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    ENJOY THESE GREAT HOLIDAY PRICES! Rules Super Pack - Rules Core + All Expansions (70% Off) $135.00 $39.99 Group Collaboration - FULL (50% Off) $75.00 $34.99 Advanced Path Aliases (20% Off) $25.00 $19.99 Points Economy (50% Off) $20.00 $9.99
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    Trophies and Medals - Supporttopic

    Fosters Crew is pleased to present the newest version of Trophies & Medals v1.3.0, available immediately in the IPS Marketplace for download. The newest version of Trophies & Medals is perfect for the winter holidays with several new features to help you bedazzle your members! Replace You can now replace both trophies and medals! Are you looking to replace one award and upgrade it with another one? This is appropriate when you have a series of awards where users improve their ranking or leveling. Use the new replace feature to take away the old trophy or medal, and give a new one. Replace existing trophy when you award a new trophy Replace existing medal when you award a new medal. Font Awesome Don't want to search for your own images? Use any icon from the amazing set of Font Awesome icons with 675 icons including our personal favorites fa-star and fa-trophy. Browse the complete set of Font Awesome icons (http://fontawesome.io/icons/) and start using them in your awards! 600+ choices for you to find the perfect award icon! Rules App Integration We love Automation Rules by @Kevin Carwile, so we're extending his application to including a handful of new actions. The newest integration is the ability to remove a medal. We will be developing more events and actions as time goes on. Automation Rules + Trophies & Medals is more powerful than ever with a new action to remove medals. Member Filter Extension We've added a new member filter extension that deeply integrates into the IPS 4 platform. The new member filter appears in all AdminCP settings that rely upon member filters, including: Bulk Mail Group Promotion You will see these new criteria anytime you choose the member filters, which enables you to leverage the power of Trophies & Medals in new and exciting ways. You can send targeted mail campaigns to users who reached certain trophies, or you can promote members based upon special trophies or medals they've earned. This is one of the most exciting improvements we've built, with native integration into IPS 4, so we're excited to see how you creative use this! Award Medal via the Create Menu
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    I think that when one browses to the Marketplace splash page, right near the top there should be a Quick Search function where someone can enter a member name (in the dynamic update field which shows options as you type), then click Go or something to be taken directly to that person's Marketplace files. I think it would save a lot of time browsing categories or trying to find said member's name when you know exactly whose products you want to browse.
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    Our recent release of Invision Community 4.2 was the most well-received version ever! The feedback we received on new features like Clubs, Reactions, and Promotes was better than we could have hoped and we really enjoyed seeing all the creative uses as people implemented them on their own communities. We have been hard at work on version 4.3 with a goal of improving on all the great new features. It is well under way and we are happy to able to start announcing what's new over the next few weeks. Invision Community 4.3 will not only contain new features but also have a core focus on refinement from 4.2's new features. You will see many improvements to Clubs, new integration options, large application improvements, new promotional features, and more changes large and small. You can expect to see news posts about new features and changes very soon with a release date in early 2018. Follow our news section or subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.
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    I've seen a huge increase in completed profiles since the launch of that feature, however not so much an increase of actual new user participation. Whilst it's great to see more new users taking the time to complete their profiles, this yields little long-term benefit if they don't actually contribute. I'd like to see the ability to prompt contributions included as part of the 'complete your profile' feature. It could include such options as: Make a post Perhaps allow admins to configure a forum for this to go in, such as an introductions area Start a blog Upload an image Comment on something Purchase something Upload a file etc. Thanks
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    I'm just saying - I just bought @Kevin Carwile's Rules Super Pack. If I smoked, I'd say I could use a cigarette after that.
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    Nice @Kevin Carwile Will definitely use The rules super pack. Glad you are making Points Economy a paid app too, do you have any roadmap for it?
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    Version 1.1.2


