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    Do you want to take our latest release for a test drive? You already are! We've upgraded our own community for wider testing. A big focus has been on page speed, so you will notice that our community is significantly faster that it was on 4.3 If you need a recap of what was added, take a look at our product updates blog which takes you through the highlights. As this is a pre-beta release, expect some funkiness as we scurry around and tidy up our custom theme wrapper and other areas as we spot them. If you you find a bug, we'd love for you to report it with as much detail as you can muster in the bug report area. We'd love to know what you think, let us know below.
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    I hate the gif thing, I really do. Call me old with my 36 years, I don't care. I am definitely not enabling this on my community and I do hope the gif fest thats been here for the last few days will eventually be subdued.
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    Thank you @bfarber really appreciate the suggestion. In all honesty, I'm not so keen on overriding policies because it sends mixed messages and spreads confusion not only within corporate teams, but also amongst customers. So as much as I do want IPS to review and hopefully revert this particular policy in my case, I'm going to put my trust in a solution that hopefully benefits all clients, and not just me. If it's unsustainable for IPS, fair enough, but at least we tried.
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    As @Joel R suggested, you may want to just quickly ask for your ticket to be passed over to Lindy so he can review and make a final decision. Management have been known to make exceptions to policies in specific one off goodwill circumstances for long-time clients such as yourself. 🙂 I can't promise that will happen here, but you'll get a more direct and definitive answer either way.
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    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    For CJ Duplicate Logger, would you consider incorporating the already built-into IPS device check on members? I have a lot of users who have been IP banned (thanks to this app) who are coming back with a different IP, but on the same device. IPS ALREADY logs if a device has been used by more than one member: It's cheap to get a new IP, but it's not cheap to get a new device. A device check would make this application utterly complete. Please consider. Thanks!
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    This plugin forces most user links throughout the Invision Community to display member group color/formatting. This applies in all places where the \IPS\Member object is used to produce links to a member. Your user name in the cover photo and also on profile hovercards (when you cursor over a username/photo and the mini profile appears) remain un-formatted and probably should remain that way as background images will nearly always conflict with the group formatted color and should remain white. See below. If you are wondering why some areas do not have formatted names and others do that is because there are many different ways the userlink is created throughout the suite. If the IPS\Member object is used the group color will be applied automatically. In EVERY other instance additional coding is required. Sometimes easy, other times not. Search and Stream Results are particularly challenging as they actually involve language files with variable passed directly to the language construct. As is right now you will see Search and Stream Results do have group formatting applied but the trailing possessive does not - i.e. Fate's topic. There may be away around this but it will require new language bits and that means translations and so on... Version 12 is 4.3 compatible and FREE - find it attached below. Version 11 is the last compatible version for 4.2 and is also FREE - find it attached below. Both version 11 and 12 are no longer supported! Version 13 and onward is paid and supported (as far as future Invision Community system changes will allow me) Currently the only difference between version 12 and version 13 is support for status replies is fixed in v13. At the time of this support topic creation the mod is beer/coffee priced. $7 with $4/year renewal. Just got to the point where the support requests (and patches for IPS changes) took too much time away from other things. FREE Group Color on User Link 12 - 4.3 only.xml FREE Group Color on User Link 11 - 4.2 only.xml
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    Patreon Integration

    With this plugin site owners can connect a Patreon campaign to their forum allowing members to link their Patreon accounts. Connected members can gain access rights and be shown in top lists helping the monetization of your site. Features All campaign data will be pulled automatically - The ACP allows easily to assign Patreon tiers to user groups. The campaign image, description text and join button can be shown in a widget. Members can link and unlink their accounts to Patreon form the user menu Settings > Connect Patreon Account. Linked members can be assigned to user groups according to their pledge tier. If a member changes their pledge or unlinks their account the user group assignments can be removed automatically. Widgets for current goal, top patrons and new patrons. Widgets show join campaign link for members that are not already a patron. Pledges, goals and campaign information will be automatically updated in the background to stay up to date. Buy it now
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    (BIM) Chatbox FREE

