in just about every browser. Using Chrome (what I have open right now), there's a magnifying glass to the right side of the address bar at the top of the page you can use.
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    Club Categories ( Support Topic )

    That is something I just noticed it don't have, I will add it to a update and throw it out before the week ends Yh that's possible, I was going to add a select box where you can select default / your own fa-icon / uploaded image anyway
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    Member Discouragement

    Good one !
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    Clubs Forums on Forums Index

    Thank you works for me now.
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    Adriano Faria

    Clubs Forums on Forums Index

    @Sonya*, sent you a new version via PM. Test and let me know if it's ok to update the file here on IPS.
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    A tip for people using Pages Category Images and getting broken images. When I started using it, $category->pcimage and {file="$category->pcimage"} were producing full URLs but <img src='{file="$category->pcimage"}'> was only stopping at my Amazon S3 bucket; it didn't contain the full URL with the filename and extension. When I pasted the full URL into my browser, I got an error message. The reason is because URLs were being created to my Amazon S3 account, which is where I store my Pages media. Pages Category Images has its own setting in System > Overview > Files > click Storage Settings, which by default is set to file system, using the server where the suite is installed. This means that my category images were being uploaded to a place on my server whilst the system was looking for them on my S3 account alongside the other Pages media. I solved the problem by changing the storage method of Pages Category Images to S3 and within seconds the images were displaying.
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    Adriano Faria

    Clubs Forums on Forums Index

    Sure. I’ll take a look within an hour or so.
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    newbie LAC

    (NB41) Enhanced Advertisements

    Hello, Show ad {{if (\mb_strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'test') !== false)}} 1 {{endif}} Hide ad {{if !(\mb_strpos($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'], 'test') !== false)}} 1 {{endif}}
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    @The Old Man Thank you kindly, that is far better then it was. I don't have images in the descriptions but may look at that at some point. i even added a <br> so that each subform doesn't wrap.
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    Chat System Needed

    Kind of a workaround... don't love it... but I feel I solved the lack of a "Chat" system AND also added a THREADED reply section by adding Disqus to my site topic pages. It is "real-time" and threaded... I'm sure there is a downside to doing this however....
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    Adriano Faria

