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    Activity Feed Block For Home Page

    +1 It actually would be great to have the ability to created custom activity blocks in the Pages app, which then can be placed anywhere on the website.
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    newbie LAC

    User Posts in Topic

    Use that link and you will be redirected to user post
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    IPS just launched their official Black Friday sale (on Thanksgiving day, which is pretty early). You'll need to grab the sale ASAP since it ends in Monday. They usually go through Cyber Week but not this year. It's good for renewals on self-hosted.
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    Pages SuperGrid support

    That is calling the generic “row template”. There is no setting to change that currently. In theory, I could improve that in a future update, but there are no immediate plans. It’s just more custom code to maintain. I would need to carefully think about the cost–benefit ratio.
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    (TB) Bump Up Topics

    Version 3.0.3


    This modification adds a button to bump a topic, useful to avoid useless replies with something like "bump" or "up". Features Coded as plugin, disable it to disable the whole modification Each group has its own options: Enable/disable bump option Restrict only to specific forums or all Bump all topics or only the ones started Limit the number of bumps per day Set a waiting time after the last bump Set a waiting time after the last topic post Secondary groups options are properly checked Different icon to easily confirm the status visually Full star: bump option is available Half star: bump option will be available after some time (last post/bump limit) Empty star: bump option is not available until next day (daily limit) Bump button is always hidden for guests and search engines Javascript timer in the disabled button to show how much time the members must wait The topic is automatically marked as read for the member that bumps it, but not for the others!


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    Sign In As Member

    Version 1.0.0


    This plugin adds a button "Sign in as Member" to the user's hovercard and profile header. To setup users who should be able to use the button, log in to your IP.Board Admin CP and visit the Members tab -> Administrators. Select the existing group or Add new Administrator and grant access for System -> Members -> Can sign in as members. For security reason, the button is not available on users' hovercard and profile that have access to Admin CP. For those users you can still use the default "Sign in" feature in Admin CP.


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    I second this... I'd like an activity feed block to be able to show to members logged in. I think it would help drive engagement rather than them having to actively click view new content.
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    The Good: it didn't eat my deskcat, The Bad: it doesn't make breakfast ?
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    Chatbox Stats

    Version 2.0.0


    This plugin adds message stats to @onlyME Chatbox application. You can show the total amount of messages, and the desired amount of top shouters, along with their individual amount of messages. At the moment, top shouters are not shown in mobile view. Compatible with Community Suite 4.2.1 and Chatbox 2.0.0. (For previous IPS versions and chatbox versions, download 1.0.2) NOT UPDAED FOR 4.3+


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    Really IPB...THIS SEARCH SxCKS !!!!

    Heres the result on my side Use the settings