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    More control with advert locations

    I would like to see more options to help us monetize our sites. Custom keys are great but it would be nice to include more default locations to select from. Forum display header and footer, topic header and footer, plus the ability to select which forums the advert will show in. The ability to select which forum the advert shows in should also be added to after first topic and first post. This would allow us to offer companies exclusive advertising to one board on the forum or say you have a electronic forum, you could place targetted affiliate links in each board. Would also be nice to select after 1st, 5th or x number of posts and topics. Within topics and boards are prime locations to display adverts. I'm sure others would love to see this made available, pretty please with a cherry on top x
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    I'm sorry for the trouble, this will be fixed up mid week with some updates we will be doing.
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    A Zayed

    jQuery Recent Topics Ticker

    Well, Let me check that... and get back to you
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    Brad Eden

    Auto resizing of photo uploads

    I am reasonably new to IPS after having my 14+ year old board converted 3-4 months ago. I have been experimenting with Member Group Permissions etc. One of the best features of IPS is the image Uploading function. The problem I am finding is Members are uploading huge video and photo files and sucking up board data. Of course I eventually set a max image upload to 4mb and max storage of 100mb for the Group able to upload. This is extremely generous given a photo of 200kbs is perfectly suitable for viewing. Problem is Members are so use to posting photos at places that have auto resizing, they simply don't know how to downsize or won't go to the trouble to downsize photos before uploading. Even at 4mb max, some Members only take and have photos above that in the 6mb range. The ease of uploading for them is now gone and downsizing photos has become what they consider a hassle, so they drift off....to places like Facebook... My point and wish is that IPS would program in an auto resizing function, so large image files would be downsized to a web friendly size upon upload and posting. That alone would solve a lot of data usage issues for Board Admins. What say?
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    Version 1.2


    Hello This is my first 4x theme, has basic modifications and works with last IPB version. 4.2.0x It was made from scratch, so please let me know if there is any problem. Has no copyright. Demo: Soon Hope you like Please for future updates and support: GO TO THIS LINK


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    2FA [Two Factor Authentication]

    @The Dark Wizard It can be if you want. I planned in settings: Force Administrators to use 2FA when they want to use Admin CP. If not set, they will be informed to setup 2FA on front side. Force Groups you want to use 2FA on front side (if not set, they will be on a new page after login to setup 2FA, and they cannot do anything else until done) Administrators can disable 2FA on front side if not forced for their account. (So, only used for admin CP)
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    Ball Consulting

    IPS Demo vs this website

    Seems like IPS is the only way to go on community software. You're miles ahead of the competition. But, why does the demo lag behind the look, feel, and functionality of this website (which also runs IPS)? First, I know IPS can be made to do anything. But out of the box, the stylish menu and header this website has should be standard in IPS instead of the clunky tabbed version in the demo? It's an expectations thing: see attached photo. There's no way to replicate the look of this site's header/menu in the demo with the point-click style/them editor without coding. And a lot of understanding of your css. I know IPS can be made to look like anything, but new people are unlikely to be able to make changes of this nature. And why include a dated look when you have a much better one? There are other examples too. The "News" part of this site resembles the Blog in the demo, but it's different. The News here (like the header) is just better looking for announcements than the demo's blog. I'm pretty sure News here is a Pages app that anyone very experienced could learn to do. But why not include that with the stock software? Like the header, you already have it coded! Why not include examples of what Pages can do, already coded and loaded? I know you have examples--they are here on your site in Documentation, Bug Tracker, News, etc. But include them inside the software already loaded. In addition, with just 20 employee hours could produce several sample Page apps that people could modify and be included with the software. Even if not a single person ever uses your Pages examples verbatim, modifying is alwaaaays easier than creating from scratch. Especially when you are new to a system. Especially when the product isn't exactly intuitive. The included examples could vary in complexity from very simple to the more advanced... Even the footer, so much better on this website than the demo! You've worked hard to create this stylish, well presented invisionpower.com website and a lot of it is discarded (or obscured) in the demo. Again, I know you can hire someone to change IPS. I know it can be changed. But you have a sexy new car on the show room floor (this website) and dated model for sale (demo).
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    Joel R

    IPS Demo vs this website

    I agree that the live website is a misrepresentation of the out-of-box software and for clients who aren't more knowledgeable nor understand coding will have a major expectations gap.
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    Version 1.0.4 (100041)


    Plugin shows a cake icon on user posts when is his birthday.


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    Mark H

    Favorite Game

    Only one favorite, eh? I'll have to go with The Witcher 3 (on PC).