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    Suggestion: Pages—Range filters

    I am pleased to see all the little improvements in Pages. Since the app is still in development I would like to repeat a suggestion, that could maybe still make it into the 4.0 release: more filter options. The current versions of IP.Content and Pages only allow filtering for fields where specific options are set within the field itself (through radio-buttons for example). But users expect filtering for other fields as well … Numeric Filters: Fields for dates and numbers could easily be used for filtering and users expect this option. If I have a database of music album releases, then I would probably have a (numeric) field for “year of release” and users would wan’t to search for “albums from the 1960s”. So if the filter option is activated for that field, two input boxes would appear to enter 1960 and 1969 as a range and with a click you could apply that filter. Optionally the system could also automatically create sliders from the existing data, but simple input boxes would also do it. Alphabetic Filters: For text fields however, an alphabetic filter would be a great option. For that album database, the user might want to filter “Artist’s name”, “Album Name” or “Record Label Name” and only show the ones starting with a specific letter of the alphabet. My users have specifically asked me for this function. The filter could be a drop-down menu, link list or multi-select list only showing the first letters which are actually in use. So, if there is no entry starting with X yet for that field, it would not show this letter or show it greyed-out. Example: Range filter Example: Alphabetic filter
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    Phrase "on"

    In English you can use "on", "by" and "in" etc in various places but example in Estonian, those words mean nothing. We don't have prefixes, we have 14 different cace forms instead. Example "on tuesday" is "teisipäeval" (nominative = teisipäev) and it can have 13 different case forms more. In Finnish, there should be even 15 case forms. So, my request is that when formulating sentences, could you guys keep in mind theres linguistic peculiarities and won't use words like "on" individually. Right now I cant translate word "on" because it means different things when formulating sentences. If there's key like x_created_topic_in it can done without any problems. But key on itself cause problems. For example "Most Online" has "On *date*" and search uses exact "on" in "Post On *topic* in *forum*". For Estonian I'd like to translate Most Online like "Kuupäeval *date*" (kuupäeval = on) or leave it just *date* and in search "Postitus teemas *teema* asukohas *forum*" (teemas = on). As you can see using "on" individually can cause weird sentences.
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    Farcaster II

    Forum Text at top of Site

    That's a bug which will be fixed in the next beta http://community.invisionpower.com/4bugtrack/links-in-forum-description-causes-unwanted-characters-in-forum-list-r689/
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    Beta 4

    ​Mine too.
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    Beta 4

    Would love another beta soon! My development has pretty much come to a halt with beta 3/3a due to the upgrade errors
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    ​I see it more as I may like what you say in general but do I need to see every reply you make? example you could he making good posts about ip board and chat two products I actually use. Yet I also have to get notifications for stuff that I don't use. Such as nexus or blog.
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    It's kind of one of those things that we either have to accept what the new "following" means or is a "friendship" type thing still applicable. To me there is no reason to follow someone unless you're interested in what they're posting but I could just be mean like that
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    Pete T

    [IF34] Cleancut 3.4.x

    I updated the theme yet again to 4.0.x using beta 3 if happy test please let me know i am unable to upload it here but i can provide you files via PM
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    (RSyvarth) Social Groups

    Hi all, I am in the middle of final exams for school right now so I haven't had much of a chance to assess how social groups will fit into IPB 4. I plan to look over it and give a more complete assessment before christmas on if I will be able to port Social Groups to IPB 4, what it might look like, and my general involvement in this application moving forward. I obviously haven't been able to keep up with it lately which I regret and I don't want to move it to IPB 4 if I won't be able to support it properly. Thanks for your patience, Robert
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    The Jimmo

    Yea not happy

    Knocking the platform based on the default look is like saying I am not going to consider that car in any other color because I didn't like the red colored paint. There will be third party skins and if you have the skills you can certainly change it to something amazing. This has been discussed thousands of times here. If there is something specific that you want to describe and have a suggestion to improve it that too is helpful. Saying I don't like it makes this topic worthless.
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    Yea not happy

    ​Why not wait and install a theme you and your users like? I like the default theme aswell
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    Ahmad E.

    Pages Pre-release 3

    ​Yes it does.
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    Forced inline CSS over HTTPS

    If your forum uses HTTPS, all of your CSS is forced to be displayed inline. There was a bug report posted on this before, http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/inline-css-on-secure-sites-r36851 From what I understand, this is done intentionally to force http:// links to be replaced with https://, though I'm not entirely sure I understand specifically why it has to be done this way. Why are the templates outputting http links when the forum is set to use https to begin with? Is this meant as a workaround for when people are only using https for login pages? That's the only thing I can think of. I would really like to see this changed in 4.x.x. I would really even like to know if there's a way I can patch this manually myself now. This is what IPS' default forum index looks likes, Pretty and cachable. Now, here's what mine looks like... That's 100KB of inline CSS being included on every page load. (~20KB when gzipped) Is this really necessary? Can't something be done to change this?
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