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    Ever since its first release, the REST API built into the Invision Community software has proven to be a very powerful and well-received feature. We love seeing what our clients and modification authors are able to do with the level of integration afforded to them through this capability, and so it is only natural that we have looked to expand the functionality in our upcoming 4.4 release. Poll Support Beginning with 4.4, you will now be able to create and update polls for both topics and blog entries through the REST API. Of course, modification authors can use this new endpoint. Warn Reasons You will also now be able to manage warn reasons through the REST API. This includes fetching a list of reasons, as well as fetching an individual reason, creating warn reasons, updating existing warn reasons, and deleting warn reasons. Event Venues Event venues can now be listed and individual venues fetched through the REST API, and you can now add, update and delete event venues through the REST API. Member Notifications You can now retrieve a list of notifications for a specific member through the REST API, useful if you were to attempt to recreate the notifications menu on a third party website (for example). Warning Users The REST API will now expose the warnings a user has received through a new endpoint. Additionally, you can fetch individual warnings, issue new warnings, undo and/or delete issued warnings, and acknowledge warnings through the REST API. If you are building a site wrapper around your community, you can leverage this functionality to ensure that users are unable to post elsewhere on your site if they have unacknowledged warnings within the community (and also to provide them with a way to acknowledge those warnings right on your site). The REST API Reference Node permissions Beginning with 4.4, you will now be able to set the permissions for a node when adding or updating it through the REST API (for example, you can now adjust the permissions for a forum or a downloads category through the REST API). Many clients noticed that while they could create new nodes through the API, the nodes would be unusable until an administrator manually went in and specified the permissions, so this change can eliminate this extra step in many situations. Event filtering You will now also be able to filter the events you pull through the Calendar REST API endpoints by start and end date (e.g. so you can show events within a specific time frame, such as the current week), and you can now also specify to sort the events returned by the event start date or the event end date. Clubs And finally, for those who leverage clubs on their communities, we have built in full REST API support for clubs. You can list all clubs, return a specific club, create new clubs, update existing clubs, and delete clubs through the REST API. Further, you can list all members in a club, add a specific member to a specific club, remove a member from a club, fetch the content types available for use within a club (i.e. so you can determine which applications are installed and have club support on a given site), fetch the nodes (displayed as tabs/sections within a club) created within a club, and delete nodes from a club. Important behind the scenes steps, such as generating invoices for members requesting to join paid clubs, are all handled automatically for you when using the REST API. We believe these changes will help clients better integrate with our software and open up new possibilities with their websites. Would you like us to add any other endpoints? Let us know in the comments below!
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    For example if you publish your own APP and need to fetch your community data.
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    Return content a guest would see if no token has been sent with the request. Requesting the forum list (/api/forums/forums/ does not make any sense at the moment b/c you can not differentiate if you have a category or if an item is a parent of another one. Please organize the returned structure in a better way or give the possibility to organize the returned structure via parameters. Return unread content for authenticated members Return the topic a post is related to Upload images and other media Mark topic / posts as read Flag whether a topic / post is marked as read or not
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    Since the API provides means to retrieve content and user data, should it also provide a way to mark content as read? Or is this already covered? (I have to admit I haven't researched this before asking)
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    I continue to be frustrated with the UX for the current profile photo cropper, especially if using circular profile photos. Please consider upgrading to using https://foliotek.github.io/Croppie/ or something with an equally easy to use UI for circular photo cropping. I really like the slider to adjust image size and the way you adjust the underlying photo to appear within the circle. This way, there would be no surprises when a rectangular crop ends up being shown as a circular profile photo. You should be able to support either rectangular or circular photo cropping using Croppie JS.
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    Swiper Slider [ support topic ]

    Please and thank you...far less useful to me if this option is missing. 🙏🙂
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    Swiper Slider [ support topic ]

    You can stick to version 1.0.6 it is still available and works there. The setting will be added back for next version hopefully.
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    @Matt we need a solution to pages in 4.4 i dont want to use wordpress when ips4 could do it all for me :(((( (((
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    From the point of view of managing subscriptions. So, the ability to disable renewals, upgrade/downgrade. It would be awesome to be able to sell a product/subscription and manage them using the API.
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    My Attachments