    Version 4.0.3


    This is very simple chat system with the basic features: Ajax chat, auto update. Display as IPS widgets, so you can place it in sidebar or top page. Sound notification. User can toggle on/off. Admins/Moderators can block users. Users can ignore some chatters they don't want to see. Load more messages when scrolling end (or top). Announcement (on Top or Tab). Supports emoticons, URL, Image URL (gif, png, jpg) *NEW* Supports GUGGY to turn any text message into funny GIF and Sticker by using /guggy command (Eg: /guggy I love you) *NEW* Supports GIPHY to finds GIFs and Stickers by using /giphy command (Eg: /giphy happy new year) *NEW* Supports Youtube, playing video in iframe and popup @mention by clicking on usernames. Flood control. Bad word filters. Time format. Display newer messages in top or bottom. Permissions for viewing, chatting & management. Edit/Delete messages. Download version 4 if you're using IPS 4.4.x


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    Introduction The club activity page is where you want to spend most of your time managing your club. It's your dashboard and content stream rolled into one. It shows all activity that happens in the club, whether posted by you or others so it's a great way to see what's going on. Above and beyond viewing the activity, there are additional insights you can get from the activity stream. Case Study On the initial view, this is what you should notice in an Activity Stream: New Members -- lots of new members that are joining, which is great! This means that new members are attracted to your club. New Content by Club Staff -- content and comments posted by users who are club staff, which is great! This means that club staff are actively participating. New Content by non-Club Staff -- content and comments posted by users who are NOT club staff, which is especially great! This means that you and your staff are engaging with users and exciting them with your content. While the initial analysis shows a healthy and active club that's growing with new members, new content, and engagement with users, you can take it a step further with additional insight. All based on this one page of Activity. Insights for New Members High-Value Joins -- Some members don't do anything besides join. Some members update their avatar and profile. Some members update their avatar, update their profile, and write a new member introduction. There's a sliding scale of value for new members, and you can start figuring out your high-value members. If you see a member who takes the time to update their profile picture or writes an introduction, those are the members that you want to cultivate for engagement. You can say hello, write a status update on their profile, welcome them to the club, thank them for joining, or some other engagement. You want to focus your attention on these special members. It's easier to focus on the high-value joins since they have greater potential to hang out and engage. If you see members who updated their avatar, they took the time and effort to update their avatar. That's great! And if a member took the time to introduce himself in the Introductions board. These are two types of members that you immediately want to focus on for further engagement. Insights for Issues Because the Activity Stream shows a listing of all activity from all members, you can use it to quickly identify any issues to correct or opportunities for engagement. Issues -- Maybe a member has a question, complaint, or uploaded incorrectly. Use the Activity Stream to quickly scan and hone in on these issues to immediately address. Insights for Opportunities Opportunities -- What can help your club grow and prosper over time are superusers, who day-in and day-out applaud and cheer you on. Just how you like to be recognized for the amazing work that you put into your club, they also like to know that their comments are appreciated and welcomed. You should start to see a pattern of users who consistently comment or react to club content. Those are opportunities for engagement to thank them, ask how they're doing, or find ways to deepen your connection. The more that you can deepen your relationship with users, the more emotionally connected they will feel with you and your club. You can start to see patterns where a user writes multiple responses AND his responses are full comments (not just one word or reaction). Those are users who write a good comment. Insights for Popular Content The Activity Stream will show the number of reactions each post receives as a measure of its popularity. Popular Content -- Next to each item will be the number of reactions. You'll see cute icons like a green thumbs up. These are all positive signs and votes that users like the content. You can use this to quickly identify content that's unusually popular. For example, if you normally post a discussion that gets 5 reactions but a recent discussion receives 10, then that should make you perk up. If you notice that users especially like this topic, then you can expand the conversation, use it as a springboard for related conversation, bring it up in your next club announcement as something to check out, or recommend it to your community manager for social media promotion. Your goal is to start seeing trends or unusual items that are especially popular, so you can use it to re-engage with users.
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    Version 1.0.2