    Synopsis Create as many different points currencies as you want to fill your needs Name each points currency uniquely with singular and plural formats Give any points currency an automatic prefix and/or suffix Points currencies can be configured with 0 to 5 decimal place precision Points currencies can be exchanged with each other by permission matrix Each points currency has its own exchange rate for points conversions Create different banks that members can transfer points balances between Set up interest rates on banks that allow members to earn dividends Set holding periods per currency and per bank to fit your goals Set minimum and maximum balance limits per currency per bank Members can send points to other members according to permissions All transactions are automatically logged to an account register for accountability Manage any points balance manually via the ACP Credit points balances using an expiration date that the points must be claimed by Debit points balances using an expiration date to set up a due period IPS Commerce Integration Points can be added to any commerce product to be delivered automatically when the product is purchased. Points are automatically debited if the purchase is cancelled. Points can be configured as a payment method for IPS Commerce. Members can use points to pay for products, while using your own custom exchange rate to determine how they are converted to real cash value. Automation Rules ECA's Event: A transfer or exchange is completed Event: A credit has been claimed from expiration Event: A dividend has been credited for a balance Condition: A member/currency/bank balance combination is permitted Condition: A balance credit/debit transaction is permissable Condition: A balance transfer is permissable Condition: Check a member's points balance Condition: Check the member who owns a balance Condition: Check the currency of a balance Condition: Check the bank of a balance Action: Credit or debit a points balance Action: Transfer or exchange a points balance (between members, currencies, or banks)  Download Rules


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    InfoBox Buttons

    Version 4.0.0


    With 8 New Buttons to Your IPS Editor, You can Create Aligned Boxes, Max width Boxes, Table info Lines, Quote Block, Review Block, The good and The bad Block and Background image for your posts. Use them separately, combine them and Create new variety of paragraph formatting. Some Sample of usage: Create Infoboxes Like Wikipedia Image Boxes: Table Row Information: Full Width Box: Background Image: BlockQuote: Review Score: The Good and The Bad: And Whole Styles Support Responsive Features !


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    Version 1.4.2


    Get the complete Automation Rules family of products for a bargain price. What's Included - $135 Value --------------------- Automation Rules - FULL - 1.4.4 $35 Value Commerce Rules Expansion - 1.0.2 $55 Value Calendar Rules Expansion - 1.0.2 $15 Value Forums Rules Expansion - 1.0.2 $15 Value Pages Rules Expansion - 1.0.1 $15 Value Bonus Content --------------------- Rules Starter Pack Rule Pack - Member Pip Ranks System Updates ---------------------- Once you have purchased this product, you will also be added as a purchaser of each of the individual products so that you can recieve all future updates per the terms of each product.


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    Members Browsing Forums

    Version 1.0.0


    Thisplugin will show the number of members that are browsing a forum at the forum index next to the forum name. If no members are browsing the forum, no info will be shown. Members who are browsing threads inside of a forum are not included in the count. Installation: To install this plugin, log in to your Admin Panel, go to System->Plugins, click the Install New Plugin button and import the plugin 's xml file.


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    Gender Groups

    Version 1.0.0


    This plugin will move/add users automatically to certain group based on their gender. Installation: To install this plugin, log in to your Admin Panel, go to System->Plugins, click the Install New Plugin button and import the plugin 's xml file. Configuration: To configure it, go to the plugins page and click the edit icon of the Gender Group plugin. There you can enable/disable it, select the gender profile field and the gender groups. Important: The text in the male/female gender field, must match precisely that of the gender field that you have set up. In the plugin by default it is set to Male and Female, which is how I have set it up. For example, if you have those field set to Man and Woman, then that is what you should enter.


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    Version 1.0.1


    This plugin adds a link to the product page of the products listed in the shopping cart. Compatible with Community Suite 4.2.1 NOT UPDATED FOR 4.3+


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    Anonymous Login Issues / Tracking

