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    Braintree is a payment gateway provided by PayPal which provides some great additional features for PayPal transactions including a significantly improved recurring payments model. We are delighted to be bringing full support for Braintree for Commerce in Invision Community 4.4. What is Braintree? Braintree is a payment gateway provided by PayPal which supports taking payments by credit cards (including Apple Pay and Google Pay) and Venmo as well as PayPal, providing a good option for communities wanting to use a single payment gateway, and also brings improved functionality for recurring PayPal transactions. For PayPal transactions, there are no additional fees and the checkout experience uses the normal PayPal experience your customers are used to. Recurring PayPal Improvements Recurring payments / Billing Agreements in PayPal have up until now been initiated by PayPal. Invision Community tells PayPal what the renewal terms of a purchase are, but then it's up to PayPal to take that payment and notify your community when it succeeds (or fails). This comes with a number of limitations and problems. It makes it difficult for you as an admin to modify an existing purchase or for the customer to upgrade/downgrade. It also means the customer has to create separate Billing Agreements for each purchase. Most significantly though, it means if there is a delay in receiving the payment (such as an expired card) it is sometimes unclear what should happen on your community's end, and how it can be resolved if/when the payment is received. Other payment gateways work the other way around. When a customer pays by card, for example, they have the option of storing their card details. Later, if they make another purchase or a renewal invoice is generated, Invision Community can tell the gateway to recharge the same card - and if it fails, allow the customer to provide an alternative payment method. This allow both you and your customers to have much greater control, and is much more reliable. Braintree resolves this by allowing customers when paying with PayPal to save their PayPal account in the same way they would save a credit card on file. When paying with PayPal, users will see a simple checkbox which, if checked, will allow future payments to be taken with PayPal automatically. Storing PayPal Accounts for Recurring Payments Other Features In addition to an improved checkout experience, our integration with Braintree supports: Taking payments by Credit Card, including 3DSecure checking and the ability for customer to store card details on file. Braintree uses a fully PCI-compliant method of taking card details in a way that ensures the card information never reaches your server. Apple Pay and Google Pay Venmo, which also allows storing accounts in the same way as PayPal accounts. Offering PayPal Credit Handling chargebacks/disputes Support for Braintree's Advanced Fraud Tools A Disputed PayPal Transaction Existing Setups and Upgrading The existing PayPal gateway will continue to be available for basic PayPal integration, and your existing set up will continue to work exactly as it does now after upgrading. If you are using PayPal, especially if you are using Billing Agreements, we strongly recommend switching to Braintree after upgrading. While it isn't possible to convert existing Billing Agreements, you can allow existing ones to continue to work and use Braintree for new purchases. Please note that while existing setups will work fine, from 4.4 it will no longer be possible to set up a new PayPal method with either Billing Agreements, or to take payments by card, as PayPal has deprecated the API this was using in favour of Braintree and it can no longer be enabled on new accounts. As mentioned though, this does not affect any existing setups, which, if you do not switch to Braintree, will continue to work as they do now. This blog is about our upcoming release Invision Community 4.4.
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    Also keep in mind that thanks to our lovely patch system we don't need to create a fully new release each time when we need to deploy a critical bugfix.
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    Future of 3 party apps

    If IPS don't let transfer of app between developers, what will be the protection for users in case of any developer abandoned some app, by any reasons....I dont want use an app then in future I have to abandoned it because the only developer disappeared
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    I applied for Braintree long ago and they denied me with zero explanation. Only said my site was unfit. No option for appeal. They can kiss my ***
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    Version 1.0.5


