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  1. stoo2000

    Member Map

    I'll send you a PM.
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  2. Tickets are organized by client, not by license. So, if you have two licenses yourself, you'll see all tickets for those licenses mixed together.
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  3. It would be nice, if you could disable that feature. In my site, no-one uses it anymore. edit: it is there allready http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/402768-remove-status-update-ability/?p=2499931
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  4. That's because the tickets are in the client centre. You can't have two different client centres for the same email address, which is why the tickets are in the same place
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  5. Joeychgo

    How many posts

    Not exactly user friendly. Is this the best anti spam IPB has?
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  6. Venomies

    Harlem Shake!

    Omg, it worked. I saw @ ur profile that you are not going to support your releases so I gave it a try. With a very simple modification to the .js, it works BOTH on Opera and Mozilla. You just need to have the harlem-shake.ogg. I upload it for you. Open the harlem-shake-script.js file in public/style_extra/harlem_shake and change the sould file name from harlem-shake.mp3 to harlem-shake.ogg and save it. Upload the harlem-shake.ogg to the public/style_extra/harlem_shake and refresh the page in your forum. I tested it and works! Edit: If the harlem shake button doesn't appear whe
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