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    Pages for me too. Very easy and cool to use pages in my community. I have do a Movies & Tv Shows database : Listing tv show (with 2 blocks "top 3" and "just add") : record display : And block forum (carousel with 10 items) Pages is very powerful with infinite possibility, the only limit is your imagination.
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    It's not often that we get to blow our own trumpets. That's not just because we don't own trumpets, but also because we like to keep our heads down and focused on producing fantastic software [Ironic trumpet blowing - Editor]. Many of our team also run their own Invision Communities. So this month, we asked: What is your favourite Invision Community feature? Here's what we said. Brandon My favorite feature would be Pages 'databases' feature. You can quickly and easily create databases of content, and then you can adjust the templates to make those databases display in a more relevant manner for the type of content you are working with, all without having to modify any code. On my wife's real estate website, I have used Pages to create databases for hosting leads, property listings, closings, and realtor contacts. Being a developer I've further enhanced some of those areas with plugins, but even right out of the box the system is powerful enough to do quite a lot with just a little bit of configuring and templating. Trying to remember the block names when creating Pages templates Jennifer So, I love Invision Community. I've loved it for ages and it's hard to pick just one favorite feature. I'm going to say that Clubs and Pages are probably my top two favorite things in the whole wide world on Invision Community. For clubs, it allows your members to create special interest groups/forums/galleries/etc without having to do all of that yourself. It makes pulling together people of similar interests really easy and it makes it to where you don't have to manage "as much" of the responsibility for having a billion forums or groups. I also find it's a great way to get people excited and talking about things that they love which spreads positivity and happiness, which I love as an administrator. For Pages! There is so much! From Databases that you can super customize to blocks! There is so little I can't do with Pages!! I've made a super custom link directory (https://rpginitiative.com/directory/), a directory of searchable people (https://rpginitiative.com/pb-directory/) and one of my favorites a copy and paste code directory (https://rpginitiative.com/codex/). They all are unique in look and feel and all have different purposes but they fill them so well. I of course have a basic Guides listing (https://rpginitiative.com/guides/) but I don't think it's nearly as cool. Pages gives me a sense of empowerment on my community. It gives me the ability to create content that is special to my site and doesn't have to be cookie cutter in any way. Honestly, the whole suite always makes me happy because I get the community I want out of it and to me that is always the best and most special thing about Invision Community. [This is the best answer - Editor] Mark H Given my forum’s niche, amateur pyrotechnics [Must be nicer to Mark - Editor], my favorite feature would be the Gallery. You can describe a pyrotechnic shell, effect, build process, etc, with as many pages of text as you wish, but photographs or videos are truly worth 1000 words. While our Gallery isn’t the largest one around, it does contains a large number of items that our members have contributed to showcase their work, some of which are quite impressive. Mark's last day at Invision Community Matt I've given this a lot of thought [Makes a change - Editor]. There are several contenders, Pages (because I wrote it), Social Promotion (because I wrote that too), Commerce (I did not write this) and Gallery. All deserve to be picked on their own merits. I decided to go with the profile completion system. It's not a massive feature, and it's not the most exciting feature but it does its one job very well. It helps reduce overwhelm when registering. It's critical to make the transition from guest to member as frictionless as possible, and having a dozen custom profile fields to complete is a good way to put people off. The profile completion system allows you defer data collection after registering, which reduces the barrier. Mark W The auto-upgrader. When I first started at Invision Community one of my responsibilities was doing upgrades - often from 2.x to 3.x at the time - hours and hours of uploading files by FTP (sometimes painfully slowly) and clicking the upgrader, over and over again. I'm glad those days are behind us! I think it was quite a good technical achievement too. The system knows what version you're coming from, what apps you have installed and only downloads the files you need. It knows if it needs to ask you for FTP access or if it can just write the files. Recently we made it so it knows if your themes are going to be compatible with the new version and warns you before you upgrade if they might not be. Perhaps most significantly for me though is the backend behind it. Releasing an update used to be a bit of a nightmare (we had to build zip files ourselves!) - now I just tag the release in our git repo and everything magically figures itself out [Only if following instructions to the letter - Editor]. It still delights me every time I do it. Mark (not) doing upgrades now Marc S For me it has to be the block manager. The block manager makes it was so easy to set up the basic structure of your site. And it's hard to believe we used to disable hooks to remove an item, or even comment them out in some cases. Adding something like a list of new posts was something you would need a 3rd party plugin to achieve, and adding a simple bit of text is something you would have likely done in your theme. This brought a large amount of flexibility for users that wouldn't have previous had the capability to make some of these changes, and generally just made life easier for others. Daniel Pages App because of blocks and databases. I have all kind of custom databases which I use daily to organise my work (Linklists, Knowledge Bases, Documentation) It saves one a lot of time and makes coding own apps quite unnecessary in most cases. Ryan Okay, I think I've finally decided that Reactions is my favorite feature. It's really cool to see how clients implement the feature on their own sites with different reaction types. Also, I wrote the backend and it was probably one of my favorite things I've done in the software. Indeed Stuart I like OAuth and RestAPI, I wanted us to do those since 4.0 and they work really well. [That's it? Can I make up the rest of the answer? - Editor] Those are our favourite features - but what are yours? We'd love to hear, let us know below!
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    Joel R