    Tournaments allows your members to ceate Teams and then Tournaments to enter in, you can use this application for multiple tournaments including online gaming, sports or any other tournament you want to be involved in. You can allow members to comment and communicate with each other members on each tournament, Each team can have a unique skill what will be calculated using the elo rating system starting with a default of 1200 points. DEMO This application is fully compatable with clubs using the teams and tournaments modules Tournaments ( There are 4 different tournament types to choose from ) Single Elimination ( 4 Teams, 8 Teams, 16 Teams, 32 Teams ) Teams are automatically pitted against each other in a knockout style tournament where the winner progresses to the next round until they reach the finals and you get a winner Round Robin One Match ( 4 Teams, 6 Teams, 8 Teams, 10 Teams, 12 Teams, 16 Teams, 20 Teams ) Teams are automatically pitted against each other in a league style tournament including a league table where teams receive points for winning a match and if set points for drawing a match, then after all games are played the team at the top of the table is the winner All teams entered will play each other at least one time each Depending on the teams joined will depend the amount of games generated starting from 6 matches all the way up to 190 matches Round Robin Two Matches ( 4 Teams, 6 Teams, 8 Teams, 10 Teams, 12 Teams, 16 Teams, 20 Teams ) Teams are automatically pitted against each other in a league style tournament including a league table where teams receive points for winning a match and if set points for drawing a match, then after all games are played the team at the top of the table is the winner All teams entered will play each other twice ( Home & Away ) Depending on the teams joined will depend the amount of games generated starting from 12 matches all the way up to 380 matches Ladders ( 6 Teams, 10 Teams, 15 Teams, 21 Teams ) This tournament is different once all teams are joined the ladder is generated placing the team with the highest skill rating ( Read Tournament Teams Below ) on the top tier and the team with the lowest at the bottom tier Teams can only challenge other teams who are within 1 tier of them ( example... if the team is in teir 3 they can challenge teams in tiers 2 and 4 ) Teams will challenge other teams and if the team on the lower tier wins they will switch places with the team they just beat on the ladder Team owners will receive a notification when receiving a challenge from another team If a team rejects a challenge it will show publicy they rejected it Users who sent the challenge have the ability to remove their challenge request ( this is for if another team is ignoring their challenge ) Once a team owner sends a challenge they can not challenge another team in that tournament unless it gets rejected / removed or accepted and then the game and been played ( This is not to confuse the placing of the teams ) Once a challenge has been sent and then played, the challenger will not be able to challenge that team they just played until they play another team first Tournaments Main Features Create unlimited categories & sub categories to for members to create tournaments in Each category has its own permissions for user groups on Who can view each category Who can view tournaments in each category Who can add tournaments in each category Who can comment on tournaments in each category Tournaments implements the IPS moderation & content features allowing your moderators to fully moderate the tournaments from the front end and ModCP Each tournament can be set to be password protected forcing team leaders to enter a selected password to join the tournament Allow members to post comments on the tournaments to communicate with other members keeping the discussions in one place and for use if tournament creators require proof of the results Members who create tournaments will be able to enter the results for each tier of that tournament ( admins & moderators with content edit permissions will also be allowed to enter the results ) Tournaments uses the IPS reporting feature allowing your members to report and tournaments that may be dodgey Show a list of all teams entering in the tournaments If you have Members Shop installed then you can choose to award the winning teams leader ( or each player in the team ) a set amount of points for each tier of the tournament they win in Tournaments uses the IPS embed function allowing you to copy & paste the teams URL into the editor Allow tournament creators to invite other teams to the tournament by the way or notifications ( Each invite is sent to the team leader ) When replacing a team, if that team has played say 3 matches they will not lose their stats from them 3 matches on their teams stats, BUT it will show the newly added teams name on them 3 matches of the tournament itself, the newly added team will not gain the stats from them 3 matches either All tournaments have their own list of the teams joined showing the stats from that current tournament Tournament Teams Allow your members to create teams to play in the tournaments Each team created has a skill rating starting of at 1200 what will increase / decrease with their wins or loses using the ELO Rating system Each team have their own stats forming of Their Wins Their Loses Their Draws Their Win Ratio Their Skill Teams Main Features Create unlimited categories and sub categories for members to create teams Each category has its own permissions for user groups on Who can view each category Who can view teams in each category Who can add teams in each category Teams implements the IPS moderation & content features allowing your moderators to fully moderate the teams from the front end and ModCP Teams has a nice landing page showing All featured teams The latest teams created The teams with the most wins The teams with the best win average The teams with the highest skill Teams can upload their own image and enter a team description Team leaders can choose to set a password for their team for other users to enter to be able to join Members can create unlimited teams but can only enter one of their team in each tournament Team leaders can remove their players easily in their team page Teams uses the IPS embed function allowing you to copy & paste the teams URL into the editor Team leaders can invite other members to join their team by way of sending them a notification Team owners can replace them self as the owner by selecting another member to take their place As well as changing the owner they have 2 more options Leave the team completly Stay on as a team player Other Features Team leaders will receive a notification when a new member joins their team or they receive a challenge to a ladder tournament All team players will receive a notification when the first round of the tournament they have joined is drawn Tournaments fully implements the IPS search allowing your members to search for teams and tournaments Tournaments uses the IPS content moderation allowing your moderators to moderate the teams and tournaments via the front end and ModCP Tournaments and teams allows your moderators to fully moderate them via the front end they can, Feature / Pin / Hide / Delete / Lock & Move The moderator permissions uses the IPS content permissions what can be set either globally for all applications or you can choose them seperatly for this app


