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  1. magnum357

    IMDb Tag

    Version 1.0.5


    This application allows you to get information from IMDb and create a box. It is compatible with all applications that use the topic-comment structure. SUPPORTED CATEGORIES Movie TV Show Person HOW TO USE? For example: [imdb=tt4701724] That's all you need to do. After sending your comment, it converts the bbcode into a box. ice_video_20180402-203316.mp4 WHO WROTE THE API? API is required to get information from IMDB, so I wrote an API service myself. Of course, this is an html scrapper. If IMDb does not change page layouts, it can receive data properly. FEATURES Widgets It pulls new and upcoming movies from IMDb. Responsive design It looks good on all devices. (e.g: pc, tablet, phone) Auto update The data pool will update automatically if it is older than a certain day when the page opens. Manuel update If you want, you can manually update a single box. Translatable Language support for information in the boxes. Cache and Saving Cover Saves the data and the cover to prevent the page from slowing down. Thumbnail This creates a thumbnail with the cover image of the first bbcode in the first post and only forums application. Smart Values Gross is more than budget: gross is green, otherwise, is red Person died: name with red color Boxes in top 250: highlighted box Settings Two different cover resize methods Two different cache methods Cache expire time Read more Flags instead of language names Ability to change site color Ability to clear the cache directory from ACP Groups to use the bbcode Number to use box in a post Groups to do manuel update Groups to edit the description/plot Please read it before updating 1.0.2 version: Before updating you make all your language preferences the same for the language of the plot/description you have already entered. And adjust settings ( Community / IMDb / Settings ) again. 1.0.4 and before: Source code of IMDb changed. 1.0.4 and before no longer work. Please upgrade to 1.0.5 as soon as possible.
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  2. opentype

    Sticky Contact Us Button

    Version 1.2.0


    This plugin removes the “Contact Us” text link in the footer and places a much more prominent sticky button in the bottom right corner. When clicked, it loads the regular contact form as a pop-up window. With this change visitors are more likely to reach out to you, e.g. with pre-sale questions. The plugin comes with lots of settings to make it fit your needs. The output is limited to one language though. No multi-language support. Live Demo Features/Settings: Button Change text Change background color Change text color Use user avatar or comment icon next to text Contact Form Contact form title Add additional description text above form fields, e.g. to tell users in which cases they should use the form. Success message after submit Visibility Choose groups which will see the button Choose if the regular Contact Us text link in the footer will be hidden or not Hide on phones yes/no Hide on tablets yes/no Hide on desktop yes/no Note: The text fields are not translatable. Only one language is supported at this time.
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  3. ipbhero

    Logo Slider Widget

    Version 3.0.0


    Perfect for displaying a list of sponsor or client logos. Add a logo slideshow carousel to your site quickly and easily. Options: Enable/Disable Slider ُSet 8 Different Logo Slider Set Title Widget set Title Logo Slider Set Link Image Set Description Slider Set Link For Logo Logo Slider Widget v3 👇 Logo Slider Widget v2 👇
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  4. Version 3.0.3


    This modification adds a button to bump a topic, useful to avoid useless replies with something like "bump" or "up". Features Coded as plugin, disable it to disable the whole modification Each group has its own options: Enable/disable bump option Restrict only to specific forums or all Bump all topics or only the ones started Limit the number of bumps per day Set a waiting time after the last bump Set a waiting time after the last topic post Secondary groups options are properly checked Different icon to easily confirm the status visually Full star: bump option is available Half star: bump option will be available after some time (last post/bump limit) Empty star: bump option is not available until next day (daily limit) Bump button is always hidden for guests and search engines Javascript timer in the disabled button to show how much time the members must wait The topic is automatically marked as read for the member that bumps it, but not for the others!
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  5. Version 2.0.1


    This plugin will allow admins to exclude forums from Reaction system. Setting: Forums to exclude
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