    Feedback on Advertisements

    I started running a couple of different advertising on my site for the first time from both affiliate programs and advertising networks. There can be more display options in other apps though. You clearly have a lot of options for forums, but not so much in other apps. General If show on sidebar, still hide if sidebar is not active on certain pages. Activity Streams Stream - After X items recurring Forums Topic View - After X topics recurring Topic - After X posts recurring (You have this option for fluid forum, but not regular forum) Gallery Gallery Index - Below categories and above New Images block Category view - After X albums recurring Album view - below the album cover photo Image view - below the album description Downloads Downloads Index - After What's New block Category View - After X files Interstitial - Click Download button show interstitial advertisement
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    >> Next Unread Topic This little button at the bottom of the topic has totally changed how I browse IPS forums, especially on mobile. I click, click, click to the next Unread and it's made it super fast for me to browse through boards.
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    Activity streams, activity streams and activity streams... This feature will keep forums alive... all communities must make best use of this feature to cope up with social networks.
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    Thank you @Matt and @Daniel F For tv show here : https://blusteel.fr/tv-show/ Movie : https://blusteel.fr/movie/ I use Pages too for 2 others database ("contest" & "deals" with different design). I think your Pages is very extraordinary and members need it for more. That's why I'm happy to use your ips package on my site and if I say that it's because before I'm newbie with Pages but you can do many without to be a professional in coding html (I just learn many messages on your community, your help guides, download package on marketplace just for understand how work something and after I just try, try, try, try and again try different thing for to do it). 😉 (sorry for my bad english).
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    Wow, thats a nice idea and it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing the screenshots
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    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    yes a couple have been done they should be added into the next update ms_log_xxxx so just search ms_log and they will all show up
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    Version 2.0.7


