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    I know that you can currently go into the Tools & Settings > System Settings > Forums > Topics, Posts and Polls section and change the Max. no. images per post value but I want to set different permissions per User Group and not a universal set limit. i.e. Member - 5 images per post Moderator - 10 images per post Admin - no limit on images per post Is this a feature that you would like to see in IPB?
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    Fake a few members on new boards

    Joined as well. :) I agree. It'd be more confusing than just posting using one account. I've never understood the need for people to create personas online. Just be yourself. Sheesh! If you want to get visitors/members you need to work out the SEO, local community and those aspects. If it still doesn't work, find some other forums online and start posting there (like practically everyone here lol) and then find some people and ask them for some advice as to why people are not posting/joining. Criticism from even one person can go a long way. Also, googling answers like "How do I get people to join my forum?" "How do I get more visitors to my site?" and such go a long way as well. I'd never create fake accounts and use them to help the conversation.
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    [HQ] Forum Icons

    ah, no idea then. not actually a coder I've just installed this one a few hundred times. somewheres in the skin (not related to this mod) you would have to add padding somewheres for the description to slide it right.
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    This is already technically possible, as you can just pass in the appropriate request params to accomplish the filtering. The interface may not directly/easily provide you the URL, however.
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    A Few Suggestions

    Management has stated that the search system is being "rewritten and overhauled in IPB 4.0" Source; > So that's something to look forward to.
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    Topic Slider

    Updated to 1.0.4 Please update to 1.0.4 if you have not already for a range of misc bug fixes. To update, uninstall the current hook on your system and re-import 1.0.4.
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    [HQ] Awards

    No, you can create an auto award when a user reach x posts. This is for who have installed an old version of the script. New feature coming after IPB4, for the issue I make a check. Sorry I dont understand what do you need to do?
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    Little bump here. This makes sense.
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    I've been studying the notifications, and some of you may have seen my topic about a 'sorted' notification listing. My feedback: view all notifications is in the wrong place. it doesn't belong in the user cp settings. when you click view all notifications, it should take you to the 'content you follow' screen and notifications should be one of the left sidebar items, and checked by default. So basically you would have two default layouts for 'content you follow,' one that sorts by the usual 'content you follow' with forums checked display, when clicked on in the drop down menu, and the other that sorts or has 'my notifications' checked in the left sidebar when clicked on the link that says 'view all notifications' but again has the same listings in the left sidebar as the 'content you follow' page.
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    New data hook for topic view

    I thought so too, I tried to make a hook that did just this (I had a similar mod for 2.x), but I found that only certain fields from the members table get pulled. A bit annoying.
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