    Would be nice to have the ability to rename them, then the search field would be more useable. I currently have 17 pages of attachments, all with file names I have no hope of finding. Take the Yes Sir gif for example, if I could go in and rename that, I could quickly find and use that again. I know the built in gif button is on its way, and I know you can rename the file before uploading, but many people use mobiles and tablets more where this isn’t possible. Maybe renaming them through the software isn’t possible technically possible either, but if you don’t ask you don’t get right?
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    How about more integration with with Commerce? Creating invoices, managing purchases, etc ...
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    I have read about it but honestly I have no idea how it can benefit me. In what circumstances I could for example take advantage of the REST API? I'm running a community for 13 years now and when it come to API stuff I'm clueless.
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    Links Directory

    Thanks so much for the fix/update! 🙂
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    This isn't the first time I've been told the horde will win … … but yes, I agree the mobile site (not the mobile app ) needs to remain fluid.
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    I mean, rather than start class warfare between the Facebook masses and literary poets 😋 (and by the way, i feel confident in saying the Facebook horde will win), I don't think the problem is even software or users. When you're on mobile, you just have less space to work with. That's an unfortunate fact of reduced screen space. Letting that entire screen space be filled up with a quote when your only purpose is to refer back to a post is an inefficient use of space.
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    Adriano Faria

    Links Directory

    What's New: Version Removes Thumbshots from the app: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/430442-links-directory/?do=findComment&comment=2767412 Note: if you use Thumbshots, switch to another provider and run the tool to rebuild thumbnails. Version 5.2.5: New setting to enable Link URL Checker: it will run once per week to hide, soft delete or permanently delete offline links URL. Fix Screenshotmachine API Enhancement: Combined index, category and link view into one single tab in Settings I will test and add another paid provider during next week.
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    Nathan Explosion

    (NE) Hide replies from guests

    What's new/fixed in 2.2.8 The 'Hide linked images' setting now handles images uploaded as attachments, instead of explicitly handling them as attachments. (setting has been renamed to 'Hide images')
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    Lis Koduje

    Themes Lis Koduje - News

    New theme is a live! Edoba Theme Show me a demo! Login & Password: demo A lot of great features! In a few days will be published.
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    Mike John

    Donations Support

    No subscription support is coming in part 2. But just being delayed lately.
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    Outdated IPS CSS Framework

    Of course it can, but not everyone is a developer nor has the time or rationale to learn. Also this is not open source software, it's a paid platform. IPB have a fantastic team of developers who can easily do this, I assume it just hasn't been prioritised to date. But if site owners are wanting to continue to get organic traffic from the likes of Google, it's critical these issues are addressed soon. Fast loading sites are critical for usability: Research from Amazon showed that every 100ms increase in load time, sales decreased by 1% Two key studies by Akamai and Gomez are regularly cited in reports on page load speed, as both are several years old it’s likely that web users’ expectations are even higher. The Akamai study, published in September 2009, interviewed 1,048 online shoppers and found that: 47% of people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. 40% will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. 52% of online shoppers claim that quick page loads are important for their loyalty to a site. 14% will start shopping at a different site if page loads are slow, 23% will stop shopping or even walk away from their computer. 64% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with their site visit will go somewhere else to shop next time. Google have been working on educating web developers and building tools to make pages load fast for years and continue to do so. E.g. Their page speed assessment tool Lighthouse, their nginx mod_pagespeed, their AMP project, their yearly IO conference e.g. [Session] Web performance made easy, the Chrome User Experience Report. etc Page speed is also a significant factor in Google's ranking algorithms for both paid and organic search, the slower your site the more you pay, or the worse you rank. Google have been testing red slow labels for slow loading sites (attached). I could go on and on how important this is, this should be standard practice in the development of the platform and not for users to have to modify code themselves.
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    Joy Rex

    Outdated IPS CSS Framework

    Would it be worthwhile to adopt a well-known and well-supported framework like Bootstrap so theme authors and Pages users would have a standard library of components and structures to work with rather than IPS rolling their own, and having to update it, etc.?
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