    This plugin will show how many time each member spends logged into the site. Settings: Acronym for days, hours, minutes and seconds User groups that will have their time online recorded Groups that will be able to view the total time online from other users Show total time online in Profile Header? Show total time online when you hover a member link? Show total time online in posts? Widget: This plugin has a widget to display the most online members of your community. Note: Plugin made from the scratch, which fixed the issue of accumulating many hours improperly


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    Embedded Tweets Width

    Thank you!!!!
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    I don't see much point to listing a forum redirect in the fluid view filter, unless someone can tell me otherwise. It would be good to have an option to not show these in the block, it's pointless if they'll never show topics.
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    Ask for it to be escalated. Really. IPS is surprisingly accommodative for clients of good standing.
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    5.0 - A Discussion

    I know, I know. 4.4 isn't even here yet, and here's a topic for 5.0. How dare I! The shock and horror! In all seriousness though, I think it's a perfect time to start talking about what kinds of improvements can or should be made for Invision Community 5. Some of these may not be possible, some might be, some might not even be thought of yet (oi, post those too). So let's start: Something many members have asked about, and something I would absolutely love to see, is a member-customizable home page. What I mean with this is the ability of a member to customize what content and blocks they see when they log in. Some members want to rearrange how content is displayed on the home page, and currently that isn't possible. As an admin, I can do this for everyone, but not all members agree with certain choices in this regard. Allowing a member to customize their user experience going forward would be a huge gain. Another thing to consider in regards to users is Profiles. Currently, clicking on a user link takes you to the Activity feed for that member. An option to select which tab is the "active" tab when a user link is clicked on could be useful for those communities who wish to prioritize, for instance, the About Me section over activity. On the moderation side of things, the report interface is somewhat lacking. For those of us with the "gallery" application, when an image is reported, that image is not forwarded to the Report center. All that the report center gives is a link to the image and/or the album that was reported. This should at least update so the image reported it available directly and immediately in the report. This will save a lot of time for image heavy communities. I'm sure there's more I'm forgetting, as I'm at work, but I'm liable to post more later.
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    We do set the container size in content, there was a minor issue where this wasn't occurring for images inserted via Giphy. We've fixed that now (although, not yet live on here). If you insert images from any other source for example, you'll see container sizes being set.
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    Nathan Explosion

    AdSense Crawler

    And those topics are in a container called a forum......unless things have changed since I used Adsense years ago, it will access anything in the same 'directory'. So, in theory..... Add: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/ And it should be able to then crawl..... https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/368323-adsense-crawler If it doesn't work in that way now, then you'll have to ask Google.
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    I don't think it's feasible or realistic to allow IPS to allow general app transfers. There's the potential for abuse and renewals can get messy if you transfer an app from an active license to an inactive license. With that said, if you're transferring apps between your own licenses under one account, you're active on all licenses for a history of many years, you're a trusted IPS member, and this is one time request, it's not unreasonable to ask for a private transfer. Ask for your ticket to be escalated to management.
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    If you have your community configured to use 'site traffic' to run tasks, it relies on the amount of traffic your community receives. For best speed and reliability, switch your task method to use CRON. (search for tasks in AdminCP).
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    Featured Content for IPS4.x+

    That would be great. Surely this functionality will be very popular.
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    We should all race @Adlago in a community speedtest 🚗
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    What's fixed in 1.0.3 Fixed issue with limits not being applied to replies when plugin was configured to target some (not all) forums. Note: no new features in this release - I'll be looking into a version 2 soon, and will be adding some additional functionality which will include at least the following: extending the plugin out to Pages database records and/or comments. ability to set different limits per group, instead of the current 'one size fits all' approach. ability to apply limit to first post in topic and/or replies to topics. adding additional items into the limits, such as number of videos, images, links, spoilers, attachments and emoticons/emojis. No ETA at this time - when there is an update then it will be provided.
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    EmojiMania - Tips & Tricks