    If anonymous login is allowed, then last_activity for each member in core_members is not properly updated. In IP.Board 3.x last_activity was still updated and there was another db field to indicate they were anonymously logged into the site. If you do a member search for members online in the last month and you have a user that's been logged in anonymous for 3 months your search will not be accurate. I really think IPS should move back to keeping last_activity updated with a member's last known site access time. It'd be better to have profiles and widgets say Private for last visited like they did in IP.Board 3.x than to have them list a false date. It's been a mess for our moderators, produced inaccurate results when doing statistics on members, and made people ask why the site says someone visited months ago when they can obviously see they just made a post. We've disabled it on our site because of this, but obviously people liked not appearing in the "Who's online" list and it'd be great if the functionality could be fixed.
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    The biggest sale of the year is coming to the IPS Marketplace! For the first time ever, the most popular developers, themers, coders, and authors in the IPS Marketplace are coming together to launch our first-ever Marketplace Black Friday sale as a benefit for the Invision community. You will see the biggest sales on many of the most popular files, with many files going on sale for the first time ever. The Marketplace Black Friday sale is entirely a community initiative, so we're proud to host this event on behalf of the Invision community and would love your support during the sale. This is a huge sale across the entire Marketplace with virtually all top developers and themers participating. This is our first year in launching this, so I'd like to thank everyone* for making this Black Friday sale a reality. Happy shopping and happy holidays to everyone from the IPS Marketplace! Please follow this topic for advertising by authors before the official sales. WHAT: Marketplace Black Friday Sale The IPS Marketplace is launching a community-sponsored Marketplace Black Friday sale to benefit the Invision community. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States, and the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season when we take the last bite of our pumpkin cheesecake and vanilla ice cream dessert (yum!) and start a mad dash towards buying all the stuff we can to fit under our Christmas trees. Get your stocking stuffers and ACP's filled with new and amazing apps, plugins, themes, and files for your Invision community while the prices are hot! WHEN: Friday November 24 2017 - Sunday December 3 2017. We start on Black Friday (Friday November 24 2017) for 10 glorious days of cyber shopping until the following weekend (Sunday December 3 2017). A sales event this big needs ten days of buying. WHERE: IPS Marketplace [Link] It's in the IPS Marketplace. Duh. If you haven't figured that out, please make sure you're at least using the right software. And if you're not using the right software yet, buy a license on sale while IPS hosts their own Black Friday & Cyber Monday discount! WHO: Everyone The biggest sales event of the year for the Invision community is open to everyone. So grab yourself a cup of peppermint cocoa, your favorite snuggle blanket, and your desk cat for the most blissful sales spree of all time. WHY: Love, Joy, Peace on Earth, etc. Once again, happy shopping and happy holidays from everyone in the IPS Marketplace! (Sales prices do not start until Friday November 24 2017 or until designated by author. Support turn times may be extended by authors due to heavier than normal volume. Please read all file requirements before purchasing, and use the provided support links. You can request refunds be initiated by authors at their discretion once they confirm the file doesn't work on your community. Do not initiate a chargeback or your Marketplace privileges might be revoked. Don't drink and drive, and basically use common sense when buying from the Marketplace. Also, Lindy really needs to dress up like Santa for holiday photos with everyone. Charles needs to be the sassy Missus Clause. IPS needs to share with us their favorite holiday music in their next QOTW. Etc etc) * I'd like to thank IPS for allowing us to conduct the Marketplace Black Friday sale and to @steve000 for putting together these photos. They look much nicer than my Shutterstock copies.
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    Adriano Faria

    Change Post Date

    I *believe* it works but can’t be sure as I don’t have this version to test, so unfortunately you better not take the risk.
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    DeJuaneee Castro

    🌌 Surface Dark

    Had some trouble at first with the theme but it's working and it looks nice!!! I recommend this theme and his other work!!! 10/10
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    Joel R

    Please test search

    I agree with @All Astronauts. In particular, when you're searching for words that are long ("educator" is eight characters), the user is most likely looking for an exact match. There's a reason why a user typed out so many characters. This is in contrast to a short word like "edu", where one could reasonably expect stemming or variations. I also agree with @Sonya*. Her content is most important to her (even if other content may be higher quality or more discussed), so even though there are lots of other topics I think users would feel more comfortable seeing their own content as some of the first results. To put it another way, do users tend to search - and want to see - results for something new, independent, and unrelated? Or do users tend to search - and want to see - results that are familiar, related, and from their past posting history?
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    All Astronauts

    Please test search

    Is this feature going to be on all the time or will we be able to set how we want the default search to perform? If I search for "educator", I would rather have exact matches float to the top first, rather than have similar words floated to the top just because they have a similar word in the title. Exact matches should *always* be given priority. Here, the titles are weighted with a priority over the exact matches.
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    Gender Groups

    P.s. Can you please update your review now that you got it working btw?
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    Error with furl changes

    Here's hoping this is fixed in 4.3...
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    Please test search

    We're testing in English.
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    Adriano Faria

    Auto Follow Content

    New version will recognize all APPs that their content items/containers can be followed + all Pages databases (previous version uses only Articles):
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    Gender Groups

    Glad to see that you got it working to your wishes sir.
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    Tom S.

