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    Inconsistent theme HTML

    When upgrading my themes to 4.2, I have been intentionally trying to avoid HTML modifications in an attempt to make my themes "upgrade friendly". In some cases, template modifications are necessary - however based on my own experience and customer bug reports, it has become increasingly apparent that there are design issues with the Default IPS theme. Many pages lack the .ipsBox class which should be used to wrap content. Failure to use this class means text is displayed on the body background which is rarely intended. Every theme which uses an image for the background (or even a dark hex colour) will suffer from this. A screenshot of the Rules confirmation screen from a customers website is shown below. This is easily fixed by wrapping the area with: <div class='ipsBox ipsPad'> however I don't feel as though this is something I should be doing myself - firstly because it means my templates will be modified and secondly because all theme designers can benefit from this. If there could be a conscious effort to go through the suite and apply these classes to the appropriate areas, that would be perfect.
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    When a user has purchased a subscription package and it expires, if they try to add it to their basket they get this message: I understand this as they must pay through the invoice but it would be a lot better if this screen redirects to the payments for invoice renewal, instead of an error that is confusing to the user.
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    Magnum Theme [ support topic ]

    Any chance of a retina logo? Noticed on my iPhone 7 Plus that the logo looks a little blurred? The image is bigger but from 90px I use 70px.
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    Mike John

    Basic Points (Support)

    I encountered this in another plugin and decided to position the data in the left sidebar instead? What are your thoughts on that alternative? Ideally IPS would make that area responsive friendly for more data. (It's obviously a popular spot to add basic info to a users profile). But without them doing that, I'm not sure I can get around it myself and a left block appears to be the simplest option right now.
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    Discord Integration

    Yea, I heard it doesn't work on 4.2.2+ @Ahmad E. last visited: Sept 3. This is kind of bad haha. I really need this to be working on 4.2.3....... Is anyone else able to update the github? Maybe @JiigSaaw
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    Steph Jensen

    Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    Thanks @Ramsesx I didn't knwo about the fall back image - i'll set that right away! Yeah the text overlay on the header images is terrible! i don't really know how to code, to change this, and it seems like it is not a setting in the backend. Might have to look into that though, because it is pretty embarrassing to look at. The forum view is simply a grid layout from the settings, and then i had @Mark Round help with some customization to show the images at the top. Pretty happy with the way it worked out!
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    Real Hal9000


    Great Pro who never settles until he optimized the last bit of the server. constant updating with latest fixes. Top choice.
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    Colorizer suggestion

    When using colorizer to easily edit a skin's colors, can you allow us to manually specify the HEX color code? (currently just a color choose) Anywhere else it's in this tool possible except when using the colorizer when picking those 4 main colors. Thanks!
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    Easy mode theme colorizer

    My reasoning for using this is that it seems to find nearby colors to match and also applies same color to variables with the same color. If I could input the color codes to get me started I would feel it be more efficient than going through all of the variables myself and I would probably be less likely to do changes that doesn't match well. I would still edit the variables individually too, but without having to change the main blue everywhere myself for instance
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    Profile Songs

    When is gonna be updated to 4.2?