    Clubs Card on Forums Index

    Maybe someday. I have a ton of resources to update to IPS 4.4.
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    Release parties at Invision Community are a fairly tame affair. You'd think after months of planning, coding and testing we'd want to cut loose and dance the night away. The reality is we send each other a few amusing GIFs in Slack and then wait for support tickets to start appearing while our developers crack their knuckles and prepare for bug reports to be filed. It's a nightmare trying to get a photo of our team, so here's a stock image. Just pretend it's us. That's me looking at a report of how much code Mark Wade has refused during reviews I did manage to find five minutes to ask the team what their favourite feature of 4.4 was. Here's what they said. Marc S Support, Guides and Keen Cyclist @Marc Stridgen I'm going to go with 'Post before registering', because it allows for more effective onboarding of new members on your site. People are much more likely to register after just having written a topic, then they are if they have to register before getting started. It also gives you the opportunity to see how many people are not actually registering, and maybe address that on the site. Ryan Developer, T3 support and reluctant AWS wrangler @Ryan Ashbrook My favorite 4.4 feature is the progressive web app settings. I now have our site pinned to my phones home screen for quick access, and use our site on mobile even more now that I can just hit the icon to pull up our site. Mark H Support, Beta Tester and remembers this when it was fields @Mark H While this isn’t “a” favorite feature, I most like the steady small improvements to Gallery in the 4.x series. Photography-centric sites should especially like the additions to extended EXIF data in 4.4 so that authors can provide the most detail about their submitted photos…. where it was taken, what camera, which lens, shutter speed and aperture, etc. Daniel Developer, T2 support and airport security fan @Daniel F As IPS4 consumer, I'm going to say that Lazy Loading and mobile create menu are my favorite enhancement. As community owner, I'm most excited about post before register and email advertisements.. That's going to bring the $$$ Brandon Developer, Enterprise Support and proud of his thorough code reviews @bfarber My favorite change in 4.4 (besides the overall performance improvements, as I'm a geek for that sort of thing) is the overhauled Conversion experience (which we haven't even blogged about). We took converters and flipped them on their head for 4.4, so you now choose what software you want to convert from, what applications from that software you want to convert, fill in any required details, and the conversion process just launches and runs from beginning to end right then and there. You no longer need to convert each application and each type of data within each application individually, making for an easier and overall smoother experience. Stuart Developer, Conversion Specialist and PC enthusiast @Stuart Silvester This is actually hard to answer than it seems, there are so many great changes and features in 4.4. The combined performance improvements including HTTP/2 Push, More aggressive caching, SVG letter photos, lazy loading are definitely some of my favourites. After all, time is money. (A smaller favourite is the browser notification prompt change, especially with visiting as many customer sites as I do in Tier 2). Jim Support, Beta Tester and suspiciously quiet in staff chat @Jim M The communities I run are about cars and very heavily image based. Whether it's "I have an issue" or simple sharing of car builds, topics get image heavy very quickly and doing anything to improve moving throughout that topic more quickly is going to go far. I feel a lot of communities can relate and why lazy load of images is my favorite 4.4 feature. Jennifer Designer, Enterprise Theme Specialist, owner of several super powers @Jennifer M There are so many changes with 4.4 it's actually really hard to choose just one change that is my absolutely favorite. I would probably say a lot of the more micro features are my favorites. Colored usernames everywhere, lazy load for images, improved notifications experience, text or URLs for announcements, reordering of club tabs, ability to hide widgets/blocks from mobile etc. They are all quality of life improvements that I love and appreciate on so many levels. We're Steve Ballmer levels of excited about 4.4. It looks like Rikki's lazy loading is a clear winner. I'm not surprised, it's a real boost for page speed and reduces hosting costs. Personally I'm a fan of the progressive web app settings which, like Ryan, enables me to have our community on my phone's home page. Let us know what your favourites are below!
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    Looking at how big the bug list got after this beta dropped. I think I'll wait for a few more updates to try the beta out on my test site.
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    That makes no sense. But thanks for playing.
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    So maybe work on that. 😉
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    "you can now get your hands on the beta release from the client centre."
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    From now on exactly 5 days, 12 hours, 23 minutes. Or until most of all bugs are fixed....
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    Club Categories ( Support Topic )

    This is amazing, finally I am glad someone is helping make finding clubs easier. Is there a chance you could potentially one day add functionality to this addon or another that allows us to search for clubs?
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    So unless I'm missing something, there is no way to present subscriptions during the registration process or even directly afterwards without forcing users to purchase a subscription, at which point if you want to also offer a free membership, you have to create a free subscription package. I just don't see any other way around this in order to give the opportunity to purchase during registration. There really should be a way to offer this as a step during the registration process with the option to "skip" choosing a paid subscription and just staying with a regular "free" membership.
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    Hi @Joel R, think this would do the job. However, in the meantime I decided not to do a Trial. User can now just Sign Up to get an account with very basic access and rights. I hope, that this way the can look around as long they want and that I can convince them to sign up for a payable membership. It will look like this - Basic Account as a Group - Subscribe Package One with more rights and access to Member-Only Forum - Subscribe Package Two with full rights and full access (e.g. ability to have an own Blog or to run a own Club) I will let you know how I setup this in detail and how it worked out.
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    (aXen) Secondary Groups Indicator

    The plugin works fine with IPS 4.3.5 and does exactly what the description says. However I see some room for (in my opinion neccessary) improvements: An option to exclude a secondary usergroup from being displayed. An option to sort in which order secondary usergroups are being displayed.
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    Online Indicator

    Version 1.1


    This plugin places an online indicator next to usernames in posts and private conversations messages. You are able to specify the Font Awesome icon for both statuses, online and offline. Avatar indicator is now supported, with a bunch of settings. Compatible with Community Suite 4.2.4 NOT UPDATED FOR 4.3+


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    Pages SuperGrid support

    No, not yet.
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