    A Lot Of Typing

    Best advice I can give is make sure you stretch all the muscles in your hands and forearms regularly. And not just when you type. Do it when you sit at traffic lights, etc. Also, the stretches shouldn't hurt. Just pull enough so that you feel a comfortable stretch. You will feel the benefits over time.
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    Gender Groups

    I solved it alone, changed the file and added 4 more fields
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    Joined Sales Page different themes will be offer during the period so watch out.
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    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Pages but i just import custom php pages that use a database I put together outside of the software, so it doesn’t actually use pages for what it’s supposed to be used for. It’s a mess of a setup to be honest
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    Doorbusters Limited Quantities. Only available for three days from Nov 24 to Nov 26. No discounting any other days. Doorbuster #1: Notices -- 50% Off Doorbuster #2: Spam Prevention Suite -- 50% Off Doorbuster #3: Statistics Page -- 50% Off Doorbuster #4: Trophies and Medals -- 50% Off Other sales to be announced later.
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    We'll be joining in and discounting our paid applications as well! Keep tuned in!
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    IPS Themes will be joining the Black Friday sale offering fantastic offers and many limited time sales. [Link to Sales]
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    Ryan H.

    Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    Thanks for all the details. I'll have to investigate.
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    Facebook Sign Up Improvements

    Hello, Since the data about real name, location, gender and interests is already collected (or can be collected anyway), it would be a good idea to make them auto-populate standard and/or custom fields during the sign up procedure. And perhaps try to implement it for any other login functions as well. Thanks.
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    @Fosters is proud to be a member of the first Black Friday sale for the Marketplace. Stay tuned for our full list of apps and plugins to be on sale. Sales will be 15 - 50% off, with special doorbusters for limited times.
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    Hi Taman, I'm looking for make a home page based in promoted content, http://encontinuo.com/index.php?/ourpicks/ can i do it with this plugin?
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    Midnight Modding

    ipb 3.4 maket place gone?

