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    Mike John

    Forum Status

    Version 1.1.1

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    Set an "active" and "inactive" status for forums and allow members to toggle the forums homepage display for either status. Set forums to exclude and which member groups can access. Gif Demo: https://i.imgur.com/tTEsPGf.gifv Features: Set "active" or "inactive" values for each forum. Forum homepage toggle between "active", "inactive" or "both" statuses. Set which forums are excluded and shown at all times regardless of the status selected. Set which member groups are disabled from viewing different states. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.


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    Version 1.0.4


    Keeps track of the number of registered members that have visited your site in a custom duration and also records which day you set the record for the most members online in the same day all options done via the front settings and Admin CP. Features Show online users for how many hours ago. Who Can See. Show Stat. Limit Maximum Number of The List. Groups To Exclude From the Link. Order Users Link By. Sort Type. Show user photo. NEW User photo size. NEW 4.4.x Users please read To make this plugin work to display colors please make sure have the following turn on, ACP - Members - Profiles - Profile Settings Tab, scroll to the bottom of the page: The above is new settings in 4.4.x only.


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    Version 1.0.2


    Flatum 1.0.2 (4.3 IPS) A dark template for the latest version of IPS 4.3.x, which has a very advanced configuration in the ACP (including a top in the style of fixed, changing the display of the subforum, layout of the header and other visible in the gallery), which allows you to adapt it to every requirement. This theme is fully responsive. click -> Live Demo <- click Test account: Login: demo / password: demo123 ACP Settings You can customize the template as you like. Category ---- Header and More ---- Forms ---- User profile ---- Sidebar ---- Slider ---- Editor colors


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    Behemoth Theme [ support topic ]

    Oh! so you have missed the previous update which was necessary to delete some CSS templates Don't worry it's simple and easy to fix Go to ACP -> Customization -> APPEARANCE -> Themes -> Edit HTML and CSS  Click on CSS tab and delete/revert these two templates.  ta_baseta_swiperslider   
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    Behemoth Theme [ support topic ]

    Sorry, I have no idea what you pasting. Are you trying to update your theme? If so, just download the latest one and then update ?
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    Adriano Faria


    I will take in consideration for a revamp in 4.4 probably. But you are totally wrong when you say your idea isn’t a rewrite. What you post above will simply ignore everything the app makes today and, beyond add a new type of quiz, will introduce a brand new way of “calculate” the score. This is the most big rewrite idea so far. ?
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    The future of forums... let's talk!

    There are some well thought out arguments for both sides regarding social media, but we have to bear in mind that forums and FB are two distinctly different entities; now I'm not trying to be pedantic in that we don't know the distinct differences between the two, but there are two very significant differences that we need to bear in mind: 1) Forums reach out with the intention of providing an interesting platform for like-minded people to enjoy. 2) Facebook has brainwashed people into believing minutia is the word and has offered nothing of value, yet they are adept at brainwashing people into feeling that it's the place to be. Even some of the people who help build and create FB admit that was their intention and that it's what they do - and they are 'very' good at it. If you appeal to people's base levels they will react almost instantly, if you appeal to their higher levels - well, that takes effort. The sad fact is that people will always take the easiest route without thinking of the long term ramifications. Politicians do it all the time - they offer the world, yet when elected they deliver nothing; FB is built on this premise. FB is a shining success built on the backs of people's base levels - do we really want to 'learn' how to do this? Have we sunk so low that we have to sink into the mire just to get more members who will only ever use the basic low level functions offered whilst leaving what we consider to be the better parts to a scant few? I see nothing of value in social media as it is anything but social - it generally brings out the worst in people and it is a haven for the lowest of the low who capitalise on its popularity to spread their vile intentions. This is why FB has been in the news so much lately and in the world of publishing all news is good news in terms of promotion. I detest FB with a vengeance and there is nothing I, personally, want to learn from them. If that means anything I create will never attract contributors (members) then I will simply go back to creating static non-interactive sites for information purposes only; there is no way in hell that I would ever produce a mini Facebook lookalike. I've no interest in monetising my sites, I create them for pleasure and the pleasure that I hope they bring to others. Call me altruistic and a dreamer, but I cannot embrace social media for any reason. As to the future of forums - that is in the hands of the people. As the old saying goes "Use it or lose it".
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    This review is currently based on the 1.0 version of the product. It's under active development, so a lot will likely change in future versions. This LMS is off to a good start. It is clean and, as LMSes go, easy to learn (especially if you're already familiar with the IPS Community system). It's been designed well by people who understand the needs of an LMS. For those of you not familiar, a true learning management system (LMS) is something you might use in a school, or more apropos right now, a commercial training site, for reasons detailed in a minute. It manages not only content and testing but even manages classes and grading if needed. I can confirm that the product as of 1.0 definitely will not work without the Commerce app installed. If you try to install the LMS without Commerce, you won't be able to access the LMS administrative settings. However, you can use the LMS with Commerce installed but not active (but obviously the features that require Commerce, like paying for classes won't work). I'm hoping that Commerce will eventually be made completely optional, because there are lots of uses for a LMS without Commerce features. This LMS would be great for community education or as part of a company intranet. Still, I'm very pleased that IPS finally has its own LMS product and I look forward to the awesome features to come. It's well worth the investment.
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    Live Topics (Support)