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    Pete T

    Who Was Online (Hours)

    Version 1.0.3


    Keeps track of the number of registered members that have visited your site in a custom duration and also records which day you set the record for the most members online in the same day all options done via the front settings and Admin CP. Features Show online users for how many hours ago. Who Can See. Show Stat. Limit Maximum Number of The List. Groups To Exclude From the Link. Order Users Link By. Sort Type. Show user photo. NEW User photo size. NEW 4.4.x Users please read To make this plugin work to display colors please make sure have the following turn on, ACP - Members - Profiles - Profile Settings Tab, scroll to the bottom of the page: The above is new settings in 4.4.x only.


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    Group Mention

    Version 1.0.1


    Compatible with IPB 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4 This app allows you to tag/mention groups. Want all members of specific groups to read a post? Simply tag the groups and all the members of these groups will then receive a notification (same behaviour as with user mentions). Customizable settings: Enable/Disable Choose who is allowed to mention groups Choose which groups can be mentioned


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    Pete T

    Who Online Avatars

    Adds Members Avatars to Who Online plugin.
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    Different theme for Mobile

    It would be great to be able to select one theme to work for mobile devices and one theme to work for desktop.
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    I have a Club on whose splash page I'd like to include a post feed from that Club's forums. However, that doesn't currently seem possible. Club forums and blogs should be included as options in feeds (permissions permitting). Right now the only way to include Clubs forums in feeds is to keep the All checkbox checked, which obviously isn't a solution. I'm not sure if this was/is a bug or if this was somehow intended.
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    Joel R

    Speed up Private Messaging

    No, that's entirely untrue. Speed of technology has to do with the posting speeds, server connections, and UIX. Whether you're Harvard University or The Economist magazine or a leading enterprise, you're going to demand high speed connections for a modern web. Facebook is a platform that facilitates short form communication, so you're going to see more short form communication. But short form communication can still contain thoughtful commentary. I'm part of some Facebook groups that have really good conversations. It nothing to do with speed of technology. A dumb person doesn't become smarter even if you slow them down by an hour. And a smart person doesn't become dumb because they type fast.
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    Looks fantastic. My only concern is the $178 for one striped polo shirt!
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    Speed up Private Messaging

    Ignoring your sarcasm. I use paper and ink, and no it doesn't I also know clay tablets - likely more than anybody here. Say what you like about their speed, but I guarantee nothing you write on these forums or anything you write anywhere will still be around in 4,000 years. You will be forgotten, and dust, like the rest of us. The clay tablets remain.
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    not yet I forgot about that, I will look into it for the next update, it will be out soon the next one as I want to change all the core_tables in there before 4.4 comes out
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    Fewer updates is great. It means there's far greater stability, which means a) we have fewer updates to carry out across our sites and b) the devs get more time to develop new features, such as 4.4, which is coming soon.
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    Staff Applications System

    Great app, Dev is super responsive and willing to assist in anyway he can! Messaged me promptly when i had questions. Also had Dev develop another app for my community - Stellar 5 star for this and the customer support Great job @Adriano Faria
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    Yes it is. Just like with Stripe you set up each as a separate payment method (but using the same credentials). This allows you to control where they are available (for example, since Apple Pay cannot handle recurring payments you might want to offer that only for products which don't have renewals). They will automatically hide if the user's device doesn't support them (Apple Pay can only be used on Apple products, for example). You can set the "Available To" setting in a payment method (which controls which countries it is available to) to none of them, which effectively "disables" a payment method. You can keep using Stripe for cards and just switch to Braintree for PayPal. If you wanted to switch everything to Braintree to have everything in one location, you would lose cards customers have stored on file (though this would be handled gracefully - they'll just be sent an invoice like they would if their card had expired).
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    Post to PM

