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    Promotion to Secondary Groups

    Looking back from a thread in 2012, I'd like to see an option to auto-promote members to a secondary member group. There are scenarios where I want to give more privileges to members while keeping their primary member group the same. Thanks!
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    Social Stream

    1. I asked for access on October 25. Please look back through this thread. If you had an issue with giving access, you should have said so immediately, not waited 10 days to ask me for an update... when I specifically said that I would like access. 2. I did fix the error you were getting. It is still unrelated. And why is "fix" in quotes? The error you posted was fixed. If you are putting it in quotes, you are calling me a liar. I will not tolerate people questioning my honesty or my capability. 3. I did NOT ask for access after you requested a refund. Please go back and read the thread. I asked for it WEEKS AGO. Please stop trying to make me look bad, this is just ridiculous.
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    I'm pleased to announce we're finally ready to open our new Developers area. The aim of this project has been to improve our existing developer documentation by building a central place to contain it, as well as update and expand the content available. As of today, we have the regular documentation and REST API documentation ready to use. Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be expanding what's available further, going into more detail about the tools available within the framework. We've also started work on comprehensive Getting Started guides, that will walk you through simple developer projects from start to finish - these will be available soon, once they're complete. If there's a particular aspect of IPS4 development that you don't feel is adequately catered for right now, please let us know! This will help us direct our efforts to the most useful places. Enjoy!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Remove Followed Content is a simple plugin to allow Administrators to remove all followed content for a member on their ACP Member Profile. The plugin adds a button "Remove All Followed Content." When clicked, all followed content for the user will be deleted. This is helpful when a user wants to prune or re-follow new content. Sponsorship Thank you to @Apfelstrudel for sponsoring this plugin.


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    It would be useful to be able to goto the admincp and remove all followed content for individual members like in 3.x
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    People come in with "this should be in core" ideas all the time. Well, here's another one. I would really like it if the store front could be sorted for files from a specific user. I realize already one can visit a user profile and click files. However, making it an option in the store/marketplace (whatever) will provide the member with a feeling of having their OWN store front. They would then share their store front link with others. Give's them a little more feeling of ownership. This is good (should stay) but I think this would be awesome Maybe the "user" filter isn't visible (as a drop down or whatever) on the store front itself. Perhaps it's only a URL option. Maybe there is a way to configure the URL such that it links to the custom (filtered for user) store front and thus will show only specific user files. Then I could add a link to it from the user profile. Also I would encourage store owners to promote and share the link to "their store" online. Could be a powerful way to have users promote our websites to others and drive traffic up. I apologize if this is already an option. (if so I missed this) Look forward to hearing thoughts. Thank you Should be pretty easy to add "by user" filter to Downloads app Forum has "file by user" option on profile, Download app would benefit in different ways from same option would encourage sense of ownership would encourage users to promote "their store" one simple addition to expand greatly downloads functionality. (IE: amazon gives users their own store front)
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    Please remember to VOTE

    Dear American IPB Members, No matter who you support, be it Democrat, Republican, Green Party, Libertarian Party, or Independent, please remember to VOTE this coming Tuesday, November 8th, 2016. Many brave, good men and women, have sacrificed their very lives so that you and I could have the freedoms we do today and so that we could freely elect our leaders. Please note, while voting, the responsibility falls on you not just to pick a new President, but also keep in mind that there are 535 members of Congress (The House and Senate) and in the end, these are the people who truly have power, enough to even override The Office of The President. Our nation's government is filled with such checks and balances. And I know everyone here values The Internet. Keep that in mind as you vote for your choice of representative. Will they truly represent you, the people, or will the person you be voting uphold the current status quo of a Corporate Congress. Whatever your choice, please remember to VOTE. Have a wonderful weekend.
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    Status Features and Upgrades

    Works for me now. Many thanks! Information for other customers: If the default settings are not working try to reset the cache of IP.Board via the support app.
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    Adriano Faria