    Hi Everyone! It wasn't til last year after summer that I took a deep look into the emoji world. For me, emojis were something related to board discussions and emotions, you know: 😂 😔 happy, sad etc. For more daring and sexy conversations, the cats: 😸😻 Then, after summer I started to reorganize my forum written instructions a little bit and suddenly I understood how useful those pesky emojis could be. I changed this: For this: or sometimes this: The bottom line is that I could highlight what it was really important. I could stress the important rules while also listing the less important. Visually it made a lot of sense. By the end of last year I also decided to make some forum rules more visible and I realized again how useful those emojis could be. It's obvious that ⛔ means forbidden and ⚠️ means "be careful" Another interesting thing about emojis is that you can adapt the size for different situations and use the emojis more or less important. More or less rude. This year I finished my newsletter to the community signing like this: Another interesting thing about emojis is that you can add them to Category Titles on the forum, you can add them to Forum Names, you can add them to the Forum Descriptions and you can also use them with the Forum rules, plus the blocks & widgets with a text editor. And yes, you can make your community look cheese if you abuse them, but I think they are a nice resource that you can use to highlight important details and to escape from boring texts that nobody reads. An Emoji in the right position can make a difference. I thought someone could use this tips, specially the ones with ⛔ & ⚠️ If you have any more tricks using emojis, I like to know. Please share them If you have or there is a reason for not using emojis this way, please also let me know too.
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    to early to be honest, in top of the lump sum there will be additional costs for updates etc, but.. as i said once I have them ready, we will decide
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    Hi Guys IPB is awesome and far better than any other forum software available in market. IPB team working very hard to implement new feature every month i appreciate their hard work But now in smartphone world everyone is using mobile devices that have apps to access their favorite content. people don't like first open browser, then type url and then type username, password. Mobile friendly websites are no longer a solution. Forums are facing competition from Telegram groups, discord server, Facebook Groups, Whatsapp Group @Charles PLEASE HELP US !!!!! I know it is very difficult to maintain native app. so Now companies use hybrid approach to cut cost for mobile app. It would be great if IPB team develop the in house Progressive Web app for IPB. IPB theme already mobile friendly so every little to do Just need to implement 1. Service- worker for Offline uses 2. Push Notification for Notifications 3. Login and signup screen (that remember the user name and password) Here some Key Benefits Of PWA over Native App IPB4 team already have brilliant javascript developers. I think it would not too difficult for them to do this. I would like to Pay for this feature separately if it will be developed. It would be Milestone for IPB 4 as compared to other forums software. Others IPB members if you are agree please vote this feature as much you can and share your's feed back too and don't Forget to Participate in Above Poll Question Companies Using PWA!! PWA is not just another Buzz word, PWA again transferring the power back to Web Developers which was lost during native mobile app era. I think REST API based apps for IPB not right approach, From developers point of views, it will make mobile apps hard to maintain and compatible with every new version of IPB and updates of hundered of IPB plugins. However PWA just uses Mobile Responsive of Website. Forums Founders spent both Time and money to make his/her community sustainable. sometime new users like the forums but forget url and browser history deleted,at that time website looses one member ? this same things happened with me many times and may be other members share the same experience. For iOS users or Android users there is more chances, new users of clients Forum website click on App icons (Installed by PWA ) again than open browser inside the mobile, remember the website URL and hit the enter. No matter whether PWA support push notifications for particular mobile os or not :) PWA fully supported in Window 10 redstone 4. We can't ignore the billions machine running window 10. Window 10 PWA app would be huge opportunity to keep the website users engage with website. Just imagine clients Forums apps are installed on users PC. Even They don't open browser and enter forum URL, with single push notification you can make users again engage to your website ? More and more adopting the window 10 This is my humble request to IPB team please please develop in house mobile app for IPB others wise our communities websites will loose the competition in mobile app age. THANKS :)
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    CodingJungle's Apps [support topic]