    Hi, I install your plugin on IPS 4.3.6 Does it work on 4.3.6, if so can you tell me where to find the button to click for sending the Pm to the user? Thanks Ignore my post as I found it. The little envelope icon beside the report post button.
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    Font awesome 5.0

    For a normal users - you are right. Cache works correctly. But when a speed test is done by a machine - incl. and these Google machines, these machines do not use cache. The http/2 protocol speeds up CSS and JS, but font awesome slow down a browser. Here are three concurrent tests from different test server- all reflect this delay.
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    IPS Developers if you're listening - please entertain this idea for 4.4. - Being able to search for clubs via the search system. (not content within clubs but clubs themselves)The reason I ask is I want to build a site around hobbies and use the clubs system as the core focus of the site. Well I anticipate there being quite a number of clubs and manually searching through lists/pages of clubs for a specific club may become tedious. Would there be a way in which you could include clubs in the search results and approach this in a similar way to how reddit deals with finding subreddits within their search. I've attached a picture.For example, if our site has 200+ clubs and a user is wanting to find a club about knitting - they would have scroll through pages to TRY and see if such a club existed. However if they were to search for 'knitting' using the search tool - perhaps all the clubs relating to knitting will show and suggest or allow the user to join them. Perhaps incorporating tags into clubs and have the search results pull from tags/name of the club to form results would be a good way to make this happen.If you have the time, I'd love to see your thoughts on this. The clubs system is such a wonderful feature on invision and I'd love to see more done with it!Thanks for your time!
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    FTP storage options silently removed.

    It's no longer available for new storage handling for technical reasons (frankly, it's just not very reliable through PHP). The fact that it wasn't mentioned won't be a concern moving forward with our newer release notes processes.
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    Stuart Silvester

    PHP 7.3 support

    Invision Community 4.4 will have support for PHP 7.3. Follow our product updates for further information about new features and changes in 4.4.
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    Similar Topics Widget

    A very, very useful plugin !! Integrating stop words would be great and would improve the plugin even more.
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    FTP storage options silently removed.

    And why should they? We don't use Amazon or any other other cloud storage service and you would effectively be forcing us into something we don't want to use.
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    CKEditor 5

    To clarify since @Joel R mentioned me specifically... 😂 We will be sticking with CKEditor 4 for a little while. While we will presumably move to CKEditor 5 some time in the future, it is currently still very new and maturing (when Joel asked me, it was before was released which is when they re-added paste from word). But most importantly, to move would require a lot of development time (to upgrade our custom plugins) for what will be, to the end-user, very little change. And since CKEditor plans to continue releasing updates to version 4 for the foreseeable future we're not missing out on bug fixes or security patches. Obviously if you're experiencing issues, please submit a support ticket and we can look into that - if you're not seeing the same problems on CKEditor's demo, the problem is likely our end and so it's probable that moving to CKEditor 5 wouldn't resolve it.
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    newbie LAC

    (NB40) Secondary Group Icons

    You should set up the height and width for images .nbSecGroupIconsProfile img { height: 30px; width: 30px; }
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    If you type a few paragraphs of text as a club description, it displays as a single block of text on the club index. If you edit it again, the paragraphs are still present.
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    CKEditor 5

    The answer to that is "No". Version 4.4 will use CKEditor 4.11.0 (see this post).
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    Nathan Explosion

    AdSense Crawler

    I've put together a plugin which handles this in a different location, making it hookable - have sent a new copy of it to @Mopar1973Man to try it out. If anyone would like a copy then please PM me directly. I won't be releasing it to the MarketPlace, as it does circumvent the security which IPS has built in to the product (albeit for only one configured account) - all I ask is you chuck me a beer 😉
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    Search by tags

    I have a closed tags system, so user can only select from precreated tags when composing the topic. However when users try to use "Search By Tags" in the advanced search, they could not select from these tags, by only to type the tag name hoping he made no typo. I think it is make sense to give user ability to select from tags in the search, in case the closed tag system is used on the forum.
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    External Links Rich Embed

    I don't use many plugins on my site, but this plugin is definitely a must-have plugin for any community. It works perfectly! 👍
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    Future of 3 party apps

