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    The Heff

    Thank you Ryan Ashbrook

    My web host, who shall remain nameless, decided to migrate my services to a new platform to improve performance and reliability. Since the migration the forum was unusable, settings could not be updated and I was forced to take the site offline. The web host could not tell me what had changed in order to put things right. Although it was clearly an issue caused by the web host and their server configuration, I raised a ticket with IPS which was quickly passed to Tier II support. Ryan diagnosed the cause almost instantly which I relayed back to the host. Everything is now back online. Thank you @Ryan Ashbrook! You saved my bacon.
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    Ryan Ashbrook

    Thank you Ryan Ashbrook

    You're welcome. Glad I could help, as always.
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    Ryan Ashbrook

    4.0 API

    I posted an example here: And there are also docs here: http://community.invisionpower.com/4docs/advanced-usage/development/
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    5a ?!? Again! Oh God... in a few hours, B, C, D...
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    Developer Tools

    Version 4.4.9


    These files are required to use developer mode in IPS Community Suite.


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    I see beta 5a is now available but i want to know: Which bugs are fixed in 5a? What's difference between 5 and 5a? Just some upgrade errors/bugs or more...?
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    The Heff

    Thank you Ryan Ashbrook

    It was a misconfiguration of Mod Security. It disabled literally every script on the website. That's as far as my knowledge stretches.
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    Language-specific posts?

    In my case it seems that the spoiler approach is the neatest, least-fuss solution:
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    We are Borg

    Language selection

    ​ Brandon with IPB4 beta 5 this problem is now fixed for me.
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    ​can you show me a ss on what or where is not showing as it is working for me now ? also on extra settings tab you can use the protected groups setting incase you want to hidde some, has always worked this way.
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    [IPS 4] Retina display

    Outside the window, already in 2015, while was still IPS commands end of 2011
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    Fonts and size

    In general: get a web inspector tool for your browser (e.g. Firebug for Firefox). Use it to find the correct declaration which sets the value you are interested in by clicking on the item. Then in 4.0 adminCP go to your theme settings and use the custom.css file to overwrite the default value with your value. For example: #elSiteTitle { font-size:20px, }
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    IPS Badge Position

    May not be to everyones taste but the current badge position at the end of the topic title, looks very messy (to me anyway) I think this looks better at the beginning of the topic title. Possibly something could be looked at (I know it's only cosmetic, but it might get considered?) Position at end of topic title Position at the beginning of topic title
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    FAQ System

    Hello, Is there any way to point URL directly to specified answer? Thank for reply
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