    @CodingJungle I wanted to pop in and say GREAT JOB on fixing the duplicate members app. It's working better than ever, I can not thank you enough. I came over to update my review on the file listing and it's not letting me. Need to upgrade to 5 stars. EDIT: I sent a report in to IPB about not being able to edit my old review and they fixed it. 5 stars well deserved!
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    I applied for Braintree long ago and they denied me with zero explanation. Only said my site was unfit. No option for appeal. They can kiss my ***
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    Have a look at my plugin. It shoes most liked posts for x amount of time.
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    Have you seen the Popular block? It's a feed of the most popular recent items.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Polizei Theme First install add-ons, next install theme and theme editor. Support website: http://szablonet.pl Live demo (change style Polizei) : Click ! Admin panel settings: Add-ons (must be installed!):


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    Happy 16th Birthday To Us!

    This month, we turn sweet sixteen! We made our own card this year. I know, it's hard to believe with our youthful looks and energetic personalities, but it's true. Charles and I have known each other longer than I've known my own children and we still make each other laugh on a daily basis. Over the past 16 years we've seen a lot of trends come and go. When we started, AOL dial-up was the preferred method of choice (and probably the only method of choice). Compuserve were flying high and I think I'll stop this walk down memory lane before I turn into my own grandfather and start talking about how things were better in my day. A lot has changed. We've seen the rise of social media and how it disrupted habits. We've seen MP3 players become iPods, and iPods become iPhones and iPhones become iPads (other digital devices are also available). It's crazy to think that our company pre-dates Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. Click on this image to see it unless you have excellent eyesight We're still here because we are always innovating and adapting. The software we're working on right now is vastly different from the one we started out with. And that is how it should be. We listen to our customers and we implement the great ideas. Of course, we'd not have lasted a year without our customers. We're genuinely thrilled to still be doing a job we love and serving customers who have trusted their community with us. Thank you all for choosing us and we're looking forward to the next 16 years.
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    Member experience

    Show!!! Tested and working IPS 4.3
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    Member experience

    Спасибо, хороший плагин. Mod edit (translation) "Thank you, good plugin."
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    [HQ] Forum Icons

    File Name: [HQ] Forum Icons File Submitter: InvisionHQ File Submitted: 21 Jul 2009 File Category: Utilities With this modification you can set icon for every or only selected forums. Features: enable/disable mod, two display mode: next to the forum name (without any file or skin edits) or instead of indicator icon (require skin edits - work fine with the ajaxed marking), set allowed extensions, set maximum file size, set maximum dimensions for icons, enable/disable icon per forum, tool to convert old settings from old version here to download this file
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    File Name: Limba Romana / Romanian Language - Shoutbox File Submitter: Tony File Submitted: 13 Aug 2011 File Updated: 16 Aug 2011 File Category: Language Packs Limba Română pentru Shoutbox 1.2.1, interfața de utilizator este tradusă complet, partea de ACP nu este tradusă (nu văd rostul). Romanian language for public side of the Shoutbox 1.2.1. Mergi la Panoul de Control al Administratorului Tab-ul "Look / Feel" Apasă pe Manage Languages. Folosind secțiunea 'Upload language pack from your computer', caută fișierul shoutbox_language_pack.xml (care tocmai ce l-ai descărcat) Apasă pe butonul Import. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Go to your Admin Control Panel Then press on "Look / Feel" tab Click Manage Languages. Using the 'Upload language pack from your computer' section, browse for the supplied "shoutbox_language_pack.xml" Click the Import button. here to download this file
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