    Disagreed. Yes it is work to do and it has to be done officially by IPS, but there are tons of options how you could measure if a developer is a trustworthy developer. F.e. you could measure responses and response time in marketplace file support topics, reviews by time period, additional satisfaction follow-up polls, version history, counts if documentation or additional help pages are available, if he leads an own 3rd party developer club in the IPS community, how many members the club has and how many members a club leave, follower counts, IPS could support a "bug lists module" in developer's clubs and check if bugs are fixed (in a reasonable time) or not aso If I had the time, I'd write you hundreds of indicators down to build an initial certification system.
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    Future of 3 party apps

    This should independently be decided from case to case. Talking about the "money cows" and how to avoid them: The solution to this is imo to certify (and award and visually indicate) highly honored developers. Don't punish other developers and the community members if the reason for forbidding transfers is only to break a bad habit.
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    Future of 3 party apps

    At least, in general, they fixes bugs. Thats far better than let the resource simply die
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    AdSense Crawler

    We use a CSFR key to prevent bots attempting to log in as you. Which is specifically what AdSense are trying to do. I'll speak to the team to see if there's something we can do, but we'd be looking to remove or mitigate protection designed to keep your accounts safe.
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    Welcome to the first of a new regular series we're calling "Question of the week". Each week, we'll ask our team a question and share the replies. To kick things off, we posed a very simple question: What is your favorite TV show right now? We may have over-estimated how much TV the average geek watches. Here's what our team said. Brandon (Senior tech support and development) How do I answer this without writing an essay?! I really don't watch too many TV shows personally, and I definitely don't have any that I watch religiously. I'd say my favorite is probably Fixer Upper as I tend to like to have those sorts of home repair shows on in the background, and Chip and Joanna Gaines are just too hard not to love. Mark H (Tech support) Nova, on our PBS station, because it is not filled with speculation, half-truths, and fake news. Marc S (Tech Support) Have been watching misfits. It just seems to be its the more likely scenario around someone getting superpowers. Lets be honest, superman/spiderman etc just isn't what you would realistically do? Rhett (Cloud Support) "The Blacklist" James Spader is excellent in this series! I've been hooked since it started in 2013. Matt (Senior Developer) I’m in Game of Thrones hibernation along with most of the world at the moment. I’ve just finished season two of Preacher which I really enjoyed. I found Eugene’s journey through Hell to be a highlight and enjoyed how a small character in season one was fleshed out some more. Also, who cannot love watching Hitler order plum cakes? Mark W (Senior Developer) RuPaul's Drag Race. Because I'm what? Sickening. Ryan (Senior Developer) I don't really watch a lot of TV - there isn't anything that really catches my eye nowadays, so I mostly just stick to watching my local sports teams with friends (Cincinnati Reds [baseball] and Cincinnati Bengals [football]). That being said, though, I saw a commercial for the Big Bang Theory spin-off "Sheldon" the other day, and I might get hooked into that. It looked pretty good. Andy (Senior tech support and development) I'm looking forward to the next series of Stranger Things on Netflix Jennifer (Designer) I'm personally in between shows at the moment. I just finished The Walking Dead Season 7 and I'm watching some Anime with the family. I'm the sort of person that bounces around binge watching TV shows and movies. I can say that I am really looking forward to the next season of Santa Clarita Diet though because a zombie housewife is just funny to watch the misadventures of. Daniel (Senior tech support and development) I've started watching Dexter. Stuart (Senior tech support and development) Star Trek TNG, Just because of Jean-Luc Picard! Drop us a line and let us know what your favorite show is. If you have any questions for the team that you'd like to be featured, let us know and we'll queue them up!
