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    The main reason to not use Facebook/Twitter/Google+ is to fight against centralization of Internet, which hurts freedom of speech. Privacy issues and data ownership are other extremely important reasons. I'm really glad that we have IPS as an alternative community building tool. I also hope that IPS will eventually have built-in functionality to interact with Diaspora and Mastodon (decentralized alternatives to Facebook and Twitter).
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    I've reported this bug before and Lindy said what this is resolved in 4.2.6.
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    Expanded "ignore user" features

    It is entirely possible, for what it's worth, to modify your skin template so that if the user has ignored the poster the post doesn't show up at all. Granted, it could make for some confusion (i.e. post #1, post #2, post #4) but that would only be a minor thing.
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    Adriano Faria

    Topics By Tags

    Version 1.0.4


    This plugin will add a new block in index to display latest topic or latest replies and topics using specific tags. You can add any tag you want to be listed, which will be ajaxed loaded. Listing will have only topics that the user has permission to see. Settings: First Tab Content Latest Topics Latest Replies Show Prefix/Tags in topic listing? Use group prefix/suffix formatting in member links Display topic author photo Include topics from Clubs Forums where to pull topics from Made by request: https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/441050-paid-request-new-posts-based-on-tagsforums/


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    Hmmm... before I clicked on the icon and it opened up in the same window, now it doesn't. I'm much be going crazy!!! Thanks for the quick reply.
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    (BIM43) Youtube Importer

    5 stars for support and this great plugin that help us to populate our training videos pages from youtube! thanks !
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    (DP42) Manage Follow

    What's New in Version 1.0.2 - new option to add/remove in both ways. For example if user A want to follow user B and the user B will approve request from user A then also user B will start follow the user A.
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    Mr 13

    Mobile app?

    I hope IPS will take a look to Progressive Web Apps and Credentials API. If this will be supported then all users be able to create their own apps (via webview) just in a few clicks if they need to (and even if they don't need to have separate app, Progressive Web App still will be available for all visitors). It's easy enough to implemet but gives very huge advantages comparable to classic(native) apps.
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    Harald Zink

    Expanded "ignore user" features

    Far more important would be a RECIPROCAL IGNORE function - meaning that if you place someone on ignore, not only can you no longer see anything from them, BUT THEY CAN NO LONGER SEE ANYTHING FROM YOU - this would include any threads you start, and thus effectively would prevent them from posting in any of your threads, in the future. Granted, this thread is over 5 years old, and nothing even close to what was requested was ever implemented, so I'm not holding my breath on it coming from Invision. How about if someone developed a plugin that would implement that?
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    {if} statement for custom field?

    You actually just need to type: {{ if $record->customFieldDisplayByKey('distance') }} // Something {{ endif }}If that doesn’t work for that field, because it returns something even when empty, you can call the field directly. {{ if $record->field_XX }} // Something {{ endif }}XX is the unique ID of that field.
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