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    Activity Feed Block For Home Page

    +1 It actually would be great to have the ability to created custom activity blocks in the Pages app, which then can be placed anywhere on the website.
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    My chat box has became the activity feed for my site , i would like to make it go back to being a chat box to do that i need the all activity to be available in a block
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    I hope that lazy load will be also implemented for YouTube embeds in 4.4. This topic is a live illustration why this is important. It would be awesome to load just thumbnail instead of player and to load player only when thumbnail clicked. This significantly improves performance on pages with embedded videos.
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    I just wanted to call out @CodingJungle and @Martin A. and thank them profusely for collaborating and solving a third-party app conflict between the Keywords app and Minimized Quote plugin. It may be no big deal to some here, but I deeply appreciate third-party developers taking the time to get together and solve code conflicts to help out those of us who have invested in their products (free or not). Some developers here can't be bothered with that, so I truly believe that those who go that extra mile deserve to be appreciated. It also shows (me, anyway) the developers who deserve my time and investment. Thank you again gentlemen. 🙏
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    The Old Man

    Who Was Online

    Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated. Personally, for me, we liked members online today (from midnight). Once I removed it and my community went nuts, as they like to see if their friends have been online today. Also moderators liked to instantly see if a troublesome member had signed-in yet, that day. That said, I currently have this mod reinstalled and set to 1440 minutes, but only visible to staff for now. I still think if it's possible it would be great to have a choice of 4 options: Online Today (aka since Midnight - in users time zone if poss, or server time if not). Online during the last 24hrs. Online during the last X hours. Online during the last X minutes.
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    (NE) Hide replies from guests

    Thank you so much! I really need Pages compatibility :3 The plugin works great and your support is amazing, @Nathan Explosion ^^
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    I have reduced my most popular themes ,check them in the marketplace and grab a bargain while you can! https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/458721-mark-round/content/?type=downloads_file
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    @Square Wheels and @liquidfractal the issue should be fixed now in 3.1.7
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    Nathan Explosion

    (NE) Hide replies from guests

    I will be implementing support for Pages in the next non-bug fix release (2.3) as it requires a little re-write of my code, similar to what I did with version 1.1 of https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8787-ne-html5-audiovideo-player/
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    Classifieds System

    Hi, i can help you to do something simular. In your member ---> group setting ---> adverts settings you can allow your free members only to post one advert in one week. Or one each day. No need to use the package for this. i'm glad to help. Hope this can help u.
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    Nathan Explosion

    (NE) Content limits for editor

    Quotes already are, and last time I tested for 4.3.x compatibility they still were - if the quote is a 'new' one ie: ....then that is counted because it is content. But if it's a quote of someone else ie: ....then that isn't counted. Can't remember if I excluded code though. I don't see you as a purchaser, so is this a query about functionality or is it a bug report?
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    newbie LAC

    User Posts in Topic

    Use that link and you will be redirected to user post
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    what was the issue? @Martin A. is in a slack channel i troll, i can get with him to figure out a solution.
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    You need the “error_log” file in the root of your domain/forum. You need to access it via FTP or via cPanel's "File Manager". It's a text file but has no file type as such, you can open it with a plain text editor. This error_log shows PHP errors, but not necessarily every single one. The "Errors" area in cPanel is different, it shows you errors relating to URLs, eg: bad urls, often due to bots or wannabe hackers trying to find a non-existent URL, hence "File not found". If you have shell access (which I don't), you may be able to view other error logs in apache?
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    Mike John

    Collections Support Topic

    Can you PM me to remind me and will pass it along as soon as I can?
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    IPS just launched their official Black Friday sale (on Thanksgiving day, which is pretty early). You'll need to grab the sale ASAP since it ends in Monday. They usually go through Cyber Week but not this year. It's good for renewals on self-hosted.
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    User Posts in Topic

    It's a great plugin, I wish I would have known about this sooner. What a feature. WOW
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    We've added this 🙂
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    Pete T

    Who Was Online

    Yes that correct Michael was main person made the 2.x.x to 3.3.x might stayed to 3.4.x then he left all his hooks have been taken over by different devs now, the only other one was like this was new member online or like that but i like people feedback 🙂 how widget get better so before get finished lets see how many people would like 24 hours (set by default) or cut off via 60 mins (set by default).
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    Pete T

    Who Was Online

    So back in 2.x.x to 3.x.x this was called Members Online Today and was designed show members in period of 60 Mins the plan try get this back to that way at moment its getting there but issue we have at moment is if people wanted longer period example 24 hours will display 1440 mins i trying have best of both 🙂 but when try doing this hit few errors, but as keep tweaking the widget does become less buggy.
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    Pages SuperGrid support

    That is calling the generic “row template”. There is no setting to change that currently. In theory, I could improve that in a future update, but there are no immediate plans. It’s just more custom code to maintain. I would need to carefully think about the cost–benefit ratio.
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    I second this... I'd like an activity feed block to be able to show to members logged in. I think it would help drive engagement rather than them having to actively click view new content.
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    The Good: it didn't eat my deskcat, The Bad: it doesn't make breakfast ?
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    Really IPB...THIS SEARCH SxCKS !!!!

    Heres the result on my side Use the settings
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    Square Wheels

    Member's Country

    Another suggestion, this came from a member. How about displaying state / province flags?
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