    Works with select Cloud Hosting providers! Integrate a TeamSpeak server with your community Features Display members TeamSpeak status on their profile. Caching available for this feature. Send global messages to TeamSpeak clients. Automatically synch TeamSpeak server groups using both Profile Fields and Member Groups. Integrate a TSViewer as a widget. Multiple UUIDs for members. TeamSpeak Ban/Unban from within ACP. Edit the TeamSpeak Server information from within ACP. Manage member UUIDs from within ACP. Create and Restore (from) Server Snapshots containing current settings, groups and known client identities from within ACP. Synch forum bans with TeamSpeak bans (When a member is banned on the forums, they will be banned on the TeamSpeak as well) Option to require a TeamSpeak UUID in order to use the forum. Per group option available for this feature. Option to display a TeamSpeak UUID on the registration form. Support for Cloud instances of ICS. View a members TeamSpeak information in their ACP profile. Manually Sync a specific Member TeamSpeak Groups from the members ACP profile. Manually Sync a Group of Members TeamSpeak Groups who belong to a specific Group Association. Manually Sync ALL Members TeamSpeak Groups in the background. Automatically Sync all Members using a task at your desired interval Automatically Sync Members TeamSpeak Groups When: A Members Profile is Edited A Group Association is Added/Removed A member or an Admin updates a Members UUIDs Feature Requests / Bug Reports You can create both feature requests and bug reports at the Issue Tracker Github Repository You can view the Project Roadmap there as well. Coming Soon The ability to link to a SQL database instead of using a query admin. This will allow people who have set their TeamSpeak server to work with a custom database much better performance from this application. Integrate Reputation into the TeamSpeak Server TeamSpeak 5 Integration (once it's out) Notes Using with a Cloud Server It is not guaranteed that this application will work with ALL cloud service providers. Some have strict rules around firewalls. Your service provider must issue you a consistent public facing static IP address and have the ability to open outbound ports. MAKE SURE YOU VERIFY WITH YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER THAT THE FOLLOWING METHOD WILL WORK BEFORE PURCHASING THE APPLICATION. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE ISSUED DUE TO A LACK OF SUPPORT FROM YOUR SERVICE PROVIDER. Known Versions of Cloud Hosting that are not supported: Invision Power Services "Community in the Cloud" In order to use this application with the cloud version of IPS, you need to follow these steps. Gather information: Get your forum IP address This is generally easiest by just pinging your forums (i.e. `ping myforums.com`) In some cases, pinging the servers will not work and instead you will need to get the OUTBOUND IP address for your server from your service provider as it may be different than the INBOUND IP address you will get when you ping your forums. For this example we will assume that the OUTBOUND IP of your forums is We will also assume that your teamspeak server IP is We will also assume that your teamspeak query admin port is 10011 Choose an outbound port to use (for this example we will use 9664) Contact your hosting provider and ask them to unblock the following: Outbound from to Open Connection Settings in ACP and configure the following. Bind Address with the IP of your forums. Bind Port with the outbound port you have selected. You should now be able to communicate with your TeamSpeak server. Application Tasks It is highly recommended that under System->Settings->Advanced Configuration you enable either `Use Cron` or `Use Web Service` for the Task Method and set it up as instructed. This way, your Tasks are not relying on traffic to your site. Adding your TeamSpeak UUID Members can add their TeamSpeak UUIDs by going to their member menu on the top right, and clicking 'Account Settings'. Their TeamSpeak UUIDs can be found under the 'TeamSpeak Settings' tab. Alternately, you can add this to the registration form. Additional Information You can access the TeamSpeak Query Admin class from anywhere using the following code. // Connect to the TeamSpeak Server // ( // If a connection has already been established // during this PHP execution session, the current // connection will be used instead of a new one. // ) if (! \IPS\ts3integration\TsAdmin\TsAdmin::connectIPS()) { $tsError = \IPS\ts3integration\TsAdmin\TsAdmin::$tsError; die($tsError); } // Example \IPS\ts3integration\TsAdmin\TsAdmin::$tsAdmin->clientGetIds("osNiXxOSdfgl5nVJdtBipg/a+E4="); (See http://ts3admin.info/manual/classts3admin.html for documentation) Attribution ts3admin.class by par0noid (License) Discussion Topic:


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    htaccess for IPS Forums

    Version 1.0.2


    This is a custom .htaccess to use on the IPS Community Suite Forums. It helps to improve your forums Google Page Speed and YSlow scores. The top segment is the same .htaccess that is generated by the IPS Forum software. This segment is Invision Power Services code and I do not claim it as my own. All rights and credit for this segment of the .htaccess are Invision Power Services. The bottom segment is based upon research of several websites and the references listed below. Please be careful when using this file because the contents may be incompatible with your server setup. Preventative measures have been taken to ensure that it should be safe to use in any Apache based environment. Google recommends a minimum of one week: https://developers.google.com/speed/docs/insights/LeverageBrowserCaching GTmetrix recommends a minimum of one month: https://gtmetrix.com/leverage-browser-caching.html


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    Improved Feature: Note to Reporter