    These would be great additions, I don't know if you added support for the tag but I'd be over the moon with per topics to be live. I know how busy you are Michael. Just thought I would show support and declare my interest.
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    Not many forum software have lms and now thanks to Josiah and his team, ips does, and it is a good one. Thank you
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    I love this LMS. It's simple and easy to use. The permission levels are straightforward and easy to configure. I look to forward to seeing quizzes and assignments being added in the future.
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    Modernize the IPS apps for IPS 5

    While we have discussed making a future version essentially an API back-end, it's not something that will happen in the medium term. Invision Community 5 will overhaul several areas of code that we've labelled for refactoring for a while, but we're not going to scrap all our existing technology and start over. No one wants to wait another 18 months for a new version with the same features as they've already got with the added bonus it's using a cool framework or technology. Most of our customers want value in terms of growing their community, they are not overly concerned with how the magic/code works.
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    Tracy Perry

    More In-depth thread prefixes

    Lack of prefixes in a definable per forum area is what is one of the major things keeping me from converting a site over from XF to IPS. I have a developers site set up for the XF one and I went from 11 topic nodes to 33 nodes. The added benefit of the prefixes in one node allows users to maybe find another topic they wish to discuss. The nice benefit of the way XF does it is a simple add-on (in the 1.5 line) allows you to sort by the prefix. I believe the 2.0.x line does that natively now.
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    Joel R