    yes, I lost a lot of sales due to that decision. I've had multiple people wanting 3.x versions. Although, if they wanted it badly enough, obviously I could have done some sale off site, of course. But who knows how many wanted them that didn't tell me. The tournaments app sold quite well and some people were slow switching over to 4.x for their forums.
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    This week, we were inspired to discuss home automation after @Joel R raised the question in a topic. With so many commercial options available now, such as Alexa, Siri and Google Home, we started discussing what automation we have in our homes. This week we'll focus on the a few team members who have heavily automated teams. Although @bfarber's answer "I have kids to help automate the home" was a clear winner. Marc S (Support technician & cycle injury enthusiast) For me I just have Hive, which is automation for my central heating system, and an Echo. So I can tell my heating to switch on and off by speaking to the echo if I wish, but to be honest its very rare that I do so. I tend to just use my phone, as it would rely on me being in the same room as my echo. I have some lights which are on sensors in my en-suite, and in my entrance hall. I have thought about getting bulbs I can switch on and off with voice control, but I'm honestly not sure how much they would be used in comparison to what they cost to buy. Because of the way my lights are configured, it would cost a fortune to do (for example my living room would need 5 bulbs for the main light). If I decided to go down that route, I would be looking for lightswitch adaptations, rather than bulbs. Andy (Developer and Support technician) This is a hobby of mine so might be a long answer! When I fully renovated my apartment I took the opportunity to go wild and put structured cabling and do all the prep work for a complete system. I use a system designed and manufactured by a company in my local area (Idratek.com) as the “controller” which handles heating, lighting, presence detection, intercoms, door locks etc and binds everything together. I installed everything myself and in total used about 2km worth of cat5e wiring with hidden magnetic reed switches recessed in door and window jams. I’ve then extended this by adding integrations with other things such as Hue lighting, automated curtains, zoned heating, a smart kettle and cameras etc. A particular favourite of mine is the integration with Logitech Squeezebox. If somebody rings the doorbell or calls me on Skype then the volume automatically decreases in the room I’m in so I can take the call. This system goes beyond the mainstream ad hoc automation kits such as Hue and other retail “smart” products in that it’s not just motion detection but presence. So for example if you’re in a room and the doors and windows are closed the system knows you are in that room until the door is opened. So if you’re sat still reading the light won’t turn off on you but it will still turn off automatically as soon as you leave. There’s no relying on extended 10 minute time outs. Lighting is controlled using internal and external light level sensors too so there’s no messing about adjusting the on/off times with seasonal changes. The system has all the usual smartphone controls but the idea is that it is truly “smart” in that once set up there is little intervention required. Heating is weather compensated for example and although curtains open automatically once the sun comes up, they won’t do so if you’re still in the room to prevent inadvertent flashing to neighbours. If you open a window in a room then the radiators in that room and connecting rooms are automatically switched off so you’re not wasting money heating the outside. I like to kid myself that I’m saving money but in reality the money I have spent probably exceeds any savings I will make in two lifetimes. So if I’m not saving money at least I’m being eco friendly whilst having some fun seeing how far I can push the tech. Mark W (The Senior Developer) I'm not as crazy as Andy, but I do have quite a bit of stuff: All the lights in the house are Hue. These are coupled with motion sensors (Hue motion sensors which also handily double as temperature and light sensors) but for completeness, I took all of the light switches off the walls, replaced the switches with a blank plate which I then added Hue Dimmer Switches on top of - this means that I can still use "normal" light switches when I want to. I have a Hive thermostat, and wrote a Homebridge plugin (https://github.com/mark-wade/homebridge-hive) to allow me to control it with Homekit, which is what I use to tie all my stuff together (Homebridge itself is running on a Raspberry Pi) I have a coffee machine and kettle from Smarter, which I also have Homebridge plugins for. Every room has a Sonos (Play:1 in bedroom and bathroom, Play:3 in office, kitchen and living room), again with Homebridge plugins I have automation set up to: Turns the lights and music on and off as I move throughout the house Turn the coffee machine on after I go into my office in the morning Turn everything off and turn the thermostat down once everyone has left the house But, because I use Homekit to tie it all together, I also use Siri quite a lot. "Hey Siri, turn the coffee machine on" literally never gets old. I'd really like to get a smart door lock and window blinds, but I'm still waiting for products that are actually decent to arrive on the market (there's a lot of US-centric stuff available, but here in the UK we normally need to wait a bit longer). Mark H (Support Technician and part-time Phil) I use an ISY-994i by Universal Devices, which controls *almost* all lights in the house, the door locks (Schlage Z-wave), and is integrated with my: Elk security system OneLink fire/CO alarms 3 Raspberry PI's with temperature sensors (DS2482-100 I2C to 1-Wire IC) Logitech Harmony Davis weather station (Vantage Pro 2) The mobile App I use to control this all, is Orchestrated Mobilinc. Daniel (Support Technician and Developer) A Raspberry Pis running HomeBridge 2 Amazon Dots + 3 Logitech Harmony Hubs & Elite Controllers allow me to control everything via remote controls, phone or voice. Lights: Hue Sound: Sonos in all rooms I have also dozen of homekit compatible sockets to control some none smart devices via the system. The Harmony Hub but also the Raspberry allow me also to control Dyson Fans. Since I moved to a Samsung Phone it's quite a mess because I had to find an alternative to control the homekit stuff Quite clearly, giving developers a box of gadgets and some spare time can lead to very creative things. Do you have any home automation? Do you prefer Alexa to Google Home? Do you also want to move into Andy's house? Let us know.
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    Non-supported Documentation in IPS4?

    I have a full guide on setting up NGiNX with IPB and it works pretty much flawlessly. I've been running my forum on NGiNX for over a year now. No problems. http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/375468-setting-up-ipb-nginx-mariadb-and-php-fpm/ I intend on rewriting the entire guide soon also. I'm also debating making a more extensive thread for advanced configuration techniques, but I'm not sure if there's really anyone who would care or have any use for it.. This is essentially the only rewrite rule you need for IP.Board itself, try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php; Proof of Concept Runs using NGiNX, PHP-FPM, MariaDB + XtraDB, Google SPDY, and experimental PageSpeed rewrite modules.
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