    You know when you go to warn a member how you can write a note to the user, and a note to mods? Can we add a third note to the original reporter to have a few form responses "thanks for the report, we are reviewing", etc. stuff like that or a custom response field so that when people report they know the report has been seen? I feel I could increase my community's self moderation if people felt reports led to actionable tasks.
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    I've had an IPB forum for 15+ years, the largest community in Europe of its niche, 45,000 members, 2million+ posts thousands active daily in its peak. This was awesome in the desktop era but my forum has taken a decline and I'm not going to point fingers at social media here because I feel I can genuinely compete against them. It's the mobile compatibility that's killing my community. All these new features are great, Invision as a company is at its prime right now, I love the updates, the new features, the support and the articles! Please keep this up! 🙂 However, 70% of my visitors are on their damn mobiles. I know the struggle of mobile systems reducing what you can see on a screen and the functionality... but Invision, you need to be smarter! All these new features don't get a ray of light on your mobile theme. What's the point of gamification, post counts, promoted content, subscriptions, rank/member group promotions etc if members don't see or easily access them? 😞 It just acts as a guest book forum from early 2000. You see posts and you make posts. As I already said, you are pumping out some fantastic features but only to the minority of my audience and I can't be the only one who has similar usage figures on mobile platforms? I'm going to think of some suggestions on improving this and post later but for now, food for thought. Thank-you. 🙂
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    Those people are simpletons, and I wouldn't want them on my forum.
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    58 Voted YES !!! For IPB PWA or Mobile App But still No Positive Response From IPB Team Regarding Mobile App RoadMap, What Do you Think Guys ? Will we ever Get The IPB MOBILE APP OR NOT ?
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    This is really nice - what's the URL to this database?
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    Thank you to @chuoi Works like a charm... 🙂
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    Lucas James

    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    @TAMAN Please update the Swiper Slider in Magnum theme to the latest release v4.4.1 https://github.com/nolimits4web/swiper/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md
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    No mate it don't do that, it does give me a idea for a different plugin though, let me see what I can do
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    Chocolate / Support topic

    Perfect, thank you very much :)
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    Pages SuperGrid support

    Your templates are out of date. You need to use the latest release of SuperGrid.
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    Chocolate / Support topic

    Hello @OliverKapunkt Please update, I added a new option: See Theme settings -> Chocolate (tab)
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    Live Topics (Support)

    @Mike John: I also PM'ed you an error the plugin is generating.
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    To give some background information on this topic, I'm a really big advocate in transforming IPS from a support community into a knowledge community with best practices and thought leadership for community management. And that's why I love the topic of Activity Streams, because it combines both strategy and product knowledge. I'd love to hear examples of how you've customized or tweaked the Activity Streams to fit your community.
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    Support Requests !!! Notifications about open/new/unopened/due requests should be displayed in the ACP notifications AND in the frontend notifications please. Maybe itt would make sense to make ACP notifications configurable, what ACP notifications can also be displayed on the frontend. And have a secondary notification icon in the frontend header showing the counter 😉
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    Ahmad E.

    Discord Integration

    There are a few issues that I still need to fix - but I'm currently swamped at work 😕 I'll post an update as soon as I have one (most likely on the weekend)
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    Just came across this and was wanting to see if there was any talk on the here: https://topicit.net/en/plugins Haven't used it, and know nothing about it - but it sure would be handy to have an app for forum members to use. My forum lost almost all discussion to the sister FB page. Would be interested to hear if anyone else knows anything about Topic'It. Rabin
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    here is the solution:
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    Invision needs to be smarter with mobile

    I think he’s saying the mobile experience feels like more of an afterthought than the star of the show. Heavy emphasis is placed into the desktop experience while 90% of folks never see what this has to offer because they don’t step off mobile even once. I see where he’s coming from. I get complaints all the time from my users (60k+) regarding mobile. Its really incontrovertible that this experience is truly designed for desktop and made to also function with mobile instead of the other way around.
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    Invision needs to be smarter with mobile

    Posting and reading posts is fine, as I mentioned it's no different to forums 10 years ago. It's accessing advanced features which is not, I list a few in my 4th paragraph. Please take the time to read my post and discuss rather than jump into a semi aggressive "you're wrong" attitude. I'm trying to improve a product we pay for.
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    Improved Feature: Note to Reporter

    I always thought the reporter should get a report complete notification when a mod has marked it compete
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