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    Most of the classes you will work with while using Nodes and Content Items will extend \IPS\Patterns\ActiveRecord. Objects of this class represent a row in the database table. It is important that you use the methods provided by this class rather than calling the database directly, as when you add additional features to your content item, the methods will perform more complicated tasks. static load( int $id ) A factory method that retrieves record from the database and returns an object of your Content Item class. Results are cached so if you load the same item twice, a second database query will not be made and both calls will return the same object (the same object by reference - not a copy of the object). Example: $item = YourClass::load( 1 ); static constructFromData( array $data ) If, for some reason, you do need to select data directly from the database (for example, if you want to get the most recent record), and you have an array containing a row from the database, the constructFromData method allows you to create an object out of that data, without having to call load which would make another (unnecessary) database query. Example: $item = YourClass::constructFromData( \IPS\Db::i()->select(...)- >first() ); __get( mixed $key ) __set( mixed $key, mixed $value ) Though you do not call these methods directly - magic getters and setters allow you to get and set the values in the database row. A static property, $databasePrefix, can be set if all the columns in your database table start with the same prefix, then you do not need to included that. For example, let’s say your database table looks like this: item_id item_title item_author 1 Foo 1 2 Bar 1 6 item_id item_title item_author 3 Baz 1 You would set $databasePrefix: static $databasePrefix = 'item_'; You would load the first row like so (it will automatically look for columns called “id”): $item = YourClass::load( 1 ); And could then get the title like so: echo $item->title; If you want to override the behaviour for any particular column (for example, if you have a database column which stores a timestamp, and you want the getter/setter to handle \IPS \DateTime objects) you can define methods called get_<key> and set_<key>. In these methods the $_data property stores the raw values. For example: public function get_date() { return \IPS\DateTime::ts( $this->_data[‘date’] ); } public function set_date( $value ) { $this->data[‘date’] = $value->getTimestamp(); } save() After changing any properties, you must call the save method to actually save those changes to the database. Example: $item = YourClass::load( 1 ); $item->title = 'New Title'; $item->save(); delete() The delete method deletes the item from the database. Example: $item = YourClass::load( 1 ); $item->delete(); 7 __clone() A magic method exists to automatically adjust the primary key when you clone an item; Example: $item = YourClass::load( 1 ); $copy = clone $item; $copy->save(); echo $item->id; // 4 Bitwise Flags The ActiveRecord class provides special features to facilitate bitwise operation, allowing you to use one INT column in your database to store multiple binary values. To do this, you can define a static $bitOptions property in your class like so: public static $bitOptions = array( 'bitwise_column' => array( 'bitwise_column' => array( ), ), ); 'property_1' 'property_2' 'property_3' => 1, => 2, => 4, In this example, there is a database column (bitwise_column) storing bitwise data (if you needed to store more values than could be stored in a single INT field, you could add additional columns). This column stores 3 boolean values (property_1, property_2 and property_3). When defining properties, you must define them with the numeric value they will be represented by, so the number must double each time (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, etc.). The ActiveRecord will automatically provide an \IPS\Patterns\Bitwise object for this column, which implements \ArrayAccess. You can get and set values as if it was an array: /* Getting a value */ if ( $object->bitwise_column[‘property_1’] ) { // . . . } /* Setting a value */ $object->bitwise_column[‘property_2’] = FALSE; $object->save(); /* Getting database rows */ $rowsWithPropery1AsTrue = \IPS\Db::i()->select( ‘*’, ‘table’, \IPS \Db::i()->bitwiseWhere( \IPS\YourClass:: $bitOptions['bitwise_column'], 'property_1' ));
 8 Notes Class Definition When you create classes ion the IPS Community Suite, you will always define your class with a preceding underscore. Even though you do this, you do not call it with the preceding underscore. This is a technicality of how autoloading works. loadAndCheckPerms There is a method, loadAndCheckPerms( int $id ) which is common to all the classes worked with in this document, though it is not part of \IPS\Patterns\ActiveRecord. By default, it behaves the same as the load( int $id ) method provided by \IPS \Patterns\ActiveRecord, however, as you add additional features, it will check appropriate permissions. For example, once you implement front-end permissions, it will throw an OutOfRangeException if the currently logged in user does not have permission to view the object. Similarly, once you implement hiding content, it will throw an OutOfRangeException if used to load a hidden object and the currently logged in user does not have permission to view hidden objects. You should therefore always use this method over load( int $id ) when loading nodes, content items, comments and reviews on the front-end, or in any code called from the front-end.
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    Joel R

    CKEditor 5

    I asked IPS about Ckeditor 5 because I liked the inline and balloon toolbars. @Mark slapped me down. Hard. My cheeks still sting from the slapdown LOL. Something about IPS would need to rewrite all of their plugins, we would lose some of the features that IPS needs, and current version is supported until 2023. So that's a hard no. Not until Invision Community 5 maybe or later.
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