    Bulk Followers Management

    What's New in Version 1.1.1: Added ability to remove followed content on Admin CP member's profile.
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    Status Features and Upgrades

    I've uploaded a new version which seems to fix the issue of setting the default Rich Text and Profile Photo default settings. Give it a try, let me know if everything's in order. Releasing a fix to the issue was the top priority, though now I can go back to work on improving the plugin, perhaps even make it into an application. Any and all suggestions are welcome both here and via pm. Thanks for your continued support
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    Monthly Activity

    I found the issue guys, trying to find a fix, once I have I will update.
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    Ryan H.

    Advanced Tags & Prefixes - IPS 4.x

    I spent a while exploring it. Found the source of the error, but not a solution that doesn't break AT&P in the process. There's some really bizarre behavior going on with the IPS core here. I reached out to someone about it.
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    Awesome and must have plugin for game communities
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    Version 1.0.0


    This plugin allows the Admin to add additional allowed protocols for URLS. This is necessary if you need to add FTP, TeamSpeak, or Steam protocols to your navbar.


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    Joel R

    Pages templates

    "A different article style" by @TAMAN I'd like to point out to any IPS representative who might read this topic that v4 has been out for one year, and yet the community has only managed to offer 1 community guide and 1 Marketplace purchase. There's clearly not enough community support or community innovation for what should be the most extensible app out of the suite, and that creates a steep learning curve for new admins who are uninitiated to Pages. I think even a handful of article block templates (like 4 - 6 different styles) can go a long ways towards helping non-technical admins put together some amazing pages.
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    Delete Old Content

    Version 1.0.2


    Delete Old Content is an application to hide or delete your old topics, based upon a variety of advanced criteria. Create unlimited rules to manage old posts and topics, and choose multiple criteria: Hide or Delete Ignore Pinned (which will keep pinned posts as active) Ignore Featured (which will keep featured posts as active) Choose categories and boards Choose X number of days without new content


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    Chatbox Extender

    v1.0.3 Released Fix a bug (report, now the nodes id are identified by get__id() and not by _data['id'])
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    newbie LAC

    (NB41) My Football

    I've changed the button. Fan Not fan Guest Fans list. Displayed when user clicked on X fans button.
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    Mike John

    Videos Support

    Noted for next version. Noted. If I'm understanding this right. Then no I don't believe it would work as there is no current Pages integration like you need. I'll save it for a future version but won't be possible until the next major version is released.
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    Likely with 4.2
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    +1 for @darmok1 In my opinion it's pretty standard that a user can delete his/her own pictures but not topics or even entries within the board.
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    Hide own content is global too. Why is this? Definitely don't want to allow members to delete or hide globally. Deleting an image or gallery is pretty standard, but we don't want to enable it on forums. It should be up to admins if they delete blog entries as well, and blog posts. And records of their own as well as record posts. There should be permissions for each. I don't mind if they delete their blogs, that's their prerogative. But not discussions. Delete/Hide permissions needed per app and in app, content item or post, imo.
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    Dropdown Menus

