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    Members Shop ( Support Topic )

    OK, I have started adding some more bits to the points system in 1.0.9, But I think before it's released it will be in 1.1.0 as I have added loads since the 1.0.9 development, That is a long list with a lot of 3rd party apps, I am not to sure how he got a hold of them apps to add them ( he must be very friendly with the devs ) In time I could probably buy a few and add them to it but for now my main priorities are the other IPS apps I need ( Unless you get them devs to add my codes to their scripts so after processing their bits it will award points etc ) I started making the downloads have a few more bits and also the calendar can be used now too, Also there is more points for the clubs feature, I was hoping to release a update this weekend but have now been put back as I have more ideas, But shouldn't be too long till I finish it
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    Adriano Faria

    Expand ignore feature

    Please, add the ability to ignore content itens on streams. There isn’t much sense in ignore someone else’s posts and then have streams constantly bumped with topics/posts made by a ignored user. Tks.
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    Hi, thank you for implementing all the GDPR Features. I noticed that for the new download function, not all data from comerce are added to the xml file. I miss purchases and invoices. Could you add them? Best regards Hans-Joachim
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    Sorry, the primary button
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    I think i gave you a custom css with a message about this? just use that, I might edit this for next version
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    Possible yes, maybe in next version.
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    Fred Krugger

    Show All IP Addresses

    Application operates correctly. thanks for the support provided.
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    @TSP you're terrible at business. Make a new plugin (Typing Anonymously) and get double the money!!
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    the sending depends on a task - I think it runs every 30 mins or so may be that?
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    Excelente aporte! Yo empece a traducir tambien, tengo parte de la app de blog y downloads traducida. Gracias!
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