    [Guide] Joel's Guide to Starting A Club

    This is the email that I sent out recently to encourage members to move over. Concurrent with this announcement, the Group Leader reduced the amount of daily interaction through his prior communication channel (Yahoo Groups), and is making daily posts in his club forums now as a replacement. This is to force users to wean off Yahoo Groups and use more of my community. This is a letter that I hope will inspire you to make a compelling pitch to your new members. ============================================= (Lightly edited to make it generic) This is the third email and reminder to help you move to "###GROUPNAME," the new home on the web for ###GROUPLEADER. For the past several months, ###GROUPLEADER and I have been working hard at setting up his new group on ####MYCOMMUNITY.com. We would like to continue the transition over, and to take time to explain why you should move. I understand that Yahoo Groups has been your home for several years. I'm not here to replace Yahoo Groups -- I'm here to offer a better, safer, and more modern experience for ###GROUPLEADER and you. YAHOO Yahoo is selling itself -- Yahoo is a part of Oath, which is a part of Verizon. They don't care about Yahoo, which is a former shell of its heyday. They don't care about Yahoo Groups, which has been dying a long death over many years. Marissa Mayer is more concerned about her golden parachute than she is about ###YOURGROUP. Yahoo is terrible at security -- Yahoo announced in 2016 they had two separate hacking attempts that affected 500 million and 1 billion. Your email is being used as toilet paper for some Russian hacker. Yahoo is intrusive -- Yahoo wants to sell you ads when you browse. Yahoo wants to force their search on you. Yahoo wants you to whitelist Yahoo mail so you can get more ads, or you can download a toolbar that changes all of your browser settings. When you don't pay for something, YOU are the product that they're selling. Ultimately, the biggest problem is that Yahoo Groups is no longer a good home for ###GROUPLEADER and you. They have not modernized the platform, encouraged activity, or expanded new features to stay current. I recognized that many years ago. I was once a member of over 30 Yahoo groups, and got my start from incredible people in Yahoo Groups. Out of those 30 groups, only 2 are regularly active. It's time to move on, and I'm here to offer you a new home. You're not required to join, but I hope you will. ###MYCOMMUNITY We're independent -- We're a small, independent community that cares about offering the very best for you and ###GROUPLEADER. Why? Because I've been there myself and I wanted to offer a new home for my own collection in the beginning. We control our own destiny by not being tied to Yahoo. We're safe -- We offer a multitude of safety and security features as a best practice. I recognize firsthand the dangers and risks of being a member of an online community, which is why we protect our members to the fullest extent possible. You can set up security questions, 2-Factor Authentication, and to control and edit your profile anytime you want in your Account Settings. We're here to serve you, not sell you -- What makes us the right home for you and ###GROUPLEADER is that my mission is not to sell you ads, products, subscriptions. My primary mission is to ensure we have the best possible home for ###GROUPLEADER's collection whether it's gallery, downloads, or more and to ensure you have an amazing user experience. We're modern -- The website looks beautiful on all devices from smartphones, tablets, or desktop. We have modern features for notifications, follows, reactions, emojis, and more. We're always updating to the newest version of the software for the latest in security fixes, bugs, and features. We're stewards -- What makes us fundamentally different is that we're a community, not a corporation. This means that, at our core, we believe in and are entrusted in our mission to preserve and display the collective contributions from thousands of members like you and ###GROUPLEADER. We're fans of ###NICHE -- When you join, you get immediate access to ###GROUPLEADER's entire collection of 28,000 photos and files at your fingertip. The overall ###MYCOMMUNITY website is x10 larger. That means more ###NICHE, NICHE, NICHE and everything in between. When you join ####MYCOMMUNITY.com, you're joining a group of like-minded folks who are passionate about ###NICHE. You're joining a platform that already houses some of the Internet's finest collections in ###NICHE. And you're becoming a part of something greater, to help build ###GOAL. It's free, safe, modern, and available immediately. I understand change is hard. And I understand registering on the website is a hassle. But I firmly believe we're offering a better home for you and ###GROUPLEADER. Your Name, Your Title
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    More In-depth thread prefixes

    There is a 3rd party app that does this, but it's currently not compatible with 4.3.2. I do kind of agree, though, that I'd like to see this functionality embedded into IP Board as an inherent feature.
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    Automated Bounce Email Handling

    I'd love to see this built in too, where SMTP bounces lock the users account until they verify their email address
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    Chatbox Extender

    I hope to have more time next week so I can also add a live counter, the challenge is to lighten as much as possible the AJAX request. Anyhow I think this could be a feature to be added on main chatbox application, @onlyME or for who are interested suggest him directly
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    Chatbox Extender

    Is there a way to show how many people are in chat on the chat tab or somewhere on the main page? As it is, you have to enter into the chatbox to see who's in there.
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    More In-depth thread prefixes

    I want to convert to Invision Community but prefixes are a sticking point for me. My forum relies heavily on prefixes and before I can make the change I would need a core area to create and manage color, who, which and where prefixes can be used. Please consider adding this feature.
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    How to add announcements?

    When you click the ">" button on the left side of the screen you can add an Announcement Block. To me it says it can't be shown because of missing configuration. Already used the search function in the acp but I can't find a setting for it. Anyone can tell me how to make this work?
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