    Description Dropdown menus allow users to select from a number of options. The markup is designed to work in tandem with the ips.ui.menu javascript module. Usage A menu consists of a trigger element, and the menu element itself: <!-- The trigger --> <a href='#elMyMenu_menu' id='elMyMenu'>Open Menu</a> <!-- The menu --> <ul id='elMyMenu_menu' class='ipsMenu'> ... </ul> The ID of the menu should be the ID of the trigger element, suffixed by _menu. If the trigger element is a link, its href should be an anchor to the ID of the menu element. This makes the menu accessible even when Javascript is disabled in the browser. Basic menu A basic menu might have the following markup: <ul class='ipsMenu ipsHide'> <li class='ipsMenu_item'><a href='#'>Item 1</a></li> <li class='ipsMenu_item'><a href='#'>Item 2</a></li> <li class='ipsMenu_item'><a href='#'>Item 3</a></li> <li class='ipsMenu_sep'><hr></li> <li class='ipsMenu_item'><a href='#'>Item 4</a></li> <li class='ipsMenu_item'><a href='#'>Item 5</a></li> </ul> This would display as follows: see example. Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Item 4 Item 5 ipsMenu is the base class for the menu element. Items within the menu should have the class ipsMenu_item, with the link element inside of that. A separator item can be added by giving the item the class ipsMenu_sep, containing an <hr> element. Note that the positioning and stem is added automatically by the menu javascript module; it does not need to be manually specified. The stem can be removed, if necessary, by including the class ipsMenu_noStem on the menu element. Disabling menu items Individual menu items can be disabled by adding the class ipsMenu_itemDisabled to the list item: see example. Item 1 Disabled Item 2 Item 3 Note: Disabled items are not foolproof; in browsers that do not support the CSS pointer-events style, a click on a disabled item will still register. Ensure your javascript properly deals with disabled item clicks if necessary. Menu sizing By default, a menu will have no defined width. An additional classname can be specified on the menu element to determine how wide it should display. ipsMenu_auto - menu will appear as wide as necessary, though with a minimum width of 200px and a maximum width of 500px ipsMenu_narrow - 200 pixels wide ipsMenu_normal - 300 pixels wide ipsMenu_wide - 450 pixels wide Selectable menus A selectable menu allows the user to toggle one or more of the menu items, useful for turning options on and off. For this functionality to work, the javascript module needs to be used. A menu can be made selectable by adding the classname ipsMenu_selectable. A menu item can be shown as selected by adding the classname ipsMenu_itemChecked to the list item. The markup for a selectable menu might look this: <ul id='elMenu2_menu' class='ipsMenu ipsMenu_normal ipsMenu_selectable ipsHide'> <li class='ipsMenu_item'><a href='#'>Item 1</a></li> <li class='ipsMenu_item ipsMenu_itemChecked'><a href='#'>Item 2</a></li> <li class='ipsMenu_item'><a href='#'>Item 3</a></li> </ul> This would display as follows: see example. Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Sub-menus Submenus can be created by embedding menus within one another. To do so, simply include the ipsMenu_subItems class on the item that contains the submenu, and the submenu itself within the item. For example: <ul id='elMenu3_menu' class='ipsMenu ipsMenu_normal ipsHide'> <li class='ipsMenu_item'> <a href='#'>Item 1 (no children)</a> </li> <li class='ipsMenu_item ipsMenu_subItems'> <a href='#'>Item 2 (with children)</a> <ul class='ipsMenu ipsMenu_wide ipsHide'> <li class='ipsMenu_item'><a href='#'>Sub Item 1</a></li> <li class='ipsMenu_item'><a href='#'>Sub Item 2</a></li> <li class='ipsMenu_item'><a href='#'>Sub Item 3</a></li> </ul> </li> </ul> This would display as follows: see example. Item 1 (no children) Item 2 (with children) Sub Item 1 Sub Item 2 Sub Item 3
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    Mail Chimp Integration

    In addition to what Stuart said, it would be nice to be able to export other information too (e.g. the whole member table; or custom databases).
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    Mail Chimp Integration

    Hi Chel, I'm guessing that you are falling into the same trap that IPB sometimes fall into. Just because it is very simple for you to do, you assume that it is also simple for everyone else to do. :smile: That may be why you can't understand that someone like me will find that €10 very good value as it solves a problem for me. Now, the real solution would be that IPB incorporate an email export tool (Like V Bulletin have had for years) to enable non techies to easily create an email list of their forum members without having to go to the back end or pay someone to go to the backend or pay $10! At the moment, it is impossible for a non tech forum owner to send any kind of half professional looking mailshot to their forum members using just the tools provided by IPB. Kind regards, Stuart