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    Just to note, we decided to go ahead and support lazy loading for external embeds like YouTube too for 4.4. Most embeds (Facebook, Twitter etc.) already lazy loaded because they routed through a local URL, but external embeds will also lazy load now. You're welcome, @Mr 13 🙂
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    @Joel R please start your 5.0 leak thread kk.
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    Joel R

    Black Friday Sale!

    Don't worry, IPS has been hosting a Black Friday sale every year for six years so just wait another a day to see what they're offering. In the meantime, you can check out the 2018 Marketplace Black Friday that already started:
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    Thanks a lot, that's a very good news.
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    great job…. 🙂
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    We've announced the inclusion of application manifest functionality in 4.4, which lays the groundwork for future enhancements
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    With the overhauled PageSpeed Insights data and scores based on Lighthouse, where does PWA fit into IPS's roadmap?
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    I've solved all the new features speed improvements using pagespeed module with Redis, on the high 90% in PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix and all "A" in webpagetest. It's nice to see all these improvements addressed.. Some suggestions Create different size avatars instead of using a 200x200 image on a 34x34 placeholder, there are CSS's that dynamically resize the originals, at the expense of bandwidth. Articles images have the same problem, if I choose a 1000x1000 image, on the record list every article will download the ORIGINAL image and resize it with CSS... huge bandwidth usage. Reduce the DOM tree...it's huge Saludos
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    Very nice under the hood improvements! Btw: What is this questionsmark for that we can see in the screenshots (bottom right corner)?
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    Yep, more templates is on our short list for a major Pages update coming fairly soon.
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    @Matt You know I love IPS but as powerful as Pages is, your article templates are still so few, so limited and I'm sorry, but so outdated! Back in IP Content v2.whateveritwas, I was told you'd be releasing more article templates, but years later and there are still no new templates for rapid deployment. The problem is that almost all Pages websites seem to either look pretty much the same, or just awful. Thank God for the Supergrid templates by @opentype and his very fair pricing policy, they offer a quick and attractive second option to the default template. Please release some more varied designs or perhaps consider partnering up with a good design company to get some more created. Many thanks!
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